Jodi Arias Letter to Ryan Burns: I Am Not a Serial Killer

On March 20, 2009, Jodi wrote a 3 1/2 page letter to Ryan Burns. If you recall Ryan testified for the prosecution. He spent time with Jodi the day after she killed Travis. He provided key information about the shady activities involving Jodi’s license plates, facts which amounted to premeditation of the murder. I transcribed the letter.

Dear Ryan,

Several months ago I read the transcripts of your conversations with Detective Flores and that is what has prompted this letter, which I began to write thereafter but have not revisited until now. You really are a kind person. I know you probably think that I am a total psychopath and frankly that is among the lighter things I have been labeled in these preceding months.

I know you and I were in a different place spiritually, so I don’t know if any of the more spiritually tuned thoughts in this letter will be at all impactful to you, but that is not really my objective. I share these things with you because they are from my heart. I do know that all things happen for a reason. I do not care that this is one of the most clichéd sayings in the language when it comes to trying to understand that which seems beyond comprehension and coming to grips with what seemed so impossible to accept. Yet accept it I have-mostly. I still indulge in a little resistance on occasion a bit of grinding my heels into the ground.

Back to those transcripts. There were a few glaring inaccuracies I simply could not let rest. One being that the Detective said I was “giggling and smiling” after being “taken into custody.” Sooo not the case. I was somber, calm and resolute, though shaking on the inside, what good would it have done to freak out? Eventually I broke down and cried but the crying came and went as the hours rolled by. It was all on tape so I don’t know why Detective Flores would lie to you about that. However, I discovered he does that a lot. Oh, and by the way, I never stopped at Sinclair’s on my trip. You had mentioned that. In fact, I’ve never even heard of that place. It was at Starbucks in Pasadena where I caught those kids acting silly and like they were up to no good. They give skaters a bad rap. But three things above all that I must verify is no, Detective Flores did not “save your life,” and no, he will not be turning up any “missing ex-boyfriends” from my past and no, I am not a “serial killer.” My goodness, those things are so far from the truth. After getting over the initial shock and indignation that he would propose such notions and the realization that, while, this Detective really does play all the angles, I actually got a small laugh out of such ridiculousness and even cried out,” what a freaking bone-head!” in reference to him. (Jail has made me no less a dork that I was prior to my rest).

My lawyer called you a “whore for the state.” Strong words, I know but by this she means that you were immediately willing to offer your testimony in the state’s favor. The testimony is the testimony under oath, so I did not see the problem, but her strong personality lends strong opinions about everything.

Yet in spite of all these things, what struck me was you still refrained from participating in bashing me with unkind words, and I do not know why. But it has only reinforced my opinion of you: that to the core you are a good man with a strong backbone of integrity. Something you said to me during one of our many late-night conversations has stayed with me throughout this nightmare. I do not remember it verbatim but I do remember the principal idea of what was conveyed to me, or at least how I interpreted it. You said, and I paraphrase, that Heavenly Father must not think you are very strong. Such a thing to say, I wondered. I asked you why and you joked that you have had it pretty easy most of your life and you have not been beset with many difficulties. He must therefore save all of that stuff for the stronger souls who can handle it. I do not know if that is precisely what you intended to communicate, but that’s what I took from that conversation and I thank you for providing me with that perspective to consider. It helps me to believe that I am strong, that the world can do its worst and ultimately I will still be okay.

For the record, I never personally considered you a weaker soul, not for one second. I have no doubt that the blessings you enjoy are for deeper reasons yet unseen and I have no doubt that with the passage of time life is only going to become more and more amazing for you.

You know, he wasn’t the first to say it, but Travis often quoted “the cream always rises to the top.” I guess it is a little difficult for me to ponder much on that concept right now because of my present set of circumstances, although this one abbreviated life by no means compromises of my entire journey despite the eternal implications it still carries. I may have quite the climb ahead of me, but I’m still committed to a vertical path. That expression does remind me of you, however. You have nowhere to go but up and I have admired you for that.

Ryan, you were never in danger with me. I hope you truly know that somewhere within, although what others think has gradually become less and less important to me. The only “danger” Travis was ever in because the me was “spiritual danger,” and of that we were both guilty of endangering each other.

It is no longer important to me that you believe me. You will know for yourself one day. What is important to me is that I tell you these things. If this letter has found its way into your hands and you have read this far then I thank you. You are among so many who have enriched my life just by having shared a small piece of it.


Jodi Ann Arias

17 thoughts on “Jodi Arias Letter to Ryan Burns: I Am Not a Serial Killer

  1. Not enough showers in the world to wash off that creepiness, having that slither all over you after she had done that.

    Anyway, Jodi has this habit of saying, “People will see once everything is told”…like Ryan will see she never giggled (we all know she did giggle, and did little headstands and sang songs).

    It’s going to be a long decade with no one left to con.

  2. This letter really creeps me out. I have no other words to express it! She’s trying so hard to manipulate Ryan, just as she did with Travis. Like the post you put up the other day, where she lifted Travis up, made him feel like the most amazing sexual partner in the world…this is what she’s just beginning to do with Ryan here. Telling him he’s a good man? WTH! He needs Jodi to tell him that?

  3. What a bizarre and manipulative letter. JA isn’t subtle in this letter.

    “You’re a good man but screwed up by whoring for the state. Don’t forget that your testimony will be under oath. Every one hates me but you have so much integrity that you won’t badmouth me. Bla, bla bla, bla.”

    IOW, feel pity on me and don’t screw up when you testify again. Oh, and never believe the detective! After all, you’ve always had it easy!

    JA really knows how to build up a man’s ego and then stick in a few jabs and “reminders” at the same time.

    This had to be hard to transcribe. JA phrases her sentences in such odd ways. Thank you, Dr. K!

    • Agreed. She’s of average to above average intelligence. And is proof that a little bit of smarts is a dangerous thing.

      She has probably always fooled people by being “wordy” and coming off as well thought. She’s hideous.

    • Isn’t it awesome, Lisa? To read the manipulation of a psychopath in her own words behind the scenes?

      I’m breathless by the second paragraph which in my translation says, “I know I’m spiritually superior to you, Ryan…so much more attuned to higher principles and the important relationship I have with God, and that you are not there yet, and if we had been at the same place spiritually perhaps we would be closer, so I hope you’re not offended if I speak to you from my heart, which does not always understand all things, and I engage in resistance too, but all things happen for a reason…I must accept that there is a higher purpose in this martyrdom that is happening to me now…and grow from it…And I invite you to look inside and find a Savior complex and come hither and reach out to this damsel in distress… Now let me distort your reality and suck your blood…. Love, Jodi”

  4. I guess Jodi early into her being jailed, didn’t realize that in 2013 the interrogation tapes would be released for all the world to see her, giggles, standing on her head, flirting with Det Flores, lying, making up the ninja story, ONLY crying after he told her that he hadn’t seen her cry and she didn’t think everyone would hear her say, after laughing to herself, “I still beat you…brat.” When she was left alone…she became someone other than the person who was trying to convenience the Detective she was innocent.

    No one can be positive who the ‘brat’ is she’s talking to but it’s still very chilling no matter who she’s referring to. I happen to think it’s Travis.

    Unfortunately, now that we know how Jodi operates…we can see how she is trying to charm Ryan & as others have seen slip in, that his testimony is under oath..this is just like her isn’t it?

    Jodi is a professional liar but she feels that no one better get on that stand and lie about her! I see the same signature arrogance she has with the Det. that she showed in her post conviction interview. Anyone who doesn’t play along with Jodi…will feel her wrath of condemnation.

    Thankfully, she’s going away for a long time.

  5. Was this letter from before she admitted to the killing? I can’t tell if she’s also trying to convince him that she didn’t do it. That line about Travis only being in “spiritual danger” with her doesn’t seem to jibe with her self-defense story. Wonder why this wasn’t used by the prosecution. (Not that it matters!)

    • Asterz,
      There’s more information that was never used against Jodi in the trial because it was ruled too prejudicial by Judge Sherry, like some of her interrogation videos. This letter may have fallen into that category because she uses the word ‘psychopath’.

      One of the more interesting aspects about this trial is people are learning about our legal system when it comes to the rules of a Capital Case which is extremely complicated and the burden of proof falls on the prosecution.

  6. Letter reaffirms what everyone should already know and that’s in her skewed perception of the world around her all things are about her. I had difficulty reading the letter because of her stilted writing style and the seemingly endless sentences. Also, I never thought Arias was suicidal. She is the puppet-master and wants all others to be the puppet. Am wondering if she has schizotypal PD or schizoaffective PD?

    • Hello Susan, I don’t think she is schizotypal PD. That disorder is often a precursor to schizophrenia. Many consider it as a milder form of schizophrenia. She is not schizophrenic in any way. Schizoaffective disorder is almost like having schizophrenia and bipolar together and I don’t see that either. Thank you for your good questions.

  7. Jodi Arias, is a dangerous person. The way she projects herself is in STARK CONTRAST to who she is. I don’t think Travis treated her the way you should treat a woman. But that’s a side note; because that doesn’t & shouldn’t be enough to warrant someones death. Travis was a superficial non-person it seems….his mission in life was money. As far as Jodi Arias is concerned, she’s young & going to be in prisona VERY, VERY long time to think about what she did. She has poor impulse control & VERY little tolerance for opposition in any form. God bless, both of those souls, jodis & Travis….2 kids who are over—over NOTHING…

    • I love that comment, Michael, “[She] is a dangerous person. The way she projects herself is in sharp contrast to what she is.” Perhaps this is key in discerning who the people are that are the most dangerous.

  8. me thinks the lady protests too much…if she wasnt planning to kill again, why did she have a gun and ammo hidden in the get away car after she killed travis and was on her way to see ryan but the police arrested her before she could go. of course that fact wasnt allowen in trial , judge sherry deemed it too predjudicial. she killed doggie boy her dog that she claims she kicked and the dog ran away and was never found…she prob has killed more animals and people than any of us will ever know….total psychopath serial killer…this letter reveals it.

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