The Jodi Arias Sentencing Trial Continues

Hang in there. It won’t last forever.

According to reports, the trial will end in February but I am holding off on any analysis of the case until I can view the courtroom video testimony.

In the meantime, want to discuss the trial? Head over to the message board where there are in-depth and intelligent discussions going on about the case.

Below are some recent pictures from the courtroom.

Where I’ve Been: An Update

As many of you know, the Jodi Arias sentencing trial is in full swing.

I have been carefully following many of the very competent reporters who are live in the courtroom. I have not been writing about the case because I want to be able to watch it for myself after the verdict.

At that time, I plan to dissect and analyze the psychological aspects of the trial just as I had done during the first trial.

Yes, by then it might be “old news” but I believe it is still worth dissecting.

There were many interesting complexities during the first trial and a great deal to learn.

I believe the same will be true of the sentencing trial.

As you are following the trial from the vantage point of the reporters tweeting from the courtroom, let me know if there is anything of particular interest that you would like me to write about. If so, let me know in the comment section, on the discussion board or via Facebook or Twitter.

I will keep track of your comments and/or suggestions for when I review the sentencing tapes after the verdict.

Hopefully that will be sometime before 2015, but with this trial, anything’s possible.

In the meantime, happy trialing.

Getting Ready for the Upcoming Jodi Arias Trial

Jodi StandI have more recently been on a hiatus from the blog. I have been working on various other research projects but I plan to be writing quite regularly when the trial begins on September 29, 2014.

Right now there is a media black-out but that could easily change. Judge Stevens has a history of changing her mind.

It would have been most interesting to see Jodi acting as her own lawyer, but she has filed a motion to change that “effective immediately upon filing.” So predictable.

You might remember that Jodi wanted to represent herself during her murder trial. She quickly changed her mind in that case as well.

The last Jodi Arias trial was, in many ways, a circus but it was undoubtedly a unique learning opportunity. Some might even say it was an experience. I expect this next trial to be equally as interesting and mind-expanding.

One can’t help but to be interested in the rare female psychopath.

I had the opportunity to interact with a lot of great people during the trial. I hope to make those connections again during the retrial.

Let the sentencing begin.

Kirk Nurmi Wants Off The Case & Other Jodi Arias Legal News

There have been a few tidbits of news about the Jodi Arias case. At a recent hearing, she asked for a delay in the case because one of her attorneys, Kirk Nurmi, wanted off the case. Their relationship has been described as being severely “fractured.”Jodi and Jen W

Juan Martinez vehemently argued against the delay, but no ruling was made.

Since the hearing, the judge has ruled against Kirk Nurmi’s millionth time trying to get off the case. Apparently, he will be there for the trial.

I don’t doubt that Kirk Nurmi wants off the case, but I also wonder if this issue could be used in an appeal, perhaps to argue that she had incompetent legal representation. Any lawyers know the answer to that question?

It’s also unclear whether she will serve as her own attorney. In the recent hearing, Jodi said that she no longer wanted to be her own attorney and that Jennifer Willmot will be taking over. It’s not clear whether that is official, especially with her other attorney constantly attempting to be removed from the case.

Other new information involves Jodi’s list of witnesses. She is apparently added Sky and Chris Hughes to her witness list. If you recall, this couple was very good friends with Travis Alexander. They hung out with Jodi and Travis, but eventually, grew weary of Jodi.

The couple eventually became frightened of Jodi and no longer wanted her in their home.

Stay tuned. I’m sure there’ll be much more news to follow in this never-ending Jodi drama.

It is Official: Jodi Arias Will Represent Herself At Sentencing Trial

So it looks like it’s official. Jodi Arias will be representing herself in her upcoming September trial. Michael Kiefer of the Arizona Republic was apparently in court today following the news. So too was Troy Hayden. Their tweets tell the story.

No Surprise Here: Jodi Arias Prepping to Defend Herself in Upcoming Trial

According to the website “The Trial Diaries,” Jen Wood, who attended the most recent Jodi Arias hearing, learned some interesting, though not entirely surprising news: Jodi Arias is prepping to represent herself at her upcoming sentencing trial.Jodi DP2

Big shocker, I think not. Jodi Arias’ ego demands that she do this. She is, after all, in her view, the smartest person in the room. Smarter than all of those people who studied the law and graduated law school and successfully practiced law for years. Smarter than Juan Martinez, her would-be opponent, who has practiced law for maybe longer than she has been alive.

This is not the first time Jodi chose self-representation. Early on, she fired her attorneys and felt that she, and she alone, could serve as her best legal representative. I would submit to you that individuals who choose to represent themselves in high-profile cases, especially when facing death, have a high degree of belief in themselves. Some might say arrogant, narcissistic or perhaps mentally ill.

The research about self-representation is relatively minimal. J. Decker (1996) argued that “Some defendants may proceed pro se to symbolize their lack of respect for any kind of authority, . . . or because they are unable to get their way and so represent themselves as an act of defiance” (p. 485).

Decker also believed that these defendants “may be cleverly manipulating the criminal justice system for their own secret agenda (p. 486–7).

Even if there is no hidden motive behind wanting to represent oneself in court, Decker thought that these individuals were “…so totally out of touch with reality that they believe they can do it all themselves” (p. 487).

Psychological reasons for self-representation were explored by Cabell (2012). A person might feel self-empowered representing themselves in front of the jury.

Control is another factor. If an individual is controlling their own defense, then they may be able to convey a more realistic picture of the issues than they believe their appointed counsel could convey.

Some defendants may feel as though they have something important to gain by personally arguing their defense. If they can control the communication with the jury, then they can fully explain themselves and ultimately sway the jury to side with them.

In Jodi’s case, she may believe that given an opportunity to tell her version of events, she’ll be able to sway the jury to forgo the death penalty. She’s good at lying and has probably spent every moment spinning a new variation of her self-defense theory.

She may think that she is good with people but by all accounts, she rubs people the wrong way.  She might also rub the jury the wrong way. It is a very big risk.

Thanks to CNN (who successfully argued for her retrial to be televised), we’ll see Jodi’s ego on full display (albeit not until after the verdict has been reached), should she decide to represent herself.

It will be a case to remember.


John F. Decker, The Sixth Amendment Right to Shoot Oneself in the Foot: An Assessment of the Guarantee of Self-Representation Twenty Years After Faretta, 6 SETON HALL CONST. L.J. 483, 522–23 (1996).

Kennedy Cabell. Calculating an alternative route: The difference between a blindfolded ride and a road map in pro se criminal defense. Law and Psychology Review. 36: p259. (2012).

Jodi Arias Working With Production Company To Tell Her Version of Events

The latest in the Jodi Arias saga is that she has found a production company to produce a feature film told from her perspective about the killing of Travis Alexander. Surely this will be a work of fiction. Jodi Arias

Gary Nelson, of Splash Hit Productions, has been corresponding with Jodi, her legal team and her family and friends. He has developed his own perspective on why she killed Travis Alexander, and he doesn’t seem to blame Jodi.

The killing was a “poor alignment of the stars.”

“I think Jodi, and no fault of her own, was in love with the thought of being in love. She was out searching for something. Had they not met, I don’t think we’d be sitting here talking. I think this was something that took two sides to complete,” he told Radar Online.

Many people have said that they have been trying to Google “Splash Hit Productions ” and are not finding any trace of the company on the Internet. I tried myself and didn’t find anything either.

For as long as Jodi Arias is living, she will be doing things of this nature. She is not a normal person.

It’s difficult for us to understand how anyone could act like she does, think like she does, but she is not like us. There’s something very wrong with Jodi Arias.

Even if this movie is made, I see it as a losing proposition. No one in their right mind would believe Jodi Arias’ version of events. And which version would she tell? The ninja story? The one about her being a victim of domestic violence? Surely by now, she has a new version of events.

Only the Jodi Arias “truthers” would believe her version of events and thankfully, in the grand scheme of things, there’s not many of those.

Latest Ruling: Jodi Arias Remains Eligible for the Death Penalty

By now, you’ve probably heard the news. Jodi Arias remains eligible for the death penalty.Jodiwhiteshirtclip

It’s another loss for her defense team.

Jodi Arias’s attorneys recently filed a motion asking Judge Sherry Stevens to dismiss the prosecutor’s ability to seek the death penalty. The reason for the request: Jodi’s mitigation specialist was banned from the jail for approximately one week.

It was argued that the one week ban prejudiced her mitigation specialists’ ability to properly prepare for Jodi’s upcoming sentencing trial.

It was also argued that the ban “affected the relationship” between Jodi and her defense team. It supposedly caused a “lack of trust.”

The judge ruled that the defendant ultimately failed to prove her argument and thus denied the motion. It was noted, in the ruling, that the court had observed Jodi interacting with her mitigation specialist since the incident but judged that there did not appear to be “any change in the relationship” between the two.

There was not enough proof to support the argument and no specific information was presented regarding how the one week apart would hurt Jodi during the sentencing phase of her trial.

Thus, it remains possible that Jodi Arias might be given the death penalty.

Do you believe that Jodi Arias will receive the death penalty?

Barring any further delays, jury selection for the penalty phase is expected to begin on September 8, 2014.

It’ll be interesting to see what her defense team has in store for this jury. No doubt it will include some of her “artwork.”

New Jodi Arias Letter to Her Supporters: She Still Has a Voice

I have been writing about the Jodi Arias case since her trial last year. As someone who studies extreme abnormality and mental illness she is a fascinating subject. Her ego and desire to be heard are truly remarkable.

It’s hard to fathom how an individual who nearly decapitated someone and who has been adjudicated as guilty of first-degree, premeditated murder continues to feel so entitled. It is no surprise that despite being incarcerated she still has a voice. She does this all through her supporters.JodiStripes2

Psychopaths are particularly skilled at conning people into doing things for them. This can include obtaining money for them or standing up for them when it is perceived that others are trying to expose them. It’s not a coincidence that Jodi has attracted individuals to fulfill these functions on her behalf.

Her latest letter to her supporters is evidence of this. She’s writing to them about an apparent controversy with regard to her art website and the distributor of “Jodibands.” An excerpt of the letter:

“…This may be old news to most of you, but the negative affects are still quietly rippling through the atmosphere due to the damage caused by a misguided supporter… I don’t tend to hold grudges and I’ve long since forgiven the person who sparked this. The purpose of this message is to repair the remaining damage that was caused. I have no doubt that the haters will get ahold of this message and get their panties all in a bunch like they always so predictably do. (They probably will have already proven me right by the time some of you read this). But dogs don’t bark at a parked car and I should be flattered that they’re still paying so much attention to me…

…Anyway, I love you all and I’m cool if you’re cool with agreeing to disagree if you don’t agree with what I’ve said. I would just ask that, please, before anyone throws SJ or any supporter under the bus, remember first who you’re supporting. I am the LEAST worthy among all of you and still you throw me your love so generously. In the future, if any supporter attacks another supporter’s character, please turn a deaf ear to their slanderous accusations when there is no legitimate proof to back them up.”

You could read the rest of the letter here.

If you are surprised that she has followers, don’t be. There will always be people like this in the world.

Consider the man who recently stole a sign dedicated to a seven-year-old victim of the Newtown school shooting. He then contacted the girl’s mother and claimed that the Newtown shooting was a hoax and her daughter never existed. He is a Newtown “truther,” the latest in a long line of “truthers.” Truthers tend to be conspiracy theorists who have trouble coping with reality.

Jodi “supporters” might appropriately be renamed Jodi “truthers.” Their view of reality is just as skewed as the man who believes that the Newtown shootings were a hoax.

Jodi Arias will probably continue to have a voice for as long as there are gullible people in the world. Once she is sent to prison, she may have less of an opportunity to make these contacts and over time she will likely fade into relative oblivion, but make no mistake, she’ll never stop trying. Her ego won’t let her.

The Jodi Arias Defamation Lawsuit?

According to sources, apparently Jodi Arias is seeking representation in a possible defamation suit. For what exactly is anyone’s guess.

There is not much known about the potential lawsuit but certainly there will be more to come.

The Jodi Arias Hep C Story Appears Not To Be True

So it looks like the Jodi Arias stories about her having hepatitis C and a leaky breast implant are not true. Jennifer Willmott, one of Jodi Arias’s attorneys, did not file a lawsuit nor did anyone on her defense team. She doesn’t know who filed it.


The Smoking Gun may have solved the puzzle. They think the hoaxer is Jonathan Lee Riches. Jonathan is a 37-year-old Pennsylvania man who has apparently filed hundreds of fictitious lawsuits on behalf of celebrities and other public figures.


Riches was arrested for attempting to visit the home of Adam Lanza, the individual responsible for the Sandy Hook elementary school tragedy. He apparently videotaped part of this trip and put some of those clips on YouTube.  He also told journalists that he was “Jonathan Lanza” an uncle of the school shooter. He told media outlets that Adam Lanza had been taking antipsychotics for schizophrenia. On camera, he also dropped to his knees and acted as though he was praying for the young victims.


In the past, he has filed phony lawsuits posing as the father of actress Selena Gomez and accused Justin Bieber of stealing a credit card to pay for a “penis enlargement.”


This man knows how to get attention.


The Smoking Gun contacted the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections who told them that inmates place letters anonymously through the mail and that prison officials do not check the accuracy of names listed along with the return address.


Mr. Riches is currently incarcerated. His earliest possible release date is June 2015.


I doubt we’ve seen the last of his hoaxes.

Jodi Arias Claims To Have Been Infected With Hep C In Jail

There are several recent news stories about Jodi Arias. The first is that she is claiming to have contracted hepatitis C through an infected needle when she was given a tuberculosis vaccine in Maricopa County jail.pjodi


According to the CDC, hepatitis C is a contagious liver disease that can range from mild to serious. The disease spreads primarily through the contact with blood of an infected person. People can also become infected by having sexual contact with a person infected with the virus. Cases of hepatitis C are either acute or chronic. The majority of people who have hepatitis C develop chronic infection.


Jodi Arias is also claiming that she was neglected by jail officials after one of her silicone breast implants leaked and caused a fungal growth. It’s unclear what is meant by “neglected.” Did they not treat the fungus? Did she request another implant and it was denied? There are no answers to those questions at this time.


The convicted murderer has filed a lawsuit against Sheriff Joe Arpaio, along with a restraining order against the Sheriff.


When asked for comment, the Sheriff presumes that Jodi’s trying to seek publicity since he has cut off all visits by the media to her in jail.


Jodi Arias is also claiming that the Sheriff makes her say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning to get food. The Sheriff claims that he does play certain songs in the jail but that none of the inmates are forced to sing.


“She’s smart. She knows if she ties me in, she’s going to get some press,” Arpaio said. “She knows probably I won’t just hide, so this is what she wants. I’m probably falling into her trap. On the other hand, I still have to defend my jail system and my dedicated office. I’m not worried about it.”


TMZ is also featuring this and other stories about Jodi Arias. In legal documents TMZ has obtained but not released, Jodi is claiming that the Sheriff has put cameras in her cell and that he has intercepted sexual letters between her and Travis Alexander’s cousin and then leaked them to Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace is apparently now claiming that Jodi and Travis’s cousin are getting married.


Apparently Jodi did not file the papers with the assistance of a lawyer. Reporters are now in the process of attempting to obtain the legal documents for examination. Some are already finding “holes.”


For instance, one Phoenix reporter, William Pitts, tweeted that the court documents have inconsistent information including: the wrong jail and jail address. He also noticed inconsistencies in driver’s license signatures. When Mr. Pitts contacted Arias’ lawyer, Jennifer Wilmott, she said that none of these claims are true. Certainly there will be more to come.

Death Penalty for Jodi Arias is Not Cruel and Unusual or Double Jeopardy, Rules Judge

Jodi Arias’ attorney’s filed a motion to dismiss the death penalty. They tried to argue that it is cruel and unusual punishment and thus unconstitutional “because permitting a retrial after hung jury in the penalty phase… violates double jeopardy and is cruel and unusual punishment.”Jodimentalill

Cruel and unusual punishment is terminology that can be found within the eighth amendment of the Constitution. The basic premise is that neither jail nor punishment for a crime should be unreasonably severe and to guard against punishments that are disproportionately “cruel and unusual” (p.1).

The “cruel and unusual punishments” clause has been used to challenge the death penalty in the United States. It was successfully used in the case of Roper v. Simmons in which the Supreme Court ruled that “the eighth and fourteenth amendments forbid imposition of the death penalty on offenders who are under the age of 18 when their crimes were committed (p.1).”

Her attorneys were essentially attempting to argue that she should not be eligible for the death penalty because her first jury was unable to unanimously agree on a sentence.

Judge Sherry Stephens ruled that “the defendant has not been “acquitted” of the death sentence by the jury’s failure to reach a verdict, and thus there is no constitutional bar to retrying the penalty phase.”

Even though the jury was hung in the penalty phase it does “not result in cruel and unusual punishment or violate the double jeopardy clause.”

Judge Sherry Stephen denied Jodi Arias’ motion to dismiss the potential for a death sentence.

Jodi Arias remains eligible for the death penalty in the state of Arizona.

If the second jury is unable to reach a unanimous decision, Jodi Arias could face life in prison or she may be eligible for release after 25 years.

Her sentencing retrial is set for March 17, 2014. The trial will not be televised.

Update: AZ Central is now reporting that her trial has been “put aside.” Juan Martinez has another trial beginning May 12, 2014 and thus Jodi Arias’ trial has been postponed.

The Jodi Arias Case Update

It is believed that sentencing trial of Jodi Arias will begin on March 17, 2014. The sentencing trial will not be televised and it’s unclear if electronic devices will be permitted in the court room.

It’s also been reported that Jodi Arias is currently selling wristbands to raise money for her appellate case. She continues to tweet from jail, asking people to buy her artwork and her wristbands.

Dr. Drew recently interviewed Casandra Collins, the woman who shared a jail cell with Jodi Arias for about one month. She was the woman who claimed that Jodi Arias was threatening the life of Juan Martinez. In case you missed the interview, below is the transcript (I deleted out unnecessary information i.e. commercial break, etc.):

PINSKY: I want to bring in Casandra Collins. She had shared a tiny jail cell with Jodi before the trial started.

Casandra, thank you for joining us. My panel is sitting here listening. They`ll have questions for you, as well.

Give me sort of the basic sense of why you decided to tell the story and, secondly, what was it like.

CASANDRA COLLINS, JODI ARIAS`S CELLMATE (via telephone): I live with her in a jail cell from February 16th, 2012 to March 23rd, 2012, a total of 37 days. And it was a horrific, very traumatic and disturbing experience.

PINSKY: Why? What happened? What did she do? What happened?

COLLINS: Number one, she would talk about her case openly every day. He had 18 days. I had that double dose of it. I had 37 days of listening to Jodi talk in graphic detail about her case. And she made some very disturbing comments, has no remorse and then she made threats against key people in her case, as well.

PINSKY: Like she was going to hurt them?

COLLINS: Correct. Yes, sir.

PINSKY: And what is it she told you about the case?

COLLINS: She at the time pretrial, you know, before her trial started and even at that time, she was already confessing to myself and other inmates that she did kill and murderer Travis Alexander.

So, she was already admitting to committing the crime. But when she admitted that she committed the crime, she demonstrates no remorse whatsoever. She even bragged about it like it was a trophy killing.

PINSKY: I saw an interview that you did with someone that she said she should be given an award, she did this about herself, because she killed a child molester.

COLLINS: Yes, I can tell you her comments directly she said to me why she did this, because I asked her, and said, Jodi, why did you kill Mr. Travis Alexander? And she responded by saying she did the world a favor, that she ended the life of a pedophile, that she saved the lives of many innocent children that Travis would have victimized in the future. She claimed that Travis already victimized one child already.


COLLINS: And the jury would have sympathy for her and perceive her as a hero —

JENNY HUTT, ATTORNEY: I do. I just want to know, in jail, was she sexual or provocative? Did she have any hookups? What was she like in that way?

COLLINS: Yes, she was. She would talk very graphically and talk about the photographs (INAUDIBLE) found on the camera. She talked about each one of those photographs in graphic details and she talked about her own body parts.

PINSKY: Jonny, question? Johnny?

JONNY LOQUASTO, COMEDIAN: I do. Casandra, back to Travis. When you asked her why she killed him and she mentioned that he was a pedophile, did you ask her to go into further specifics or do you think that was just like a total sociopathic lie that she made up as to why she killed him?

COLLINS: I think it was a total lie. Anything she was saying to me I did not believe. None of it made sense. It didn`t even sound plausible to me.



GRUNBERG: Yes. I`m just curious. How do you answer critics, you know, like myself who say, you know, you were behind bars with her, too. You were in jail. Any testimony that I hear from somebody like yourself it`s suspect to me. It`s like — I don`t quite understand — yes.

PINSKY: Greg, I`m glad you brought that up, actually, because — Casandra is actually a very highly trained nurse. And she — what I`m going to ask you doing — she`s been criticized on that exact front, right, Casandra? People have taken that up with you.

COLLINS: Yes, but I`m not a convicted felon. I have no felonies on my record. I`d never been — jail and prison are different. Jail is where you go prior to your trial. I`ve never been to prison so I`m not a convicted felon. I do have misdemeanors on my record. And even six of those cases have been — expunged from my record, but I am not a convicted felon. I have never hurt nor harmed a human being in my entire life.

PINSKY: But Casandra, my understand is people have said, oh, you have mental illness or something. You`re a criminal. Putting your nurse hat on, evaluating yourself, tell us what you do suffer from so people can eval — we can evaluate whether it has somehow clouded the story you`re telling us.

COLLINS: Well, you mean what I get care and treatment for myself?


COLLINS: Depression and anxiety. Those are my main issues that I suffered from.

PINSKY: So, it`s not as though you have delusional paranoias or something that would make you sort of confabulate stories, right?


PINSKY: OK. Greg, does that satisfy you at all —


No. It doesn`t satisfy me. I just don`t understand why, you know, she`s telling the story now.

COLLINS: I`ve actually been worked with a law enforcement. I actually started talking with the FBI from February 2013. Then Phoenix police started asking me questions. So, this did not come overnight.

JILLIAN BARBERIE, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: Casandra, you know, I know that Jodi confessed she had something she talked obsessively about her attorney. I`m wondering now what you think that she should get as a sentence. She either gets death, life or, what, 25 years? What do you think will be the proper term for her to serve?

COLLINS: The death sentence.

PINSKY: And then Anahita.

COLLINS: Excuse me?

ANAHITA SEDAGHATFAR, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: I just want to know was Jodi as confident — yes. My question is, was Jodi as confident behind closed doors in her case as she showed herself to be like during the trial and in all of her media interviews? Did she ever express to you that she actually feared she could be convicted?

COLLINS: She truly believed when she was in the cell with me that she would walk out of the jail. She thinks the jury would find her innocent. Yes. She was that confident.

PINSKY: And Casandra, I understand, again, you said she made you feel sick and scared. I guess, I got to take a break, but I want to continue the conversation and I want you to tell us why — what`s so disturbing? What you think — I also understand you alleged that she`s caring (ph) on on the outside with her minion somehow. I want to hear more about that. So, we`ll be right back after this.

PINSKY: Judy, it seems that inmates were manipulated by Jodi and her lies. What do you make of that?

JUDY HO, PH.D., DR.JUDYHO.COM: Well, Dr. Drew, it feels to me like Jodi is actually creating her own little Jodi cult. She has so many characteristics of what we know to be cult leaders, you know, the extreme narcissism, really needing admiration and respect and loyalty from everybody, being hypersensitive to criticism. You know, all of these characteristics together just reminds me of some of the cult leaders of the past.

PINSKY: Really? Very interesting. Casandra, what do you make of that?

COLLINS: I totally agree, because she was very manipulative and very calculative when I lived with her. And she was trying to even — from my nursing background, she even had a different version of what happened between her and Travis Alexander on that day. And then I heard a new version out her trial. She tried to claim with me she got a concussion — how severe would a concussion have to be for her to have that type of memory loss.

PINSKY: I see. She`s trying to explain why she didn`t know what was going on. Back to the panel, I think you have questions for Casandra — Nikki?

NIKKI DELOACH, ACTRESS, MV`S “AWKWARD”: Yes, I do, actually. Hey, Casandra, did you go to law enforcement about Jodi`s threat to Juan Martinez?

COLLINS: I went to — the FBI started — did my initial interview in February of 2013 and then the rest of my communication with the FBI for Phoenix was through via e-mails. And then on July 1st, Sgt. Cane and Lt. Berkhose (ph) asked me questions about Jodi Arias. And Lt. Berkhose (ph) basically said, “Casandra, if she made any threat, you need to let us know.”

PINSKY: OK. Jennifer, go ahead.

JENNIFER KEITT, RADIO HOST & LIFE COACH: I`m wondering, Casandra, you spent quite a bit of time with her. So, do you think that if she does not get the death penalty and ends up in jail, that she could actually somehow be rehabilitated? Do you think that that`s possible?

PINSKY: Or, to follow on that question, or will she be dangerous from jail?


COLLINS: I think she`d be dangerous from prison, because I think if she was put in maximum security general population, I think she would try to control that population. I think she is very dangerous. I think she would repeat her crime. She is very vindictive and hateful. She made threats against the prosecutor attorney. I believe she would try to carry out those threats. She is an extremely, extremely dangerous individual.

DELOACH: I have a follow up to that then, because you had mentioned that, you know, she had said to you, Casandra, at one point in time like — that if you spoke out against her that she would come after you. And if you believe that she is that threatening then, you`re speaking out publicly against her now. Are you scared? I mean, why not speak to law enforcement and then just kind of go away from the public eye so that you keep yourself safe?

COLLINS: Yes, I am scared but I know I did the right and moral thing. I was in a position where I went to Troy Hayden because I felt that was a better choice that I have is to go public with it and expose it and make sure everyone`s well aware of what her threats were.

LEEANN TWEEDEN, @ LEEANNTWEEDEN: Casandra, thank you very much. It`s very courageous of you to come on the show tonight. I have a question for you. You had mentioned that everybody was sort of brainwashed by her, you included, but you kind of took it as, well, I`m going to go along with her just to shut everybody up. I mean, were there any girls, any inmates that did not like Jodi Arias?

COLLINS: No. I never liked Jodi Arias. I didn`t go a lot with her at all, because she tried to ask me to do numerous favors for her and I never complied. She tried to manipulate me by asking, you know, to be a mule and to get letters on the out for her — you know, get them passed them to his deputies, and I would never do that. I told her flat-out no. So, no, I was not manipulated by her. I never —

TWEEDEN: What about all the other inmates? They were like holding up signs saying we love Jodi. She`s innocent. I mean, what do you make of that?

COLLINS: That was during the trial. And do you think, really, an inmate in jail is going to snitch on another inmate in front of a reporter? You know, snitches don`t last long in jail. So, i think that was all kind of for show.

HO: Casandra, I have a question for you —

PINSKY: You know what, I`m running out of time, guys. I got to remind everyone that we cannot independently confirm what Casandra is saying. These are her opinions alone. Jenny, you want to finish me up here.

HUTT: I did. I just want to know was she doing artwork while she was in jail? Like she said she was an artist.

COLLINS: Yes, she did. At least a drawing a week.

PINSKY: And then, she`s selling that stuff, right?

HUTT: Of course.

PINSKY: Crazy.


PINSKY: All right. Casandra, thank you so much. It`s interesting. It`s chilling. It`s kind of worse than I thought, actually. I mean, I like the way we opened this conversation with Judy`s framing her as a cult leader. It`s kind of an interesting way of thinking about her.

COLLINS: Yes. She would be more dangerous in general population. I truly believe Juan Martinez is doing absolutely the right thing. He knows what he`s doing.

Deadly Sins

In other entertainment news, Darren Kavinoky and Shanna Hogan appeared on The View to discuss the premiere of Deadly Sins, an Investigation Discovery television show that featured the case of Jodi Arias. Darren and Shanna contributed to the Deadly Sins episode, which first aired on Saturday, January 11, 2014.

During the interview on The View, it is interesting to note that Shanna Hogan referred to Travis Alexander as either a dirt bag or a scumbag. It’s difficult to hear what she called him because apparently, it was bleeped out. Listen for yourself (about 2:55).

Hogan made the comment when discussing her exploration of Travis’s character:

“I really kinda had to see it like if he was my brother, he would have been the best brother in the world. If he was dating my best friend, he would have been a dirt bag or a scumbag.”

It appears as though Hogan believes in the lies of Jodi’s legal team who did everything they could to paint Travis, the victim of a brutal slaying, in a negative light. What a shame.

I have not had the opportunity to complete my viewing of the Deadly Sins Jodi Arias episode. From what I saw thus far, there were a lot of assumptions being made. I also noticed that they listed one of experts, commenting on the behavior of Jodi and Travis, as being a forensic psychiatrist. A psychiatrist has a medical degree but the individual who they said is a psychiatrist, to the best my knowledge, is not a psychiatrist. Must have been an oversight.

Did you have the opportunity to watch? What did you think?

A Message Board Writer Wrote…

I recently posted a short article, to keep my readers informed about the claims of Cassandra Collins (a former cellmate of Jodi Arias), stating that she had had long conversations with Ms. Arias and that Ms. Arias would arrange to have the throat of Juan Martinez cut by her supporters, if she was given the death penalty. In response to that article, a member of the message board, that is available here at my site, named Joedas wrote the following comment to that article:

” Dr Randle
I have read many articles that you have written you have educated me and opened my mind understanding what personality is behind that of a killer Above all your writings skills makes it simple to understand your sophisticated analysis ( I have shown your work to a psychiatrist practising for over 30 years nodding page after page
“This is excellent work”

However I am surprised how you posted threatening Juan Martinez story
1) you are an highly intelligent psychologist not a TV station
2) quoting information from a prison cell mate , Jodi’s cell mate, an individual who may have mental issues just
the way she appeared on TV one can see she has a strange look
3) I am not saying that she is not saying the truth , lying , one does not report or even comment on a explosive story like this before VERIFICATION
4) Many people hate Jodi and wish her the DP, if the jury sentences her to the DP she is guilty , DP it is
stirring up more hate to Jodi and her family is unfair unprofessional unwarranted without VERIFICATION
5) I am bewildered how the news station permitted to air this story in my eyes they have lost credibility, they look like a bunch of fools. Joedas “

My intention, in posting the Cassandra Collins assertions, was simply to keep my readers informed about happenings in the Jodi Arias case. The Cassandra Collins news story was widely presented on television and in print. I know that many of my readers, consider my website their first choice in Jodi Arias news and I thought it would simply be bad form to have failed to alert my readers to this news story.

I hope that I did not give anyone the impression that I accept as the truth, the assertions of Cassandra Collins.  Ms. Collins may be completely factual in her recollections of her conversations with Ms. Arias. Ms. Collins may be lying with every word that passes her lips. We do know for sure that Ms. Collins was a cellmate of Ms. Arias before the trial began. That has been factually confirmed.

I do not know if Ms. Collins is telling the truth. I simply don’t know and that is the only opinion that any logically correct human being could arrive at. The fact that Ms. Collins may have mental problems should not and cannot cast any further doubt as to the credibility of her statements.

Why not? Because how much more water can you put in a glass that is already filled to the rim with doubt? The answer is obviously, none. Though I have the glass filled with doubt factual confirmation of her assertions, would change the contents of that glass from doubt to truth.

I presented that information for the edification of my readers. I did not attempt to make it appear to be the truth or even the truth as I would believe it to be. I apologize to Joedas, if I gave he or she that impression.

The police, even if they don’t believe a word of Ms. Collins assertions, will consider her words because the consequences of believing her assertions to be invalid could be devastating to Juan Martinez. They will treat her assertions as if they “might” be true while never concluding that they are true.

I would want my readers to do exactly the same thing. Consider her assertions, their ramifications, their implications and gain whatever “possible” insight or reflection that they may provide. I say “possible” because if her assertions are lies, then it is impossible for them to provide anything at all.

I would never believe to be true the testimony, the court sworn testimony, of a jailhouse snitch. However, nor would I believe it to be untrue. I simply don’t know. That doesn’t mean that we should ignore things that we do not know to be true. Instead, we must thoroughly consider them in an attempt to prove or disprove their validity.