Dr. Horn Medical Examiner: Jury Questions and Answers

The final witness in the rebuttal case for the prosecution was the medical examiner, Dr. Horn. Presented are the jury questions and Dr. Horn’s answers.

Q1. Jodi stated she shot Travis in the middle of the bathroom. If that were true, and if he would’ve started bleeding from his nose and mouth, wouldn’t there have been blood found in the middle of the bathroom floor? 

Dr. Horn: Normally if you’re shot in the brain there is going to be blood associated with that. There would be bleeding where the injury occurred. I would expect that yes.

Q2. Is it possible you could be wrong about Travis being able to ambulate for only a few seconds after the gunshot? 

Dr. Horn: I don’t believe so no.

Q3. Could you explain what could happen to cause a different outcome? 

Dr. Horn: I don’t understand the question.

Q4: What could happen that could allow Travis to still move well and for a longer length of time? 

Dr. Horn: If the bullet had not passed through his brain that could change the outcome.

Q5. Can you explain why you think Travis was still alive when his throat was cut? 

Dr. Horn: Because of the large amount of hemorrhage into the soft tissue around the throat wound. That requires a bleeding heart.

Q6. How frequently have you seen injuries with a .25 caliber weapon? 

Dr. Horn: Probably at least 100, 200 times.

There are pictures that were presented in court from the autopsy that are extremely graphic. If you can tolerate such pictures, then you should look at them. They are horrifying and truly put this case in perspective. If you had any doubt whatsoever about the dangerousness of Jodi Arias, look at those pictures. They tell you everything you need to know about her potential to be dangerous. Like I said in previous posts, if she moved next door I’d move out. She is that dangerous.

7 thoughts on “Dr. Horn Medical Examiner: Jury Questions and Answers

  1. I worked in a hospital so I have a fairly strong stomach and was able to look at the autopsy pics. I agree, they are so gruesome, so brutal, so violent and the act of someone heartless and evil to the core. I hope the jury is given copies of the them when they go to deliberate because a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

    If she gets out, she will kill again. There’s some footage from yesterday where she’s caught just staring at the picture of Travis dead body with her pant leg in the pic. She wants to see her handy work.

    • Thank you! I, too, think this was just her initial kill. I just finished two books on Ted Bundy, her scene looks like a sexual serial killer. She does need to be stopped or she’ll go on. Just remember, she had 2 knives and a 9mm glock in her rental she was readying to flee Yreka in. (her excuse? the camping trip with the boys)

  2. Why didn’t the defense team have their own medical examiner? They brought in a Neuro psychologist to try to discredit a medical examiner, which is odd because even that Neuro psych has to go to a ME to get the necessary information. He’s not doing the autopsy so how could he discredit someone that has.

  3. The defense didn’t get their own ME because no one else would say anything different from the prosecutor’s witness…it would hurt their case instead of bolster it.

  4. I have seen the crime scene and autopsy pictures, unedited (not blurred). I have been a nurse for 30 years and have seen some pretty horrific trauma cases (Cook County Hospital in IL). They are all horrible pictures, but when I saw the photo of Travis with his throat slashed (I can’t think of an appropriate word to describe it) I was MORTIFIED!!! I got physically ill for a moment, and as I said, I thought I had seen it all. I don’t care how deserving someone is of death (I do NOT believe Travis did anything she accused him of doing, by the way) it is the work of a VERY sick and twisted person to be able to do this to another human being. No matter what a person has done to another…..Shooting, ok. Even stabbing, I can maybe see it, but she did both AND nearly decapitated him and was able to stay there, drag his lifeless body, and position him back in the shower and clean him up and presumably clean herself up a bit. I couldn’t even look at this picture and she basically “hung out” with him for a bit of time and was able to tolerate it. This is a person who had no remorse for her actions and absolutely no respect for human life (except for her own). She pretends to cover her face when these pictures are shown, but keeps her fingers separated so she can peek at them while she puts on her act.
    I truly believe in all reality that if she is on the street, she would absolutely be able to do this again, especially if she is to “get away with it” the first time. She is truly a threat to society. I pray, for the safety of others, that she never sees the light of day again. A great question to the jury would have been, “Would you feel comfortable with Jodi being in a relationship with your son or your brother?”
    I tell my sons “Stay away from crazy” Having been through an experience with a stalker, I take no chances. This person is scary, evil, unstable, and above all, dangerous!!

  5. I have read and watched segments of the trial to determine in my own mind if JA is a psychopath.
    For close to a year I have been researching psychopathy. It takes a long time to wrap one’s brain around the fact that a psychopath is more than what we see or read about when we hear about serial killers.
    I understand why psychopaths are studied in prisons. Dr Hare, Dr Checkley and others have done a great service in providing the framework of a psychopath. We who are born with conscience (empathy) are not human predators. Psychopaths are human predators whether they kill or not. They operate on basic needs and never develop higher needs despite their intelligence. The fact that psychopaths know right from wrong yet are predatory by nature, means we empaths can never let our guards down despite how normal they may appear. History has proven that these non human types cannot be rehabilitated.
    The answer may be the actual brain. I have read that MRI scans can detect a lack of activity in the mid area (empathy) and the amygdala and that it is likely passed on via DNA or a bad injury to the brain.
    I know Dr Hare is opposed to using brain scans to make detection easier…. it is one thing to do this in prisons (which I believe is good) but quite another thing to do for young people who show psychopathic tendencies. The worst thing that can happen is for a pyschopath to use ‘faulty brain’ as a defence.
    Yet, our need to understand and respect our own empathetic tendencies and guard against human predators is extremely important for all societies everywhere.
    I have no doubt at all the JA is a psychopath, especially after reading that she was known to be a stalker a decade before murdering Travis. Her sheer overkill of Travis indicates the lack of respect for a human who she claimed to love. Was she fascinated by the blood and gore she created? YES!
    He was her victim. Noone else was going to have him. Did she love him? NO! There is no capacity to love.
    I am not a believer in the death penalty but I do know that psychopaths fear boredom and death…after all, they are souless.

  6. Weekends can be sooo bad. I spent too much time watching unedited tapes of JA the day she was charged and the following day interogations with Flores and a female cop in California.
    She was a brick….detectives could not beat her down for many hours. On tape 14, she finally got to her ninja story.
    The point is that she has zero remorse, and only talks if she can talk about her life with Travis…their memories, how good he was, kind etc. You would never know he wanted out of the relationship.
    Jodi had every opportunity to tell the truth and likely at a lesser charge. However she only discussed memories shared with Travis, otherwise she said very little. She presented that both she and Travis were great friends and neither were jealous etc. My take is she twists reality to her way of thinking and looks to believe in what she is saying. Once she heard about recovered pictures (tape 2), she was trying in every direction to see the pictures which I think was her only carrot to buy time to continue the lie or in her case, change the lie. She just had her first kill.
    One strange thing I am tending to believe…. her attraction for Travis was his soul.
    It is disturbing to hear a murderess talking about souls and all things spiritual when in fact she has no love in her…none.

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