Jodi Arias Petitions Superior Court of Arizona to Fire Kirk Nurmi

Recently, Jodi Arias wrote and filed a motion to the Superior Court of the state of Arizona. In this document, Jodi Arias asks the judge to remove Kirk Nurmi as her primary attorney and replace him with another unspecified attorney.

The basis of her argument is that Kirk has not done his job. According to her, he has instructed his office secretary not to take messages from Jodi and should she attempt to leave a message, the secretary should hang up on Jodi. She also mentions that she hasn’t seen him since the trial ended in May. Clearly Jodi is not happy with Kirk Nurmi. She is however happy with Jennifer Willmott.

In her handwritten motion to the Superior Court, Jodi mentions a number of failures on the part of Kirk Nurmi. She says that he did not pursue evidence that would have found her not guilty. She mentions a number of other things that she believes Kirk did not do properly and would have resulted in a better verdict for her.

She also clearly points out that though Kirk attempted to see her at the prison, on two separate occasions, she refused his visits. Obviously, she is not satisfied with Kirk Nurmi. It is important to point out that this is the second attempt by Jodi Arias to have Kirk Nurmi removed as her attorney. The first attempt was denied by the state of Arizona.

She also mentions that through the course of the trial, she had disagreed with strategies and legal maneuvers on the part of Kirk Nurmi and that Kirk would respond to her by saying in essence that he did not have the time to explain to her everything that he had learned in law school.

She also claims that under the law she deserves an attorney that “advocates” for her. She states that Kirk Nurmi is not her advocate.

I watched every minute of her trial and came away with the clear impression that Kirk Nurmi was very much her advocate. When Kirk Nurmi took her case he was a public defender. I don’t think that either Jennifer Willmott or Kirk Nurmi would disagree with the statement that, at this point in their careers, they are not the best attorneys in America. They are both relatively young. They are both relatively low-profile attorneys, local attorneys without a national presence, until this trial. I think they would also both agree that if Jodi Arias had $5 million in the bank, she could have hired better attorneys. If Jennifer Willmott or Kirk Nurmi had $5 million in the bank and one of them were charged with murder, probably neither one would pick the other to represent them.

This is not a knock on Jennifer or Kirk. They are both good local attorneys but there are better criminal defense attorneys. To complicate things, they were given a case where their defendant had already admitted to committing the charged, very brutal murder. They were given a defendant who had already lied, over and over again, to the police and her then attorneys and to the national media and thus the American public. Kirk and Jennifer had only one defense strategy, had only one way to try and save the life of their client. All they could do is prove or try to prove that Jodi Arias killed Travis in self-defense. That’s it. They couldn’t go out and try to find the real murderer because Jodi Arias had already admitted that she was the real murderer.

They did the best they could to sell the jury the story of self-defense. To do that they needed the jury to believe that Travis was both an abusive boyfriend and a child molester. In my opinion, having heard every word of testimony given in the courtroom, Travis Alexander was neither abusive nor a pedophile.

Anyone can accuse anyone of anything. Many husbands who are going through a divorce where custody is involved find themselves accused of molesting their very own child. Many wives going through a messy divorce where custody is involved and perhaps a new boyfriend, are accused of being unfit mothers, being drug addicts and of being guilty of illicit overt sexual behavior in front of their children.

During a divorce, great emotion can be involved. It can be so bad, so strong, that it is sadly all too common to hear about the soon to be ex-husband, killing the wife or ex-wife’s boyfriend and then killing her and then killing himself.

At this time of unbelievable tumultuous emotion, I can understand why false allegations are aimed at someone who has already hurt you so badly, intentionally or unintentionally, by requesting a divorce or by seeking custody of the children. I can understand it but I cannot forgive it, nor accept it, nor condone it.

That’s probably why I never went to law school. I would find it very, very difficult to defend my client at any cost. Based on all the evidence presented at the Jodi Arias trial, I could not have found Travis Alexander to be an abuser of sufficient merit to have deserved being murdered. I most certainly, based on the evidence at the trial, could never have believed him to be a pedophile.

If I were the attorney representing Jodi Arias, I could not have defamed Travis Alexander by accusing him of things that I did not believe to be true. I know under our American judicial system, the attorney for the defense is required to and expected to be an advocate of the accused. It is an advocacy system. Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott fulfilled their obligation as attorneys in the American judicial system.

They advocated so hard, that in my mind they were guilty of immoral conduct, not as attorneys, they did nothing wrong there, but as human beings. I bet if you hooked up both Jennifer and Kirk to a lie detector, and ask them if they really believed that Travis was a pedophile and abuser, you’d find that they really didn’t and don’t believe that he was.

They advocated for Jodi Arias, then and now. They did their job and I respect them as attorneys, however I don’t have respect for a profession that allows for the professional to accuse a murder victim of horrendous acts without sufficient evidence to merit such defamation.

Now I get it, I know all attorneys have to do this, that’s their job and they know that from the moment they enter law school. It’s not their fault and perhaps it’s no one’s fault because it just might be true that the best way to produce justice for someone accused of a crime is with this advocacy system. Nonetheless, I find it to be reprehensible that Travis Alexander was accused of having committed horrendous acts and having also been a disgusting, perverted, pedophile.

Anyone can be accused of anything at any time (said it before but worth saying it again). They accused Travis but it doesn’t mean that their accusations were true. In fact there was insufficient evidence to even merit bringing an accusation, much less proving one true.

I think that Kirk and Jennifer did a good job defending Jodi Arias, certainly the best that they could do under the circumstances and evidence available to them as defense attorneys. Apparently, the state of Arizona also agreed that they did a good job and proved that by having denied Jodi Arias’s first attempt to have Kirk Nurmi removed from her defense team. I believe, it’s most likely, that her second attempt will also fail.

Remember, she states in her handwritten motion to the Superior Court of Arizona that Kirk Nurmi did attempt to visit her in prison on two occasions. On both occasions, she refused to see him.

Having read that entire document, it becomes very apparent that Jodi blames Kirk for all of the things that she believes went wrong. She blames him but she never blames herself. He was wrong, not her. Isn’t that exactly what she did with Travis Alexander? Things went wrong in their relationship and it was never her fault, it was always Travis’s fault. Anything that went wrong, anything that was wrong was due to a problem of Travis’s.

Even with all of the various incarnations of lies that she provided to the police overtime, she never took responsibility for having done something wrong or simply having been wrong. Even with the fantasy scenarios, the imaginative lies that she provided to the police, none of those fantasies displayed or even implied that she had done anything wrong. She was always the innocent victim. Even in the final scenario that she presented to the police, the last one and the one that she still claims to be true, she did nothing wrong. It wasn’t her fault. She didn’t kill Travis, Travis killed Travis by being a hot head who became enraged when she accidentally dropped his camera. Not her fault.

In her latest petition to the court, she can see no blame on her part. She did nothing wrong, it was Kirk Nurmi. Not her fault, all Kirk’s fault. Nowhere in that document does she state anything to the effect that “in retrospect perhaps I should have accepted Kirk’s attempted visitations to the prison. After all, he took the time and drove over to see me and I at least should have taken the opportunity to tell him what a bad job he did for me and that I no longer wanted him as my attorney.”

Nowhere, in her long written document to the court, does she admit to having done anything wrong. Nor does she admit or point out that Kirk Nurmi did anything right. If you read the document, that she submitted to the court, I think you will clearly see that her attack on Kirk Nurmi is a personal attack. She suggests that he really doesn’t care about her, he just cares about the money that he makes defending her. She talks about how incredibly bad he is as a human being for having instructed his secretary to no longer take messages from her and to having instructed his secretary to hang up on her if she attempts to leave a message.

I think it would be a fair summary of her motion to the court, to say that Kirk Nurmi is a bad guy and a bad attorney. She does not imply or suggest nor state, that Kirk Nurmi is a good guy but nonetheless, a poor attorney.

If we summarize her testimony in court , this was also her opinion of Travis Alexander. He was a bad guy. He was an abuser. He was a pedophile. Our relationship ended up badly. Not my fault.

Kirk Nurmi? He was a bad guy. He did bad things as an attorney. Our relationship ended up badly. Not my fault.

72 thoughts on “Jodi Arias Petitions Superior Court of Arizona to Fire Kirk Nurmi

    • I agree.. This article was great to read. It is infact, how Jodi is. There is no fault that lies within her soul. It is always everyone elses fault, but JODI!!!! Poor Jodi. She is just a psychotic individual who needs SERIOUS help or just needs to be put to sleep so we stop hearing from such a terrible person

      • I agree and it is always the men who did wrong with to her. Jennifer Wilmont is great but Kirk is not according to her. Which is Wilmont is so wonderful why didn’t Wilmont save her? I predicted Nurmi would be her next person to go after just because he is male.

        • Beth –
          She went after Nurmi because he lost AND he is “first chair”. I do not believe it is because he is a male. He would do the same to a female in his position.
          Wilma is only in her good books as long as she is useful. When she sees she is getting nowhere regarding Nurmi – Wilma will be next and so on and so on. That and as evident in the last short televised hearing, Arias completely ignored Wilma along with Nurmi and it was mutual.

      • Hopefully she will get what is coming to her and that is the Death Penalty as anyone that loses their temper that badly, needs to be put away for good! She has no remorse for what she did and keeps twitting on the computer but who has the right to ever do this as our prisons don’t allow this!! Please take away her rights!!!!

    • Those that support her choose to filter out the mountain of evidence that this was a premeditated murder, calmly executed after lulling TA into a vulnerable situation in his own shower. This article would be totally wasted on these people. High profile killers always attract some level of support. What’s sad is that Arias is attempting to hijack the cause of battered and abused women and she somehow managed to dupe someone like Alyce LaViolette. Not that it took alot. Alyce surely now has to be viewed as the most unprofessional forensic evaluator on the planet with Doc Samuels running a close second.

    • It would do no good for the Jodi followers to read this excellent right to the point blog. They will find ways to (prove) Dr. Kandell wronlg, or at least try, and start bashing her as if they know what they are talking a bout. They are under Jodi’s spell.
      At one time JAII would ban anyone that would bash Kirk Nurmi. Now they are all bashing him because Jodi is trying to throw him under the bus.

    • Dont everyone understand the whole world is out to get Jodi.Nothing is her fault she thinks everybody should be patting her back and talking about what a good thing she did by murdering Travis.That is really what the nut job thinks,Just like Laviolette thinks the same thing,Jodi did everyone a favor she should be getting praised instead of prison.Willmont better watch it if Jodi dont get her way with Nurmi shes next

    • Willmont will be next o Jodis list of people that has done her wronge,MARK MY WORDS. Jodi Arias we will never hear the end of her because the whole world is against her,What does Jodi expect as soon as she is convicted she runs to the press the jury betrayed me As if any sane person could beleive any of her lies,I dont think the truth ever crossed her lips she dont know the meaning of TRUTH

  1. I thought the real bottom-line of her motion to fire Kirk comes when she says that she “naïvely believed in his skill as an attorney after the judge ruled in her favor on a few important pretrial motions”. In other words, she was convicted because he is unskilled. It had nothing to do with the voluminous evidence. It was all a game of deception and manipulation to her and if you’re not “winning” it means you’re just not playing hard enough.

    Even if Jodi had all the money in the world, I doubt that at this point any hard-hitting attorney would take her case. They’ve already seen the trial and know that the emperor has no clothes!

  2. Oh my – here we go again. Well, this article summed it up perfectly in the three little words that are synonymous with Jodi Arias: “Not my fault”.

    When will she be put away so we never have to hear from or about her again.

  3. I don’t know much about how the law works but I’m curious to know how much input the defendant has in deciding their own defense. I always thought it would have been the smarter route to go for a crime of passion (although I fully believe it was premed murder!). But if Jodi keeps insisting to them that he was abusive and he was a pedophile, are they obligated to stick to that defense? Or would they sit down with her and spell out exactly why it’s not going to stick?

    I would also have a terrible time trying to defend someone like Jodi Arias and slandering the victim the way they did.

    • I am absolutely not in JA’s camp but there have been some comments here about the justice system we have and to think that Nurmi could have used a different defense plan. I’d just like to remind everyone that EVERYONE is given the right to counsel. If they can’t be bonded out, they have to sit in jail while awaiting their jury. If they are in jail, they cannot help your own defense. (Not talking about JA). I agree that if she had money she could have hired an attorney with a lot more experience. It does not matter whether the attorney believes in the innocence or guilt of his client. Here is the 6th Amendment.

      In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.” Sixth Amendment, U.S. Constitution

      • Consuela –
        As you quote she has the right to a “speedy and public trial”.

        Where is the accountability by the defendant when they purposefully take action to delay a trial?

  4. I appreciate all of your points. and concede that you are absolutely correct in your reasoning. However, I believe that a defendant, and especially one on trial for her life, has the right to an attorney she can trust. Even if that defendant is as evil as Jodi Arias. It was very evident during the course of the trial that there was a giant rift between Jodi and Kurt Nurmi. Did it effect the defense case as presented? Who knows but I do think Kurt Nurmi and Jennifer Wilmott did the best they could at the time. At this juncture, the relationship is completely broken and the stakes are very high. The court should relieve Mr. Nurmi and grant a new defense attorney. Not out of any favor to Jodi Arias but out of respect for a fair judicial process for all.

    • Linda, while I can appreciate the sentiment, the problem with having an attorney a defendant can trust is that it is such a subjective benchmark. The 6th Amendment as interpreted by the Supreme Court throughout the latter part of the 20th century always focused on competent or effective counsel by legal standards because it is an objective benchmark based on codes of professional ethics, criminal procedure, etc. If defendants are entitled to someone they can trust, can you imagine- defendants would be claiming via appeals that they don’t trust counsel for this and that reason when they lose. It’s paradoxical, yes, but a central component of whether effective counsel is effective cannot be entrusted to the opinions of defendants who, while assumed innocent until proven guilty, still cannot be entrusted to be impartial given their situations. As for not doing their very best, I think they did a bang up job considering the horrific case they were given, and by that, I don’t mean the particulars of the murder. Even your lowly idiot knows to shut up and not say a word to the authorities, but Jodi could not help herself. Considering the muck they were given, I think both attorneys did extremely well. Also, many defense attorneys (and I used to work at a criminal defense firm) are really about the win because Lord knows that the vast majority of defendants are, in fact, criminals and guilty. The real world is not as Matlock experienced it, where every client was innocent. However, they are also about keeping their licenses. In such a high profile case, from what I saw, both attorneys bent over backwards to defend Arias in order to avoid the look of impropriety on their behalf and the look that they perhaps had as much contempt for her as most everyone else. Lastly, there were a number of points in the trial when both attorneys went after Martinez, not because they care so much about Jodi, but it was clear to me that they care about ensuring that the State doesn’t have a bully pulpit from which to unjustly attack defendants and use its power to get unethical concessions. They were wrong in these instances, but where they saw potential problems of law, they went hard after Martinez, which was totally to Arias’s benefit regardless of the fact that a jury found her guilty as sin. The best way to have represented Arias, which I believe they did, was to focus not on Jodi as a person, but on the law, on the facts or lack thereof, etc.

      • If we are to believe Jodi’s diagnosis of BPD (which I do), it would be impossible for her to have a “trusting” relationship with anyone. Remember Dr. DeMarte’s explanation of “I love you, don’t leave me”? Jodi hits this head on in this letter when she complains Nurmi hasn’t visited, but when he does, she won’t see him. Its a perfect eg. of the character of BPD.
        Also, the way she is splitting Nurmi and Willmont. Jodi’s a classic. She is not capable of a “normal” relationship. She is lucky to have what she got.

    • I have to look at advice her attorneys gave her and she chose to do whatever she wished. When she went on the interview right after the verdict for one. How can you defend someone who apparently thanks she is smarter than you. She got good attorneys if you ask me. They did their best with what they were working with just as the article says. Jodi lost and she thinks theres still a chance she can get out of jail. She needs to be set straight and explained to that its over.

    • Linda, I agree. However with Jodi Aria I really believe there will never be an attorney that suits her, understands her. If it didnt work out for her she would be writing a very similar letter as this most recent one. And again, it wouldnt be her fault.

    • I disagree with you Linda… For one she admitted to the horrendous crime!!!! Another thing is she is mad at Nurmi because they lost the case based on actual evidence and witness testimony, so the jury found her guilty of first degree murder in a cruel manner (which it was)…No lawyer is perfect I don’t care who he/she is. Nurmi went to see jodi twice in jail and she denied to see him…Why? If it was my lawyer I would want to see him for sure..And what’s up with these books she is talking about? I didn’t know she had rights in prison, but I digress One last thing, she want’s to waste the court’s and people’s time by doing this and then the trial will take about a year, or two with a new lawyer.preparing for the case and that’s all she want’s..To put off her fate for as long as she can…I say enough with bullsht and bring on the new trial!!!!

    • Jodi could have represented herself. Here is the reason for her not wanting Kirk. He stated that no one likes Jodi and 9 days out of 10 days I do not like Jodi. Kirk rejected Jodi. That is likely what Travis did to her. And now she believes that men do not like woman for who they are. I believe that Kirk will not be removed as the judge has already ruled once.

    • “The court should relieve Mr. Nurmi and grant a new defense attorney. Not out of any favor to Jodi Arias but out of respect for a fair judicial process for all.”

      Ba-loney. This is another stall attempt because time is drawing near for the next phase to gear up. The state spent over $8 million so far and the majority of that was to the defense and their experts and witnesses. The state has bent over backwards to make sure it’s been a fair and just procedure. Her being upset that she was found guilty should have no bearing on whether her counsel was competent. She fired her first attorneys and has tried to fire Nurmi before. She was promised DP experienced legal representation and she has had that. She wasn’t promised a pandering best friend.

  5. Jodi sunk her own ship. That being said, Dr. K, it does not seem like a good idea to trash (and I mean TRASH) her Defence Counsel when realistically, there is little chance he will be dismissed from the case. I am sure there is an underlying motive, as there usually is with her. Would you agree? and what do you think she’s really up to. Thank you…I always enjoy your posts.

  6. Dr. K. – you have put the true essence of this 12 page tirade by Arias into clear perspective.
    I will make note that while Arias is making a second attempt to have Nurmi dismissed, she does not mention the numerous times that he asked to be removed and his requests were denied. It quite obviously meant to the court that fair representation was being done by Nurmi on Arias’ behalf and for continuity he was to remain as counsel.
    I agree that the defense strategy they used was the only one they had before them – with the exception of the vilifying of Travis. They were dealing with a pathological liar, who ultimately confessed to the slaughter of Travis. Although the crime itself makes the self defense theory ludicrous, they had no choice but to use it in their defense. Where they lost my respect was in the accusation that Travis was an abuser and a pedophile.
    I have felt all along that if Arias was convicted, her plan of action would be to attack her lawyer(s) for ineffective counsel. True to form, she has done that.
    I too believe that this motion will be denied and seen for what it really is. The world is against Arias – an innocent victim who has done nothing wrong.

  7. Thank you Dr Randle for providing your analysis once again. After reading it, the first thing I noticed (besides ‘not my fault’) was how she complained about his not seeing her but then says when he tried to visit, she declined to see him. Typical Jodi fashion.

    I think Nurmi worked his tail off on this case. You can have a fair judicial process and not like your attorney. You may not agree with the way an attorney is handling your case, that doesn’t mean that attorney is failing at providing appropriate counsel.

    Nurmi may not be the best attorney in town but he certainly knows more about the law than Jodi does, he has the law degree, she doesn’t. She’s not capable of appreciating the million+ dollars that the taxpayers have footed for this defense, a defense that is made up entirely of lies. If Nurmi were to be replaced, surely there would a similar motion down the road.

  8. Linda a couple years ago Jodi begged to keep Nurmi, because his knowledge of her case was “unmatched” and because she trusted him. Now, it seems she blames him for the jury’s decision. Letting her call the shots would cause this to drag on and on forever. If things don’t go her way, she will always find a way to (convincingly, to some) externalize blame. I’m sure Wilmott’s next in line. I believe it would truly be never-ending until somebody with the power to do so says “enough is enough” and puts a stop to it.

  9. I myself, see not reason for KN, to be fired. Not only does this motion filed smell to high heaven. This was the Defense’s way of trying to have a re-do and Jodi, was all for it for a long time.. After the the Jury found her guilty of M1, with the act of cruel. She and her Mother even sent the Judge a letter from each to maintain KN, begging for him to stay on.. Now, they did have a rift with her, because they didn’t want her to go on her media campaign, but she put herself out there. She ran the show, and tried to play the Victim, which isn’t at all the TRUTH, she lied, over, over, Even on the stand. She never stops….Not her fault..Always someone else’s.. Glad she didn’t have a knife close to KN!!! She has continued to play the system, and now this is her latest…. Boo Hoo, cry me a river,, when you decided to slaughter someone.. You must be able to handle the punishment. She even said that if the evidence wasn’t so overwhelming she didn’t think she would have ever confessed. Shame on all of the one’s that trashed Travis..Shame!!

  10. Aside from your commentary above as to the merits (or lack thereof) to her argument to fire Nurmi, I find this 12 page letter a fascinating exposure that Dr DeMarte was spot on when dx’ing Arias with Borderline Personality Disorder. I also am firmly convinced that the majority of the professional mental health community following this case got a BIG chuckle out of Arias trying to imply her ‘personality disorder’ and her psychological and emotional shortcomings, somehow made her more vulnerable to the abuse of a predatory disinterested attorney. If anything, what Arias said in this 12 page rage fest of a letter, was that Nurmi refused to PANDER to her narcissistic whims and play along in Jodi’s World. It was pretty clear throughout that Jennifer Wilmott either recognized Arias’ need to be pandered to and so reacted thusly just to keep the waters calm OR she fully drank the koolaid (as Alyce laViolette’s recent EndAbuse Long Beach save face-a-thon speech SAID) but will most likely be the next in line for attack once Arias realizes that she will still be sentenced to Death OR LWOP and no judge or other court …will ever grant her an appeal. This letter in my mind confirms Dr Randle your earlier hypothesis of Jodi Arias as well as Dr DeMartes diagnosis of her! She is an angry and enraged animal that is probably just beginning to realize what life behind bars will really mean and this letter, shows us her pacing back and forth in front of those bars working herself up into an ever increasing explosion. I will wait for the IMPLOSION.

    • Borderline (being at least one of her mental conditions) is so evident throughout this 12 page rant. She with the help of her mother once begged a Judge to keep Nurmi as her Counsel. Now he is her latest fall guy. Now he is dismissive of her. Now he as opposed to HER obvious fabricated defense story is responsible for losing the case. As for what she hopes to gain….I suspect this is the first motion in a longer term scheme to claim ineffective assistance of Council. Arias wants a do over. She is that deluded. And her sense of entitlement compared to the average convicted killer is akin to comparing mountains and a molehilsl. Its difficult not to dislike Wilmott and Nurmi for advocating a malevolent BS defense theory and trashing the victim with lies. But I concede they did do the best they could given a) their rogue client constantly trying to drive the bus and b) that she is as guilty as sin.
      RIP Travis Alexander

      • JohnnyJ –

        All that you say is true and therefore it solidifies my belief that the Judge has conducted this case as she has for the very reason that she wanted any motion or subsequent appeal to be denied as Arias’ claims are unfounded.

        • Nern
          I agree about Judge Stephens. She imo gets alot of undeserved flack merely for doing her job. Her critics have no idea what is going on behind the scenes and that one mis-step by a Judge in a capital case could result in a successful appeal down the road. . We can ofcourse surmize now that some of those ex parte hearings were about Arias and the problems SHE perceived with her defense team. lol The irony is she constantly went rogue on them with those pathetic interviews….but that’s “not her fault.”

  11. Wow, great article. I do disagree with ONE thing though. I believe Kirk Nurmi doesn’t believe that Travis was either a pedophile nor an abuser, BUT I do believe Jennifer Wilmott did. I honestly think she has sympathy for Jodi Arias that goes beyond it just being her “client”. I observed her rubbing Arias’s back on several occasions when graphic evidence was being shown and Jodi “acted” like she was crying. That goes beyond just doing your job despite believing the person is guilty as sin. I think Jennifer pities Jodi and Jodi knows it which is why Jodi praises her so much. I loved this article though, really well said. It was everything all of us trial watchers wanted to say, but you explained it so well. Gave you a like on Facebook and going to share your article :-).

    • MckinneyMini –
      I do not agree that Wilma is truly on Arias’ side at all. Again, She was simply doing her job as a defense attorney. I believe that any “kind” overtures made by Wilma to Arias were simply to placate her and try to keep her “reined in” especially when there was discontent between Arias and Nurmi.
      At the last televised very short hearing, there was not one ounce of contact between Arias, Nurmi AND Wilma. That was blatantly obvious.
      Rest assured that Arias will use Wilma as long as she needs her and then…..she will do the same to her as she does everyone – turn on her too.

  12. To add to my comment above, isn’t it fascinating how her disorder(s) manifest themselves so well in that letter? You can see them so clearly. The blame game and the personal attacks. She attacked Nurmi to such a degree that SHE didn’t even realize that her words were overkill. After a page or so it just began to look like she was being a bully (which she was). It is a fascinating letter, at least to me from a Psychology perspective.

    • Agreed MckinneyMini. For quite a period of the trial, it appeared that Arias’ and Wilmott’s relationship was a little more than your normal client / attorney relationship. However, towards the close of the trial, it seemed that their relationship had cooled considerably – particularly after Arias gave that television interview. Yours and Cate Ellington’s observations are, I believe, correct ones as to their relationship.
      Nurmi was always going to be the scapegoat for their failure to gain an acquittal, and he knew it from the outset – hence his attempts to gain release. As Dr K. has so correctly pointed out though, Nurmi did his level best for her and probably a little more – his examination of Deanna Reid, who withstood everything he threw at her, was quite the most unnecessarily brutal, and disgusting, I have seen in a court of law. However, his closing address to the jury was off the top shelf, and the monster has little to quibble about concerning his efforts on her behalf.
      A super article, Dr K. – one of your best – and, as usual, right on the money.

  13. This is just another attempt by Arias to delay the inevitable sentencing phase. She knows prison is not going to be the picnic that the jail is for her especially if she ends up on death row. How does one not follow any advice from their attorney then accuse the attorney of not doing a good job? I don’t care for Murmi’s smarmy style but he did after all request numerous times to be removed from this case to no avail what makes her think now just because she asks that he be removed the court will change their mind. I think in her mind that if this is denied then she has grounds on appeal that she had improper/hostile representation and that will set her free. This snake will never stop producing venom.

    • GiGi –
      This Arias train wreck, I believe has a few more stops ahead…….especially when this current “pit stop” is denied….
      1. Wilma
      2. the Judge
      3. the State
      4. all the way to the top
      I believe she has it all planned out and will continue as each and every motion is denied.

  14. Thank you for this remarkable posting Dr. K.
    After having read the 12 page handwritten motion I immediately thought of Juan’s closing arguments when he said ” none of it, absolutely NONE of it is her fault “. You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. Jodi Arias will die never having experienced humility , never being capable of allowing grace into her life.

  15. I actually didn’t think that Nurmi was a very good lawyer, but I’m not sure who might have been in a case like this. I do think Willmott seemed more experienced and knowledgeable than Nurmi. But hey, in this country, money DOES (usually) buy justice, so if you are going to commit a crime like Jodi did, you better make sure you have the money for some good legal counsel. Of course, Jodi thought she had covered all her bases. And had it not been for the camera left behind, she “may” have very well have gotten away with this. The only other evidence of her being there was her hand print in blood on the wall, and I’m not sure if it was scientifically proven to be her, or if they simply told her they knew it was hers. Anyways – at this point in the game, I think it’s too late and costly to bring a new attorney into the picture and bring them up to speed on the case.

    I understand that everyone deserves a defense, but Jodi’s many lies and self-serving attitude were her own worst enemy. I don’t really care what happens to Jodi. She has her groupies who will eventually move on as time passes to the next big name in the news. As long as she never ever gets to walk as a free woman again – I don’t care if they leave her locked up in a cage like an untamed animal the remainder of her life. I do not understand why she hasn’t already been moved from jail to prison since she’s been found guilty.

    I watched every moment of this trial, and sometimes I go back to YouTube and watch portions of it again. Juan Martinez is a brilliant attorney. But I’ve moved on also to the next trial and the next. I love seeing our justice system in action, although I don’t always agree with the results.

    I never understood why they didn’t go for a “heat of passion” kind of defense here instead of trying to trash Travis the way they did. Jodi lied so much – even if her allegations were true, no one believed her – she is a liar. Personally, I think she purposely and secretively recorded the “sex tape” and then threatened him with it – and that is when he said “no one has ever hurt him this bad” and how evil she was. She threatened to make it public if he left her or went off to Cancun with another woman. She refused to be dumped by yet another man sick of her possessiveness.

    A sad story all the way around.

    • Nurmi’s epic re-directs are very telling. He tried so hard to rehabilitate her after Martinez got at her and then again after Juror questions. But his efforts were doomed. He actually succeeded many times in eliciting a brand new story as he despertely tried to lead her to the answer he felt would be more palitable for the Jury. Wow….. “Too much information” Day 27 is worth watching again specially in light of recent developments….lol.

  16. A very well written article that I enjoyed reading. She has been convicted of murder 1 so all that is needed is a sentencing verdict. This request for a new lawyer for sentencing is nothing more than a stall tactic. Since there are only 2 possible sentancing outcomes not believe that a new lawyer will change where she lives out her final days. Either way its life in prison.I agree with you that Nurmi and Wilmott’s defense pushed the envelope and even went over the line. The experts that they hired reflect the stretches that they made to try and prove self defense. They did their best. To prove.ineffective assistance of councel there would have to be evidence that they didnt do their very best. You are correct that this is personal rant against mr nurmi. It is also a stratergy to try and postpone the inevitable while a new attorney gets up to speed. That could take a year and that denies the closure and.justice for way to long. I dont think personal feelings or liking or disliking an attorney personally is a good reason to remove that attorney. Mr Nurmi should continue and this trial should be finished as soon as possible.

  17. I have just finished watching the whole trial (ok I skipped through most of the defence ramblings) )and have to apologise to jodie. There’s me thinking the reason she got convicted was because of the 29 stab wounds, nearly decapitated travis, shot in the head lying to police and under oath. Making up disgusting slurs etc etc etc etc But no I was wrong its because her KFC loving attorney did not like her. Thanks stabby for putting me right. Have to go now. l feel a fog coming on

  18. I almost believe that Nurmi helped her with this letter. He is “biting the bullet” and allowing her to accuse him of incompetence to help save her life. If he was not advocating for her, who has been finding the endless motions since the verdict? Jodi is terrified of the day she will have to leave Sheriff Joe’s jail, while not ideal, is something she is accustomed to. I do believe she is terrified of prison and will use every delay tactic she can to keep her where she is for as long as possible

    • Diana –
      I am glad that you said “almost” when saying that Nurmi could have helped her write this.
      #1 – she would NEVER allow anyone to write for her – she is, in her mind, to smart to allow anyone to presume they could do better than her.
      #2 – this would then imply, to me, that he condoned the interviews she gave all in the name of defending her
      #3 – She, I believe, defines the motions presented and he, as her lawyer, puts them together properly for filing – all in defense of her as is his job

      I 100% agree that she is terrified of prison. She knows full well what is ahead of her and as long as she stays in jail – run by who I feel is an incompetent Sheriff, she feels she can continue to “hood-wink” and manipulate everyone to get what she wants. Prison is absolutely NOT where she wants to be. The DP is absolutely not what she wants. Oh well, too bad, so sad.

    • I diagree. The vitreol in that letter is very real and totally consistent with her personality disorder i.e. borderline PD which I beleive is spot on with a large chunk of psycopathy. There is life after Arias. No lawyer with a private practice would fall on his sword for a pos like Arias. Nurmi has a career ahead of him. There would be repercussions for him if 1) any of Arias’s accusations were sustantiated and or 2) Nurmi colluded with her as you suggest.

  19. Please someone find Lady Justice in mental illness. Everyone keeps saying that these defense lawyers did such a great job. Morally where is The Lady in Justice in this case? I thought it was all about the truth and nothing but, so help us God. I looked for months for justice for this beautiful victim and I found severe disgust in this pathological impulsive liar and nobody in that courtroom called her what she truly is. Where is Dr. Sigmund Freud? We are extremely loosely calling everyone a “professional,” yet I only see a professional pathological impulsive liar who committed murder.. We had 2 mental health workers who were no where near “professiona”l and could not even diagnose the obvious. Since when is it justice to defend a pathological impulsive liar and let her loose and only to fabricate more unfounded stories with blatant defamation? Since when have we allowed anything like this in the courtroom? Why is she not given a lie detector test, a brain MRI and psychological testing. They say the brain is different when you have psychopathy and you show no empathy. Why are we still trying to look for justice in someone who is not normal and mentally disturbed? Of course she does not like Mr. Nurmi…anyone who does not give off an aura of lust for her, she does not like. She does not have normal brain activity. Where are the great psychiatrists…forget any attorney. In psychiatry they say, “don’t stay too long they pull you in.”

    • The criminal justice system only guarantees a process….not justice.

      Fortunately in this case Arias was exposed as the pathological liar and butcher she is. Clearly she has mental issues but none that diminish her choices or that she knows right from wrong. I feel for Travis’s family and all families of innocent victims. The process for them must seem torturous and never ending. I hope they get solace from the fact that a Jury has rendered a guilty verdict and whole heartedly rejected Arias’s evil and fabricated defense. And that one way or another Arias will never be free.

    • Linda, Jodi Arias was not turned loose. She was convicted of first degree premeditated and felony murder and is facing re-sentencing for the death penalty. She will die in prison. She is not mentally ill and did not use an insanity defense because she is not legally insane since she knew right from wrong.

      No psychiatrist testified that she is a psychopath because that may be prejudicial and jurors may infer that because she is a psychopath she is automatically guilty. But the jurors can draw their own conclusions from her lack of remorse, blaming the victim and the brutality of the murder.

      The only justice for a psychopath who murders is the death penalty or Life Without Parole. Jodi Arias is getting the proper justice just like Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacey, Eileen Wuernos, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Gary Ridgaway and other psychopaths who killed.

      • If Jodi Arias was mentally ill, she wouldn’t have been able to concoct the elaborate plan to drive 1,000 miles to murder Travis Alexander and the massive cover up afterwards. If she was Borderline, they would have found her cowering in the corner covered with blood.

        Typical of a psychopath, Arias set her plan in motion by calling Ryan and saying she was traveling to Utah to see him, calling Darrell and asking to borrow the gas cans, staging a burglary to steal her grandfather’s gun, renting a car 70 miles away as a blonde, dying her hair brown, turning off her cell phone and removing the license plates from the car when she was at Travis’s house murdering him and as soon as the deed was done disposed of the gun, knife and her bloody clothes, called and left a message on Travis’s answering machine and then she drove to Utah and made out with Ryan and went to a PPL function on his arm as an alibi. She thought the body would be discovered while she was socializing with Travis’s friends 900 miles away. When his body wasn’t found for a few days, Jodi Arias texted and emailed Travis pretending she believed he was alive. What is interesting that she fooled no one. The minute Travis Alexander was found dead, all of his friends and family knew it was his stalker, Jodi Arias.

  20. The public got an eyeful of our current system of justice at work because the case was televised. Everyone acts surprised. Trials like this go on day after day. Defense did their job, as unpleasant as that was to witness, and probably twice as unpleasant to carry out with her as a client. The attorneys were so ordered and did what they could.

    Justice isn’t in episodes of Law&Order. Justices isn’t 12 Angry men. It’s not this idealized notion some out there seem to think there is. And the wheels still go ’round and ’round….

  21. From KR’s article (which I enjoyed very much—thanks KR) “They advocated so hard, that in my mind they were guilty of immoral conduct, not as attorneys, they did nothing wrong there, but as human beings. I bet if you hooked up both Jennifer and Kirk to a lie detector, and ask them if they really believed that Travis was a pedophile and abuser, you’d find that they really didn’t and don’t believe that he was.”

    I’m not a legal expert but it is my understanding that, as officers of the court, defense attorneys cannot advocate for their clients by knowingly presenting false information. If that’s true, and if as KR suggests this DT has done nothing wrong as attorneys, I suppose one would have to argue these attorneys THOUGHT info they presented about Travis was false but they didn’t KNOW for sure? Recall Baez was severely criticized by many attorneys for saying Casey was abused when he knew he had no evidence of that. Yes, he won the case but he was investigated by the FL bar I think.

    Some portions of the ABA Guidelines Jodi didn’t cite or cited selectively (caps added):

    Many capital defendants are, in addition, severely impaired in ways that make effective communication difficult: they may have mental illnesses or personality disorders that make them highly distrustful or impair their reasoning and perception of reality; they may be mentally retarded or have other cognitive impairments that affect their judgment and understanding; they may be depressed and even suicidal; OR THEY MAY BE IN COMPLETE DENIAL IN THE FACE OF OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE.

    Some clients will initially insist that they want to be executed—as punishment or BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE THEY WOULD RATHER DIE THAN SPEND THE REST OF THEIR LIVES IN PRISON; It is ineffective assistance for counsel to simply acquiesce to such wishes, which usually reflect the distorting effects of overwhelming feelings of guilt and despair rather than a rational decision in favor of a state-assisted suicide….One or more members of the defense TEAM should always be available to talk to the client;

    In any event, as already discussed, maintaining an ongoing relationship with the client minimizes the possibility that he will engage in counter-productive behavior (e.g., attempt to drop appeals, act out before a judge, CONFESS TO THE MEDIA).

    Lead counsel bears overall responsibility for the performance of the defense team, and should allocate, direct, and supervise its work in accordance with these Guidelines and professional standards.
    1. Subject to the foregoing, lead counsel MAY DELEGATE TO OTHER MEMBERS OF THE DEFENSE TEAM duties imposed by these Guidelines, unless:
    a. The Guideline specifically imposes the duty on “lead counsel,” or
    b. The Guideline specifically imposes the duty on “all counsel” or “all members of the defense team.”
    [T]he role of lead counsel is to direct the work of the defense team in such a way that, overall, it provides high quality legal representation in accordance with these Guidelines and professional standards. Accordingly, LEAD COUNSEL IS FREE TO ALLOCATE THE DUTIES IMPOSED BY THESE GUIDELINES TO APPROPRIATE MEMBERS OF THE DEFENSE TEAM, WITH TWO EXCEPTIONS: (1) duties (such as the one contained in Subsection (C)) that are specifically imposed on “lead counsel,” and (2) duties (such as the one contained in Guideline 10.13) that are specifically imposed on “all counsel” or “all members of the defense team.

    So it would appear it is fine for KN to delegate direct dealings with Jodi to JW, particularly after JA refused to see him twice. And yes, this seems like clear evidence of BPD splitting—before, no one could EVER replace KN and now KN is a piece of garbage.

  22. Excellent article Dr. Randle. I totally agree that nothing is ever Jodi Arias’s fault, Kirk Nurmi did the best job he could with what he had to work with and, like you, I could never be a defense attorney and slander an innocent victim.

    Jodi Arias filed the motion to fire Kirk Nurmi for three reasons:

    1- She believes she has the IQ of Einstein, is smarter than any attorney and she believes the jury did not believe her because Nurmi refused to call Matthew McCartney and her parents to lie for her on her behalf. He did it because it was in the best interest of his client. Although Jodi said “I hope Matthew will come through for me” Nurmi knew he wouldn’t lie for her on the stand because he had told the defense and prosecution he saw no bruises and Martinez had threatened McCartney with perjury if he testified to the validity of the pedophile letters, which a handwriting expert said were forgeries. He also didn’t call her parents as mitigating witnesses because he knew Martinez would impeach them. In police interrogations, both parents had said Jodi was a difficult child, she grew pot on their roof at 12, was mean to her mother, had mental problems, was obsessed with marrying Travis and her mother even asked her if she killed Travis and she said no and she had the receipts to prove she was nowhere near Mesa, AZ on the day he was murdered.

    2- Arias is setting up a cause of action for an appeal on the grounds of ineffective counsel by trying to fire Kirk Nurmi and making up false accusations against him.

    3- Her refusing to see Nurmi and filing a motion, which she knows will be denied and will be covered by the media, is an attempt to bully, coerce, embarrass and humiliate Nurmi so he will get angry and do nothing and she can prove her allegations that he is lazy, incompetent and not willing to fight for her.

    I don’t believe any of it will work because Judge Stevens turned down her request to fire him in June and repeated requests by Nurmi to quit and Nurmi wants to keep his license so he will ignore her sabotaging her own defense and defend her the way he did in the trial as if none of this happened. An appeals court will not see Nurmi as ineffective because he filed countless motions for a mistrial, citing that she did not receive a fair trial.

    I believe Jodi Arias truly believed the 12 jurors would swallow her ridiculous new story about Travis being a pedophile and abuser, blowing up at her over a dropped camera, slamming her to the tile floor “like a wrestler,” her running into the closet getting Travis’s gun and shooting him accidentally as he charged at her “like a linebacker” and she went into a fog and didn’t remember stabbing him 29 times and slashing his throat as he tried to escape. When Martinez was questioning her about the knife, she said, “I don’t know how I got it. Maybe Travis got it first.”

    Everything she does is calculated to getting out of jail. A delay does not benefit her because she believes an appeal is her ticket out of jail but she can’t file an appeal until she is sentenced. The longer she delays the sentence, the longer she will remain behind bars. She probably is hoping Nurmi will do nothing to defend her, she will get a death sentence and the state will pay for her automatic appeal and she will get a reversal of the conviction and sentence and she will be able to manipulate a new jury and walk out of jail a free woman. I bet she will file the appeal herself. She won’t trust another attorney to do it.

    • Observer – good points

      The jury did not find beyond all reasonable doubt that the verdict of DP was warranted. Like it or not, that is what they found in their deliberations.

      They DID NOT buy her story in the guilt phase one bit as evident by their verdict of Premeditated, First Degree Felony Murder with extreme Cruelty. Arias was, I believe, for the first time in her life, truly shocked by this.

      Her view of her self importance in this world and perceived charisma did not work for her. Her defense of DV, her trashing and accusations of Travis did not work.

      But she has not blinked once and carried on believing that she can get around this and come out on top as she believes she deserves. She has gone as far as to selectively quote from the law to have her latest motion, in her mind, favour her. I believe this is all to no avail.

      Of course she is looking to the future and all of her actions – although deluded – are all very calculated. It is this delusion of hers that will ultimately give her the final shock of her life – she has lost.

      And as much as it pains me to say, none of us should be shocked as more motions and probable delays will happen. That upsets and angers me but there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. I will continue to believe that Arias will get her just desserts and will fade into memories along with Manson, Picton, Gacy, Bundy, Peterson, Dalmer et al.

  23. Excellent post, extremely well put. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully Arias and anyone that supports her will read your post and be one step closer to “getting it”. I personally think each and every one of them already “get it”, but get through each day by making the choice to remain in their delusional space.

    • Uppity, great posting. And Dr. R always grounds me. And frankly, Nern does too for that matter. But I don’t want Dr. R to analyze my pea brain. It would be so embarrassing for all of us!

  24. Loved your article! Thank you! It was a pleasure to read. I would like to be Jodi’s advocate — FOR THE DEATH PENALTY!!! This is the only time in my life that I have felt that the death penalty is appropriate, deserved and justified.

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