Incredible and Memorable Video: “Why I Jumped”

Tina Zahn was a mother of two, wife, church and school volunteer in addition to working full-time. She was also struggling with postpartum depression. One day, she was so distraught, she rushed to her car and decided that it was time to end her life by jumping off a 200-ft bridge. Unbelievably, 911 was called and she was saved. Part of this video is taken from the surveillance camera of a State Trooper’s vehicle. You have to see it to believe it.

Interestingly, Tina reports that she did not recall anything about the event until months later.

Studies of suicide survivors show that their decision to end their lives was often not well-planned. Those decisions were often made impulsively, just like in Tina’s case.

Know the Risk Factors For Postpartum Depression.

Below are some book recommendations:

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