Casey Anthony on Investigation Discovery

The Investigation Discovery recently aired a three-part series about Casey Anthony. I had forgotten about all of the twists and turns in the death of Caylee Anthony. And there were many.

Casey Anthony might be free but the fact remains that we still do not know what happened to her daughter. Questions about her death will never go away unless new evidence emerges or she decides to confess to the truth. Her attorneys argued that Caylee drowned in the backyard pool but that is an unlikely event. There’s no evidence to suggest that a drowning took place. The truth remains elusive.

Near the end of the program, George Anthony, Casey Anthony’s father, presented his theory of what he thinks happened to Caylee Anthony. It was his opinion that his daughter gave Caylee Xanax which may have led to her death. It may have been an accident. Casey Anthony may have given her daughter too much Xanax and as a result she died. His theory is the most credible theory presented to date.

Despite already knowing the outcome of the case, it was still shocking to watch the verdict. That the jury did not find Casey Anthony guilty of any meaningful charges is a travesty of justice. It is perplexing that the jury did not hold her responsible for any of her actions, in the death of her daughter.

I cannot imagine being the parents of Casey Anthony. They remain strongly committed to each other despite their ordeal. They must have a strong relationship. It is especially surprising considering that they have very different views about what happened to Caylee and the role Casey played in her death. In no way does George Anthony seem guilty of any of the charges put forth by Casey’s defense team. Hopefully, they have found peace. I wish them well.

Casey, on the other hand, is a different story. She has become the O.J. Simpson of the murder world. You can be sure that if she were to break the law, prosecutors would seek the harshest punishment. It’s probably best for her to keep a low profile.

I have a feeling that we have not heard the last from Casey Anthony. Like O.J. Simpson, she might someday write a book about her experiences. It would garner a justifiable rage from the public but it would be an interesting window into her twisted thought process. Nothing about Casey Anthony is normal.

We’ll see what develops.

What are your thoughts? Did you watch the Casey Anthony series?