Andrea Sneiderman Did Not Get Sentenced To As Much Time As Some People Think She Should Have

Andrea Sneiderman appeared before the Honorable Judge Gregory Adams, pleading with him to let her go home to see her children. The judge listened intently as Andrea listed the reasons for why she should be shown mercy. 

“One of my greatest regrets will always be allowing this predator into my life. Mr. Neuman changed my children’s lives forever by killing their father,” she added. “Please don’t make them live without their mother.”

During her plea to the judge, she denied having an affair with Hemy Neuman. There was “no sex, no kissing, no nothing, other than putting my head on his shoulder to cry…”

Many people believe that Andrea did not get the sentence that she deserved. They wanted more time. Some people have even suggested that she should receive life in prison primarily because they believe that she got away with murder.

Prosecutors requested that Andrea serve 20 years in prison.

Judge Adams sentenced her to a five-year prison term but has given her credit for 11 months time served.

Rusty Sneiderman’s family released a statement:

“The jury has spoken and we respect their answers to the questions presented to them. Following this decision, our family has determined that we have no choice but to continue to litigate the pending civil lawsuits against the defendant to the fullest extent possible under the law. Our family will never recover from losing someone as unique and beloved as Rusty Sneiderman. We will press on, as we have no other choice. We are now left with the hard work of finally grieving his loss and attempting to rebuild our shattered lives.”

Andrea’s defense attorney’s said that they will be appealing on multiple grounds.

A member of her defense team, Doug Chalmers, said that “We are confident and hopeful that Andrea will win. We are also hopeful that in the very near future she will be reunited with her children and will be able to start rebuilding a life that was shattered because Hemy Neuman would not take no for an answer.”

Andrea has hired Atlanta criminal defense attorney, Brian Steele, who is ready to begin working on her appeal.

In a news conference after Andrea was sentenced, District Attorney Robert James said that he believed the system worked.

“She spoke today and she never took responsibility or accountability for (lying to police and a court). It’s difficult for me to feel sympathy when someone asks for mercy but they’re not willing to admit their faults.”

It is unclear where Andrea will serve her time. In the meantime, she will be sent to the state’s Diagnostic and Classification prison until further notice.

Sneiderman’s attorneys believe that she could conceivably appear before a parole board in as little as two months.

Andrea’s attorney, Tom Clegg, believes that “Had there been no public interest, there would’ve been no trial. Why on earth has the criminal justice system been so hell-bent on destroying this woman’s life? I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Later, he said: “I felt like I was kicked in the stomach when I heard the verdict. I still feel that way.”

28 thoughts on “Andrea Sneiderman Did Not Get Sentenced To As Much Time As Some People Think She Should Have

  1. I feel kicked in the stomach because the judge apparently thought she didn’t deserve any more time than the 5 years minus a year. She acted like she was crying and crying yet didn’t have one tear. Not one. She didn’t have to use one tissue. There was a whole box near her but she had no need of a tissue. She acted like she really cared about her poor little children. She didn’t care enough about them to stop manipulating Hemy to murder their father. I still believe she was the main force to get Hemy kill Sneiderman. Why? I cannot figure that one out. Money? I can only think that might be the reason. Rusty had lots of insurance and lots of money and a very expensive house and a lake house. I feel like she is a liar and a manipulative liar and knew she had power over Hemy and teased him along. I wish she had gotten at least 20 years. I wish I knew what Rusty Sneiderman’a family feel about her. I wish the judge had sentenced her to consecutive sentences. But he didn’t. Why? I can’t figure that one out either. He had the power to sentence consecutively. He also came down on Rusty’s brother as he gave his statement because Andrea Sneiderman’s attorney objected to his statement. I didn’t see the judge object to anything any of Andrea’s witnesses said. She was playing it to the hilt when she gave her statement. She was not crying at all, it was all fake. And it apparently was very effective. She might be out in less than a year because of how strange these laws are.

    • Heres my take on Sneiderman. She wanted out of her marriage but knew all money would be split but if he was dead she not only got what they had but also Ins money of 2ml. Hemy was already a nut case so that made it easy for her to put thought of killing Rusty in his head. No she didn’t pull the trigger but was the mastermind of this murder. She has already gotten the money from the Ins. and in a couple of years she will be able to spend again. Makes me sick.

    • If you all get a chance, pull up a video of her monologue, and don’t look at her. Close your eyes and listen and it becomes even more obvious she was faking it.

    • I watched it and I agree! She missed her calling, she should have been an actress.
      My take on the sentencing is that she’s a young,white,middle class mom and the judge gave her a big break.

      • You forgot to add also not bad looking and has a decent body package.

        If Jodi Arias doesn’t get an appointment with the needle, it will be for that reason-although to me, I see dead shark eyes when I look at her.

        • Uppity, I don’t see the ‘not bad looking’ part. I have wondered more than once what this woman has that apparently men can’t get enough of. I don’t see anything attractive about her at all. It is a mystery to me. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. And Jodi. What can I say? I will be so glad when she is all done. I think she will continue getting herself in the news as long as she is alive. And by the way, I will be first in line buying Dr. R’s book on Jodi. Hurry, Dr. R!

          • I do not understand the comments regarding how Arias looks. the media has built up her looks and seemingly attraction to and from men. Many people have had the number of “boyfriends” that Arias has had. The only difference is that she stalks the men in her life and eventually brutally murdered one. She is a cold-blooded murderess. Her looks are of no consequence.
            Anyone buying Jane V.M.’s book while waiting for Dr. K.’s??

          • Nern, I have considered buying Jane Velez’s book but don’t really want to enrich her coffers but I would like to know the facts about what Jodi is really like because she is not what she acts like. I do want to buy Dr. R’s for the psychological takes I hope she brings to the book. I am curious to know more about the real Jodi and I bought Jeff Ashton’s book hoping to learn about the real Casey but he didn’t say one thing about the real Casey. I would have liked to know what Casey was like as a child and what people who knew her really in truly had to say about her, teachers, neighbors, family, friends. I might get my sister to buy Jane Velez’s book and then I will read her book. I would NEVER have bought Jose Baez’s book and would refuse to enrich his coffers period. I am always wanting to know about the ‘real’ person and we only get small bits and pieces and lots of hyped-up lies, don’t you think? For instance, I really think Andrea Sneiderman is definitely a manipulative person and a liar yet the people who testified for her seem to actually like her and think she is a wonderful person. I can’t imagine. And by the way, Shelley, I didn’t say in my earlier posting, but I agree that Andrea Sneiderman has that horsey look. Which looks good on horses. I will never ever understand how these women are able to get these men to worship and adore them. They have a certain ability to seduce that I don’t understand. But they do. That’s my story and I am sticking with it.

          • Nance – I like the fact that some of the proceeds of JVM’s book is going to charity – specifically the Alexander family and some pet charity. I too look forward to Dr. K’s book but it cannot hurt to read the other as well.
            Who knows what they have to turn men on. I like to think that I could do the same if I had a mind to but….. ha, ha

          • Well it’s all relevant. As a criminal defendant, both of them are a bit better looking than most. As in not wincingly awful to look at.

    • Uppity, I was not only rolling my eyes I felt like I was going to puke listening to Sneiderman little planned out speech. She wasn’t even good at faking her tears. And 5yrs give me a break.

  2. Dr K., it was a pretty lenient sentence on the surface, and it will be interesting to see how much time she actually serves – I greatly doubt it will be another four years.
    However, with all her lies and manipulations, she has effectively given herself a life sentence. Of course, the ones who will suffer the most will be the children – a strong consideration for the judge, no doubt.
    Totally agree with other posts about her ‘performance’ – she’s a better actress than Kathryn Hepburn, and would have had Jodi eating her heart out if she could have seen it. Actually, she ‘did a Jodi’ – not a tear in sight, just totally false and self-serving as she absolved herself of all blame.
    What a contrast from the falsely accused woman who had been vindicated at the conclusion of Clegg’s closing – laughing and joking with her attorneys, tossing her hair about etc, without a care in the world. As DA James asked in closing, “Would the real Andrea Sneiderman please stand up.”

    • I won’t give her credit as an actress and she is certainly not better than Katherine Hepburn. A liar and a cheat is all she is.
      The only way that she will ever get a semblance of life back after she serves – and I believe this – less than 4 years, is to move away, use her money to change her appearance and stay away from men.
      Yes, her children are the real issue now and what they need is a stable home and daily life to try and make some sense of why both of their parents are gone. I sincerely hope that a battle between grandparents does not now begin!

        • No Don – given your many comments and how they make sense to me, I do not take you seriously, however just making comments such as you did feeds the weirdos out there cause they WOULD take it seriously. No need to fuel the fire I guess.

  3. Most of the time, sentences for crimes involving the same circumstances run concurrently. Sentences run consecutively when the crimes are separate types of offenses. If she had been convicted of robbery and perjury, for example, they would have probably run consecutively, while all the perjury charges and those related to hindering the investigation run concurrently.

  4. Ditto w majority. What I saw: no tears, no tissues. What I heard: I, I, I. ME, ME, ME.
    If there ever was a time to “take the 5th”; it would have been for Andrea to do so as a prosecution witness during Hemy’s murder trial. Strikes me funny + had too laugh observing her pathetic testimony yesterday. Very dissatisfied w her measley sentence, given the multitude of charges the jury found her guilty.

    Still believe Andrea conspired to commit murder w Hemy as the triggerman + that she should be tried for 1rst degree murder. For that to happen, it would require a gutsy, no-nonsense, non political prosector (s) such as: Kelly Siegler (ADA Houston retired), Juan Martinez ( ADA Phoenix) or Sheila Ross. If ADA Ross is still head of the Cold Case Murder Unit in Atlanta + if it’s determined Double Jeopardy doesn’t apply, we can only hope.

    • I laughed when they placed her under oath and she lifted her arm to the square and swore to tell the truth, so help her God.

      I too see a horse.

      • She continued to lie while asking for leniency. And at one point while talking about how the prosecution attacked her during Hemy’s trial, you could see that snarly anger came peeking out. Did you notice?

  5. Andrea is downright homely–even goofy looking! Big nose and all. Eyes too close together. Horse face. There is not one thing the least bit attractive about her.

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