Jodi Arias Day 3 of Cross Examination: Video and Analysis

This case is fascinating. I’ve never seen anyone quite like Jodi before.

One aspect of her testimony that was particularly prominent today was how proud she appeared to be when discussing the men in her life who she felt wronged her. She seemed to believe that she was justified in her confrontation of them. She acted as though it was something to be proud of, almost to say “yes I confronted them but isn’t that what anyone would do?”

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Jodi Arias Cross Examination Day 2 (Video)

Today was the second day of the cross examination of Ms. Arias. She again spent the entire day on the stand. She was difficult and argumentative, just as she was on her first day of cross examination. She did not smirk today. Perhaps she was warned about that by her attorneys. The prosecutor was better on to her “words games” today than he was on the first day of his cross examination. Mr. Martinez explored every area that Jodi discussed. He made her give yes or no answers. He did not let her “off the hook” on anything she said.

Each day that Jodi is on the stand we learn more about what she is like. We are seeing her personality. She is difficult. She does not want to give in, she wants control. She wants it her way. She does not want to be seen in a negative light. She attempts to manipulate the words of prosecutor. She continuously attempts to take control but the prosecutor is beating her at her own game.

Thanks to David Lohr (true crime writer), you can watch the “best parts” of Day 2 of the cross examination. Watch below.

The Demeanor of Jodi Arias: Day 1 of Cross-Examination

Court spectators watched for eight days as Jodi told her version of the story, unchallenged and in intricate detail. During that time, nothing that she said could be challenged by the prosecutor. But her time to tell her version of events is over. Juan Martinez began his cross-examination of Jodi Arias Thursday, February 21, 2013.

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Jodi Arias: The Great Deceiver


Arias testified today about the killing of Travis Alexander. It was the moment we’d all been waiting for but it fell flat. When it came to the details of the horrific murder, she blanked. She could not remember. She had a nearly photographic memory of virtually everything else she was questioned about on the stand but when it came the most important aspect of the case, she forgot.

She also referred to the murder with phrases such as “I really screwed up.” Most people would agree that a brutal murder is more than just a “screw up.”

She put a great deal of time and effort into covering up her murder. Details of her testimony (and other details she did not discuss) included these terrible facts after the murder:

  • dragging and moving the body, and leaving it in the shower
  • extensive clean up in the bathroom
  • washing clothes and the camera she used to take pictures of the murdered corpse
  • never calling 911 to report the incident
  • getting rid of the gun
  • calling the victim to leave a voice mail message (after erasing the first 3 because they did not “sound” good) for the person she had just murdered
  • following her original plans to meet a love interest in Utah the next day and never mentioning that she had just brutally murdered her ex, spending the day with her love interest, making out, cuddling, watching movies and going out to dinner
  • lying about the nature of the cuts on her hand, and how she injured her finger
  • acting surprised after learning of Travis’s death
  • extensively lying to the police
  • inventing a story about a man and a woman entering the home and committing the murder
  • made up story about “skaters” flipping her license plate on her rental car
  • attending his memorial knowing that she had killed the individual being memorialized

She told lie after lie after lie. Some commentators expressed the opinion that they thought Jodi was telling the truth on the stand today. She has told so many lies it’s difficult to determine what is true and what is not true when it comes from a known liar.

There are so many aspects of this case that are disturbing. Jodi would have demonstrated more humanity if after the killing she drove directly home, and did not attempt to continuously deceive the police and those around her. The deception took a great deal of planning and thought. It was purposeful and meant to throw the police “off her scent.”

Most expect cross-examination to hopefully bring out at least some of the truth. We’ll see.

Someone has got to be writing a book about the case; I just don’t know who yet.

A Jodi Arias Poem

In court last week Jodi read the jury a poem she wrote to Travis Alexander sent just a little under a month before she says she killed him in self-defense. The poem is below:

How doth the mind of the lord
See it fitting that I should be bored
That I might compose some poetry
And send it speedily off to theepoem
But I think is that in fact
If I am bored then I must act
For it is my own restless mind
That has responded this way in kind
And for that boredom of which I speak
I am still grateful for it’s not bleak
I am still happy for there is much
I can still do for it and such
Like send an email after three
And read another book you see
So here’s to wishing you a time
That’s full of happiness and rhyme
May your days be full of stimulation
And not just in simulation
But in reality
Just the way you’d have it be

The Jodi Arias Trial: Must-See TV

Are you watching the Jodi Arias trial? The more that I watch the more I am shocked about the depravity of the defendant.

One of the hosts of In Session made this comment today about the nature of the crime Arias has admitted to (paraphrasing):

“This crime is one of the worst we have seen in America since I can remember.”

That comment came from an individual who has spent her life in court rooms, following many cases.

She is right.

Think about the crime that Jodi says that she committed. She stabbed Travis Alexander 29 times, slit his throat to the point of almost decapitation and shot him in the face.

There is also evidence that Jodi photographed the victim before, during and after the murder.

There are so many shocking aspects about the case, including the fact that such a heinous crime was committed by a woman. That level of violence and aggression is not typically associated with women. Most criminology textbooks note that crime is mostly a male phenomenon. In the case of homicides, 90% are committed by men.

Pathological Lying

What is also shocking is the extent and the nature of the lies told by of Jodi Arias. Her lies put Casey Anthony to shame. An example of her lies can be seen in the 48 Hours video (below).

The video is about 50 minutes but it provides the basic details of the case (in case you want to start tuning in).

Next week, the prosecutor will have an opportunity to cross examine Jodi.

If you are not watching,this trial, you don’t know what you are missing.

(Skip to about 26:00 to hear Jodi’s first lie story about her version of events on the night of the murder.)

Murder/Suicide Mystery In Georgia

Tom Sublett was the Commissioner of Glynn County, Georgia. He body was discovered this past December in a lake. His hands were tied and he had a gunshot to the head. The Coroner ruled it a suicide.

Facts of the case include:lake

  • There was a gun found in Mr. Sublett’s car but not near the lake;
  • Authorities also uncovered unused bullets, zip ties, empty prescription bottles (belonging to he and his wife), Mr. Sublett’s wallet, and blood evidence on the dock and the car;
  • He was last seen playing poker with friends the night before his death;
  • Was described as a well-liked, trusted man; and
  • Had no history of substance use or abuse, depression or suicidal thoughts.

Mr. Sublett’s family “strongly disagrees” with the Coroner’s ruling as a suicide. There is a $70,000 reward for his any information about his death.

There are likely other facts of the case that have not been reported but its unclear how an individual shoots themselves in the head when their hands tied.

NY Daily News

This story reminds me of a recent documentary that aired on PBS who asked the question: Should we abolish coroners? The National Academy of Sciences say yes.

Coroners are not necessarily trained medical professionals. Qualifications vary greatly state to state. PBS, citing the National Association of Medical Examiners, noted the following problems with coroners:

  • Colorado recommends and encourages but does not require their coroners to be trained in forensic death investigations.
  • Jay County, Indiana elected an 18-year old to the position of deputy coroner while she was still in high school.
  • Georgia, the state discussed in the above story, only requires that their coroners be at least 25-years old, be a high school graduate, complete one week of death investigation training, and not be a convicted felon.

Watch this PBS Clip About Abolishing Coroners:

Watch Should We Abolish Coroners? on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.