Jodi Arias Judge Reluctant To Set Sentencing Trial Date

A hearing was held for Jodi Arias to determine when her case will resume. Jodi Arias was convicted of premeditated murder but the jury was unable to reach a verdict on a sentence.

Today’s hearing lasted only three minutes. Judge Sherry Stevens said she “hopes” that the trial will resume in September. For now, she set a new status conference for August 26, 2013.

Courtroom reports indicate that both sides met in closed chambers before the official hearing making it difficult to know why the judge did not have a more definitive answer about when the sentencing phrase of the trial will begin.

There was no decision on the motion to vacate the aggravator, which determines if Jodi Arias is eligible to receive the death penalty.

In essence, we still don’t know when the sentencing trial will begin.

Courtroom observers noted that Jodi has gained weight and was wearing her hair in a bun. She was dressed in prison stripes and surrounded by armed guards.

Richard Chrisman, Juan Martinez’s Next High-Profile Case 

It’s possible that the repeated delays are related to another upcoming high-profile trial set to begin at the end of July. Juan Martinez will be prosecuting ex-Phoenix police officer Richard Chrisman. Judge Sherry Stevens will be presiding. Mr. Chrisman is accused of shooting an unarmed man and his dog in 2010. He has been charged with murder and animal cruelty.

The key prosecution witness in the Chrisman trial is Officer Sergio Virgillo. Officer Virgillo witnessed the shooting. Virgillo was standing right next to Daniel Rodriguez, the victim, when the two were “grabbing each other.” Officer Virgillo said he looked away after Mr. Chrisman pulled his gun and fired. Officer Virgillo stated that neither he nor Mr. Chrisman were in any danger and that lethal force was not required.

Mr. Chrisman’s attorney called Officer Virgillo’s version of events a “fairytale.”

Prosecutor Martinez will likely highlight a well-documented 2005 incident in which Mr. Chrisman planted drugs on a mentally ill homeless woman. Though Mr. Chrisman said it was a prank, he was suspended for one day by the Phoenix Police Department.

Mr. Chrisman is also on the Brady List, a database of police officers who have “questionable integrity.” Many of the officers listed on the Brady List happen to be from Maricopa County.

News reports have indicated that Mr. Chrisman’s trial has been continued for a total of nine times.

It appears that continuances are not uncommon in Judge Sherry Stevens’ courtroom.

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  1. What I thought I heard today: Judge Stephens mentioned an ex-parte conference held just prior to the public hearing in which the defense brought up some unresolved issues which she believed were unlikely to be resolved in time for a late September trial date. I read between the lines that might indicate she denied the defense motion to dismiss the Aggravating conviction and they then gave notice of intent to appeal. That’s just my guess, of course.

    • There is absolutely no justification, in my opinion, for any further delays in this issue. Appeals can go on AFTER the final verdict is rendered. If their docket is busy – clear it as I am sure they can or postpone and finish this case! It is a disgrace that not only did it last 7 months, but it is not over yet. Waiting any longer is ludicrous and it is time to put Arias away, one way or another, and then forget her!!

      • I was guessing about a possible appeal based on what I thought I heard a “talking head” say (that Stephens had denied the motion to vacate). I never heard anyone else say that so I may well have misunderstood. It’s my understanding attorneys can make certain types of “emergency” appeals during trial but I have no idea under what circumstances or whether the judge is obliged to delay a trial to wait on an appellate decision.

        Stephens did say in open court there were unresolved issues brought up in the ex parte conference with the defense that weren’t likely to be resolved in time for a late September start. It also sounded like there is some new motion that Martinez will have to respond to [by August 5th, if I heard right]. The next status conference was schedule for August 26 so….

  2. Good to hear Jodi is looking fit and being well looked after.
    The confrontation between Chrisman and Rodriguez appears a replica of the one between Zimmerman and Martin.

  3. Let’s face it,Nurmi and Wilmott are dragging this out as long as possible
    in hopes of cutting a deal.Jodi looks as if she is no worse for the wear,smiling at Wilmott and most likely enjoying her trip back to court. She did look as if she
    has gained some weight since now she no longer needs to accentuate that
    frail and helpless librarian look. And what has happened to her glasses?
    She didn’t wear them the last time she was in court.. but I’m sure Jodi
    will be back soon enough wearing baggy clothes, glasses, and a smile.

  4. My apologies, Jamie – I didn’t realize that the man with the gun was a cop. Serves me right for not reading Dr K’s article properly. I am sorry.

  5. Jodi Arias is still not showing any remorse over stabbing Travis Alexander 29 times, slitting his throat and shooting him in the head.

    Nor is she shaking in her boots at the prospect of getting a lethal injection when her appeals are denied.

    No, the narcissistic sociopath is still playing the victim card.

    After the status hearing, Arias tweeted that the state turned down her third plea to go quietly into the night and apologized to the taxpayers and said she was flattered that her “hater’s” were back in court glaring at her since they have nothing better to do.

    Jodi Arias believes she deserves to walk out of jail some day so her pathetic pleas aren’t worth the paper they are written on.

    Arias hates it that the public gets to see her in prison stripes, dragging around a ball and chain, flanked by armed guards instead of in her innocent schoolgirl bangs and glasses disguise.

    Arias deserves nothing less than the lethal injection and the sooner the better.

    Let’s get her retrial over with so Martinez can prosecute the dirty cop.

  6. I can hardly wait for the unsealing of the in camera hearings. Dying to know how much she’s accused her lawyers of not representing her competently.
    I’m sure the ex parte stuff is about attorney client conflicts as there are no other reasons court can have ex parte communications. (Its not about motions or notices of appeals–that requires two sides.)

    Commentators made a big deal over Jodi’s interview with Troy Hayden for saying she preferred death. Seemed everyone speculated this is why her lawyers were so upset. They marched into the judge’s chambers the next day wanting to withdraw and to get the judge to prevent her from sabotaging their efforts by talking to the media. But the part of the interview they had to be reacting to is that she actually accused them of not putting on the evidence that would have acquitted her. She said she had photos with her sister at the time of the break in at her grandparents house and Nurmi did not put the evidence on. She had photos of Travis running after a naked 4 year old, and Nurmi did not put it on. She had witnesses to the abuse that Nurmi did not try to find.

    That drama is not over. I’m sure all the ex parte stuff is about her desire for self representation versus her need for counsel because she wants to control but needs counsel because of the technicalities of the law that he can’t handle. An item on the docket from several weeks ago is listed as “Letter pro per” along with a motion (which means a letter sent to the court by someone representing themselves.) To me this suggests she’s been communicating directly with Judge Stephens her complaints about her lawyers.

    • Unsealing. Oh yeah. I’m with you. Can’t wait.

      Personally I am a little disappointed that Jodi didn’t look worse. I was hoping to have the satisfaction of seeing her look like ten miles of bad road. Still, it is at least somewhat enjoyable to see her defective self in stripes with chains. Yet…..not enough. Cruel, I know. But not nearly as cruel as 29 stab wounds, a slit throat and a shot to the head. For Nurmi to even consider asking to dismiss the Aggravated conviction would be nearly laughable if there weren’t a major SLAUGHTER associated with this psycho. I don’t think she should ever be allowed to walk a street again. In fact, I don’t even think the general prison population would be safe from the likes of her. But I will leave that to her jury.

      She says on twitter that she read To Kill A Mockingbird, having passed it up somewhere around 10th grade as flunking students tend to do. She also seems rather concerned about a restaurant that fed a couple of thousand people using styrofoam. I can tell you that if I were in solitary right now, trolling toward the death penalty, I wouldn’t give a crap about styrofoam. Just saying. Still, I suppose Nurmi will use reading a book and caring for the environment (humans and animals notwithstanding) as his next example of why she shouldn’t be put to death. The good news is, unlike styrofoam, Jodi’s post-needle remains would definitely be biodegradable.Surely, this should please her.

      • Yes, the styrofoam tweet!

        “Estrella’s kitchen served dinner in Styrofoam containers….”

        That would be “Estrella Jail” she’s referring to. Her recycling “plan” apparently didn’t work out. Nor will a book club, as the Perryville Prison warden explained in a youtube video (which was very enlightening by the way). Defense counsel will have to get creative and come up with other mitigating factors for the next trial. I could see Juan Martinez calling a prison official to the stand to confirm that book clubs and recycling plans are not allowed in prison – prisoners do not have free reign. But as usual, Jodi thinks she’s above rules and seems oblivious to her surroundings and potential consequences.

    • Maria,
      Could the letter be from someone like Patty Womack (Jodi’s friend) who decided not to speak on Jodi’s behalf? Or LaViolette? Maybe she does not want to come back to court for the penalty phase.

      • Anything’s possible. But normally letters sent to judges are kept out of the court file and returned to sender by the clerk, unread by the judge, because no one is supposed to communicate with the judge about the case outside of the regular procedure of filing a motion served on all sides and the rules of evidence which require evidence to come in only in compliance with the rules. The exception is a criminal defendant with court appointed lawyers who has issues about those lawyers.

        Letters from people may be attached as exhibits to motions or responses served on all sides and made part of regular motion practice where the lawyers are bound to comply with the rules and not submit anything that is improper. But there’s no open policy to just write to the judge.

        If you’re just a witness not compelled by subpoena, like Patti Womack who can’t be forced to testify to help Jodi, she can’t just share her feelings with the judge by letter. If she were under subpoena, she couldn’t do it either, she’d have to file a motion seeking to be released.

        So a letter “pro per” suggests its from Arias herself as she is really the only one allowed to bellyache by letter to the judge.

    • Maria, I always appreciate your comments and observations. Jodi’s tweet on July 2nd reads:
      “A lawyer is someone who profits from your experience”

      I wouldn’t doubt she’s trying to once again represent herself. I can only imagine the conflict between her and her attys.

      • Thanks Tracy. It would be awesome to know the details. Astute observation about her tweet!! I hadn’t even heard. Ungrateful little bitch. That’s like saying the heart surgeon profits from her heart attack. So what? She’s not paying for their hard work, it’s the State of Arizona. She’s the one who profits from hard working people. It’s actually their experience she’s profiting from. Did I mention she’s an ungrateful little bitch? Did I? Wish Nurmi and Wilmott would conspire to let her get executed. I’m very charitable like that. :)

        • I can only imagine some of the conversations between those three and the glasses of wine consumed when Nurmi and Wilmott return home at the end of the day.
          She’s pathetic.

    • The irony to me is that had she proceeded pro se, ineffective assistance of counsel wouldn’t be an available avenue of appeal.

      I really don’t envy Nurmi, et al. Clients like JA are a disaster from start to finish.

    • Sure, Jodi claimed that there was ALL THIS SECRET EVIDENCE that nobody else ever saw, which would have exonerated or acquitted her.
      First, has she forgotten that she admitted to murdering Travis? What kind of made up, false ‘evidence’ could there ever be to basically deny the fact of her own admission of guilt? Crazy.
      Second, sure she said all these things that would have made her case look so SO much better. But she also said she was not in Mesa; she haven’t seen Travis since April; she was there but had to fight for her life against 2 Ninja’s; etc. etc.
      Are we now seriously considering things she says, with clear self-serving purpose, not under oath, and without having to prove any of her words are true – AS a FACTUAL TRUTH??? She’s lied about everything, EVERYTHING in this case, going as far as making up hideous, vicious slander about the guy she already murdered, so as to hurt his family even more because he dared to deny some of her wants and schemes. We know she lies as she breaths; if her mouth is moving, she’s lying. And yet now we’re supposed to just accept that ‘she is communicating directly with the Judge because of the evidence she claims should have been presented’???
      That is my new favorite quote from this case – that she is complaining to the judge about the NONEXISTENT witnesses whom the Defense team should have found, tracked down, an brought into court to prove her to be the only truth teller in there, and everyone else a liar.
      This is just like being dropped into an alternate universe. Seriously, is there anyone out there who still buys into her BS, scheming and lying? Other than the crazies on JAII??

      • No one here believes her. The interest is in her need to control and ongoing exploitation and blaming of other people, this time her lawyers.

      • If there had been anybody or anything out in this big world to help Jodi Nurmi would have had it in his defense. He didn’t have much to help his case. Besides Jodi ran the show.

      • Polk8Dot, no one in his or her right mind believes a word out of the mouth of the pathological lying psychopath but criminals have rights. She has the right to wallpaper the judge’s office with complaints about her attorneys and anyone else she wants.

        I read on the Facebook Justice for Travis page that Nurmi attempted again Tuesday to quit and the judge denied his request for the umpteenth time. I suspect that the delay is because Nurmi and Wilmott are at a loss as to who to call as witnesses for their sentencing retrial since the jury in the penalty phase didn’t believe a word out of the defense witnesses mouths. Samuels and LaViolette were seen by the first jury and public as Jodi Arias advocates rather than expert witnesses so I doubt if they would be any more credible the second time around.

        After Jodi Arias’ 18 days performance on the stand failed miserably, I doubt if she is eager to go Round 2 with Mighty Martinez, especially after the nasty things she has tweeted and told the media about him. He could use it against her and make a fool out of her in front of another jury. I think that is why she proposed two pleas to get out of it. Of course, both pleas would mean she would walk in a few years and Martinez and the Alexander family don’t want that.

        Devoted Delusional Daryl and Mommy and Daddy may be the only volunteers but Martinez will make mincemeat out of them in light of the parents interrogation with police and Daryl’s TV interview after he was not called as a mitigation witness.

        In the interrogation with Flores, Mommy and Daddy painted the picture of a troubled kid whom they couldn’t control and didn’t trust them after they had her arrested for growing pot on their roof at the age of 12. They said she grew worse the year before she killed Travis and would call her mother happy one minute and raging or crying the next. This contradicts the picture Jodi Arias and her attorneys painted of her as a calm pacifist who was never angry, jealous, violent or obsessed.

        Daryl told a TV reporter that he did not know the self centered, lying murdering Jodi Arias in the courtroom and that she became irresponsible and lived in a fantasy world after she got involved with The Laws of Attraction, which is the opposite of what she says.

        I think Nurmi and Wilmott ought to just call these people anyway and if they make her look guilty so be it. She is going to charge her defense team with being ineffective and incompetent in her appeals anyway. So why should they care?

        • There’s a facebook page called “I Want Juan Martinez To Yell At Me.” Ah, the Great One. I miss him. When I used to post on Justice for Travis, someone would always come along and say, “I miss Juan.” I’d jump in and say, “Did I ask you if you miss Juan, Ma’am?”

          • LOL love your reply Maria Christina, regarding the unmatchable Juan Martinez.
            “Did I ask if you miss him, m’am?” hahahahaha.
            I do miss him, I must say, and your post brings those feelings back.
            I really liked the fact that he gave us someone in society to look up to that actually has brains and integrity- as opposed to the people that typically get idiolized in our society like celebrities and models (gag me.)
            Also, seeing the lawyers in the Zimmerman trail made me miss Juan Martinez even more.
            Don West (and his daughters) made my skin crawl and his annoying voice drove me CRAZY.

  7. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Jodi Arias wanted to get rid of her lawyers and represent herself in the re-sentencing phase.

    Jodi Arias never takes responsibility for her actions. Like Juan Martinez said in his closing statement, it is never her fault.

    Arias has a history of ignoring her lawyer’s advice, forging documents, tampering with witnesses and firing lawyers and representing herself since she was arrested in California in July 2008.

    It is no surprise that the narcissistic sociopath went on TV minutes after 12 jurors convicted her of first degree murder – five for premeditated and seven for premeditated and felony murder – whining that the jurors betrayed her, Martinez suppressed evidence and her attorneys refused to introduce pictures and call a witness to her abuse.

    It is obvious why Nurmi didn’t introduce the picture of Travis Alexander chasing a naked boy because she said the boy streaked through a party filled with people and Alexander, ever the comedian, grabbed a Bible and pretended to be a Catholic priest lecturing the boy. Only a sociopath would interpret that as proof Alexander was a pedophile.

    The witness she was most likely referring to was ex boyfriend Matthew McCartney, whom she testified “called her out” on the bruises on her neck after she alleged that Travis Alexander “choked me out.”

    I’m sure Nurmi did not call McCartney to the stand because he had told both the prosecution and defense attorneys in depositions that he did not witness any bruises.

    The coded messages Martinez introduced in court that Arias had tried to smuggle out in a magazine proved Arias tried to get McCartney to lie for her about the bruises.

    When pieced together the message to McCartney read: “’You f***ed up. What you told my attorney the next day directly contradicts what I’ve been saying for over a year. Get down here ASAP and see me before you talk to them again and before you testify so we can fix this.”

    Against her lawyers advice, Arias gave several jailhouse TV and newspaper interviews over the years. Snips from some of those interviews were used against her by the prosecution in court.

    She fired her first two lawyers and represented herself when no lawyers would present the pedophile letters because they knew they were forged. Nurmi tried to get off the case three times and the judge refused to let him.

  8. I read somewhere that Judge Stephens did deny the motion to vacate the aggravator. I can’t remember the source, it could be wrong.

    What I gathered from her unresolved issues are the defense’s inability to find mitigating witnesses for their client. I’m just guessing here. I fully expect the next status conference to result in yet another status conference date and an actual trial date for sentencing phase to be put off until next year. That’s just the way this judge conducts business.

    As far as Jodi’s tweets, she’s only sorry for herself. She apologizes to the taxpayers and blames the state? She brutally murdered a man, not the state’s fault but she must always shift the blame.

    Five years and counting – quite long enough, let’s get this show on the road Judge Stephens!

  9. Jodi Arias testified in court that if she was found guilty it would be because of the lies she told to the cops and media.

    This is typical thinking of a sociopath/psychopath. Obviously, she was found guilty of first degree murder because she was guilty of premeditating and carrying out an extremely cruel murder of a man who had rejected her.

    Even if she believes her shooting off her mouth caused her to be convicted, you would think she would keep her mouth shut.

    Instead, as soon as she is convicted, she gives a TV interview with Troy Hayden trashing the jurors, Martinez, Alexander and his family and her own attorneys.

    After the aggravation phase and while the jury is deliberating whether she lives or dies, she demands makeup and gives six hours of interviews to handpicked media outlets on the condition that the cameras zoom in on her face and white sweater and not show her stripes or leg shackles.

    All reporters honored the request and treated her with kid gloves except for Ryan Owens, an ABC reporter, who asked her, “You’re never going to tell the truth about what happened in that bathroom are you?”

    Arias black eyes flashed and she spit out, “I did tell the truth. I didn’t know you were a hater or I wouldn’t have given you an interview.”

    When Arias heard that while Owens was interviewing her, the camera showed her stripes and shackled legs, she tweeted, “Beware of good looking reporters.”

    It’s a good thing that Sheriff Arpaio cut off the TV interviews after that and put her in solitary confinement 23 hours a day or Arias would be on TV every day whining about the jailhouse food, solitary confinement, her attorneys, Martinez, haters who attend her hearings to see her in stripes and chains, etc. etc.

    Unfortunately, since she is protected under the First Amendment, Arias continue to tweet through an outside contact to try to convince the new jury pool that she is trying to save battered women and the environment and the mean old state is trying to kill her.

  10. I do hope this tweet embed works.

    Don’t worry Jodi. We’ll endure.


    The State rejected my 3rd request for a plea to settle quietly and less expensively. Off to retrial we go. Sorry, taxpayers.— Jodi Arias (@Jodiannarias) July 17, 2013

    • Here’s another tweet she made the day before:

      Jodi Arias #jodiarias 16Jul
      A few of my dedicated haters came all the way 2 court today just 2glare at me. I’m flattered I thought it was I who had nothing better to do.

      She told the media she tweeted because she wanted to “impart her thoughts” and people didn’t have to read them if they didn’t want to.

      As Arias tried to do in the trial and failed miserably, she is still trying to manipulate the public and especially potential jurors in the sentencing phase retrial into believing that she is this perfect innocent person who is only interested in helping others and everyone is always trying to persecute her,

      In her July 17 tweet, the Poor Persecuted Princess is just trying to save the taxpayers money and the state won’t “settle” and let her go quietly.

      In the July 16 tweet, anyone who attends the hearings and trial is a hater who has nothing to do but come to the courtroom to glare at her.

      It’s always about persecuting Poor Jodi, never about Justice for Travis.

        • Linda, these are the most honest words I have read to date. Sums her up completely. Why do we have to find a label that describes her? Seems everyone needs some form of justification for her actions.Can someone just be evil? I think so.

      • She’s so evil. On May 15th she tweeted this quote: “God’s love is so great that He loves even the proud, the selfish, the arrogant, and the wicked.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

        Know why this is evil? Because this is a current Mormon apostle. It’s her way of stabbing Travis’ siblings and friends in the heart. She doesn’t give a sh*t about Mormon apostles or their philosophies on God’s love. She does this stuff to create emotional conflict for Travis’ loved ones and to mock them to their faces.

        • That quotation has always bugged me. Who do you think she directed that toward? I sorta thought it was meant for Juan Martinez. But no matter, hearing Jodi quoting any religious leader for any reason is…. excuse me…. [vomit]

          • Linda I think she made that quotation for all to see as she is trying to laugh in our faces and also hurt Alexander family even more.

          • My guess is that its meant as a dagger in the heart of Tanisha who posted before the verdict that the entire family would spend the weekend fasting and praying for justice and asked others to do the same. I think Jodi wants to rob his siblings of the only comfort they can find in their religious faith by mocking that the same God they pray to for justice actually loves her, very much.

          • @Maria,

            Ahhh! Now see I read it totally differently, that she was saying God even loves that proud, selfish, arrogant and wicked old Juan Martinez since it came with a couple of other tweets about “little man syndrome” and “anger issues”. It didn’t occur to me she might be speaking of herself but then I also didn’t equate it with Tanisha’s prayer request.

          • I don’t think that you read it completely wrong, cause i think she puts double meaning into what she says and does. She doesn’t admit it’s about her, and probably feels safe that others will interpret it exactly as you did, her being gracious toward that evil Martinez that God loves nonetheless.

            But she knows that she’s sending an entirely different hidden message to the Mormons who read it, and Travis’ siblings in particular. The subtext is that despite their faith that God is on their side for justice, that same God loves her very much, his apostle says so. So they have no place to go for complete solace because the one they turn to tells them he loves their tormentor. She often has a subtext in what she does to send these kinds of messages in a passive aggressive way, which she can deny on the surface.

            She also quoted Brigham Young (another Mormon) on the proposition that God has given her talents she should magnify and use. This is another hidden message, using another Mormon spiritual leader, so that his family knows she’s enjoying the pain it causes them during her allocution displaying her talents as some kind of value that mitigates the murder. Brigham Young speaks for God and God wants her to do important things with the talents he gave her.

          • My brain hurts. Whatever happened to the good old days when an insult was easy to recognize and you didn’t need an abacus to calculate the layers of complexity? LOL

  11. Linda, Jodi Arias is so twisted and psycho that she scares me too.

    Everybody should be scared of this psychopath being everywhere but on death row where she will be kept away from any other inmate..

    If she is put in general population, if any inmate or guard disagreed with her she would see them as a “hater” and wouldn’t hesitate to stab them repeatedly in the heart or eyeball with a pen or fork. I hope the new jurors realize how dangerous she is and they sentence her to death.

    Uppity, Arias testifying that “Travis passed away” and she “still loved him but in a different way” would be funny if Travis hadn’t suffered so much and lost his life.

    • Did you see the video of her at the June 20 status conference? She walked in with her stripes and shackles, ramrod-straight, head held high, and with the most positively evil expression on her face. I swear to you, I got the cold chills from it. Such a different feeling that the tiny glimpses we got during her librarian charade.

      She’s already been in one jail fight and caught stashing pens… Lord help the other inmates.

      • Arias also glared at the three jurors who attended the first status hearing because they are determined “to see this through since we couldn’t come to a unanimous agreement on death.”

        They were: Diane Schwartz, Tara Kelley and MaryEllen Resendez. They also said Nurmi looked at them disgusted when he saw them.

        The jurors were probably the “haters” Arias was complaining about who went to court to glare at her.

        Arias stared down Tara Kelley during the trial and during the status hearing.

        • Since you brought it up, I have a lot of respect for those three jurors but I was a bit uncomfortable knowing they went to that hearing. Twas me, I’d have been eager to get away from (and stay away from) Jodi at the first opportunity. /shiver/

          Tara’s a brave soul, though. She said she stared right back at her. LOL

          • If I had been on Jodi’s jury I would be at every court hearing she has. I’m sure they want to finally see justice done.

          • I’m not convinced their presence will have any effect one way or the other on the ultimate outcome, but I certainly don’t fault them for wanting to see it through. Their choice, their right.

    • “Uppity, Arias testifying that “Travis passed away” and she “still loved him but in a different way” would be funny if Travis hadn’t suffered so much and lost his life.”

      Yes, that was part of my point. The other part being, “he passed away” because she saw to it. Her statement that he passed away was deliberately evil and malicious. Her passive-aggressive skills and cruelty make me want to reach out and personally strangle her. It all comes so naturally to her, one can only imagine just how defective her mind really is.

      When it comes to malicious and evil, Jodi is an accomplished artist.

      • Right Uppity.

        Arias made sure she controlled when Travis Alexander left her and made sure he would never have sex with another woman. With her breast implants, soft little voice and coy lies, she manipulated him from day one and on June 4, 2008 she drove 1,000 miles and manipulated Travis Alexander into having sex with her and as he showered made him suffer for two minutes by stabbing him 29 times before she slit his throat and shot him in the head to make sure he was dead.

        Arias had planned his murder for a long time because she knew to take gas cans and turn off her cell phone so she would not be seen on surveillance cameras in Arizona, disguise herself as a brunette, take the license plates off at Alexander’s home, use Travis’s friends in Utah and a new boyfriend as an alibi and call the police with helpful tips to try to throw them off her trail.

  12. JA is such an attention seeker. Her big smile for Walnut at the end of the hearing seems as if she is enjoying herself as always + the hearing was a celebration; just another opportunity to be seen in public. Scary woman.

  13. Having taking a stab at the state and Justice for Travis courtroom watchers on Twitter Jodi Arias is back again trying to rankle the hundreds of domestic victims who were outraged at Arias and LaViolette for making a mockery out of their cause.

    Her latest tweets:

    #jodiannarias 12 hours ago
    jodiariasisinnocent.comthesurvivor t… Hundreds of proceeds still going to support victims of Domestic Violence.

    #jodiannarias 13 hours ago
    Re; Survivor Ts, we’re phasing out the white, redesigning lettering and raising prices b/c we were losing $ on S&H.

    Normally, I would ignore her tweets except for the fact that they are a window into the dark soul of the psychopath.

    If she isn’t getting under someone’s skin, the psychopath is not having any fun.

  14. Jodi must stay up at night seething with rage that her case just happened to be prosecuted by Juan Martinez. I bet she thinks its “unfair”. She is probably jealous of George Zimmerman and wishes her case had been assigned to his prosecutors (I know its a different state but still.)
    I think that Jodi, her defence lawyers, and the pathetic Alyce Laviolette underestimated Juan, perhaps because he stutters or stumbles over his words sometimes.
    I can’t believe the audacity and idiocy they displayed by trying to “mean-girl” Juan, with their smirks, giggles, note-passing, and passive-agressiveness.
    Makes Juan coming out victorious even that much sweeter.
    They could not see that he was ahead of them by leaps and bounds in terms of intelligence.

  15. Have I heard correctly – the prosecution is not adverse to some form of a deal? they say they are continuing forward with the death penalty trial but a deal that is satisfactory would not necessarily be ignored. Also, did I hear correctly that Martinez’s next trial has been postponed – witness issues?

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