Interesting Array of Opinions About Why Elliot Rodger Did It

One thought on “Interesting Array of Opinions About Why Elliot Rodger Did It

  1. I don’t own a television. I’ve not listened to the radio. I’ve read the headlines online, but not the articles. I’ve stayed away from Twitter. Today I watched Elliot Rodger’s YouTube videos and I just finished reading his manifesto.

    I did read several comments to the YouTube postings. There were some disturbing ones, echoing perhaps the PUAHate forum that Elliot wrote about. A lot of opinions, some like what you’ve posted here Dr. Randle. A lot of criticism and disdain for what Elliot ultimately did and a lot of war of the sexes opinions. When Elliot spoke, his anxiety made me feel uneasy. I could only imagine that he knew people would hear him then but, would they know him, like James did? I wonder if Elliot’s diary will ever be revealed. I wonder if James will become the target of the media.

    I was going to stop reading the manifesto at page 50 – but I couldn’t stop. Compelled, like in R.L. Stein, you had to go on to the next chapter because the chapter before left you hanging with what the outcome would be…and in Stein’s later works, you could choose the outcome for the characters. Elliot certainly did that…nearing the end. He wrote more intensely, it seemed to me, as resigned to the act, while hanging on a thread of hope, until it was gone.

    The end was chilling about the way he envisioned how his world would be but even then, I didn’t think he could ever feel satisfied because his pain was so ingrained. I wonder if this “manifesto” is the first of its kind from someone who went through with their elaborate plan.

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