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Protect Yourself Against Psychopaths: A Unique Coaching Service

I recently had the opportunity to conduct an email interview with Louise Delahunty, PG DipCOT, founder of Psychopathy Awareness and Harm Reduction Coaching (PAHRC).  Louise is a mental health occupational therapist, coach and acupuncturist by background, trained under psychopathologist Sandra Brown M.A. in coaching survivors of psychopaths. PAHRC works to raise awareness of the impact […]

What Do We Know About Female Serial Murderers?

There has been little in-depth research about female serial murderers, perhaps because compared to males, there are relatively few. It has been estimated that 83% of serial killers are male (90% of murderers are male). This article highlights some of what is known about female serial murderers and it is based on the research of Elizabeth […]

The Rush to Diagnose The Colorado Shooter

Dave Cullen, author of the New York Times bestseller Columbine was part of a roundtable discussion this morning on MSNBC with Chris Hayes. The topic was the media coverage of the latest mass shooting. When conducting research for his book, Cullen reviewed the early news reports regarding the “facts” about the two shooters, Eric Harris […]

Clinical Terms In The News, Related to the Colorado Shooting

In light of what many are calling the largest mass shooting in U.S. history, you will likely be hearing many reports about the clinical and psychological status of the shooter. At this time, there have been no reports about his clinical or psychological status but mental health professionals have been speculating about it in the […]

The Vault & Threats to Members of Congress

The FBI has made thousands of files available in an online resource called The Vault. There is a great deal of interesting information in The Vault. A file called “Threats To Members Of Congress -2003″ revealed 58 threats. Here are examples of some of those incidents. Victims: John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Edward Kennedy, and Joseph Lieberman  […]