Jodi Arias and Murderabilia

News sources are reporting two recent events with regard to Jodi Arias. The first story involves a hearing that was supposed to take place on October 18, 2013 but Judge Sherry Stephens delayed it until November 1, 2013.

A settlement conference is scheduled for October 24, 2013. County officials said that the conference will be held in front of retired Maricopa County Superior Court Judge James Keppel.

According to Maricopa County officials, the attorneys are expected to meet to discuss a possible plea deal.

I highly doubt that Jodi Arias would be agreeable to life without parole. Given their public statements, it is also difficult to believe that Travis Alexander’s family would be agreeable to anything other than the death penalty. However, they might be willing to negotiate if it meant they could avoid having to sit through a mini trial.

The second new story about Jodi Arias is her announcement that she is releasing a “limited edition” print of her latest creation called “Sailing At Sunset.”

A spokesman for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office says that “she’s able to have access to paper and purchase color pencils, and if she wants to release her property to someone outside, she can.”

There’s nothing illegal about what she’s doing but it has infuriated many people.

The jail spokesman says that “she’s not physically running a business from our jail. I can’t stop her from talking on the phone or releasing property.”

No one knows where the money goes but probably to her commissary fund which allows her to purchase art materials.

Jodi has also announced that she is trying to file for bankruptcy.


The idea that people would want anything created by a murderer is unsettling but there exists a bizarre booming business called “murderabilia.” There’s a definitive market for people who want to personally own gruesome souvenirs.

One of the most popular “true crime collectibles” sites on the Internet is Serial Killers Ink. They guarantee that every item on their website is 100% authentic. They also offer a free certificate of authenticity.

Examples of items they have on their site available for purchase includes a Charles Manson handwritten envelope that was signed “CMANSON.” That item is being sold for $85.

For $400, you can own a small picture by Charles Manson “complete with Swastika.”

Under the category of “satanic killers,” you can purchase a 9″ X 12″ original color drawn/painted artwork on white construction paper signed by Richard Ramirez for $1000.

In addition to artwork, you can purchase original photographs of grisly crime scenes. For instance, for $750 you can purchase 42 images from a John Edward Robinson crime scene. Robinson is a convicted serial killer.

I agree with Caitlin Rother who authored an LA Times article about murderabilia:

“The trade in murderabilia trivializes and even celebrates tragedy, causing further pain to victims’ families. But it will continue as long as a market exists. The public can express its outrage and pressure prisons to be more vigilant about stemming the flow, but the most effective way to stop these sales is even simpler: Just don’t buy the stuff.”

30 thoughts on “Jodi Arias and Murderabilia

  1. Jodi Arias is old news as far as I am concerned.

    The Alexander family has tweeted recently that they will never agree to a deal because Travis got the death penalty and no deal. And Jodi Arias is arrogant enough to believe she didn’t receive a fair trial, was unjustly convicted and her conviction will be overturned by an appeals court and she will walk out of jail so she won’t agree to any deal. The prosecutors and defense attorneys are just going through the motions because it is customary for both sides to try to work out a plea deal before every trial.

    As for her tweeting and selling her traced drawings, I agree that the best thing to do is don’t buy anything sold by a murderer and don’t read anything written by a murderer. The Alexander family attorney said he was going to file a lawsuit against her to prevent her from profiting from Travis Alexander’s murder.

    I have moved on and don’t intend to follow the Jodi Arias re-trial except to find out that Jodi Arias is sentenced to death. It is my hope that her appeals will fail and she will remain on death row until she is executed.

  2. I totally agree – as long as there is a market for this junk, it will continue. I also agree – stop buying it!

    Please explain to me how a convicted murderer who will either get the DP or LWOP, qualifies for filing for bankruptcy? How do the laws allow for this? What I know of filing, a trustee is set up and the person filing must pay a certain amount each moth to the trustee for a specific period of time. How can this happen in this case? How much more ludicrous, unjust and absolutely unfair actions by this convict will happen? Who can justify, realistically, even considering that Arias file?

    • Nern, there’s different types of bankruptcy. Most people file bankruptcy when they have large debts they can’t pay and it wipes out their debt. Casey Anthony’s attorneys filed bankruptcy for her to try to stop lawsuits against her. It didn’t work. Travis’s family attorney announced he was filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Jodi so Jodi may think bankruptcy can stop the Alexanders from getting money she is planning on making from her t shirts, art and probably books she plans to write. Or she may just be tweeting she is going to file bankruptcy because her family is filing bankruptcy. Apparently, she also tweeted that her parents and aunt were filing for bankruptcy and then took it down.

      • thanks Observer – clarifies things.

        So…one can file for bankruptcy for the sole purpose of deterring any future lawsuits that they might lose? Pre-emptive strike? I do not get how one gets away with that. Not just defendants but anyone.

    • As soon as there is a civil trial and she is found guilty in the wrongful death lawsuit all the money that she did get and money that goes to her via sells will then go to the Alexander’s.

      • Tomothy – what if the implausible, outrageous and disgusting effort to file for bankruptcy goes through??? I do not see how, but stranger things have happened. If in fact all money she has received is being received by someone else – how can it be touched? Then, she can accept gifts of money to go to her commissary account. Appalling!!!

  3. Michael K. Jeanes, Clerk of Court
    *** Electronically Filed ***
    10/21/2013 8:00 AM
    CR2008-031021-001 DT 10/18/2013
    Docket Code 019 Form R000A Page 1


    The parties have agreed the settlement conference scheduled for October 24, 2013 should be closed to the public and the media. The settlement conference was scheduled by agreement of the parties and is subject to the provisions of Rule 17.4, Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure, and Rule 410, Arizona Rules of Evidence.

    The court finds an open proceeding for the settlement conference presents a clear and present threat to the due administration of justice, specifically, the right of the parties to a fair penalty phase trial by an impartial jury. See Rule 9.3, Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure. The court finds there is a compelling interest that overcomes the right of public access. Specifically, there is a substantial probability that publication of information provided during this settlement conference could taint the jury pool and significantly impact the parties’ ability to effectively present matters at trial. In addition, the presence of the public or media may inhibit the free flow of information, including statements by the victims and/or the defendant. This is especially
    important here since the only issue for the jury will be penalty. The court also finds that, in light of the intense media coverage of this case, there is no less restrictive means to achieve these compelling interests. Good cause appearing,

    IT IS ORDERED closing the settlement conference scheduled for October 24, 2013 to the public and the media.

  4. According to CNN & HLN, the court hearing on Oct.24 is to be presided over by a well-seasoned, well-respected, knowledgeable male judge, Judge Keppel. It is said, to paraphrase, he will cut to the chase in no time. No funny business. The Defense & Prosecution knows & likes him. I am looking forward to what is decided, or not. As for Jodi Arias, this is truly a circus with many clowns. However, they are working this at more than a great monetary $ profit. One would think there would be some way to rein in convicted criminals from using the system for their benefit at the expense of the victim’s family…& taxpayers. Arias continues to taunt Travis’ family. During the trial she constantly looked at them, drew a portrait of Travis’ sister, told them it as their fault she needed to drag Travis through horrendous, graphic debasement. The court says she is NOT running a business out of jail?! Pleeease. How many $1,000’s is she raking in for herself AND her family?! The Evil is not only confined to Jodi’s soul.

    • Dawn – it staggers me that these convicted felons can freely produce and distribute artwork etc from within their places of incarceration. Moreover, it is totally incomprehensible that they can actually profit from the notoriety gained from the commission of their crimes.
      I’m with Uppity, and would keenly anticipate the sort of memorabilia of Arias that she has so succinctly suggested.

      • New judge presiding over October 24th hearing eh. I would think that the court is giving, finally, the assistance to Judge Sherry that she requires. Hopefully this tactic by the court works and things will move along – quickly.

        Someone, somewhere is raking in the proceeds from the sale of Arias’ work. I sincerely hope that they are watching and thoroughly investigating how any of this profit may be going to her, in trust, or to her family. Clifford Olsen here in Canada tried the same thing here in Canada with his artwork and was SHUT DOWN eventually.
        I believe in protecting human rights. I believe in it strongly. I also believe that those same rights for convicted felons need to be sanctioned in order to avoid what is going on in this case.

        • Nern, CNN said this kind of hearing, a settlement conference, always has a different judge than the one presiding. This is the way trials are done. Then it is back to judge Sherry. I know, hopeful thinking that Judge Sherry is getting some (much needed) assistance. But just maybe, Judge Keppel will make a positive difference. It would be oh so nice if he could rule on no-more-delays & no-more-colored-pencils… ~ ~

  5. Dr.K., From a psychological point of view, why would Jodi Arias do things she mush know will anger people to no end. Everytime she makes a move, she digs her hole a little deeper. Why would she jeoperdize her case even more by continuing her ludicrous tweeting, advertising selling her “art”, etc.? Thanks.

    • I don’t think she does it purposefully to anger people. Every move she makes happens to anger people but I don’t think that’s why she does what she does. I think she does it because she thinks she has a right to do it. She might also do it because she believes she’s so talented that she feels she must share that talent with the world [extreme narcissism]. I’m sure she doesn’t see what she’s doing as a problem or potential hindrance to her. It’s her perception that she is talented artistically. Keep in mind that Hitler painted as well.

      • Dr. KR
        I agree with you. It is not within her realm to think about others’ feelings but rather her own sense of importance in this world and the need to share it to gain the accolades she feels she deserves.

      • Obviously Arias does not care about anyone but Jodi. She feels above anyone else, entitled. For good examples, just review in one’s mind all her TV interviews. Like a Diva…& so self-confident. But I also feel she knows what she is doing will anger others & hurt. She gets off on this too. She walks into court in jangling chains with a smirk at Travis’ family, jury members…camera. But this is secondary to her narcissism. She must have multiple personality disorders with the all encompassing Sociopath/Psychopath. Total not caring of the rights, feelings, *life of others. No empathy. No conscience. And one would think she would be just about out of her mind with this 23 hour isolation in her cell!!! Very “telling.”

  6. I agree, the solution to putting an end to the solicitation of murderabilia is NOT to buy it but as we all know from Dr Randle’s previous article on the “supporters” there will always be a market for it. Deranged people will always exist.

    Another tidbit came across my social media yesterday. I think I need to stay off social media for awhile! There’s a petition on change. org petitioning the AZ governor to order an investigation into perjury committed during the JA trial. It claims Dr Horn and Flores committed perjury, and conspiracy to commit perjury. It also calls for investigation into Martinez for conspiracy to commit perjury, witness tampering, subornation for perjury, and any other crimes associated with the case.

    The petition calls for 1000 signature and it currently has 875. I won’t post the link here, if anyone is interested you can google change .org and “Arizona Governor Jan Brewer: Order an investigate into perjury committed during the Jodi Arias Trial’

    The way I see it, the petitioner apparently wrote a book and it appears he’s soliciting this book through the petition. Another JA supporter.

    The saga will never end!

    • Please do not let that petition worry you. Anybody can start a petition about anything. That doesn’t mean it will result in any kind of attention or action . That’s why a large number of petitions land in the circular file if they are ever actually delivered. From what I have seen of Gov. Brewer, this petition would result in a good laugh and a trip to the shredder. Nobody is obligated to give a petition the time of day with the submitter’s own watch. If a petition contains a million signatures, now that might garner some attention.

      Calling for this kind of ‘investigation’ requires a great deal of actual, you know, silly stuff like solid evidence– and a whole lot more than 1000 Jodi sycophants having a tantrum, some of whom are probably signing their names from the 4th floor of some whacky ward. This is just more bullcrap from that handful of Jodi Arias relatives and supporters, many of whom do plenty of extra duty with multiple identities. If the truth be known, I would bet they could all fit into one small room.

      • Uppity and Nern:
        Oh no, believe me I’m not worried whatsoever about that petition. There are hundreds of them out there from people in her camp. I mentioned it because I related it to this post – it’s nothing more than murderabilia in a sense. Typical Jodi supporter – trying to draw attention to himself, his book and this call to injustice by Maricopa County. I didn’t post the link because I don’t consider it relevant. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even read the nonsense contained within the petition. Just used it as an example.

        I’m very aware of what is all about and I don’t take that site lightly. There’s a lot of BS petitions residing on that site and if I came across one that was meaningful and worthwhile I would consider signing it, much like you did Nern.

        I haven’t heard mention of Arias complaining about this guy’s book like she did Jane Velez Mitchell’s book. Now how would this guy have information that would be accurate, he probably wouldn’t. It’s propaganda and she’s ok with it, because it was written by one of her supporters.

        • Tracy – surely someone, SOMEONE, is seeing all these antics going on and hopefully putting it all together to sink Arias. Surely, the legal system isn’t just ignoring all that is going on, sitting on their butts and letting it just play out while things go through the court. SURELY!!!

          • Nern, Surely! I know Juan Martinez does not use the internet – crazy I know, but that’s the way he rolls. The detective, however, does follow the antics going on online and presents them to Juan. I saw this happen when the defense was complaining about something and Juan brought up Jodi’s twitter account to the court after the detective gathered and presented it to him.

    • tracy – almost anyone can put a petition up on but it does not mean that it will necessarily make a difference unless it is reputable.
      I have signed a couple of petitions there with the latest one being to free the 2 Canadians held in Egypt. Canadians pulled together to help end this travesty of justice and the 2 are home again in London/Toronto.
      It may have over 800 signatures but I believe people who have any common sense will see that it is bogus as it is posted by those who support a confessed murderer.
      This is no different than those who buy stuff from criminals over the internet. I plan to ignore it.

  7. I just watched a younger and even more handsome Juan Martinez prosecuting Scott Falater for first degree murder in 1999 in the documentary 20/20 on ID TV. Martinez was as feisty as ever as he charged through the courtroom and was interviewed by Connie Chung.

    Falater stabbed his wife 44 times in his Phoenix AZ backyard and drowned her in his swimming pool as a neighbor wakened by screams in the middle of the night watched him do it while the neighbor’s girlfriend called 911. The cops estimated the murder took an hour and the neighbor said the woman screamed for 30 to 40 minutes.

    Falater was a mild mannered Mormon man, a devoted husband and father and a successful engineer. He didn’t have a girlfriend or an insurance policy on his wife and no motive for murder. Falater said he loved his wife and he didn’t remember killing her. He said the last he remembered was kissing his wife good night and going to bed until he was awakened by dogs, loud noises and the police with guns ordering him to surrender. He said he didn’t even know his wife was dead or how she was killed.

    His defense was he was sleepwalking and his sister, his wife’s friend and sleep walking experts all testified that he was a sleepwalker although his teenage children said they never knew he was a sleep walker. Martinez brought in his own sleepwalking experts that said he couldn’t have been sleep walking because there was too many actions that were deliberate and conscious. He stabbed her 44 times, rolled her into the pool, held her head underwater, hid his bloody clothes and knife and cleaned up and put his pajamas on. A juror said a sleepwalker would have left bloody footprints leading out of the yard or up the stairs.

    After three days of deliberations, the jury found Falater guilty of first degree murder and he was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. Chung asked Martinez what went wrong with the defense. He said, “He wasn’t sleepwalking. He is a killer, not a sleepwalker.”

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