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I recently posted a short article, to keep my readers informed about the claims of Cassandra Collins (a former cellmate of Jodi Arias), stating that she had had long conversations with Ms. Arias and that Ms. Arias would arrange to have the throat of Juan Martinez cut by her supporters, if she was given the death penalty. In response to that article, a member of the message board, that is available here at my site, named Joedas wrote the following comment to that article:

” Dr Randle
I have read many articles that you have written you have educated me and opened my mind understanding what personality is behind that of a killer Above all your writings skills makes it simple to understand your sophisticated analysis ( I have shown your work to a psychiatrist practising for over 30 years nodding page after page
“This is excellent work”

However I am surprised how you posted threatening Juan Martinez story
1) you are an highly intelligent psychologist not a TV station
2) quoting information from a prison cell mate , Jodi’s cell mate, an individual who may have mental issues just
the way she appeared on TV one can see she has a strange look
3) I am not saying that she is not saying the truth , lying , one does not report or even comment on a explosive story like this before VERIFICATION
4) Many people hate Jodi and wish her the DP, if the jury sentences her to the DP she is guilty , DP it is
stirring up more hate to Jodi and her family is unfair unprofessional unwarranted without VERIFICATION
5) I am bewildered how the news station permitted to air this story in my eyes they have lost credibility, they look like a bunch of fools. Joedas “

My intention, in posting the Cassandra Collins assertions, was simply to keep my readers informed about happenings in the Jodi Arias case. The Cassandra Collins news story was widely presented on television and in print. I know that many of my readers, consider my website their first choice in Jodi Arias news and I thought it would simply be bad form to have failed to alert my readers to this news story.

I hope that I did not give anyone the impression that I accept as the truth, the assertions of Cassandra Collins.  Ms. Collins may be completely factual in her recollections of her conversations with Ms. Arias. Ms. Collins may be lying with every word that passes her lips. We do know for sure that Ms. Collins was a cellmate of Ms. Arias before the trial began. That has been factually confirmed.

I do not know if Ms. Collins is telling the truth. I simply don’t know and that is the only opinion that any logically correct human being could arrive at. The fact that Ms. Collins may have mental problems should not and cannot cast any further doubt as to the credibility of her statements.

Why not? Because how much more water can you put in a glass that is already filled to the rim with doubt? The answer is obviously, none. Though I have the glass filled with doubt factual confirmation of her assertions, would change the contents of that glass from doubt to truth.

I presented that information for the edification of my readers. I did not attempt to make it appear to be the truth or even the truth as I would believe it to be. I apologize to Joedas, if I gave he or she that impression.

The police, even if they don’t believe a word of Ms. Collins assertions, will consider her words because the consequences of believing her assertions to be invalid could be devastating to Juan Martinez. They will treat her assertions as if they “might” be true while never concluding that they are true.

I would want my readers to do exactly the same thing. Consider her assertions, their ramifications, their implications and gain whatever “possible” insight or reflection that they may provide. I say “possible” because if her assertions are lies, then it is impossible for them to provide anything at all.

I would never believe to be true the testimony, the court sworn testimony, of a jailhouse snitch. However, nor would I believe it to be untrue. I simply don’t know. That doesn’t mean that we should ignore things that we do not know to be true. Instead, we must thoroughly consider them in an attempt to prove or disprove their validity.

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  1. Dr Randle, that’s all I took this article to be – a news story that you shared with your readers. That’s all it is.

    In my opinion, Arias is the one who stirs the pot and the one who got the media ball rolling immediately following her arrest and ongoing media events up to the media tour she did during the jury deliberations and now with her tweets, websites, etc. trying to garner attention. She has created her own annihilation.

  2. I think I would speak for all the followers of this site by saying we have a rare privilege in being able to follow the insightful, informative and always accurate articles from Dr Randle. The responses she gets are astounding – not just a few, but hundreds at a time. You don’t cultivate an international following without good reason.
    On a personal note, I obtain enormous enjoyment and much knowledge as a participant on this blog. It is a constant joy and interest for me. However, there is just one thing I can’t handle about it – it’s that rotten submit button! Oh, how I have cursed that confounded button. Originally just having a dislike for it, over time, I’m afraid to say, I have developed an absolute hatred of it. For someone who has regular bouts of ‘foot in mouth’ disease, it actually becomes your worst enemy – besides yourself, that is.
    I regularly awaken of a morning with the uneasy feeling that I was tapping away on that computer keyboard last night on Dr Randle’s site, when suddenly it hits me…… I was!!!! And I head for the computer, saying a silent prayer that I am mistaken and was only dreaming that I had written some absolute claptrap on it. But soon your worst fears are confirmed as you sit reading over that complete and utter tripe you have submitted, and you feel such a goose, but even worse when you fully realise that you have confirmed that fact to all followers of her blog. All you can do is sit there and gnash your teeth as you now come to the realisation that you are powerless to do anything about it. It’s too late – it’s out there and everybody knows that you’re a goose.
    The ability of Dr Randle to be always on the ball is remarkable. Her judgement on all matters she presents and discusses is always sound and her reasoning totally logical. Then, occasionally there are prized and precious words of encouragement to you from her for something you may have got right. They make your day and inspire you to soldier on and make an even bigger goose of yourself in the very near future.
    Dr K., I salute you . I have never known you to put a foot wrong – you still haven’t.

  3. Don, I agree with everything you’re saying about Dr Randle. I appreciate her insight and articles and she has never steered us wrong. The only thing I’m sorry about is how the site changed itself and made it difficult for others to get in. I loved to read everyone’s comments. By the way, Don, you’re not a goose! The site wouldn’t be the same without your feedback and comments so keep hitting that submit button. :)

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