Jodi Arias Back in Court, In Chains

At the status hearing, Judge Sherry Stevens delayed her decision of when the retrial of the penalty phase will take place. She set another hearing to decide the matter for July 18, 2013.

Jodi’s mother was also in court. It was reported that she has not seen Jodi in quite some time. It’s unclear why that might be. She was hoping to spend time with her daughter before Jodi was returned to jail. No word on whether or not she was granted that time with Jodi.

Her mother told a reporter that Jodi has had a hard time since the trial.

Perhaps that is because reality is setting in.

Before and during the trial, Jodi hoped for an acquittal or at least a lesser conviction. Now those hopes are dashed.

She is a convicted murderer and at her most recent court appearance, she was treated as such.

See the video of Jodi in her stripes and chains.

18 thoughts on “Jodi Arias Back in Court, In Chains

  1. I cannot believe that narcissistic sociopath would believe she would get an acquittal for brutally killing Travis. I hope reality is setting in and I hope she never get out of prison unless it is in a body bag. We cannot just slap people on the wrist who murder. Murder should not be accepted in our society nor should any murderer run free.

    • If she had just either stabbed him once or shot him and he died I could understand she may say self defence and think she could get aquitted but I have no clue what would ever lead her to think after the horendous butchering she did that an aquittal or lesser charge would even be considered or acceptable. Her overblown sense of entitlment goes beyond the pale.

  2. Thanks Dr. Randle. And for the video link on the update too, “Prosecutors Request Judge Deny Defense Request.” A fleeting Twitter mentions “new information,” reasoning for determination on delay of hearing until July 18th. Speculating, anything is possible with Arias and her Dream Team, motion for mistrial, defense making an offer. I doubt anything related to credible mitigation witness threats unless a motion for hearing has been filed.

    Given that Womack is out of the picture now, a “former friend” as she stated, what about Daryl Brewer? I would think Nurmi would have to answer to that as a matter of redress to “no witnesses.” And LaViolette, how could a “subjective” expert witness during trial meet the standard as a mitigation witness on Arias’ character anyway? Are there ethical issue concerns here even aside of potential credible threats? To say the least, 44 hours of interaction with the defendant, what could she objectively offer when she admitted during testimony that Arias could have lied to her?

    Arias in jail garb and chains, flanked by vests, priceless. She wore them well with what looked to me like a mug of righteous indignation. Still, she managed to scan her audience before smiling at her mother.

    • Elaine, I too felt Arias was real vindictive angry. Her look in chains, flanked by “Swat Team,” was to strike out. She tried to look humble & sad, but NOT! What difference it must have been to her to be back in court w/o being able to sit like a lawyer in control of the court & witnesses & jury…& w/o makeup too!!!

    • Elaine, in ref to your comment about “new information”, I transcribed the brief session. Here’s what Judge Stephens said:

      The court has conferred with counsel in chambers with the Defendant and victim’s representatives present. In light of information provided during that conference, the court is deferring ruling on the motion to continue, resetting this matter to July 18th at 8:30am vacating the trial date of July 18th.

    • Jodi Arias was smiling at Johnny, a young guy who was sitting with her mother, who was blowing kisses at her. Since she is heavily guarded by six swat members now she is a convicted violent murderer, Johnny was ejected from the courtroom by bailiffs twice because it is against the court rules to make contact with a convicted felon. The second time he blew kisses at her he was not allowed back in.

  3. I think her wardrobe suits her. She does the chain shuffle well. It must be rough being separated from her admiring jail audience of petty thieves, druggies and hookers. She can’t see her jail “Girlfriend” either. I guess their plans to move to Europe are dashed. No access to the press so she can tell another bull story must be hell for the poor thang. She can’t send messages to her sycophant who tweets for her. Worst of all, nobody can see her implants in that outfit. It’s all so unfair. Travis only got 29 stab wounds, a shot to the head and slashed throat. Look what poor Jodi is enduring. Breaks my heart. Breaks my heart.

  4. Of course Jodi is having a hard time since the trial, she is no longer in control and is spending 23 hrs. a day alone in her cell.
    She had 5 years preparing for her trial and she wasn’t able to sell her story to the jury, and now it’s over. She no longer has all the attention she craves, the interviews are over and the media is starting to fade and it’s killing her that she was unable to get herself out of this. She may just now be realizing that she is a convicted murderer and her life in one way or another is essentially over. Who wants to bet that Jodi fought tooth and nail with the jail to be able to wear street clothes today.
    I was glad to see her treated like the criminal she is.

    • Ditto Chris. I’ll be greatly disappointed if she’s back in civilian clothes @the resentencing hearing, whenever that takes place. Walnut donning a huge grin (always) next to JA just grills me. Just can’t get use to seeing her smiling display next to this murderer; as if she’s proud of her client + really likes her for the “sweet innocent, misunderstood” young girl in chains she is. Poor baby.

  5. One possible correction to the information in the article—I saw the reporter speak on TV who had talked to Arias’s mother. He did say “she has had a hard time since the trial” but the referent for “she” was unclear to me from the context. I think it is quite possible he was reporting that Jodi’s MOTHER has had a hard time—not that Jodi has because, in a sense, the blurb was really more about the mother than about Jodi. This interpretation makes sense for other reasons but also the mom said she hadn’t seen Jodi recently (although she may have spoken to her by phone.) But given what we think we know about Jodi, while I’d like to think reality is finally setting in, I sort of doubt it.

    • I agree the report “she” was having a hard time was in relation to rd and and believe this now,Sandra not Jodi. I did a double take at the time I heard it and know this now.

  6. Today was a very dark day in the history of justice in America. Surely the State of Arizona should know by now that Jodi does not like her public to see her dressed like this. Don’t they realise who she is?
    What an injustice – and a transformation – to go from television and film star to common criminal.
    There should be a law against it.

  7. I too think it is great that the Maricopa Sheriff’s Department is finally treating Jodi Arias like a criminal and not a celebrity.

    Finally the psychopathic narcissistic fame whore is getting the treatment she deserves: 23 hours in solitary confinement until she goes to Perryville and being hauled in court in stripes and chains flanked by four officers.

    It was ridiculous that the sheriff allowed a criminal to be interviewed by a TV reporter minutes after being found guilty of first degree murder and then to allow her to wear makeup and a sweater over her stripes in multiple TV interviews while the jury was deliberating whether she lived or died.

    I hope that the judge will not allow her to wear civilian clothes and hide her shackles from the new jury because she is now a convicted murderer and should be treated as such.

    • I disagree with their decision, but my guess is that the judge really wanted no questions about limiting her criminal rights to taint the case for any appeals once a decision was made. Now that one has been made, the story can be a bit different for obvious reasons.

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