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Mentally Ill People Are Dying in Prisons

One by one, mentally ill people are dying behind prison walls. One of the latest atrocities is the death of 35-year old Christopher Lopez, a man with schizoaffective disorder who died in the presence of Colorado Department of Corrections prison staff who were too busy laughing and making small talk to pay him any attention.… Read More »

Update: Mother Who Heard Voices Drowned Both Sons

A Pennsylvania woman, Laurel Michelle Schlemmer, 40, drowned her three-year-old son in a bathtub. She also attempted to drown her six-year-old son because “crazy voices” told her she would be a better mother to her third child if the other two “weren’t around.” According to court documents, the mother put her oldest son, age 7, onto… Read More »

Congressional Hearing Addresses Psychiatric Bed Shortage

Wednesday, the Energy and Commerce Committee will hold a hearing about the significant decrease in the psychiatric bed shortage. One of the witnesses includes the outspoken Sheriff of Cook County Thomas Dart. Mr. Dart has been trying to do everything within his power to deal with the thousands of mentally ill people passing through the… Read More »

Mentally Ill Son Incarcerated: One Reader’s Story

Stories about mentally ill offenders are generally not of a positive nature. Typically, the stories are focused on the disturbing prison conditions often faced by mentally ill offenders increasingly being housed in jails and prisons. Below is one reader’s story. “Hi, my son has been suffering from schizophrenia for the past 5 years. In Oct. of 2011 he… Read More »

John Lennon’s Killer Up For Parole, Details From the Hearing

For the seventh time, Mark David Chapman was up for parole in the killing of John Lennon. Recently, the State of New York released a transcript from his parole hearing in August 2012.  Mark David Chapman shot and killed John Lennon in 1980.  Below are a few highlights from the hearing taken verbatim from the… Read More »

Parents of Mentally Ill Psych Hospital Shooter Blog About the Incident

Two Interesting News Stories Sea of Heartbreak: Blog Post By Parents Of Killer John Shick Leaves More Questions Than Answers Source: Pittsburgh Post Gazette The above article is about a blog post by the parents of a schizophrenic man John Shick who killed one person and wounded 5 others on a shooting spree at a large psychiatric… Read More »

Find Out What The Criminalization Hypothesis Is

Criminalization Hypothesis Have you ever heard of the criminalization hypothesis? The basic premise is that individuals with serious mental illnesses (SMI) (i.e. schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, mainly) are disproportionately involved in the criminal justice system because they are committing crimes and being arrested for offenses because of their untreated illness symptoms. Abramson, more than 30 years… Read More »

Mentally Ill Offenders By The Numbers

 Within the academic literature and government data, there exists a great deal of variability with regard to the numbers of mentally ill offenders in the US penal system. It can be difficult to know how big the problem is. Also complicating matters is that some reports estimate “mental illness,” “mental health problems,” while others estimate “serious mental… Read More »