Jodi Arias Has An Online Book Club

So now Jodi Arias has an online book club. I guess we should not be surprised. She tweets from jail. One of the Bee Gees is writing music about her case and she continues to sell art through a website run by a friend. 

Jodi DP2

On August 5, Jodi posted a tweet about getting an “early start to her book club” on thanks to @HeinzFrick

@HeinzFrick provided this description of him or herself on twitter: “Computer Repair service, Linux, UNIX, MySql, Taking Digital Pics with my Canon 5D MK II”

On the website, “Jodi’s book club” is divided into four sections including fiction, nonfiction, magazines, and books to inmates.

She says “I have read hundreds of books, please be patient as the process of adding them to the site is time consuming, thank you.”

She is currently reading Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records sent to her by someone named Ron Gilmore.

She had previously read the book Under The Banner Of Heaven By John Krakauer and left this review:

This is an unbelievably true story of religious fanaticism taken horribly too far. I typically do not read books with this type of subject matter because some of it is deeply disturbing. Also, the Mormon Church might frown upon my reading this because it casts the church’s early history in a less than pristine light. However, I found it very educational and in an unexpected way, I was endeared to Joseph Smith more than before reading it in spite of the book’s focus on his failures and shortcomings. It showed he was a flawed human being. Only Jesus was perfect, Right? The author also clearly delineates the LDS Church and the splinter groups NOT associated with it that practice polygamy. On a side note: I crossed paths once with some bona fide FLDS polygamists in the Grand Canyon of all places. They looked plucked directly from the 19th century.” Jodi A. Arias. 

Additional book reviews have also been posted.

Seabiscuit by John Krakauer: “I have to admit, I thought this book was going to be a little on the boring side, but it wasn’t! I really enjoyed it. I found myself wishing I could travel back in time and have the opportunity to meet the real life characters, especially Seabiscuit himself.” Jodi A. Arias 

Worker in the Light by George R. Norry: “The Coast to Coast AM host’s book was a little more light weight in it’s exploration of paranormal topics than I was hoping, but I just love George Noory (He’s WAY better than his predecessor, Art Bell)! The book is co-authored by William J. Birnes, by the way.” Jodi A. Arias 

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee: “I just finished ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, which I managed to avoid reading in HS. I understand now why it’s a classic. It was a good read. This author, now elderly and nearly blind and deaf, was conned out of her royalties for a period, but won them back in a recent legal battle. Good for her! There is so much quotable material in this book. A few that stuck out to me: ‘The one place a man ought to get a square deal is in a courtroom, be he any color of the rainbow, but people have a way of carrying their resentment right into the jury box.'(Atticus Finch) and, ‘It’s never an insult to be called what somebody thinks is a bad name. It just shows you how poor that person is, it doesn’t hurt you.’ (Atticus Finch). I cried three times reading this book.” Jodi A. Arias.” 

The Twilight Series Book :1 Twilight by Stephanie Meyer: “I read these all in 2010 & 2011 and loved them. Their religious books, so it was interesting to note that the author, who is LDS, seamlessly weaves LDS themes throughout the saga (eternal life, eternal marriage, eternal families, ect.). I’ve heard only complaints about the movies, but I would love to watch them just for the eye candy of a beautiful cast and beautiful cinematography”. Jodi A. Arias” 

It’s surprising that no one has formally attempted to block her ability to maintain an online presence.

On the day of the verdict, the Alexander family said that they would be filing a wrongful death suit against Jodi Arias.

Perhaps if they win their wrongful death suit (and thanks to “Son of Sam” laws), they may be able to stop her from personally profiting from her art work but they probably can’t not stop her from continuing to have an online presence.

38 thoughts on “Jodi Arias Has An Online Book Club

  1. Dr. R., I am thinking that Jodi Arias has to be heard, that what she has to say is of great importance in her mind. That is what she is about. I have known people like this. They (and Jodi) think that they are the end-all of great importance. I believe Jodi thinks she is so important that her very thoughts are vitally important to the public and will probably continue to try to get her thoughts and voice out to the public until she dies. Also what she said about To Kill A Mockingbird is sounding interesting to me. I am thinking she is implying that the jury carried their own resentments to the juror box – against her. Like she is innocent. She is a piece of work. I hope so hard that she doesn’t worm her way out of this guilty verdict. I really am afraid she will come up with some bizarre thing that will either give her a whole new trial or actually let her out of prison. I do hope Travis’ family files a wrongful death suit against her. I think it is very important that they do this. Thanks again, Dr. R., for your postings.

  2. Dr. Randle, I find it appalling that this convicted murderer flaunts her online presence in this way. Her art sales were bad enough. I don’t know about the legalities in Arizona but her trial is still in process. Wouldn’t a gag order be appropriate?

    The Alexander family has endured so much pain caused by this woman. Now she has the audacity to act like Oprah with this ridiculous book club. IMO the day she leaves for Perryville can’t come soon enough. Seems Sheriff Joe won’t take steps to control her. What happened to the closed custody lockdown?

  3. This is insanity! She now has her cult following and the attention she so desperately wants. I hope this very bad idea just eventually fades away. Dr.K could probably
    recommend some books on mental illness that Jodi should be reading.

  4. Hello Kristin,
    Just when it seemed Ms. Arias was stepping out of the spotlight for a moment, another website appears promoting books the convicted murderer favors. Is this a ploy to play to the potential jury pool for her sentencing retrial, in essence trying to make good on some of her prison proposals outlined in her Power Point presentation to the trial jury during her mitigation speech? I refer to it as a speech, because to me it came across as more of a (amateur) campaign speech (much like someone running for student body president in high school) than an apology. Is the endless self-promotion a deep seeded need for attention and/or acceptance that she couldn’t find in society prior to the murder? I have a difficult time understanding Jodi Arias’ thought process. IF she had told the truth about the events of 6/4/08 and IF she had been truly remorseful for killing Travis Alexander, her attention seeking behavior may be easier to swallow. But I feel that she has turned her strange life behind bars into her own reality show. Meanwhile, the victim’s family is left in legal limbo with a conviction for their brother’s murder but no sentence in sight. It’s got to be agonizing for the family and friends to know how brutal this killing was, and to see their brother’s killer giving media interviews and running several websites from jail! Where’s the justice?

    • Good posting, MyForte and Brigid. I too think it is outrageous that she is able to do these internet things. I wonder what type of people would follow what she says. I thought that Sheriff Arpaio shut down her internet access after she was convicted and that she would be in lockdown and not have access to the freedoms she had before the conviction. Weren’t we told that at some point in one of the HLN stories? That now she is a convicted criminal she wouldn’t have the freedom in the jail she had previously? Maybe I dreamed it. For the sake of the family of the murdered young man, I look forward to when a jury finally decides on her punishment or the judge does if a jury can’t agree on a punishment. I am so glad she will be behind bars hopefully for the rest of her life. I also am curious if this judge would sentence her to only 25 years if it ends up the judge has to decide the penalty. I felt like the judge bent over backwards for Jodi. So I really can’t help but wonder if the judge would actually give her only the 25 year sentence. I also hope the judge will continue the trial sooner than later.

      • I think the justice system is screwing up big time. And the Sheriff – he is looking out for himself as always.
        I believe that Judge Shirley was exasperated with Arias and her defense throughout the entire trial but gave her every chance so as to have no problems in the future. If a new jury cannot come to the decision of the DP, I think the judge will give her LWOP. No amount of reading will excuse her murderous act and the punishment she deserves.

        • I always though Arpaio was a no B.S. kind of guy. He doesn’t have much sympathy for any prisoners. Maybe the laws in AZ allows the blogging by someone else. That person should be in jail with Jodi. Judge Sherry was way to lenient. A more exerienced judge would have had this case done and over. This is judge Sherry’s first murder case. Sure she tring to make sure everything is covered but this has gone on way to long.

      • Nance,

        You weren’t dreaming. But I believe the only restriction she has is communicating w/media, giving interviews. Even on lockdown, she’s free to make phone calls during her recreation time. Now why the sheriff still allows the art sales, the tweeting by proxy and now the Oprah copycat book club (gag), is inexplicable.

        As you said, she’s a convicted murderer. Her penalty phase is still pending, but it doesn’t change her felony conviction status.

        Does Maria or other commenters know how Arizona law applies in this regard? It’s hard to believe the sheriff has no authority to control her. It’s cruel to subject the Alexanders to the ongoing public exposure.

        • Brigid I don’t know how the AZ. law works. I always loved Sheriff Arpaio now I have my doubts. Arpaio is a no nonsense kind of man. I’m thinking maybe he has no choice. Can’t we rig up some kind of electrical equipment in the phone so when she makes her calls it would electrocute her?????

          • Because she is the embodiment of raw evil, she not only enjoyed/savored slaughtering Travis, she enjoyed pretending she was the victim during her trial and killing him again. Now she is enjoying the afterglow. Yes that’s right, folks. This is an afterglow for her.This sadist will never stop torturing his family, she will never stop demanding attention, and she will never stop holding up her sentencing or any fate that follows her sentencing — until somebody firmly makes her stop — and I am convinced the only way to do that is to see to her deserved death as quickly as possible. If she doesn’t get the death penalty, I sincerely hope someone in prison gives her the Dahmer treatment at the first available opportunity. And I hope it hurts. A lot.

          • What I’m wondering Uppity is Jodi believeing herself? I know there are people out there that start believing their own lies. Even if she gets the DP she will probably die of old age first. It has been 30 years since AZ. has used the DP. The only thing that DP will do is keep her locked up in her little cell but she seems o.k. in it now.

          • Yes she is enjoying every minute of the afterglow and with happiness. Like I said before she will never get the Dahmer treatment as she is young and there is some big mama in there just waiting for her to make her hers.

          • Sheriff Arpiao may at one time have been a “no-nonsense” kind of guy, but in recent years he has bought into his own publicity hook, line, and sinker. He’s become a joke. He totally lost me when he decided to “investigate” President Obama’s birth certificate. EXCUSE ME? What does that have to do with Maricopa County? To add insult to injury, he staged several self-important press conferences to update the public on the oh-so-important “revelations” that he and his inane clown posse allegedly uncovered. The results were nothing. Zip. Nada. Zilch. How much taxpayer money did he waste with the teabagger birther nonsense? It’s no coincidence that Fox News got the Arias scoop either. If I were a citizen of Maricopa County, I’d want answers. As for Jodi Arias, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more despicable, miserable excuse for a human being. I hope she gets the death penalty. I don’t even care if they ever carry it out. Her years on Death Row would be so much bleaker, isolated, and dreary than if she were able to create her own little kingdom in General Population. In fact, decades on Death Row for a narcissist like Arias would be far worse than a mere needle in her arm.

          • Thank you for the info on Sheriff Arpiao. As far as Arias I agree with you want DP even if she dies of old age first. I don’t want to ever see her eligible for general population – way to good for her.

          • catbyte – The sheriff is a joke. Good point about investigating Obama’s birth and put that together with the conviction for racial profiling – right in the middle of the Arias issue and he has no credibility left. I have felt this all along.
            I do not care whether Arias gets death or LWOP – her freedom that we all have in the real world will be ended. Any posse she puts together in prison is of no consequence – they are convicted felons just like her. They also will not put up with any of her BS and she will learn that the hard way even when saying it was never her fault.
            We live in an age of social media – we all use it and many depend on it. Arias will always use it given the chance, but once this case is finally settled, she will fade into the realm of notorious murderers and nothing more. When we learn to ignore her, she will just be gone. When this trial is finally settled, I am done with her. However she ends up, she will be where she should be. she deserves no more of my time and maybe others should consider this as well.

    • You didn’t hear an apology because there wasn’t one. I think it’s ashame Jodi even gets out of her cell for 1hr a day. She uses that time to talk on the phone so whoever is promoting her knows what to say. Justice? After all the trials I have seen lately I think we have no justice system.

  5. Well, well, well, apparently she is given privileges when allowed out of her 23 hour a day cell. What a joke. This is completely the justice and the jail/prison systems’ fault. How is this protecting the rights of the convicted? She is a convicted murderer and her rights should be forfeited. Allowing a book club to be organized by someone in her position is a travesty and a real insult to the Alexander family and the public in general. She will continue to do things like this as long as she is allowed. How is this justified? The justice system in Arizona seems to continually fail.

  6. Thanks Dr Randle for this post. I won’t visit the Jodi site, as curious as I am… I just won’t go there. I can’t wait to hear your analysis of her jailhouse extra-curricular activities (selling copied art, “DV” tshirts and especially the tweeting and these book reviews) in your book. Wow, you have a lot to write about. lol

    They are allowing books, magazines, etc to be delivered to her! That’s how she attempted to get the “coded” messages to Matt McCartney and probably a way to get messages to other inmates. This is a joke. Meanwhile, Sheriff Joe, dubbed the meanest sheriff in the country, gives her free reign.

  7. From what I read on HeinzFritz twitter page, he started writing to her and then set up this Jodi page website during the trial. Then created the book club. Just another supporter pen pal – he’s either a real supporter or he’s just benefiting financially from the website. I’m sure convicts are allowed mail in prison so this sort of thing will go on indefinitely. There will also always be those supporters who create websites for her and we all know she loves the limelight.

    Once she’s sentenced and in prison I believe people will forget about her.

  8. I have to say, Becky, that I can’t understand how you are finding humor in this case. But to each his own. You need to let the ones of us who want to see justice in this slaughter get on with it. Most of us don’t see the fun in what has happened and what is happening. I want to see justice for the murdered young man. I can’t laugh at how the murderer is being allowed to continue her privileges. It is not funny to me. It is just another unbelievable part of the bizarre laws that allow criminals to be able to rub mud into the families of the murdered. But go ahead and giggle if that is what works for you. As for me, I will continue to hope for real justice and not be laughing about it.

  9. My perspective is that Jodi Arias won’t go away if bloggers ignore her. As long as she has a voice through the media or social media, she.ll be talking because it’s what she loves to do.

    Unless she receives the DP, she can and probably will use family and followers to convey her messages on social media. With a life sentence, after a couple of years and good behavior, she’ll have less restrictions and can sell art created in an arts and crafts classes.

    IMO, with anything less than the DP, she’ll find ways to garner attention and continue to taunt the Alexanders. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Brigid – DP only means years and years of appeals that will cascade her into the public limelight just as she wants. That and a whole lot of money – taxpayers’ money will be spent, something she will revel in in her sick mind at “getting back” at all those who put her where she is.
      She will never, ever be able to profit from anything ever again, nor anyone else if the civil suit against her is won. She will try, everyone knows that, but to no avail.
      She will eventually fade into the oblivion of a convicted and imprisoned murderess. the only attention she will get is on “Deadly Women” or “Deadly Sins”. Documentaries may be done but all will portray her for what she is, not what she thinks she is.
      Even before social media, people like her have had admirers and they will continue to have followers long after Arias is gone.
      For the Alexander family, LWOP can mean no parole hearings, no appeals and they can hopefully forward with their lives and continue to celebrate Travis. Yes, she would still be alive. Yes, she will try her “stuff” on her cellmates. I believe at least one will see through her and that is all it takes.
      But…she will be locked away for the rest of her life and those that do not want to hear about her again do not have to. The “delete” button is a powerful tool.

      • Nern,

        Whether Jodi Arias gets LWOP or the DP, or God forbid Life with Parole, she’ll be a burden to the taxpayers, so I don’t understand your logic about LWOP taxpayer savings.

        I really don’t care about a lengthly appeal process while she rots away on death row. Yes she may have a few loyal followers like Donavan Bering but she won’t be allowed to bssk in any limelight. Death Row is the ONLY solution to keeping her isolated in mamimum custody. Anything less means, assuming good behavior, eventually she’ll have less restrictions. And she CAN profit from selling her art created in prison arts & crafts.

        She’ll also be paid if she qualifies to work in the prison. This money can go directly to her commissary account. I’m not sure how it works if the Alexanders win a civil judgment. But I doubt prison earnings can be garnished. I defer to legal experts on that.

        Bottom line is death row offers the only guaranty for total isolation. I enciurage you to read about Perryville prison policies.

        • the following are a couple of excerpts from policies at Perryville. I plan on reading more and thank you for suggesting.
          It has been proven that the cost to house a DR prisoner is far more than a LWOP prisoner due to the lengthy appeals.
          For me, personally I feel that constant appeals will never allow the Alexander family to move forward.
          I agree, will have to wait and see what comes from the civil judgement regarding any profits by Arias.
          Ideally, I would like to see Arias receive LWOP coupled with DR isolation status. That is not likely to happen.
          “All male and female inmates on Death Row are classified as maximum custody. All inmates are single cells which are equipped with a toilet, sink, bed and mattress. Each Death Row inmate has no contact with any other inmate. Out-of-cell time is limited to outdoor exercise in a secured area, two hours a day, three times a week, and a shower, three times a week. All meals are delivered by correction officers at the cell front. Limited non-contact visitation is available. Death Row inmates may place two ten minute telephone calls per week. Personal property is limited to hygiene items, two appliances, two books and writing materials, which can be purchased from the inmate commissary. Health care is provided at the Health Unit; medication is passed out at the cell front. Clergy contacts are provided at the cell.”Limit the duration of telephone calls to a specified period of time. Telephones shall
          be equipped with timing devices that give a warning signal and disconnect
          personal calls after the specified period.
          1.1.4 Notify inmates, in writing, of the time limitations that have been placed on
          personal calls.
          1.1.5 Limit the number of personal calls each inmate may make per week and notify
          inmates, in writing, of the frequency limitations. Frequency limitations may vary
          for different security classifications or Earned Incentive Program (EIP) phases, as
          outlined in Department Order #809, Earned Incentive Program.”

          • Personally, I just want Jodi Arias to experience real punishment and deprivation for brutally killing Travis Alexander. She’s still running the show at Estrella, not suffering in the least.

            The Alexanders want her to get the death penalty so I want what they want.

          • Judge should make Jodi show all her blogs. Sad but true if she gets LWOP she will still be allowed to tweet and read her fan mail. Probably will get to do the same thing if she gets DP. She’ll die of old age unless judge gives her parole.

          • Nern, I would have no problem with LWOP but I have also heard they can get into general population and that is where I have a problem. I am wondering at Mon. hearing and all the restictions that judge Sherry is putting on to pick a jury how they will ever find one that has not blogged, been on facebook or not have seen anything on TV? What are your thoughts on this? I really do want to hear what people think.

          • Penny – I do not care much if at some point she gets into general population. She still will be locked up for the rest of her natural life which is exactly what should happen. Her companions will also be convicted felons just like her and not the general public – living free. I also still believe that someone will eventually not put up with her crap and she will pay.
            For me, picking a jury is not a hardship. Most have heard of Arias and most of what they have heard is from her mouth. She has been convicted of severe, aggravated, premeditated murder. That is a fact and will not be changed. The job of this new jury, knowing this conviction and regardless of all the media comments must decide only if DP or not. The conviction stands and is the most important factor in any deliberations. SEVERE AGGRAVATED PERMEDITATED MURDER!!! She can BS all she wants but it does not change the facts.
            I believe a jury can be found once someone takes a stand, dismisses all this crap she is trying and carries on with what should have been finished a long time ago.
            One more thing…..everyone wants her attorney(s) to grow some balls and not be threatened or intimidated by their client. I believe that the repercussions should they ignore what she wants done would most probably ruin their careers and even they don’t think she is worth that.

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