Andrea Sneiderman Trial Set to Begin

Andrea Sneiderman is set to go on trial Monday, August 5, 2013. The jury has been picked and is comprised of nine women and six men, 12 of whom will either serve on the jury or as alternatives. 

Ms. Sneiderman no longer faces murder charges but has been accused of lying under oath and hindering the investigation of her husband’s death.

A friend of Ms. Sneiderman’s, Steffi Miller, recently spoke to a news outlet about the case. She referred to Ms. Sneiderman as “innocent.”

Ms. Miller is also angry about the murder charge. Many people continue to think that Ms. Sneiderman is guilty even though charges have been dropped. She doesn’t think it’s fair that Ms. Sneiderman is fighting for her life.

When Ms. Miller was asked about the relationship between Ms. Sneiderman and Mr. Neuman, she said that Andrea would tell people that he was “inappropriate.” “It wasn’t something she hid from her friends either. They will all tell you that she [Ms. Sneiderman] complained about Mr. Neuman” and asked them for advice about how she should handle him.

Andrea’s friends advised her to keep quiet about Mr. Neuman because she was new on the job. Her friends were worried that if she spoke up about Mr. Neuman she would be fired.

Ms. Miller also spoke about a plea deal that was offered to Andrea and was rejected. “She doesn’t want to go to jail for a year like they offered her. She wants to be free of all accusations. She is a very proud woman. And wants to be exonerated in the very same county that accused her.”

Ms. Miller expects that they will see Andrea as a “grieving widow who is going through a nightmare.”

Apparently, both Ms. Sneiderman and Ms. Miller are confident that the jury acquit Andrea. If convicted on all 13 counts, Ms. Sneiderman potentially faces many years in prison. A year in prison is barely any time relative to what she could face.

21 thoughts on “Andrea Sneiderman Trial Set to Begin

  1. Dr Randle, thank you for the update! It didn’t take long to impanel this jury. Anybody watch? I just can’t watch voir dire anymore, being disillusioned after high profile trials.

    Can’t stay away from the trial though. We’ll see if the jury is in sync with Andrea’s perspective. :-)

    • Sneiderman will get off on the murder charge as the only witness is her crazy boyfriend and I don’t think they can use him. She’ll spend maybe a little time but that will probably be it.

  2. For an innocent person as she and friends claim, being proud is one thing, but being arrogant and rude and cocky while being questioned is another. It does not serve her well. Not that she should be meek and mild but being respectful goes a long way. Her testimony in the trial of Hemy did little to endear her to her peers and therefore they begin to judge her. However, evidence seems to show that she knows more than she has defiantly stated. Jury will have to decide – not the court of public opinion.

  3. I know this is Off Topic, but I caught some of the Josh Young trial and, my Gawd, it’s like watching a Norman Rockwell painting of the American Family Gone Wrong. Backdrop is a trailer park.Cousins sleeping with each other. Psycho fathers and psycho sons. Referring to murder as “Only one murder” and “It’s not like a whole lot of people got killed”. To me this family is the classic example of people who should never spawn.


    • Spawn they did and this is what happens. Oh the cousin was by marriage. Heard that yesterday. She is past ugly. Both father and son had to do with that crime. Father is soooo proud of little Josh. Think the father is taking the whole wrap so son can carry on for his father.

      • Josh Young has said that he loves his Dad more than anyone and being with him was better than being anywhere else. Josh G. murdered Trey, I think, and Josh Y. says he did it to please his father. He helped in some way but the monster Josh G. did the deed. that is my take.

    • A very dysfunctional family (and friends). I am probably totally wrong on this but here is my take – Josh Young, a 15 year old who was doing exceptionally well in his foster family’s home went to live with his Dad – Josh G. this man is an insidious bastard. He is the head of this dysfunctional family I believe. Josh Young only wanted to please his father, not make him mad and get the attention that he has probably been seeking all his life. Turned into a bit of a bully and was not doing well like in his foster family home. So…Josh G. bludgeoned Trey for what ever reason, maybe just because he could and Josh Young, to please his Dad said he did it. Boy, Dad would think he was just fine for doing that. He may have aided in cleaning up after and therefore guilty of at least one charge but his arrogant, monster of a Dad did it. Talk about dysfunctional.

      • As a former High School teacher, let’s just say I am not too sure about young Josh Young. I think he may have mastered the art of being a good kid when it suits, and pretty damned malicious when nobody is looking. I am having a visceral reaction to him, as I have seen a fair number of kids his age do that so well.

        • Call me naïve which I may be but I like to find some good in others. Josh G. has absolutely no redeeming qualities but his son may have been a good kid but once under the powerful influence of his diabolical father, took on some of his traits. I believe he was involved – but maybe after the fact.

          • Nern I think babyface has a lot of people fooled. I think he killed Trey out of jealousy not wanting any other kid in his dads life. Dad has a time line he will pull out later to get out. He was taping sex with Trey’s mom at the time of killing. He’s just trying to get his kid off.

          • I am reserving judgement on who did the killing. I have never thought Josh Young had a baby face as portrayed in the media – he is a 17 year old kid who is dressed for trial – that is all. I cannot help but remember that he was a good kid for 7 months in the foster family and in just 2 months, the only “real” parent he had left and really wanted in his life manipulated him just as he has everyone else, knowing the need that Josh had, and had him cover up what he, Josh G. did. Josh G. has no care in the world about how he treats his son who as he said is a demon child who he did know well enough to say he loved him. Josh – at the age of 15, suddenly finds himself with the one person he wants to be with and is manipulated and brow-beaten by his terrible father to say whatever is needed. Implicated, yes but again, I reserve judgement.

          • So afraid babyface is going to get off. He is no better then his dad. I think the foster parents just didn’t see the evil. That came back out when he was back with the evil donor.

          • I find it interesting that the foster parents, who have foster many times, saw no evil in Josh as you indicate. I find it also interesting that when asked if they would take him back into their home if given the opportunity, the foster father stated “absolutely”. Complicate – yes Josh Young is but evil, inherently evil like his father, no, I do not believe so. His change in character only came out when he was returned to his father, which under the law, he was. I still reserve judgement.

        • Here’s my take – Little Josh did the killing. Big Josh is going to get his son off. He taped sex with the mother of Trey at the time of the killing so now he will have an alibi and will be able to use that as the time line. You know he will appeal and Trey’s mom has said she had sex twice that night so that just might get him off.

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