Colorado Teen Stabs Mother 79 Times

18-year-old Isabella Yun-Mi Guzman was arrested and charged last week with first-degree murder for allegedly stabbing her mother 79 times in the face and in the neck.

The arrest affidavit shows that Ms. Guzman had sent an email to her mother the day before the stabbing that said “you will pay.”

Ms. Guzman’s stepfather told police that in the days before the murder, the teenager had become “more threatening and disrespectful” toward her mother. Her mother had grown fearful of her and called the Aurora police a few hours before the murder.

The police came to the home and warned the teenager that her mother could kick her out if she did not change her behavior.

Just a few hours later, the authorities returned to the home to find Yun-Mi Hoy dead in the upstairs bathroom.

Ryan Hoy, Ms. Guzman’s stepfather, told authorities that he heard a “thumping” noise and his wife calling his name. The teenager was holding the bathroom door shut attempting to block him from coming in.

He immediately went to call the police and when he returned he saw his stepdaughter standing in the bathroom doorway with a knife and his wife’s nude body on the floor, covered in blood.

Mr. Hoy never heard his stepdaughter say anything. She didn’t speak to him as she left the bathroom. She was “staring straight ahead when she walked past him.”

Yun-Mi Hoy was stabbed 31 times in the face and 48 times in the neck.

There is no known motive for the killing but Isabella’s stepfather told authorities that she has been quite a challenge. When she was seven years old, she had been sent to live with her biological father because of her difficult behavior.

Ms. Guzman’s aunt described her as being a “typical teenager” but noted that she could get angry but was never violent. “Her mother spoiled her.”

She also described her demeanor as being “pretty sweet… but not violent like that.”

Her aunt speculates that there must be more to the story.

Below is video of her being brought into court.  There is no sound but the video is very telling, especially at around 0:23 seconds.

It’s too soon to analyze the psychological aspects of the case because we know so little about the murder and about Isabella Guzman. We’ll have to wait until more information becomes available to determine what went wrong.

23 thoughts on “Colorado Teen Stabs Mother 79 Times

  1. Wherever do you get these she-devils from? She stabbed her victim 79 times in the face and neck – and it was her own mother? Imagine, if you can, the hate that lies within this girl. And those eyes – they’re ‘Arias eyes’!

  2. Qualified unbiased researchers should undertake a study of why young women in our society have become so violent. There’s an epidemic of women under 30 murdering their babies, their boyfriends, their parents, their former best friends, rival girls at school, etc.

    Alyce and her militant-victimologist-gender-feminist friends need to wake up to the 21st century cause there’s an epidemic of violent women that can’t be explained by blaming the men any more.

    • Where does the rage come from? What triggers it? Is there any way to spot cracks in the emotional dam in time to prevent it from bursting — or at least in time for those in danger to run for high ground? More to your point, is one gender prone to a greater degree of rage/violence than the other?

      • @Linda

        You’ve brought up some very good questions. See article from May of this year; The PASK overview is attached in PDF format. I hope it helps.

        I sent a link to Alyce. She didn’t respond.

        Another interesting consideration is male/female accomplices in murder and torture. Women are not exempt from duos of death even if it involves children, including their own. What, exactly, is happening?
        Quite comprehensive, this also lists males by country. Current and updated cases can be seen here as well. Arias will be among them, soon. At the end of the Index by country, a link is provided for Death Penalty USA dating back from 1607 to current.

        • @Elaine,

          Thank you for the links. Maria has also posted the link to the PASK study. The 9-page overview (a table of contents) provides links to some of the data, but I can’t seem to download the related PDF documents. At any rate, I’m not surprised Alyce did not respond but I give you kudos for trying.

          Now the Murderpedia site was quite interesting. I assume the list is far from all-inclusive but, out of curiosity, I wanted to take a closer look at the women listed for my own native state, Missouri. Stated as briefly as possible, here is what I found…

          – Twelve women are listed covering the years from 1909 to 1012.

          – Of those twelve, 4 committed multiple murders and a fifth was suspected of killing more than one:

          — Christine Adewunmi (b. 1974) was diagnosed bipolar. While suffering from depression in 2012, she shot and killed her three daughters then turned the gun on herself, committing suicide.

          — Shirley Elizabeth Allen (b. 1941) poisoned her 6th husband in 1982 with ethyl glycol. She was also suspected of killing a previous husband who died under suspicious circumstances. Motive: insurance money.

          — Lyda Catherine Ambrose (b. 1891) left a trail of five dead husbands from 1917-1920. Method: arsenic. Motive: insurance money.

          — Faye Della Copeland (b. 1921) together with her husband, Ray, were convicted of the shooting deaths of five young men between 1986-1989. The couple was suspected of killing seven others but the bodies were never found. Faye claimed no knowledge of the murders. Motive: robbery.

          — Bertha Gifford (b. 1872) was convicted in 1928 of administering arsenic to three young children under her care. She was suspected of killing at least seventeen others in similar manner dating back as early as 1909. Parents in the rural area routinely called Bertha for assistance in tending to their sick children, none of whom ever recovered. Motive: criminally insane.

          Of the remaining seven women listed with only one victim:

          – Alyssa Dailen Bustamante (b. 1994) was convicted of killing a 9-year-old neighbor in 2009. Alyssa reportedly enjoyed killing the girl. Method: beating, slashing, stabbing and strangulation. Motive: thrill kill.

          – Cavona C. Flenoy (b. 1990) was convicted of the 2010 shooting death of a new boyfriend. Motive: robbery.

          – Maria Isa (b. 1943) was convicted of assisting her husband, Zein, in the 1989 stabbing death of their 16-year-old daughter. At the time of the murder, Zein’s ties to a terrorist group was under investigation by the FBI. The murder was caught on tape. Motive: honor killing.

          – Stacey Ann Lannert (b. 1972) was convicted of the 1990 shooting death of her father. Her father was asleep on the sofa when she pulled the trigger. Stacey claimed self-defense. Motive: alleged sexual abuse of her sister.

          – Tausha Lee Morton (b. 1975) was convicted in 2010 for the 2004 shooting death of an ex-husband. “Another ex-husband of Tausha Morton, Greg Morton, admitted to shooting and killing Mitch Kemp six years ago because Tausha lied and manipulated him into committing murder.” Tausha was reportedly present for the murder, kicking and spitting on the victim as he died. Motive: unclear (Tausha seems to be a pathological liar).

          – Teresa L. Stone (b. 1971) was sentenced to 8 years for conspiracy to commit murder in the 2010 shooting death of her husband. Motive: insurance money.

          What, if anything, does this small sample tell us about women and murder?

          • Ooops, I inadvertently left out the following (the 7th of the women convicted for a single murder):

            – Elain Kay Young (b. 1945) was convicted with co-conspirator, Katherine Mock, of the murder-for-hire shooting death of her 4th husband in 2006. Motive: insurance money.

        • Elaine thank you so much for those great links you sent. ALV will never acknowledge if she read or not expecially that it was written by a man. That would burst her bubble. I do believe weman at times start the DV and it is the man who gets arrested. A woman could slap a man and not leave a mark he could hold her wrist leave a mark then he is blamed. I have known women that will put a mark on themselves and blame the man. I find it hard to believe the rate of women is so low. To me it seems like women are given much litghter sentences. Reminds me of teachers – male teacher having sex with student is given a lot more time but a female teacher is given a slap on the wrist. I find distermination very wrong. If you do the crime you do the time male or female.

  3. OMG. She was walking the street one day too long. Yes, Don. The Jodi eyes. And the Jodi smile at ‘just the right moment”. I wonder how many more of them there are out there….

    • Exactly, see your common sense! That’s why this has nothing to do with mental illness though it will surely play out that way when the outsiders come analyzing this girl’s evil and “finding” she fits their favorite diagnosis. She went for the face, like people go for the jugular, to do the most personal and symbolic damage possible. Evil.

  4. Well Jodi must be having fits because there is a better looking killer than her mugging for the camera. I hope this sister in evil gets a premeditated murder conviction (and death penalty) also. Hard to believe that the police went to the home saw a fearful mother and just tells the kid her mom’s going to throw her out if she didn’t change her behavior. She’s been a behavior problem since she was a child and hearing that probably exacerbated her anger. This case will be interesting to follow.

    • Yes, Jodi is going to be very upset. 79 stab wounds and Jodi only got 29 in!
      She’s being replaced!

      ……..And here is yet another psycho who will avoid the death penalty because she’s kinda cute and probably charming when she needs to be. If she had been male, the moronic cops would have arrested him. So many cops themselves have become domestically violent (we aren’t very selective at all to whom we give weapons and power), they probably regarded this ‘house call’ as trivial. Our police are totally desensitized to these things now.

      • I’m still trying to get over the fact that a swat team was called in and killed a 107 yr old w dementia. Anyway I agree with you and desensitization but it is not only police it is national. We as a country has changed so much and not for the good.

        I’m sure Jodi can find some to stab 50 times to catch up….I shouldn’t even joke about this :) especially after talking about desensitizing.

  5. can we please suspend our judgement until we actually know more facts about this case? Unlike JA, this kid is 18. We don’t know if that face made at whatever point in the proceedings was made at a person, or at something unknown, or what was behind it.

    18 is prime time for major mental illness to show itself, and that number of stabs is an indication of a lot of anger between mother and daughter, whether the mother was aware of it or not.

    Let’s please not throw her into the same hole as JA until we know more about what exactly was going on with this kid. 18 year olds don’t generally stab their mothers, let alone 79 times, especially in the face (not just the business, but erase beauty, erase identity?).

    It is an interesting case. It seems like the parents did try to get help, but again, the child was 18, and that means the power of the parents to get help for a child is seriously hampered by the 18 year old’s majority.

    Ask any parent of an adult with a mental illness and you will find a repetition of these difficulties. Many of you seem to be throwing her into the same hole as JA. Couldn’t she also be the same as the kid found NGRI for killing his mother?

    let’s get some facts, and not look at eyes. You want to see vacant eyes, you can see them in jail, you can see them on the battle field, and you can see them in the psych ward. The look in a person’s eyes is generally not a diagnostic criteria.

    • I do agree with bellcurve. We now only little at this point about the girl and the circumstances. But it seems to me that she is no Arias, her behaviour in court is childish and not calculating and meant to charm. She clearly felt invaded by he cameras and tried to suppress her tears (for herself, for her mother? simple exhaustion?) and then reacted aggressively as she did not want to show any weakness in public. No idea so far what to think. But two things seems relevant to me: her father said that he had talked to her only 3 hours before the killing. Did he unwittingly (or not un-) contribute to the escalation? I also heard a neighbour say that she had seen the girl in the morning with the bat and that she had smashed something with the bat. So she was very, very angry.

      • @ all that think we should suspend our judgement until we know more. At rhe age of 18 I knew not to stab, shot or kill in any manner infact I knew this at an earlier age. The police had already been called earlier because of her threats againts her mom. Do yo think it might have been planned?????? 79 stab wounds ????? She is either evil or crazy. Guilty either way!

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