If Given The Death Penalty, Jodi Arias Threatens to Cut The Throat of the Prosecutor

A former cellmate of Jodi Arias has spoken to the news. The two shared a cell before the trial began. She has made some interesting claims. 

Jodi DP2Cassandra Collins said that Jodi Arias threatened Juan Martinez.

“She said that if she was given the death sentence.. she wanted to get her revenge… she knows inmates on the outs to do a mafia bow tie.. yeah. Cut his throat..”

When Cassandra was asked if she thought the threats were real, she said yes.

She also described Jodi Arias as being curious about Martinez.

“She asked me questions like why doesn’t Juan Martinez love me?  And I’m like, love you?  He’s your prosecutor… he’s there to prosecute you for a crime.. and I’m like why doesn’t he love you?”

You can watch the interview with Collins here.

Troy Haden of Fox10 tweeted that “cellmate says that Jodi Arias posed for her in positions of naked phots [sic] and asked if she looked like she was forced into it.”

It is unclear what that means. The part about the naked photos was not in the interview that has circulated on news websites.

The cellmate said that Jodi wondered why she could not seduce the prosecutor.

Troy said in his report that he is attempting to make contact with Jodi Arias or those who can contact her to learn more about the story.

Jodi’s attorney’s have not commented on the story.

This is an interesting story and one that I hope we can learn more information about. All threats of this nature must be taken seriously. Jodi Arias is a dangerous woman who has accrued a sizable following of mentally unstable people, some of whom may be willing to try to carry out such a threat.

Do you believe the claims of the cellmate?

3 thoughts on “If Given The Death Penalty, Jodi Arias Threatens to Cut The Throat of the Prosecutor

  1. Well I, for one, believe the cell mate, Dr K., and that may surprise given the comments I have made recently concerning ‘gaolhouse snitches’. But this is not your normal ‘snitch’ situation or comment. A ‘snitch’ will say or do anything he / she feels will advance their own cause somehow – be it reduction of sentence, transfer from a ‘tough’ situation to an ‘easier’ one, dropping of pending charges etc. For example, the ‘snitches’ in the McNeill case were all able to provide a little ‘tit-bit’ to the effect that he had confessed to killing his wife, and even how he got away with it.
    Of course this was all complete and utter b/s that anyone with any sort of perception would have realised and dismissed for the nothingness it was worth. We even had one tell the jury that McNeill was serving a lengthy sentence for fraud – something the judge had been at pains to keep from the jury previously during the trial.
    But this statement from Arias’ cell-mate is an entirely different circumstance.There is no obvious reward or favour here – in fact, nothing at all, seemingly, of gain this for this cell-mate who well could have placed herself in danger from the Arias ‘nuts’ by so doing.
    Yes, I believe the claims of the cell-mate, Dr K., and think she has shown a fair degree of courage in revealing what she has.

  2. I was disappointed to hear that Troy Hayden chose to bring this to the public. Wouldn’t a “threat” be considered as a matter to be determined by the prosecutor office and, where does the media draw the line on the potential validity?

    The reported comments were made prior to trial. I can assume the act of “snitching” was held until her release, however, what concerns me is the vilifying this woman is now being subjected to because of her court record which apparently is on display and highlights her mental health. Yes, she chose to speak out, but, I feel discretion should have been considered given the knowledge of her mental health. I feel the information should have been given to the prosecutor office as a matter for investigation and record.

    As I’ve read, Troy Hayden is taking a beating on this and has texted to Arias for confirmation on the statements made. It’s almost a laughing stock and, the Arias supporters are in full swing on this issue with their putrid remarks. My concern, this makes the prosecution a sitting duck for the mentally unstable followers of Arias. I’m reminded of Dr. DeMarte, it wasn’t a random burglary, I believe her computer was targeted. We also know about the text threats to HLN reporters and subsequent arrest of the individual who quit his job, packed his vehicle and was set to go to Arizona.

    Do I believe Arias made the threat, yes. But it would have been more advantageous to present this solely to the prosecutor because, Arias’ contact by proxy is reaching the media, something that is forbidden and clearly, to me, this places the prosecutor at risk with her continuous interactions with those who are unstable. According to Arias’ Twitter the purported statement is denied. This comes after Hayden asks for verification. By virtue of someone typing in the words it doesn’t dismiss the fact the response comes from Arias for the media, to wit she was to have no contact. As an added note, it’s being reported that Arpaio has limited Arias’ contacts to once a week for thirty minutes, without explanation.

    There’s a lot of information out there, a good portion I take with a grain of salt, but this recent revelation is fodder for the likes of Keiferism’s. His stance on the DP and his obvious grind against Juan Martinez is continuous with a following equal to his bitter retorts on prosecutorial misconduct. I wish Hayden hadn’t touched this one with a 10ft pole.

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