The Jodi Arias Trial: How Do You Explain The Jodi Arias Supporters?

Jodi Arias has her supporters. You’ve probably read their comments and seen their avatars. Often the avatars are pictures of Travis Alexander with his throat cut or in a body bag. Often the pictures will include a tagline that says “pedophile.”

Jodi Blue

The question is why do they support Jodi and why do they feel the need to attack and trash Travis?

There was a time when neither you or I or they, knew the name “Jodi Arias.” We heard the name, heard some facts and began to form an opinion. Then some of us took a deeper interest and began to follow the case.

We heard the pretrial news. We watched her hour-long television interviews. We saw the police interrogation videos.

Then the trial began and we watched the evidence and the testimony that was laid out before us. Based on all of this information, we formed an opinion. Later the jury would form an opinion, based on facts alone, and they would find Jodi guilty of first-degree, premeditated, murder. Jodi Arias is no longer a killer but a murderer. That’s the law of the land.

The evidence was sufficient for the jury to unanimously agree that Jodi was a liar and a murderer. She had to be a liar because her version of the story, if believed by the jury, would make her innocent. They found her guilty and thus believed she was lying.

The Jodi Arias supporters, continue to support her. The evidence that swayed the jury makes no difference to them. Not only do they support Jodi, they vilify Travis and believe he deserved to die. Read their stuff. They not only imply it, they come right out and say it. They say he was a pedophile. They say he was an abuser. They say he deserved to die.

So now were dealing with two important issues concerning her supporters. One, they support her even in light of the evidence that was sufficient for the jury to find her guilty of the most severe murder charge possible. Two, they despise and vilify Travis. Though they may exist, I have yet to find a Jodi supporter who did not despise and vilify Travis.

In light of facts one and two, mentioned above, we can come to some definite conclusions about Jodi supporters. First of all, fact and reason and evidence is not important to them when coming to their conclusion about Jodi’s innocence or guilt. The evidence in this case, is overwhelming. It would be a waste of time, yours and mine, to repeat all of that evidence in this article. We have her bloody hand print on the wall. Not only was that handprint Jodi’s blood, it was also Travis’s blood. We have the camera, which unintentionally documented Jodi’s murder of Travis. And I could go on and on. The evidence means nothing to Jodi supporters. They claim, sure she killed him but he deserved it because he is a pedophile and an abuser of women. What evidence do they have for their claim? None. There is no evidence. There is only the word of a well documented liar. They choose to believe an admitted liar. They also choose to believe that yeah, she lied before but she’s not lying now. What would make them think that? She lied before, admitted it, and did so because it was better for her. Just over the course of the murder and the investigation, she has lied for years. There is no rational, reasonable explanation for their belief in her truthfulness.

So now we know that whatever motivates them to believe in Jodi Arias has nothing to do with evidence or her long history of lying. We also know, that without a shred of evidence, they believe that Travis was a pedophile, abused Jodi and deserved to die. They actually gloat about his being butchered. Read their stuff.

Their great pleasure in his death cannot possibly, to a sane, rational human being, be explained by the “mean” words we know Travis spoke, on a few occasions, to Jodi. We also know of the horrendous things Jodi did to Travis before she ultimately murdered him. She stalked him, very likely slashed his tires, contacted his current girlfriends pretending to be Travis, hacked into his email and social media. On a few occasions, he reacted with harsh words. Based on that, the Jodi supporters celebrate his butchery.

To find out the answer as to why her supporters would think the way they do and behave the way they do, we must look into their personal lives. The psychological facts of their existence. Just as a criminal profiler, can form a profile from the evidence at hand, without meeting with a criminal, we can form a profile of a Jodi supporter.

It is not Travis that they hate but someone from their personal history, who has the characteristics of Travis. Those characteristics may simply be limited to the fact Travis was male. Some man abused them in the past.  Travis is a man. Their male abuser deserved to die. Travis deserved to die. This may be a female thinking about a past or present abusive boyfriend. Hating themselves for not being able to end their abuse and they now celebrate the fact that a woman did “justly” do what they were unable to achieve. Jodi’s victory is now their victory.

The Jodi supporter does not have to be a female. She has male supporters. They too, celebrate the death of Travis. Why? Perhaps because they watched their father abuse their mother, couldn’t stop the abuse and now celebrate Jodi’s achieving what they could not. Or perhaps because they themselves have abused, feel guilt, they justify the punishment of abusers.

What we can say, without fear of contradiction, is there is no logical explanation for the behavior or thinking of Jodi supporters. By definition, when you believe something to be true in spite of clear evidence to the contrary, you are mentally ill. You can think of that statement as a layman’s definition of psychosis. There is no mental illness more severe than psychosis. All of the personality disorders that you’ve heard discussed, borderline, antisocial, narcissistic, etc., are neuroses. A psychosis is far more serious and severe and debilitating than is depression or a personality disorder.

There is far more to a diagnosis of psychosis but the beginning is a belief in things to be true when clear evidence says they are not true.

Abraham Maslow, whose theory of self-actualization and his hierarchy of needs, is foundational to modern psychology, psychiatry and medicine. Every physician, social worker, psychiatrist, psychologist, and nurse will be familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Of course I’m not going to explain all of that here. I just wanted to let you know that if you are not familiar with the name Abraham Maslow, he is foundational to modern psychological thought and beyond.

Abraham Maslow says, that self-actualizing people are very healthy people. He says that most people are not self-actualizing people and thus are not healthy people. He says that there is one hallmark characteristic of self-actualizing people that makes them healthy mentally. This hallmark characteristic is missing in those that are not mentally healthy. That characteristic is: the ability to see reality more clearly. This simply means the ability to discern the truth in the world around us.

Healthy people look for the truth and reject the false. Jodi Arias supporters not only fail to look for the truth, they accept the false. The venom and hate that they express towards Travis Alexander is very telling. It is telling us of their own personal psychological issues.

PS. I plan to do a more in depth analysis of those supporters in the book. Please let me know if you are interested.

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  1. Several jurors have said they based the ‘abuse theory’ on the back & forth emails between JA & TA presented at trial; but how do we know Jodi didn’t hack Travis’ email acct & do all those emails herself.. JA was capable of that hack job did they ever check the IP address of both sides of those emails ?

    • In my view, Jodi would already be on death row if she were not female. If fact, the trial would not has lasted nearly as long as it did if she were a man. A male charged with the same evidence would have been locked up on death row for about six month by now.

      • not to bring race or looks into the pictures but if Jodi was overweight or less just say not attractive or perhaps African American then she would been on death row now for a few years

      • Maybe. But the Menendez brothers final conviction took 7 years. (One mistrial in the middle.) The speed of the trial sometimes depends on the state. In Florida, for instance, the Florida Constitution has a speedy trial provision that applies to both the defense and prosecution. This means no delays are tolerated, neither side can waive the speedy trial right, and the trial must happen usually within a year. Mark O’Mara tried to delay the Zimmerman trial and was shot down by the judge. Other states would let the defense have more time but not Florida.

        The only exception in Florida is if something happens regarding evidence like with Casey Anthony where they found Caylee’s body suddenly just weeks before the trial was to start. They then needed time for autopsy and expert reports on the body.

        Most states only follow the speedy trial provisions of the constitution that apply to the defendant’s right to speedy trial. Under that system, the defendant can waive that right and delay the trial. This is what Jodi did in Arizona. It does seem ridiculously long that the trial took 4.5 years to start though.

  2. Could there also be an element of physical attraction? i.e., people who are biologically/physically attracted to her just don’t use their intellect/rationality?

    • I think you are correct about them finding her attractive. I noticed several who vociferously defend her go on and on about not only her beauty, but her “perfection.” They claim those who think she is guilty are just jealous of her beauty! One went so far as to describe everything about her as practically magnificent. She also stated she is 100% convinced Jodi did not slit Travis’ throat! She thinks someone else came in and did the deed because Jodi is so “completely pure.” As stated in the original article, they all have expressed hatred for Travis and have said he deserved what he got. They are indeed convinced he is a pedophile and abuser.

  3. As there are some supporters of Jodi Arias I believe there are also fake supporters who support her just to rile Travis supporters up. The vile pictures they show are from people looking for a laugh as everyone gets upset. There are all kinds of idiots in this world. They are just looking for attention. Who does that?? Puts horrible photos on the web of a dead man. I’ll tell you who, people looking to get everyone riled up. Half of them probably believe she’s guilty but they are immature and looking for attention. Don’t give it to them. It doesn’t really matter, Jodi will never ever be free again. A few months and she will be a past memory.

  4. I think that many of the Arias supporters identify with her in some way, not as a victim, but as someone who has done bad things.
    I worked in a state prison for 15 years and there is a distinct *us and them* mentality. Inmates can be friendly and respectful to staff, but they bond together when they perceive a threat to one of them. An example is when an inmate anywhere in the state was executed, attacks on staff and riots were more likely so all institutions in the state when on lock-down. Another example was when 911 happened, a lot of inmates were cheering for the *bad* guys. It is difficult to explain and it is more difficult to understand.
    I think if you went into a prison, especially a women’s prison, you would find a lot more JA supporters than you would in civilian life. It would not matter what her crime was, she is perceived by them as being under attack, and as her *family* they feel protective, even if they never met her. Just as her family stands by her and denies her guilt in spite of the incriminating evidence, they defend and deny even though they know it’s misdirected.
    I was anti-establishment in the 60’s when I was young and didn’t have any sense. I remember being anti anything authoritative or governing. I see that in many of the protest groups today. An OWS protest group in Pittsburgh camped out and caused havoc for many months. A local news station interviewed many of the protestors and most had no idea what they were protesting or why they were there. That is the misguided bonding I am trying to explain.
    When I read peoples’s outrageous posts in support of JA, I see people who identify in having been *attacked* by the system and identifying with the feeling of helplessness of not being able to get away from it. So they attack and trash anything that JA attacks. I don’t think it has anything to do with TA personally or any identification of him as a perpetrator. I think their identification is with JA and as a protector of her and the need to be protected themselves from the *system*.

    • Great post Linda..
      Dr Drew took calls from Jodi Supporters the other night…only 3 people called in.
      The first one sounded like family and the last two talked about themselves and how abused their lives were. It was a Me Me Me Fest!

    • This is a very interesting article. I agree that some of Jodi’s supporters are man-haters abused by men in the past, projecting the abuse onto Travis. (Anyone not think Alyce Laviolette was projecting her own secret life history onto Travis? And Juan?) It’s a form of prejudice that cannot be discussed and analyzed enough.

      But I also think there are several more layers and varieties among her supporters. I see at least three mindsets with that one being the first.

      Linda raises great points that I noticed too. This second set of supporters (for lack of better terms to distinguish them), seem to me to make up the largest bulk (at least of those posting nasty, angry attacks on anyone that wants Jodi held accountable). These people identify with Jodi in her deviance, because they too have done deviant things that placed them under threat of an authority or system imposing accountability that they feel entitled to escape. In my opinion, many of Jodi’s supporters are criminal types–people invested in distorting reality and turning morality upside down. Because it benefits their cause. Many are offended, like Jodi, that they cannot impose their amorality/immorality on society, so they lash out destructively against the system.

      Jodi expressed the amoral view they share when saying the murder was one “mistake” that will unfairly define her whole life. A common theme we hear among these types is that the victim, the prosecutor, the state and all people in society are also criminals. That everyone is technically a criminal and all crimes are equal. We’re all the same. But that the system unfairly gives power to one set of criminals to deny their crimes and impose punishment on less powerful people whose crimes are no different than those of the prosecutors. This is what Jodi was alluding to in that post-conviction interview expressing that she was offended that Juan Martinez called her liar when, according to her, he has lied in prosecuting the case. Whose Juan to call her a liar? Or a criminal? Many of her supporters express this same philosophy.

      A third set I see are those who, demanding that people see “the good in Jodi Arias,” are unconsciously acting out the inner conflict they felt about a beloved person in their childhood. For them it has nothing to do with Travis. Some people abused in childhood by a person they loved, in whom they saw good qualities, are torn by the need to defend that there were good reasons to still love their beloved abuser. Or to see the good in a beloved family member that society experienced and judged as a deviant criminal. Sometimes the one abused by someone they loved is the first to defend that there was more to that person than just being an abuser. And even deeper, some of these confused individuals are seeking to relive an INTENSE BONDING with the abuser in whom they still see good qualities. I would speculate that Donovan may fall into this category, expecting to be rewarded for her seeing the good in Jodi Arias with gratitude and thus enter into a special intense relationship with a deviant that reminds them of a loved person that abused them in the past.

      This mindset is what, in my uneducated, speculative opinion motivates women to marry and publicly support Eric Menendez, Jeffrey MacDonald, Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, etc. We shouldn’t be surprised if Jodi Arias marries a supporter behind bars.

      • I believe there is another group. They are lonely, disenfranchised and likely have been spurned by someone like Travis. They also are angry at being rejected and this deep rooted anger and feelings of low self-worth, cause them to lash out at people who they think would have also rejected them. I saw a video of one very heavy and not traditionally attractive woman, crying over Jodi’s fate. She was in a room that was a mess and as unkempt as she appeared to be. I think they have chosen Jodi as their poster girl for lashing back at all the things they want but feel have been denied them. Men, like Travis who wouldn’t give them a second look (in their own minds).

        • Such an excellent point!!! We have all had our hearts broken I mean no one out there hasn’t!!! After my divorce I dated an amazing guy the person I truly believed was my soul mate. Our kids loved each other his ex wife and i got along and gave is her blessing we did everything together and never once had one fight in 2 1/2 years. One weekend in August he went back east to “visit his family” while he was there he ended up marrying his high school sweetheart..apparently something they had been planning for about a year!!! She had never once visited us (I lived with him) no suspicious phone calls nothing and he neglected to tell me FOR 3 MONTHS!!! I was crushed but guess what you walk away with your head held high and move on with life!!! It sucks yes but you don’t go and kill anyone. JA is complete scum and so are the people that support her. It makes me sick. I have had JA supporters send a pic of his face from the autopsy to my twitter that read “I DID THIS LOL” I was mortified I still can’t get the image out of my head it was horrible it made me cry. Idk what kind of sick twisted person would ever do such a thing. Trust me I do not have a weak stomach I am a pharmacist and I have done all kinds of gross anatomy labs but I have taken this case really personal I guess because I am a fellow Mormon and I see Travis and his family as “family”. I do not feel anyone should ever go through what they have gone through or what they are going to have to continue to go through until this case has completed. It makes me literally sick to my stomach. For everyone out there tomorrow they are asking for you to light a candle at 5pm your time in rememberence of Travis. He and his family are who we all should be focusing our attention on at this time not that murder JA.

          • Pam, a question. I have been truly disturbed and disgusted that the JA supporters have tried to use the JA trial to put Mormonism on trial. The main JA Supporter site was quite vile with their anti-Mormon propoganda.

            Do you have any thoughts on this? The average American is fairly ignorant about the teachings of the LDS Church. But the supporter site went out of their way to make the LDS Church part of their conspiracy. I found thid to be one of the more bizarre aspects of the JA conspiracy.

            Thank you!

    • How do I explain the Jodi Arias Supporters? They are either family and those who aren’t all love Kool-Aid…simple as that. Anyone who supports a murderer is flawed in some respect or looking for the attention it might bring them, not including the family of course. My sympathies are slight for the family. They had a responsibility to get Jodi the mental help she so obviously needs and failed her. Sympathy for the revictimized murder victim Travis Alexander and his family having to sit day after day listening to testimony that is painful is overwhelming. They are the important people in this case besides Travis their family member. Not Jodi and I am sick of seeing articles about her. She is wothy of death and the state of AZ needs to make sure she never see’s the light of day outside prison walls. #Justice4Travis

  5. I have often wondered about these people. I agree with you but also must say that some of them seem to be doing it for financial gain as well. Then there is the HLN haters & the Mormon haters. Do they just jump on jodi wagon blindly so they can trash their self professed nemesis? The ones you explained above are just irrational. Where do you think Donovon fits in? Am looking forward to how many go on to next trial, how many stay with Travis bashing, and how many just fade away. The occupy hln guy even attacks Travis’ sisters & brothers..very cruel and very odd. Thank you for the great articles

    • Andrea,
      The man who runs the Occupy HLN site graduated from Cornell! He has sold his soul for attention and web-site traffic. It is disgusting, disturbing and very sad.

      • Yes I agree about that Occupy HLN. He hates everything establishment. He’s had several DUI’s plus fleeing police. One thing about their site, he has an attack crew that tackles anyone who wants to post common sense. He has gone so far as to create several FB personalities with slightly differing opinions, and has also a group doing the same, so the site looks as though it is gaining popularity. Just take a look and they are spewing such hate and ignorance back and forth … unbelievable from supposedly University educated people.

        • I was very interested to read your information on the founder of the HLNoccupy site…some of the stuff written there defies belief – and that is before you start reading the posts. It is really hard to comprehend that people can be so venomous towards a murder victim’s family. I understand the need to scratch the surface of news reports, and I certainly agree that the media CAN be unscrupulous…but to skew the facts to such a degree? Jodi courted the media, and in many ways is the author of her own demise in that respect. Anyone querying their perspective on the ‘evidence’ is subjected to quite vicious personal attacks by rabid posters.
          I would be interested to know from anyone with a legal background, what sort of appeals do you think can legitimately raised because of the prosecution’s actions in court. From the perspective of HLNocuupy, you would think Martinez committed the murder himself – but I would love to hear from any unbiased legal viewpoint whether they see any appeals holding water, so to speak!

    • Andrea, I’ve noticed the Mormon haters too. On a forum of ex-Mormons, there are fights breaking out between those who despise what Jodi did and those who despise what she did but have no sympathy for Travis. They call him a narcissist, break down every aspect of his life to criticize Mormonism, and can hardly contain their pleasure at the embarrassment the case must be for the Mormon church. Travis is not a victim deserving sympathy in their view–just a representation of their nemesis. They don’t even reflect on the fact that they once were just like Travis. Pretty sick.

  6. I love reading your articles, but I swear you give the Jodi supporters too much credit. There is no way anyone with a trace of a brain thinks she’s innocent. These people are evil, sociopaths and they don’t care what she did. These are people that have been scorned by their significant others. In their minds, Jodi had every right to kill Travis. She lived every wakening minute planning or doing whatever she could to keep Travis to herself. She put her wants and needs aside just so she could “make” Travis love her. There are a million people out there that do that kind of thing, and when they are dumped, their reaction is always, why? Didn’t I do everything for this person? Then they are crushed to the core of their very being! They cry, they get physically sick, they mourn, and then they get mad! The rage builds, and then their every wakening minute is spent plotting revenge. Most people don’t kill their ex’s, but most wish they were dead. I think the Jodi supporters know what she did and why she did it, they just think Travis deserved it for putting poor Jodi through the hell she suffered over the break up. After all, didn’t she love him unconditionally? I’ve been around women like this. After a break up, that’s all they talk about. You can’t have a conversation with them about anything but their ex boyfriend. And if you plan a night out, they want to ride by all the places they used to hang out together. Ride by the ex’s home. Call them on the phone with some lame excuse about leaving something at their house that they need to pick up. Then, they threaten suicide! Their life is over, they can’t go on without this person. How could he do this to me? But wait! When it’s obvious he isn’t coming back, then it’s ” I hope he dies!” He doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as me. I was the best thing that every happened to him, and he’s too stupid to see that. The world would be a better place without him in it. Besides, he’s probably gay, how else could he possibly reject me? Maybe it’s worse than that! I remember one time when we were at a friends house and their child hopped out of the tub and ran thorough the house nude. Now that I think about it, I believe he could possibly have been lusting after that child. Yes, that’s probably it! He’s a pedophile! That is the only reason he isn’t interested in me! I knew it wasn’t me, it couldn’t be me, I worshiped him and he just wasn’t in to me. It’s not my fault, it’s his!
    OK, maybe that’s a little over the top, but I believe that was Jodi’s mind set, and I believe her “crazies” understand her. The Cancun trip with Mimi may not be the only reason she killed him. She was jealous of his work, she was jealous of his friends (both male and female) she was jealous of his lifestyle, she was jealous of the attention he garnered where ever he went. When they split up, she knew his life would continue to be a good life, and hers was over! She wanted what she once had, and that wasn’t gonna happen. Even when they were just friends with benefits, that was better than nothing. I have a feeling Travis was so much fun to be around, and he was generous to a fault. When he told her that it was absolutely over, no longer could they even be friends, that he never wanted to see her again, that was it for her. After a few days of stewing on that, she knew what she had to do.

    • Sandy, I think you’re right on point. I’d say you’ve identified a fourth set of supporters (not that the numbering system means anything, just noticing distinct groups among the supporters). You’re so right that there are many among them who feel she had every right to kill him and that rejection entitles one to revenge. Your points are great.

      • Not meaning to monopolize with too many comments, but Sandy, re-reading your post I remembered the quote Jodi put up in her myspace page. She quoted the Satanist, Aleister Crowley, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole law.” This supports the point that she and those who think like her feel she had every right to kill Travis and there is no moral law other than the right to do whatever you want to get what you want.

        • You are right about the different classes of people that make up the” Jodi is Innocent” site. Remember the people that trashed Natalee Holloway and her mother? Natalee was called the most vile, vulgar names, and her poor grieving mother had to listen to that. Van Der Sloot was hailed a hero in their eyes. Normal people don’t do that! What excuse can you make for these people? They defy all logic. It’s scary to think we share the earth with people that have no conscience, and think it’s OK to kick people when they are down. Wonder what they do when nobody’s looking?

  7. Your article makes perfect sense for the “real” Jodi supporters. I believe there is also a great number of people that enjoy posting about their hatred for Travis on-line that know nothing about the facts of the case and get a thrill out of stiring up the s**t. They enjoy the anonymous attention they receive by going against logic and facts, in favor of a murderer. This is the digital media world we all have to live with, if we choose to engage in these sites, then we are fueling the fire and that is exactly what they want. Are we now getting a real glimpse through these web-sites and postings, of our “digital” society? Would the people that post hateful comments say it to the faces of the victim’s family? I doubt it.

  8. Thank you, once again, Dr Randle. This subject in particular had me perplexed. Some supporters are professional people, hard to understand but I guess no one is exempt from mental illness. I have read their stuff and come away trying to analyze their thinking – it’s so distorted. It’s upsetting to see the continual bashing of Travis, his family, friends, etc. and ignoring the obvious. Thank you for providing some analysis on the issue.

    I am interested in reading a more in depth analysis in your book. Looking forward to it!

  9. I’ve run into one Fan who’s a woman (or posing as a woman) and she is a die=hard and calls Travis every name in the book! She does sound like a woman who’s been scorned and living vicariously thru Jodi. She takes a lot of heat at Huffington but I think she secretly likes the attention so, my other thought is she’s lonely and this is how she can get people to pay attention to her by being an Jodi fan.

    There’s probably a lot of reasons why these people become fans of Jodi’s, born out of their own dysfunctional lives and the need to bond with her or identify with her but it’s still really sick to think of them overlooking all the evidence and cheering about his brutal death. That is scary to me. I don’t want to know anyone who’d side with Jodi.

    Comments by women who believe Jodi’s version are showing us more about those women’s tormented psyche’s in our society then Jodi. We’ve got a lot of misguided hurt women/people who must hate men enough to cheer Travis’ death and I find that disturbing.

    I also find Jodi’s fans behave like a Cult. These women and men are so naive and easily led to believe Jodi’s lies will champion her no matter what comes out that proves she is a pathological liar ..and one women’s comment I read said she’d help Jodi break out of jail!

    It’s been eye-opening but there’s always the odd effed-up person who’s going to become a fan of someone like Jodi or Ten Bundy! There’s that woman who is marrying Vandersloot and had his baby while he’s in jail so, there’s no end to stupidity!

  10. Jodi is the patron saint of the emotionally disturbed who feel they never got ‘justice’. Some of them are just as delusional as she is. And really, Dr. Randle you said it all when you said there is a strong hatred of men among these damaged people, tied directly to some guy in their own lives and all the real or perceived things that man did. As a result, any dead man at the hands of any woman, is a good thing.

    If you’ve ever visited that Jodi Is Innocent site, you know that you can almost touch their neurosis, it hangs so heavily over the place. You can almost see them pulling on their hair, their constant daily hatred of life, their pacing, freaking out as a ‘normal’ course of their lives. The place is ripe for one huge Group Therapy. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for them or run away from them like my hair is on fire.

        • Thinking more of what you say Uppity of her as the patron saint, this explains yet another strange idea from one of her supporters that Jodi shared in the post-conviction interview with Troy Hayden. Remember how he asked why people don’t like her? She answered that a “psychologist” once told her people like to “persecute” others because it makes them feel better! So a psychologist laid out for her the (otherwise valid) theory that society SCAPEGOATS people to feel better.

          On the stand she denied ever seeing any psychologists other than her experts in the case. So following the trail leads directly to either Alyce Laviolette or Dr. Samuels or the other psychologist who dropped out, whose name escapes me. Juan had Alyce pegged correctly when he hammered away at her44 hours of “interviews” emphasizing this is a therapy relationship not a clinical interview. Laviolette is the most likely source of this comforting idea–this theory that society is scapegoating Jodi Arias, the martyr.

          So lets add that to the mix, the deluded martyrs who like the idea that any disapproval of their actions means they are scapegoats, righteously sacrificed by the hungry mob. She’s their patron saint for sure. Laviolette was probably in awe of meeting a real life martyr.

          • Yes Maria, I do remember her persecution remark. I remember it vividly because I was yelling AYFKM?! at my TV. Isn’t that just like Jodi, who did everything short of eviscerating Travis, to see herself as being persecuted because people just don’t understand that she did the right thing and doesn’t deserve to be questioned about it, much less…..gasp….punished for it? Yes, I can see where that idea would play well in that neurosis-riddled community that is so enamored with this monster.

            If I had to bet between that seedy Samuels or that mental train-wreck ALV, I would give them even odds as to which one put the persecution idea into her head. I can’t help but think they both had a serious attraction to her in the Biblical Sense — in addition to being more than willing to fit their ‘analysis’ into the defense’s strategy for the right price. No matter. They are both ruined. As it should be. But if Jodi wants to play Joan of Arc, I say let’s accommodate her and give her the option of a flaming pyre instead of the needle.

    • Uppity,
      Very funny. The problem that these women who have been scorned is because they have allowed it.
      If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck,it’s a duck. Trust your intuition,don’t believe they will change for you and move on.

      • Chris, to be honest, I am not altruistic enough to care if they change or not. I don’t suffer crackpots and fools well. If a creature such as Jodi Arias is someone’s idea of a hero to worship, then how can anybody be surprised if the worshipper spends her days with the covers pulled over her head? And if that same person’s idea of “Help Is On The Way” is Alyce LV, how can anybody be surprised if the person lives out her entire life in desperation?

        I personally admire professionals who work with these types of people. I could never do it. I would find myself throttling them for their own self-destructive stupidity. People like Dr. Randle deserve the Purple Heart, if you ask me.

    • Patrion Saint indeed! The supporters new fundraising project for JA? Patrion Jodi necklaces!

      JA worked hard to show herself as Travis’ savior after her arrest and before the jury. In one of her many forged “letters from Travis”, “Travis” wrote about how sorry he was for “abusing” her and that marrying her would save him from his “desire” for children. Of course forensic evals showed these letters to be forgeries. But JA showed a lot of her manipulative and devious nature in those letters. Of course she was trying to create a legal foundation to support her “self-defense” defense and to show herself as a loving, dutiful wife-to-be instead of the worst thing that ever happened to Travis.

      JA idolized Travis. But when she forged those letters, she took care to make it appear as if “Travis” needed her to “save” him from himself. The JA supporters see JA in this light. JA works hard to maintain this persona with her fans.

      So Travis didn’t just “abuse” JA, he he tried to kill a woman willing to help heal a pedophile.

      Thesupporters see JA … and thus themselves as martyrs for truth and justice. So now their “mission” is to save
      JA. (They have a super-sekrit “Mission” forum.)

  11. I’ve known that the supporters are “off” since I first learned of them. That being the case, what ‘s wrong with me when I get so infuriated by their words? I find myself almost shaking (not like a chihuahua!). Why does it upset me so knowing there is something wrong with THEM?

  12. I agree! I have often thought,’ why do I read these???’
    I swear my blood pressure goes up…and I knew these killer lovers are the ones with the problem!

  13. Jodi Arias is like a magnet that draws her supporters from the same abyss she exists in. They, simply, relate to her because they, too, live in this alternative world of “fantasy” she believes to be reality. So, we appear the abnormal and, they, the norm. Where we are standing firm with the prosecution seeking justice for Travis Alexander and his family, Jodi Arias’ blood-suckers are spitting and spewing venomous words of revenge on her behalf.

  14. Very well written. Supporters of wrong causes are very needy people, wanting and needing attention and probably have ptsd. Evidence the Dr Drew juries; always someone voting the wrong way so they can be highlighted on tv. Then there’s those who flip their card to support the majority and sometimes still can’t get it right so when questioned they pretend to agree with whatever side they chose. Some things are just too hard for people to make their own decision. I wouldn’t put too much stock on the facts of how many phone calls an entertainment show gets. Stuff like that is easily manipulated by the producer to show their own preference.

  15. I also think that Jodi Supporters indentify with her. Thats why they think they can hear what she is NOT saying. They explain inconsistencies with their own experience, so they start to hear things, jodi actually never said. Its just their personal subjectiv feeling and interpretation. And of course there are a lot that are psycho, like Jodi, who support her.

    Besides that, i think most people can look through her… Because we all have that sense inside of us…lets call it intuition. We can feel wether something is true. Sometimes we, or some us, just ignore that “inner voice”.

    I would love to hear more about that issue.
    with kind regards

    • I went to that website and started clicking on the arrest links. I got a message that a Trojan virus was blocked, so peeps be very careful! This guy was arrested twice in April of this year for DUI. His mug shot looks evil! He’s a sicko alright.

  16. I didn’t take the time to read all the replies so mine may be redundant….but I believe that the Jodi supporters are just that part of the population that need to disagree with matter what it is….and that (especially the male supporters) they find comfort in her appearance and her soft voice. She is, or can be, very beautiful at times. I believe the people who do support her are younger women (teenagers to twenty somethings) and older ladies (60+ ) and the men who support her are not familiar with women like this, and think she is a helpless little girl whose daddy spanked her too hard. They want to protect her and cant imagine someone like her doing what she did, unless she had a good reason or they don’t care what she did just that she is pretty and has a nice rack is enough for them to support her. Also, people who have chemical dependencies that keep them from thinking logically. (drugs or alcohol) They get caught up in the romance of the story, and make their minds up before the story is done…and finally those who have been abused and just the mention of someone being abused, real or fake, makes them feel like they can relate. I believe they choose to ignore facts and just go with what is being said no matter what is. There are many people who think they have been abused when in fact its just their side of the story…and on occasion, it can be exaggerated. This isn’t to say that people arent being abused so please don’t think that’s what I’m saying. CLEARLY Jodi wasn’t abused. But there are those that feel she was and unfortunately we only know her side of the story, and she is a liar.

    Thank you for writing your thoughts down for others to read…I love reading your blogs and look forward to more.

  17. I will start out with I am NOT a supporter of Jodi…to me she is simply a sociopath with a good vocabulary and a murderer. However, fanatical types can be seen on both sides of this trial. I mean have you seen the oozing adulation for the key players on the pro Travis sites? I didn’t know Travis, I feel he is the victim and deserves justice, but I don’t idolize him. The same goes for Juan M…he has groupies for Gawds sake! I respect the job he has to do yet do not understand the over the top arse kissing that he gets. So many of the Jodi and Travis supporters commenting on their respective support pages seem like they too are Borderline Personality, where they idealize or loathe all out of the same mouth. Do you think these extreme supporters might suffer from BPD too?

    • You are correct about fanaticism existing on both sides of the issue. On twitter there was a “OMG, JA is a hermaphrodite!” rumor going around. The evidence? One of the very poorly lit nude photos of JA from 6/4/08.

      Crazy exists on both sides. However, those who evaluate the evidence and see JA as the murdering sociopath that she is have solid forensic evidence on their side. The supporters can’t say the same thing.

  18. Dr Randle:

    Excellent post. THEN there are folks like this:

    That I would absolutely love to hear your take on. The writer is a very poetic writer but says very little and uses circular reasoning to justify their beliefs. The straw man argument. This post identified what I have heard so many Arias supporters say..that anyone who believes Arias guilty must certainly be jealous of her beauty, artistic talent and..if you can believe it..intelligence.

    I would love for you to take this particular author’s post and talk a bit more what you think of this person.


    • Cate, this blogger is supposedly a ‘psychologist’ or posing as one. This person is also one who has bashed Dr K on social media. I would love Dr K to analyze this Jodi supporter. These people criticize, analyze and attack anyone who sees Jodi for who she is.

    • I believe it’s an easy argument to make. I have an ex friend who is very much like Jodi, likes to be the victim, blames everyone else for her own issues, etc. I am an educated women with a maters degree and fell for her B.S. in the beginning. Later when I called her on her lies and B.S. she told me I was jealous of her beauty. What I told her next is what most of us can say to Jodi. I am not nor ever will be jealous of a women who may or may not be more attractive than me. Why whould I be. I have a loving husband (25 yrs), two amazing children, a beautiful home and an amazing job. What has her looks gotten her. Nothing. What does she expect her looks to get her…everything. I would rather be ugly and have the life I have worked for than be beautiful and have nothing.

    • that article completely misses the mark. Much of the horror women feel, and anger, I believe is anthropomorphic. Any human being that can brutally murder another, has to be categorized as something other than being human. We tend to call someone that butchers another as “an animal”. An animal does not have emotions, does not consider feelings of it’s victim. Jodi Arias shows not one whit of remorse, and actually responds more like an animal by lying and lashing out wildly with more wild lies trying to protect herself from herself. She is now a caged animal.
      There are some people who are extreme in their rage towards Jodi Arias, for whatever reasons they have, but the majority, I believe, fear people like Jodi Arias who can so coldly murder someone, use their sexuality to destroy lives. We see how our sons, male family members could get sucked into a relationship with someone like her and end up dead because of it. It could simply be a reaction of survival of the species to separate us from those like Arias who can and will end that genetic seed.

      • I so agree with you Deb! The article misses the point. Another social commentator asking we look inside ourselves to find what is it inside us that makes us hate her so. Such nonsense. No one asked why we hated Scott Peterson. Its the authors of this nonsense that are taken by the fact she’s a woman, not those of us who hate her viciousness.

        We are afraid of humans who do not regulate their animal instincts and aggression toward other humans, and because as humans they have a neocortex they gain an advantage over their prey, because their brains, unlike other predators, has the capability of deceit, of reading another’s emotions, of reflection, of manipulation, of trickery, and of excessive cruelty like no animal could do. Thus, a monster. A monster in disguise, which makes anyone a potential victim before they even know what they were dealing with.

  19. I agree with your article and the comments from other readers. I also think there is one more group. These are people who came into the trial when Jodi was on the stand and talked about on “Entertainment Shows” every night. They have no idea about the evidence or the true facts of the case. I have followed this case from day one. When I have one of these “trolls” drop into a conversation and put in their two sense. I ask them questions and they have no idea how to answer them. They just see the photos of a young blonde girl and hear the “Hooks” from these shows and believe them without finding out the facts. I also feel that most of her followers just do not have any common sense. There are many people out there that I could sell the “Brooklyn Bridge” to. It is really a scary thing to realize that there are so many people like this in the world. I really don’t let them bother me. I believe in Karma and it is going to come back around and bite them in the ass for all their nasty words. Thank you for letting me share one more view.

  20. A common thread amongst the so-called supporters of murderer, Jodi Arias, is their own feelings of rejection by society, or in fact more intimate relationships. In some it is evident in the manner they portray themselves, in others it is more concealed, albeit, still firmly in place. As discussed by many professionals in comment of this case, rejection wields a very big stick in the mind.

  21. Then there is the IUPG (Innocent Until Proven Guilty) crowd. You know…the ones on every murder forum who have to defend the indefensible so that Justice Can Be Done, and the accused not be convicted in the Court of Public Opinion. In ever case I’ve followed, they have been out there, trying to find someone else who could remotely be considered a possibility (as the murderer). Problem is, in this case there is no one, and Jodi has confessed, so all they have is to blame Travis.

  22. I would love to know more about her supporters….and about the 4 Jurors who could not bring themselves to vote for the DP if you can find out more about that. In the case of the jurors I just wonder if some people get on a DP jury just to prevent the DP.

    I hope you let us all know when we can get your book.

    • @Marylou- Two jurors (1 alternate) were on Dr. Drew and stated that the reason for the four voting against
      was because they believed that there was some verbal and emotional abuse caused by Travis. Also her age and no criminal history. Yikes, I say… what a way to start off her crimanl history.

      • Yikes is right! I wonder if they think that everyone should get a pass on their 1st kill….no matter how brutal. They might feel differently when they come to understand her history. Poor Travis has no clue he could never escape her jealousy and control needs. I always feel sad for the jurors….its after the trial that they come to know what we know.

        • I’m sure she had a criminal history…she hacked email accounts, bank accounts, stole her grandparents gun, and I’m sure there were other instances….SHE JUST NEVER WAS CAUGHT OR CHARGED. The four jurors who claim it was her lack of criminal history and her age??? Really??? She was well into her twenties and never bothered to finish high school until she found herself locked down until trial. Jodi is crafty, we all have seen her traced art…she doodles all the time during trial…yep she is crafty in so many ways. The jurors had a personal choice…they chose life over death. I don’t get it and probably never will. I could have given her death with what I saw during trial in relation to the crime scene photo’s alone. Personal Choices should not be allowed while deliberating, the Instructions given by the judge should be followed, barring any personal opinions about the case. No doubt there are many of us who wish we had been sitting on the jury and this would be done.

          • I really think there are people who will try to get on a death penalty jury just to put a stop to the death penalty….for anyone. How could they listen to JA’s personal presentation of all the good she could do because she is really such a very good person ….help others learn this and that, donate hair, etc. She has not shown any interest at all in these things in her entire selfish life. She did not indicate at any point during the trial that she is a giver; She has shown she is a one-way street; she is a taker. And, other than maybe donating hair, its not likely the prison official are at all interested in her becoming the very special inmate she plans to

        • @Mary Lou, She couldn’t donate the hair as many times as she claims. It has to be ten inches at the minimum now and I know bc I just did it. Her hair couldn’t grow that fast, not on Peanut Butter sandwiches. But if she wants to say she did, oh well. Her donating hair to Locks of Love and showing the post card was comical to me, She should have proved it by showing the other side with it addressed to her. Besides that, like u said she is so selfish and a taker. And those poor people who have her hair if she ever did make a donation. I wouldn’t want to have to think I was wearing a murderer’s hair!

  23. Excellent discussion from everyone. I am so glad I was referred to this site.

    Since the “sheisinocent” website is also in place as a fundraising site, I also question if some of the massive traffic on sites like that may also be somewhat computer generated. When I have glanced at comments posted there, there seems to be a string of comments that are slight variations of each other. Generating such high numbers of comments might further appeal to those so aptly described above, thereby convincing them to contribute money to the “cause”.

    In other words, I truly suspect that particular site has as its foremost goal to raise money. While there is a claim that the money raised is to support the Arias family and to help Jodi, I would imagine that most of the money contributed is allocated for “expenses of the website.” If this is true, there are probably tactics used there (and perhaps on other, similar sites) to further influence those who might feel they can identify with Jodi in some way to hand over additional money.

    • There are some serious financial issues with JAII. JA’s BFF, who was scheduled to testify on JA’s behalf during the sentencing part of the trial claimed that she she couldn’t testify because “she and her child were threatened” because she was testifying for JA. In truth, JM discovered 2 issues that the BFF didn’t want to discuss while testifying in court. The issues involved drugs and failure to pay taxes on money collected for “JA”.

      I suspect that JM has given the IRS info that will trigger an investigation into the money being processed at JAII.

  24. Lots of wonderful comment and Dr. Randle I appreciate and admire your thoughts. I think some of these supporters are people who would do and probably thought of doing what Jodi did to a significant other but had the restraint not to . My ex mother in law and I were talking one day and I was taken back when she told me that she wanted to kill her ex husband. It bothered me for awhile because I never felt that way, anyway she told me the only thing that kept her from killing her ex was that she would go to jail for doing it and she did not know how to get a gun. Little background of why she wanted to kill him was that she had to leave the Country for a few months to be with her family and her husband at the time and best friend got together and fell in love and he left her for her best friend. I personally can understand her hate and hurt and all of that but I can see her rooting for Jodi because in her mind Jodi did what she wanted to do to her ex. I think some of these supporters probably wanted to kill but paying for it kept them from doing it and since Jodi did it they root for her because she did what they wanted to do in my opinion.

    I believe ALyce LaViollet might of felt this way at one time in her life because I truly believe that regardless if she was wrong about Travis being physically abusive to Jodi that Travis in some level in her mind got what he deserve because that is the only way I can think of why Alyce would throw all her eggs in one basket basically on the word of a liar that is facing death penalty if convicted. In other words Alyce does not think Jodi would lie to get out of jail or the death penalty?

  25. I am going to go ahead and comment on this article as a Jodi supporter. As far as vilifying Travis I don’t think that I do. I don’t think that he should be the martyr he has turned into. I believe at best he was a doer and could have really made a positive impact on the world at worst he was a jerk and womanizer. We will never know what Travis might have become. I don’t believe that he deserved to die and think it is tragic and very sad that he had such a horrible death.
    As far as supporting Jodi I feel very sorry for her and her situation. She was a beautiful young woman and when you hear see her in videos and hear her on tapes she seems like a genuinely nice person. On the “sex tape” Travis is trash talking a friend and she defends that person. My guess is that she just snapped couldn’t take anymore and lost it. I think the whole thing is such a shame. Jodi should have left Travis alone and gotten over him. He really was not worth her spending the rest of her life behind bars. And that is were Jodi belongs because if she is capable of such violence I don’t ever see her being safe to return to society.
    The media and a lot of the people following the trial have vilified Jodi. They call her names like Hodi and the slut, the whore. I think they are more titillated by the acts her and Travis participated in than they care to admit to themselves so they slut shame Jodi. These people on the “good side” scream and cry for the death of this woman. She is not a monster or succubus she is a human being. A very flawed damaged human being.
    Maybe it is because I am against the death penalty. I don’t think that it is ever appropriate to take a life. And it sets a bad precedent to allow the government to kill its citizens. I understand that if someone killed my family member I would be screaming for their blood but we are supposed to separate emotion from the law. And my heart breaks for the Alexander’s. I cried my eyes out when they gave their impact statements. It makes me sick to my stomach when I read my “sides” comments about his family. It is disgusting that both “sides” attack the family members. We can all sit and vilify Jodi and Travis or defend them but lets just look at it for what it was. A woman snapped and brutally killed a man who was abusing and or using her. The real victims are the families. Families that lost their precious brother, and daughter. They have had to sit and listen to the person they love unconditionally name be dragged through the mud. They have had horrible disgusting things wrote about them on the internet because of who they were related to. They lost the hope of ever attending that person’s wedding, witness their first child, and have them sit down at a family meal together (that empty chair so sad!).
    There are no monsters in this trial only people and many shades of grey.

    • I appreciate your opinion and respect your support for Jodi but I think some people ignore certain things that might be important in forming or not forming their opinion about Jodi. An example is that there are so many of Travis and Jodi friends that said that Jodi was stalking Travis and even in the email that was discussed in court that Travis told a friend that Jodi was stalking him and that he was afraid. So when you look at this, the person that Jodi stalked is the same person she killed. In my opinion Jodi used sex to keep Travis interested. The defense in this particular case could not get one person to say that Travis was a jerk or Travis used woman or anything negative and as of matter of fact all the women that testified said basically the same thing that Travis was respectful , did not have harsh words. I would think at least the defense would find one woman that would say Travis was a womanizer or that he was sleeping around a lot. I look at Travis as a man that had normal desires for a 30 year old man that had his own home and basically had a good life, he was religious and struggle with sex but I think he struggle more because of a person who was willing to do anything to keep him. I am not saying he is a saint but is you did a poll and ask what is man biggest weakness or what makes men make poor choices in life they will all say that it has something to do with sex. In other words, if you want something from a man the best way to get it is to be sexual with him.

      My point is that Jodi was the aggressor in seeing and keeping the relationship with Travis going, I think the testimony in court by Jodi herself and others and even what we hear outside of court pretty much confirms that. I think when Jodi supporters says that Jodi just snapped then I respectfully disagree because I do not think a person who snapped would plan and executed a murder like Jodi did. In other words, would Jodi , stage a robbery to get a gun at her grandparent house where she lived, borrow gas gans and rent a car 90 miles from her house and make sure he phone was off while she was in Az and all that other stuff that she did to avoid being spotted in AZ or any evidence that she was there and then at the same time have 8 or 9 hours to think about this murder during her drive to AZ or better yet change her mind about doing it. In my opinion this is not snapping, snapping in my opinion is if Jodi and Travis was having a geat time and then something is said and done and then all of a sudden Jodi killed him but we know that this was not the case with the evidence because the strongest evidence against Jodi is her planning and since she had days and that long drive to get to Travis then we know she did not all of a sudden snap.

      • I agree, snapping happens quickly and impulsively. Jodi thought this out well beforehand. I think she probably used sex in all her relationships and, had Ryan Burns not stopped her that day after she killed Travis, I think she would have gladly obliged him too.

        Also, Travis did not realize the deep feelings Jodi had for him. She gave him every indication that she was perfectly fine with it being just a casual, sexual relationship after they broke up. At no point did she indicate to him that her feelings were too strong for her to continue being his booty call. In fact, Travis was the one that voiced feeling like “a dildo with a heartbeat”. Travis was not continuing the sexual relationship with the knowledge that he was hurting or leading her on. Most men take things women say at face value, and she acted like she was fine with the set up.

        Yes, Jodi is a human being but, she is by no means a normal human being. Just for the sake of argument, even if she had just “snapped” or been in a fight for her life, she would still suffer from huge remorse knowing she’d taken a human life. She has none…none at all!

    • Mari, just to share another perspective on why people may be calling Jodi “Hodi,” “whore” and “three hole wonder.” God that felt Good!

      It’s because of the powerlessness of watching her sexually degrade the victim she murdered. Raping him in open view of the world. Ensuring his naked body is displayed for the world to see in the presentation of her false defense. Playing a private sexual conversation she recorded for the world to hear, knowing he would be mortified, would feel raped, and his family and friends have to cringe unable to prevent it.

      It’s because she pretends that his harsh words when he was trying to get her out of his life, somehow injured her to such a degree that she has no idea how she could engage in such violence. Because she pretends that he made her have anal sex (when she actually had anal sex with 4 men before meeting him) and that it was so degrading, and this and that.

      None of this is titillating. On the contrary, its stupid. But watching her pretend that being called “skank” by someone whose every boundary she violated, and finally murdered and displayed naked for the world to see in her defense, is too much. Collectively, many of us in frustration want to say to her, “Yes, Jodi Arias you’re a skank, a three-hole-wonder, now cope with it!”

      • Couldn’t agree more! She is so good at sucking people in, until a person actually “has to deal with this type of personality” normal citizens have no clue about psychopaths/sociopaths like Jodi. They chalk it up to a mistake, the person must be abused sometime in their life, and other excuses. Those who still think Jodi was abused, and not abusive, not a sex addict, not an evil disgusting person…they need to wake up bc that type of person most likely will enter their lives at one time or another. I know a “Jodi” and most people will not listen to me about her, but I know what she is capable of and I guard everything, especially my heart against her!!

        • Well that’s the other thing about Jodi supporters. They keep calling what she did a “mistake”. They follow her convoluted lead and believe it was, as Jodi put it, “one day in her life” and they she “shouldn’t be judged” by this “mistake”.

          Dialing the wrong number is a mistake. Counting your change and coming up with the wrong total is a mistake. Stabbing someone 29 times about the head and body, shooting him in the head, and slashing his throat from ear to ear with a sawing motion, such that he is nearly decapitated–and then dragging his dead body and dumping it in the shower with enough time to spare to go play bury-the-salami with another guy in another state — is not a “mistake”. it’s a crime, and it’s deranged. And no, it’s NOT “Human”.

          Hopefully this clears up the difference between making a “mistake” and being so batsh!t crazy that you deserve to be removed from the gene pool for eternity. Ideally, the last photo of Jodi Arias should be of her badly-wired brain being studied post-autopsy.

          I know. I know. You’re all thinking that I really should learn to express myself…..

          • Noooo, U said all that just fine, and if I wasn’t so tired of talking about her I probably would have hit some of those points. She is so deluded, and the people who follow her and support her are just so happy to know someone way worse than they are…or maybe not. Maybe she did what they want to do. I was abused by several men…yes, sad to say I rode that rodeo bull more times than I’d really like to admit but the bottom line is I picked the jerks, and luckily the last two I got out in time. Both were probably on the verge of rage fueled murder bc I learned to fight back. Enuf about that…I’m good now and that’s what matters for me. Lucky to be alive… SO, In no way will I ever believe Jodi was abused other than not getting the psychiatric help she so desperately needs with her parents assistance. They were glad to see her move out, probably glad to have some peace in their home due to the fact she is the abuser and had to have ridden rough shot in her family household. Sad that mom and dad couldn’t see a few years into the future instead of hiding their heads in shame and fear from her aggressive behaviors. They could have saved Travis’s life if she had just learned some cognitive therapy, maybe got herself some EST jolts to straighten out her brain waves, and much needed meds to curb her impulses. If she EVER gets out, like if the judge is sweet to her and gives her life with parole….hope not…I pity anyone who has to be anywhere near her sick & twisted self!! And that’s only part of how I really feel about Jodi. She is the one person I would not be sorry if someone took out…besides those two ex’s of mine who tried to kill me, that is.

      • @Maria- Yes. I agree with you 100% She tried to kill the character and reputation of her murder victim.
        Knowlingly causing more pain to family and friends. She has no soul. She is empty.

    • Jodi “supporters” are disgusting.
      Its just a way of patting oneself on the back saying “I’m compassionate.”

      Also, are you are aware of the fact that the murder was inspired by Jodi’s jealously of another woman who was *obviously* a far better match for Alexander than Jodi ever was? Apparently not because you didn’t even mention it. Successful men attract women of their genuine interest… deal with it. And there was no “abuse” just because Jodi said so. That and the pedophilia … What at twisted hateful claim at scarring him and his family even further..

      Every sign of evidence points to an evil-doing on Jodi’s part. Execution is not cool, so I totally disagree with you claiming to be “a supporter”. It’s insulting.

  26. Great article…but as someone previously noted, this seems to give Jodi supporters a tad too much credit. I get the feeling a lot of her supporters are just immature s**t stirrers, jumping on the bandwagon, and trying desperately to get a rise out of people. A lot of them seem to hate what’s logical and “right” (i.e. Occupy HLN guy). Maybe some really have been abused, or hate men…but I would bet that the majority are just attention seeking trolls looking to rile things up. I don’t get them at all, especially with the mountain of evidence…boggles the mind.

    This Jodi Arias makes my blood boil. After months of following the trial, I’ve stepped away (for the most part) from keeping up on Twitter / HLN / etc. Definitely has helped ease my mind, sanity and blood pressure :)

  27. MaryLou : ‘In the case of the jurors I just wonder if some people get on a DP jury just to prevent the DP’ – or if some that state they will hand down the DP have no intention of doing so.
    Linda Moore: I observed the same reactions as you when I taught in a prison, and one only has to look at Arias’ fellow inmates to see the total support she has there. However, the Arias phenomenon will not last long in prison as those that consider themselves superior and/or crave attention do not retain such support for long.
    Arias’ supporters recognise the true evil she possesses and revel in it. They see themselves as participants in that evil. Some people are naturally attracted to evil, and the greater the evil the greater the attraction – as exemplified by the likes of Charles Manson and Ted Bundy. If Arias had simply shot Travis, would she be the object of adulation with some that she is?
    Why do some people gravitate to evil? Women, more so than men, seem to have an attraction to evil – often actually joining up with ‘bad boys’ in the most nefarious of deeds. Charles Manson’s followers were mainly female who would do his bidding, and he maintains a following to this day. Ted Bundy, when defending himself in court, actually proposed to a witness and she accepted. Others will marry long-term killers in prison, regardless of their evil deeds.
    Odd behaviour indeed.

  28. I am extremely interested in your analysis of this whole trial & all it’s aspects in book form Kristina Randle. Please keep me updated by email so I can buy it. Thanking you in advance.

  29. I wanted to reply to Mari but the 2 people that did said everything I wanted to say. I really hope Mari replies back to address the “Jodi snapped” comment. Everything she said was intelligent up till that point. Mari, I hope you come back and explain why you believe Jodi snapped in the face of all the evidence that the murder was planned.

  30. I researched most of ja supporters. The deep vile ones are jodi relatives and her paid pr team. I posted my research for all to read. And use for free on my twitter account. Located in my twitter favorite section dated april. 8 and 9. Feel freee touse it in ur book. Chris stark. Aka. Stark3923

  31. When I first learned that Arias brought out the self defense defense only 2 years ago, my first thought was,”Of course! After spending 3 years with man haters. criminals, and lesbians” ..her new story
    was their experience. “He deserved it” “You’re innocent” “I would never treat you like that”
    She is the creation of some of her supporters.

    • Jill, your short paragraph contains a BRILLIANT observation. I’m blown away!

      I would like to add that clues on the adopting of the self defense story are found in Dr. Samuel’s testimony. Dr. Fog testified that she told him the whole ninja story that she had stuck to for 3 years. But it didn’t sound possible to him, so he approached her defense attorneys and told them the story was not believable. By his own testimony, he encouraged them to talk to Jodi and encourage her to trust him with “the truth.” He testified that Nurmi then spoke to Jodi. When he spoke to her again she revealed the “true” self defense story. To Dr. Fog this was a straight forward case of Jodi realizing she must trust them with the truth. To me it’s an obvious turning point where she had to come up with a new defense because her own expert was not buying it. The expert clued her in that she needed something more believable. And Nurmi, specialist in defending sexual offenders, spent time alone with Jodi manufacturing the new defense. When it was fully baked, they called Dr. Fog back to share with him “the truth.”

      It makes perfect sense that when Jodi had to abandon her ninja story, the shape-shifter-copy-cat quickly adopted the experience of her cellmates. So smart, Jill!

      • I remember Dr. Samuel testimony that he said that he knew that Jodi story was a lie and that she needed to tell the truth along with her defense attorney and what I am pretty sure of is that they probably used suggested words for her to change her story like saying if Travis abused you then you had a right to protect yourself and saying stuff to Jodi like many women do not remember killing in self defense etc etc etc. Her defense and her hired experts probably did not tell Jodi to say certain things but I am sure that they suggested that things like this happen in other cases and not to be afraid to tell them if it did happened which in return is telling her what to say.

        • Randy,
          Sounds about right.. also Dr. Samuels diagnosed her with Personality Disorder NOS. He did no further testing so as to not disclose how messed up she was. She also “defended” herself in the very beginning of the trial. She got in over her head in a short period of time and she finally agreed to have Public defenders.
          She also tried to have forged letters from Travis admitted as evidence. they were tested by a handwriting expert and deemed fake. Jodi could not provide the originals to the court. She is a real piece of work.

        • Yes, Randy, I agree, suggestive words more likely than openly telling her to lie.

          Jodi wrote a very interesting letter to Judge Stephens when Nurmi wanted to withdraw (because he quit his job as a public defender to open a private practice and said he could not financially afford to stay on this case at the rate he was paid.) Jodi’s letter asked Judge Stephens not to allow him to withdraw, among other reasons, because his “depth of knowledge and familiarity with [her] case was obtained under somewhat unique circumstances (aforementioned) which cannot be duplicated.” Translation: he had a unique role in helping create the self defense theory under those circumstances related to the Samuel’s request for the truth and she needed him to stay on to help bring it to fulfillment.

          It can be read at this link:

      • You’re right. From what we see of Jodi, it really is possible. Jodi is like a sponge. She just absorbs from everyone else, and adjusts herself accordingly.


  32. Kristin Arandle,
    The problem I have with your article is that is “gives in” to the existence of these people, in much the same way that smart people give in to online conspiracy theorists, and you wind up spending the rest of your life and healthy energy trying to articulate evidence (to the public) that all of the little trolls are “wrong”.

    Trust me, if you are better than this, than energy put towards speculation about Jodi supporters is a mistake in judgement.. I know it is tempting to give in to the overwhelming number of people posting silly, ignorant “opinions” online, but facts show the internet to be a leveling ground for people of all sorts of motivations. And often times, peoples motivation’s do not correlate to intelligence level, especially under the mask of anonymity.


    The internet does not provide a sufficiently human context unless there is something deeper in the background to support the more human components of conversation. Thus, we have to read all kinds of detritus, shit, hate, and rot, alongside the intelligent material that is also posted somewhere in there.

    Good luck. I hope you don’t obsess or dwell much too long about internet fools and internet trolls in the future. It’s a total waste of time.

  33. Actually, that is a sweeping generalization. I’ve been studying them for months. Many of her supporters are anti death penalty supporters, many just defend her right to a fair trial and cite evidence as to why her trial was unfair and did not prove premeditation, and others actually challenge those who you mention in your site as being over the top. Yes there are those who do think they way you describe but I’d say it’s one out of three instead of what you describe.

  34. I am curious to know how everyone feels about may be some of these factors figuring into the make up of the jurors who could not agree to the death penalty. 8 of them were going to do the right thing – 4 of them would seem to be, more or less, Jodi supporters.

  35. I agree with many of these posts. But there is one other thing I wonder about. I think there could be a “belief in a just world” effect going on with SOME of her supporters. It doesn’t explain the ORIGIN of their belief she is innocent in the face of the overwhelming evidence of her travel and premeditation (the origin of their belief probably lies in the mixed bag of hypotheses other posters have stated) but it may explain the strength and tenacity of some of the continuing and almost rabid support. That psychological effect may lead people to “blame the victim” because by doing so, we feel safer. We sometimes see that effect with female rape victims—she shouldn’t have dressed that way, she shouldn’t have been in that bar, she shouldn’t have gone out with that guy, etc. (See @Sandy’s June 2, 8:46 mention of how Natalee Holloway was sometimes portrayed) Because rape scares us, we can say to ourselves, “well, I wouldn’t do those things, and since the world is a “just place,” that terrible thing won’t happen to me.” By blaming Travis for being a “womanizer” versus a normal 30 yr old man with religious conflicts about sex, by blaming him for being abusive based on a few emails (as @Pat points out June 2, 1:20 Jodi could have written those as she had access to his accounts and we know she tried to submit forged letters as evidence of pedophilia), and so forth, he can be blamed for his own savage murder and Jodi’s supporters can feel safer in the world. Or in the case of many of us, it may be that by “blaming Jodi” WE may feel safer. (That’s not to say Jodi isn’t objectively to blame, I think she is, but it may partly explain our strong feelings about the case.)

    Interesting idea @Vimesfan June 3, 4:34 about the posts at the Arias site being computer generated. That could be or it could be there is only so much any of her supporters can say without mimicking and repeating each other! Also, re: the money, Jodi did say in a jailhouse interview that particular site was the only one “authorized” to raise money for her and that “ her supporters” should give there.

    • About the jodi site: Stark has some easy to confirm points. Jodiariasisinnocent hosting tracks to the same host for caseyanthonyisinnocent. I gave Dr R a youtube with screen shots tracking the origin of that site. There’s some planned PR going on here, at least with respect to the whois tracing of that site. But the site origin itself is not hard to trace and easy to confirm. While I am sure that the site has attracted real and very angry people (and possible shills), the real visitors have no interest in how that site got there or through which channels, nor is it difficult to trace which other sites are hosted by the same person. I’m not personally given to conspiracies, but screen shots are not conspiracies, they are tracking facts. Every site has a snail trail and intersections always show up. To simplify, if you go to the caseyanthonyisinnocent dot com site right now, you will see it’s design is exactly like the jodi site AND there is a pictorial link to the jodiariasisinnocent dot com stie. There are no coincidences here. Somebody has made an industry of hosting these types of sites. The Useful Fools then gravitate there.

  36. The Jodi Arias supporters should just be tucked away in a file drawer somewhere and labeled “Abnormal Thinkers” and then unplug ’em to silence their noisemaking. They’re like pesky horseflies buzzing around your head that won’t go away unless you whack ’em real good a few times. Once they hit the ground you gotta take your foot and squash ’em just enough to disable ’em, so they can’t get off the ground.

  37. The most important thing is that Jodi Arias was convicted (no surprise) of first degree murder. Whether or not she lives or dies, prison is a horrible place to live. However, Jodi appears to be the type of person who can adapt to any kind of situation. She will manipulate her supporters into sending money, coming to visit her, tweeting for her, and whatever else she can conjure up for them to do. Some naive schmuck may even marry her. Problem is…there will always be someone else in addition to him who she’ll be using to get what she wants. I think whatever sentence she gets we all need to forget about her and stop being so intrigued by his personality and character. There are loads of Jodi Ariases in the world who wants to kill the man they can’t have, but just haven’t got the guts to do it, thank God. To those women… get a grip and leave the man alone and find someone who will love you for all of who you are and not just for sexual gratification. Men love sex. They can separate sex from love. So don’t make the big mistake and believe he loves you just because he enjoys getting your goodies. Learn to love yourself first and foremost…much, much more than you love him. If you don’t know how to do that then distance yourself from him for awhile until you can figure out how to love yourself. Don’t call him, don’t accept his calls, or respond to his text messages, emails, etc. If you can just stay away long enough to see it for what it is then perhaps you can value yourself more than you have valued him. That’s what it boils down to…loving you–all of you–before you give yourself away to someone who won’t love you back.

    • “So don’t make the big mistake and believe he loves you just because he enjoys getting your goodies. Learn to love yourself first and foremost…much, much more than you love him. If you don’t know how to do that then distance yourself from him for awhile until you can figure out how to love yourself. Don’t call him, don’t accept his calls, or respond to his text messages, emails, etc. If you can just stay away long enough to see it for what it is then perhaps you can value yourself more than you have valued him. That’s what it boils down to…loving you–all of you–before you give yourself away to someone who won’t love you back.”

      Perfect advice for any young person today, male or female. I agree Jodi will prob get someone to marry her, and also others who will be willing to do her bidding just to get a name for themselves. Donoman sure has done well with that, but how can she fraternize with a convicted felon and not be violating her/his parole? I want to forget about Jodi as soon as her sentence is passed down and she is where she belongs for the duration of her life. Death is appropriate, but if she is given life, my prayer is there is no chance of parole and no appeal process. She can give up her attempts of appeal in an agreement with prosecution and family that she stop tweeting, selling her traced artwork, manifesto’s, anything to profit off of the true victim here, Travis Alexander. Once she is out of the spotlight, that will be her private hell. Until then, she enjoys any and all comments about her bc she feels it makes her relevant. The Relevant people in this case are Travis and his family, loved ones, close friends, etc. Not her, she is evil and should be shunned once this is over with. #Justice4Travis #Needle4Jodi

  38. I guess I’m a little bit late to this conversation?

    But oftentimes as I used to tweet during the trial, I wrote the ‘List’ on the Jodi Arias ‘Trolls’, I helped track them, identify them, and warn unsuspecting users about them, helped users from getting banned or suspended unnecessarily by falling prey to Jodi Arias Troll pranks (where they tweet you an inflammatory comment, and block you immediately so as soon as you reply them, and continue to do so, you get banned). I wrote multiple documents on Jodi Arias Trolls, I made Twitter Analytics, tweet summaries, mention-maps, twitter statistics of Jodi Arias Trolls. I’ve wrote Guides on how to argue or ‘bait’ with Jodi Arias trolls, and much, much more. In short, I’ve wasted a lot of time on Jodi Arias Trolls.

    Hereby, more productively, I also wrote documents on Why Dr. Horn’s Typo was bad for Jodi Arias and good for the State, Why PTSD’s triggers of Bear/Tiger mattered, why it was bad for Jodi Arias and good for the State. I even drew up the Juan Martinez M1 and DP Trap Logic Charts, showing how Juan Martinez trapped the Jurors using his Closing Arguments and Juror Instructions. To sum it up, I’ve done my share of trial hostage related work these past few months. As I couldn’t concentrate on my day work, I spent that time defending Travis Alexander and his family instead.

    Nonetheless, with regards to Trolls, I’ve had the misfortune of having to read through thousands (yes, thousands) of their tweets in order to find evidence in order to support their inclusion in the above Lists and documents. I’ve had the sheer displeasure of having to argue with these Trolls on many unmemorable occasions. Furthermore, I even wrote up ‘Cross-examinations’ of certain ‘borderline’ Trolls, or certain folks that were so dishonest, so misinformed, and/or so hypocritical that they were neither Trolls or Jodi Arias supporters, but in a way much worse than that.

    These were folks who there for so-called academic purposes, under false pretenses of wanting to ‘understand’ the case, to learn and to educated people so that a crime like this were not to happen again, but yet they spent 99% of their time arguing and fighting with 99% of the hashtag population, stubbornly and aggressively defending their opinion. I do not know what to call these people, as they are neither Jodi Arias supporters nor Travis Alexander supporters, perhaps – I would call them ‘Grave Diggers’, folks who simply dig up a dead man just to thrash him around, without evidence, for apparently no God-forsaken reason.

    Hereby, ‘Cross-examinations’ were lengthy documents where I had to go through the entire tweet history of a Troll or the Grave Digger, and then wrote up a Juan Martinez styled question/answer cross-examination of them, as if they were a witness in court. I used their own tweets as evidence, and their own tweets as counter-evidence. I pointed out where they were lying, where they were being inconsistent, where they were misleading and 100% of the time their own tweets would end up incriminating themselves. I hated writing those cross-examinations, but as I was tweeting to them publicly, I wanted to have enough cover, enough evidence to support my accusations of them. I had to spend 20-30 hours ‘Tweet dumpster diving’, but had to do so for the purpose of having incriminating evidence and to differentiate myself from them. I didn’t want the Troll to have a chance to question what I accused them of and why, I was eager to include a dumpster of their tweets, so that I wouldn’t have to hear from them again later.

    It was torture, but as I saw Jodi Arias thrashing Travis Alexander on National TV, and I saw these folks trashing him on Social Media, I simply did what I could.

    Anyways, my categorization of Jodi Arias supporters, Trolls and Grave Diggers are as follows. I can provide you with usernames, sample tweets and the entire paraphernalia to support the following, but anyways,

    Garden-variety Trolls.
    1. Jodi Arias supporters, Travis Alexander haters who accuse him of pedophilia, abuse and violence. (like this article’s description of them).
    2. Jodi Arias supporters, Mormonism, LDS haters. Those who simply hate the Church and hence hate Travis Alexander.
    3. Jodi Arias supporters, HLN/MSM-haters. Those who are convinced that this is a controversy hyped up and fed to the public by HLN/MSM simply for rating benefits.
    4. Jodi Arias supporters, those who misidentify the public being as a Lynch Mob and hence support Jodi Arias.
    5. Jodi Arias supporters, those who are simply attracted to Jodi Arias.
    6. Jodi Arias supporters, those who simply disliked Juan Martinez’s style and demeanor.
    7. Jodi Arias supporters, (attorneys), who simply dislike Juan Martinez and are looking to make a quick name for themselves with a counter legal argument just in-case Juan Martinez fails.
    8. Jodi Arias supporters and Jodi Arias haters (two-faced), some folks who ‘do both sides’ simply to get attention from both sets of tweeters. They switch their allegiance and personal views every other conversation.
    9. Jodi Arias supporters, simply there to entice hatred, vitriol and garner attention to themselves. Simply there to inflame the public, create anger and chaos, for the sake of anger and chaos.
    10. Jodi Arias supporters, personal fans/friends of Alyce LaViolette.
    11. Jodi Arias supporters, family/friends of Jodi Arias.
    12. Jodi Arias herself, via Donovan Bering.
    13. Alyce LaViollete herself.
    14. Fake, paid Jodi Arias supporters paid to drive pro-Jodi and anti-Travis propaganda.
    15. Fake, computer-generated Jodi Arias supporter Bots.
    16. Jodi Arias supporters (defense-attorneys), who played their script on TV and had to do so likewise on Social media.
    17. Leechers and Spammers, those simply there using an inflammatory tweet in a popular hashtag to spread a virus, scam/sell a product, promote a link, etc.

    Grave Diggers.
    1. The folks publicly claim to be non-Jodi Arias supporters, but their tweets are fully sympathetic and in support of Jodi Arias. They publicly claim to be non-Travis Alexander haters, but their tweets are fully offensive and scathing in attack of Travis Alexander. They claim to be here for debate, learning and education, yet they conduct in no debates, only full-blown, stubborn defense of their opinions. They involve themselves in no learning and education, insist publicly of not talking to close family or friends of Travis Alexander or Jodi Arias (those who actually knew them), but instead choose to obtain their information solely on evidence submitted by Jodi Arias or her Defense team in court and through scavenging of Travis Alexander’s Myspace, social media blogs and videos. These ‘Grave Diggers’ I have considered them worse than the garden variety Trolls because these folks DO NOT resort to name calling other users like other Trolls as to give themselves away, instead they use a misleading civil tone to start their conversations and then proceed to enforce their views upon the users. When the users respond in the form of an argument or a debate, these ‘Grave Diggers’ use a list of ‘talking points’ to automate their response in either a defensive, stubborn unyielding way, or else in a non-responsive, evasive and nonchalant way. When faced with an absolute undeniable argument or question that jeopardizes or demolishes their argument completely, they simply chose to ignore the tweet and not reply at all. These are ‘Grave Diggers’ who have a personal stake in being involved in Social Media, some of them call themselves Social Media Activists, or Twitter Lecturers (someone who lectures people on Twitter), and apparently they have no regard whatsoever for either Jodi Arias nor Travis Alexander. Do don’t mind accusing both of them, as long as they have an audience. These ‘Grave Diggers’ have no passionate belief of their own, such as hatred of the LDS or hatred of HLN, etc., they are simply there for the sake of being there, or for themselves. Whereas ‘Trolls’ often hide under a hidden name, a fake picture and a fake identity, ‘Grave Diggers’ advertise themselves using there full name, real picture, complete CV, they are there for maximum exposure. Garden variety trolls give up arguing after a while, but Grave Diggers never give up, (unless it suits them).

    Hereby, how do you win argument with a Troll? How do you understand them? The simple answer is, you can’t. You don’t. You can understand their motivations of Trolls perhaps, but you can’t understand the motivation of the Grave Digger. They won’t call you names, or use foul language, but eventually they will, they show their true offensive selves when you publicly embarrass them enough.

    And there you have it. Three months of doing nothing but watching the Trial.


    PS* Example of a tweet from a ‘Grave Digger’, the worse type of all Trolls.
    @GraveDiggerTroll “Travis Alexander was a narcissist, manipulator, hypocrite, liar, sexual deviant (both of them), troubled, traumatic (childhood trauma), abuser (emotional), controller, predator, a whore, womanizer, sinner, used religion as a tool for manipulation and misleading, heavily conflicted about women, sex, religion and success, arrogant, conceited, sexually unhealthy, had commitment issues, a user, a trife and a fake mormon, amongst others.”

    PS* Supporting documents of all claims and accusations made above. (Google document).

  39. I would love to know what you make of Jodi and her defense team using the anniversary of Travis’ murder to file their newest motion? Why did they feel the need to horn in on a day set aside to remember, and honor Travis? We know Jodi is a narcissist, and a sociopath, but it looks like her defense team is afflicted by the same conditions. Why not file the motion on Monday, or why not file it today? Thank goodness Travis’ family and friends had each other to lean on and remember him. The rest of us remembered him on Face Book and Twitter. We came together to do this in the only way we knew how. After 5 months of listening to Jodi and the defense team trash Travis, wasn’t that enough? Why would she want to be in the spotlight on the anniversary of his murder? Not only is there no remorse, she continues to spew her lies and vilify a man who’s only sin was that he couldn’t love a sociopath. Now they are embracing the diagnosis of Dr DeMarte even though they spent days ridiculing her on the witness stand. The irony! The problem for the defense is that Borderline Personality Disorder is not an insanity defense. She knew right from wrong. She knew what she was doing. She just didn’t like the fact that the man she obsessed over didn’t feel the same way about her. Nice try, Nurmi and Wilmontt! Now, if you two could take Jodi and crawl back in your hole, the world would appreciate it.

  40. I think with the kind of sex they were engaging in was totally wreckless. Unless you simply go and pay a prostitute, which Travis obviously did not want to do, watch out- you-as an uncommitted male- are going to pay a huge, huge price for becoming involved with a woman who is acting out/manipulating in the way Jodi did. She was not just in it for the fun and the sex as she pretended to be. Very few women can be. Not all women will react to be used the way she did but men- be careful who you use.
    NORMAL women do not want to debase themselves this way sexually…in an uncommitted relationship. I don’t care what age they are.
    Travis was attracted to her because of HIS issues.

    That is why it is good,when one realizes that his/her childhood was problematic, to take action and deal with the issues.

    Otherwise, people remain vulnerable to play out their needs with others who are wounded.

  41. As far as Jodi supporters go I liken most of them (for all their individual reasons) to the same people who ‘follow’ the David Koreshs, Jim Jones, Manson and on and on. Heck we can follow this tree right up to Dachau.

    Another issue sparked by this article is the same examination of the defense witnesses. Is Dr. Geshner really just a hired gun as it appears??? If so how can his colleagues afford him so much respect, if in fact they do?? I really don’t get his motivation to repeatedly try to influence numerous legal proceedings. Is it a DP thing???

    Alyce LV. Was she really so naive to buy Jodi’s fantasy? Did the DT purposely keep crucial infor from her, and why would she go down with this ship??? Perhaps she hasn’t, perhaps the Jodi supporters have now boosted her to new fame??? Is she truly just biased and jaded as so many DV woman appear to be that murder is justified???

    Was Dr. Samuels just too sympathetic towards Jodi, clearly biased? Is this just his motus opperendi, perhaps exactly what the DT was looking for?

    Maybe ethical concerns prevents someone from the field to examine this aspect of the “Jodi supporters” but I’d sure like to understand the role THESE individuals played. Maybe this is just a normal part of the intersection between the law and the mental health profession…hmmm. Sounds a bit Crazy to me.

  42. Here’s how I explain the Arias supporters…

    They all have one single thing in common: a willing suspension of disbelief. Not everyone has this odd ability but many, many people do. Whether this ability is the manifestation of some form of as-yet-undefined mental illness I can’t say. But I do know that this ability is never limited to one specific event or concept. It is a thought process pattern and it seems to be totally unrelated to education or intelligence.

    For example, one day I went to my jewelry box to grab a particular set of bangle bracelets I wanted to wear but discovered they were all missing. First, I questioned my trusted roommate whether she had borrowed them. She replied that she had not but said she had an idea who had taken them. Later that day, a mutual friend “dropped by” to return my bracelets. She handed them to me and said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t think you’d mind if I took them because you have so many other bracelets.” But here is what she knew about those particular bracelets before she took them: they were a matched set made of 14k gold left to me in the will of my step-mother (i.e. she was well aware of their monetary and sentimental value to me). This otherwise “nice girl” willingly chose to disbelieve I would miss them or care about them. In fact, she seemed genuinely surprised I wanted the bracelets back.

    Arias supporters believe the lies Jodi tells because they are willing and able to do so. I am at a loss to explain how or why this happens because my own brain doesn’t work that way. I just know the ability to suspend disbelief is not an uncommon personality trait that may well deserve space in the DSM.

    • Well, now I’m pissed about the bracelets! Seriously, I have to get a life. Why is it that I feel the need to take on everybody’s problems, and injustices? Whether you are a religious person or not, the Golden Rule should be applied in everyday situations.
      Travis called Jodi a few names, so that shows he was an abuser? You can’t take her word regarding anything else, because she is an admitted liar. The Jodi supporters take those text messages, and determine that Travis abused Jodi. We can take their posts and see that they are abusing a dead man and his family with their words. Do they deserve to die because of it? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, right?

      • @Sandy,

        Gosh, I certainly didn’t mean to upset anyone over something that happened to me more than thirty years ago. It was just an event I will always remember because it so boggled my mind. Besides, the girl did return the bracelets so, in the end, no harm no foul.

        Verbal abuse, even when it rises to the level of character assassination, is never an excuse for violence. I believe the greater concern here is in understanding the underlying cause of the verbal abuse. This is something I feel Alyce LaViolette did not show an interest in addressing. In other words, she never seemed to question why Travis was so enraged with Jodi. To me, this is elemental in understanding whether the rants were truly abusive or just the ravings of a man so provoked he had to vent (and perhaps took it to an inappropriate level).

        Remember, in the May 26th text message chain, Travis called Jodi a sociopath. Had I been LaViolette, that would have set off bright red flares. Why would he use that particular word? Yes, people do sometimes throw the word around inappropriately. But, in this case, he was using it toward a confessed killer. DING DING DING. Fact check time, Alyce.

        • I agree Linda K, ALVie was sympathetic to Jodi bc she saw a big fat paycheck for herself. She only managed to make herself look incredible and I’m sure she is finding it difficult to find speaking engagements now. 44 hours of interviews is counseling, she sent her magazines, she wanted to be her friend. Instead of standing up for the abused victim, that being Travis, ALVie did a huge injustice to true survivors and those who look to her affiliations for help. That’s my take on old ALVie. She saw dollar signs.

          • Anne, I think money did factor into some of ALV’s conclusions. But here’s what I will say in her defense. I’m a victim of abuse and, in listening to her monologues on the stand during direct examination, I can attest to the fact that this woman does indeed know and understand the dynamics of domestic abuse very very well.

            That said, I think she was manipulated by Jodi and that was made possible, primarily, by Jodi’s pathological skill at manipulation. ALV is probably not highly experienced in dealing with women like Jodi… I suspect most of her clients are relatively honest about their abuse (possibly exaggerating to some extent). Dealing with a client whom she couldn’t detect as being a liar put her at a severe disadvantage. Ooops. How is it a seasoned clinician can’t feel the wool creeping over her eyes? EPIC FAIL!

            But we digress from the topic at hand so I’ll leave it at that.

          • Linda K, I can see that happening to ALV, not being experienced to the ways of Jodi Arias and very well could have had good intentions. My point was more how much time she spent with her. Statistically, expert witnesses do not spend so many hours with a defendant. It just isn’t necessary for 44 hours of visits inside prison. But I’ll agree with you, ALV has some good insight with true abuse survivors. I’m also one with the pics and docs to prove it. Police reports as well. Jodi, Nada. That should have been the first red flag for ALV and Dr. Dick. Just her not so credible word against a guy in the morgue. If you go into any doctors office restroom u will see a list taped to the wall of questions relating to partner abuse. I’m grabbing a copy next visit to post. All the questions could have been answered YES by Travis…not Jodi. U know she wasn’t physically abused, we all do. Verbal abuse after all she did to him? After two years? None of it constitutes the butchery that played out June 4, 2008. IMO

  43. @ Anne Wooff

    As I said in my original post in this thread, some people are willing and able to suspend disbelief in spite of any and all evidence proving them wrong. Alyce LaViolette gives all indications she is one of these people. She is the most effective Arias supporter I know, the one who has been able to do the most good for her defense (i.e. she helped her escape the DP in round one).

    LaViolette was the last of the three testifying mental health witnesses to “evaluate” Arias (first Samuels, then DeMarte then LaViolette). We know that LaViolette read the reports of Samuels and DeMarte prior to testifying but it’s not clear whether she had access to them prior to visiting Arias for the first time in jail. We also know she was specifically questioned about the reports and unequivocally rebuffed the notions that Jodi is a liar, a manipulator, a stalker, an abuser. How many times did we hear her say, “I saw no evidence of that.” Excuse my language but WTF??

    Moving on, we all recall the first thing ALV did during her first visit with JA was offer a sincere apology for having read her journals. This tells us a great deal about ALVs approach to “victims”… she stated she wanted to create a bond in order to perform her “evaluation.” Furthermore, as you mentioned, she provided JA with some magazine subscriptions (I’d love to know which ones!) and continued on to spend 44 hours with her. Bonding? Oh, yeah. Krazy Glue.

    What this proves to me is that ALV went into the “evaluation” with the preconceived notions that JA (a) was a victim and (b) killed TA in self-defense. While that might be standard practice for a counselor in a Women’s Shelter, it was totally bass-ackwards for a criminal “evaluation” — just as you pointed out. Worse still, it probably provided JA with some juicy pointers on how to act like a victim.

    Anyway, ALV was clearly unable to rid herself of those initial assumptions in spite of all the evidence she claims to have seen. Some of the more ridiculous comments she made on the stand (off the top of my head):

    1. Jodi is not a Stalker. That first word under “Domestic Terrorism” on my chart says “Stalking” but it doesn’t really mean that.
    2. Travis said he was afraid of Jodi but, because there was an “LOL” later in the message, I can’t take him seriously. Besides, he never called the cops on Jodi.
    3. Jodi was afraid of Travis. The proof is that she never called the cops or told anyone about the abuse.
    3. Travis was deceptive because he lied about being a virgin.
    4. Jodi is not deceptive because she only lied about killing Travis.
    5. Travis broke Jodi’s finger and has the finger to prove it.
    6. I don’t know how old The Seven Dwarves are.

    Gah, I could go on all night but I don’t want to. I’m making myself sick all over again.

    But you see, this is my point about willing suspension of disbelief. ALV had absolutely no reason to believe Jodi and yet she did. It defies every rule of logic I learned back in Philosophy 101.

    • My bad, two more things to add…

      One, in my list of ridiculous things ALV said, #5 should read, “Travis broke Jodi’s finger and she has the finger to prove it.”

      Two, I want to make it clear (if for any reason it hasn’t been) that I’m not trying to contradict or diminish Dr. Randle’s assessment in any way. What she writes is deeply analytical, delving farther into the human psyche than I’d ever dare to go. In contrast, my simplistic, layman’s view — that there is a single, base commonality between all types of supporters she describes — is merely an observation I’ve made over my many years of life experience. Her theory speaks to the identification with Jodi and hatred of Travis while mine speaks only to the ability to believe lies in spite of the evidence.

      • @Linda K.

        The fact ALV has all the experience and knowledge of her field tells us oodles about Jodi’s capabilities of sucking people in and getting their support. I have a better understanding of that now. Being a survivor myself, I am always suspicious and look for the ulterior motive when dealing with certain personality types. Getting sucked in by manipulators and abusers makes a person hyper aware later because lets face it, there are so many of these types who come into our lives everyday. I used to run around with my rose colored glasses on until that guy punched them right off my face. I am beginning to have some sympathy for ALV after reading your thoughts. Thanks for that. <3

        • I wish we had some way of knowing if ALV has ever figured out that she got sucked in by Jodi. Or is she still out there defending this evil person and grumbling about the mean ol’ Prosecutor and terrible Travis? On the stand her behavior seemed quite immature to me. I do believe she and Jodi bonded in some way…which is totally inappropriate if she was to be an expert and evaluate JA. And if Jodi got the idea from ALV that people in general like to persecute others to make themselves feel better…..I’m sorry if ALV has that world view ….but she needs to stay out of the business of counseling people. That being said, Jodi being such a liar, it is possible that no one ever made such a suggestion to her.
          Either way I think that ALV owes an apology to the Alexander family for her effort to destroy Travis’ good name. Which reminds me: walking up to Sam in court to say its nothing personal was SO inappropriate in every way. An counselor who doesn’t understand boundaries is worthless, imo. I hope her book tanks and no one hires her to speak ever again.

          • @MaryLou

            I think ALV’s probably fine as a counselor. What she needs to do is cease and desist “evaluating” abuse victims for court cases. She has no talent for it, does not have the proper skills for it, and certainly has no talent whatsoever for actually testifying in a criminal trial…

            “M’am, was Travis Alexander a man, yes or no?”


          • I think Alyce LaViolet has some personal issues that she probably has not fully resovled in her own well being or she was duped by Jodi, in any case, I would not call a an expert when she had these issues or that she was duped. The reason why I say she has perhaps personal issues is that if rumors are true that it took the defense quite awhile to find an expert to testify for the defense in DV issues and if all these experts saw red flags and basically told the defense that we cannot say this is DV or not then why would Alyce put herself on a Island basically alone to say so. Most of us based our opinions about things on facts, our how we were raised and the values that we learned and our experience and Alyce put herself on this Island basically alone because of something. There were many red flags in this case and these red flags she either ignored or do not believe they exists and back to my premise she ignored them for a reason or she was blind by them and their must be a reason or perhaps she was plain duped by Jodi in which she is not an expert and should not called as such.

            I just wonder how many good mens and fathers that Alyce proably screwed over because she testify on a custody battle for a woman that manipulated her or that Alyce own biased regardless of why it was there clouded her judgements. I am sure there were many.

        • Before you have too much sympathy for Alyce, Anne, let me interrupt… :)

          Alyce spent a lifetime before meeting Jodi promoting the idea that men being battered by women is mostly a “myth” though she conceded there was the rare exception. She believed for decades in her work that she was entitled to her own facts without real research, even unabashedly quoted herself and her co-author instead of real research.

          Here’s an example from a talk called Researchers Agree Women May Hit Their Male Partners, But Infrequently ‘Batter’ Them — Pattern of Coercion Is Seldom Present in Female Aggression, “I will end by quoting Ola Barnett and myself: “There is no research that can say that the cost of women’s violence — emotionally, physically, or in regard to property damage — in any way matches the violence perpetrated by men.”

          She lists on her CV a talk entitled “the Battered Husband and Other Myths.” She has always denied the well known observation that there are mutual combatants in many domestic violence relationships.

          Contrary to her assertions, the research was always there. It was there when she testified that Travis was not the victim or the one most abused.

          A new book out last month gives a comprehensive review of the real research on domestic violence and concluded that women perpetrate physical and emotional abuse, as well as engage in control behaviors, at comparable rates to men. “Among PASK’s findings are that, except for sexual coercion, men and women perpetrate physical and non-physical forms of abuse at comparable rates, most domestic violence is mutual, women are as controlling as men, domestic violence by men and women is correlated with essentially the same risk factors, and male and female perpetrators are motivated for similar reasons.”

          Almost as if speaking to Alyce directly, it says, “PASK is grounded in the premises that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but not to their own facts; that these facts should be available to everyone, and that domestic violence intervention and policy ought to be based upon these facts rather than ideology and special interests.”

          Alyce came to Jodi already a priestess in her own cult religion.

          • I don’t often choose to speak about my experience with abuse, but I will tell you this much. I was the poster child for the LaViolette Model of Victimology (if there is such a thing). That’s probably why I was so impressed with her non-trial-related testimony. I sat here listening and kept nodding, “Yes yes yes!” But, once she began to testify to the relationship between Jodi and Travis, I went nuclear and started shaking my head, “No no no!”

            Her gender bias was evident, shameful and unprofessional. Jodi was clearly the abuser in the relationship and she failed to recognize and acknowledge that — for whatever reason. Is she a true man hater? I don’t know. Maybe. But maybe she simply holds onto a view that is skewed toward the feminine victims because that’s the foundation of her experience. She started her career in a women’s shelter so it would be natural to identify with Women First.

            Please bear in mind I’m not trying to excuse her from responsibility for that disastrous testimony in the Arias trial. To the contrary, I’m still quite livid about that. I just try too hard, sometimes, to understand “where people come from.” I think it’s good to understand, even if you don’t agree.

  44. This discussion about ALV is interesting. Obviously all here agree she was a terrible ct evaluator and lacked professionalism. But even IF ALV does have knowledge of DV that matches some DV cases as Linda K has suggested, that still doesn’t mean she would be a “good counselor” outside of a court situation. While a counselor or other treating professional does need to be able to form a therapeutic alliance with a client and does need to feel and display empathy, it is not a sign of a good or ethical counselor to fall into the client’s “stuff” without objectivity and to get completely lost in the client’s view of the world. Part of what an effective counselor does is provide a more “objective” and stable reality for the client while accepting the client for who she is–not necessarily for that she does. From her court behavior, ALV seems to function more like a high school “best friend” does (taking sides with the friend, refusing to listen to things that “threaten” the friend’s version of events, doing battle with those who “threaten” the friend, feeling the emotional baggage of the friend as if it were her own) and that’s NOT therapeutic typically and it’s certainly not professional. Empathy does NOT require suspension of one’s own reality and judgment.

    • I couldn’t agree more, lizzie. All I know about ALV’s counseling techniques is what she told us on the stand. From what I can recall offhand, she mentioned she interviews and counsels both the abuser and the abused separately and together to get a bigger picture of a given relationship, and that she usually finds “the truth is somewhere in between.” I construed that to mean her typical counseling approach was much more objective and competent than the “evaluation” work she did in the Arias case. That may well be a false conclusion on my part. That or I simply misunderstood her often-rambling testimony.

      • Linda, I listened to Alyce on this a few times. She wasn’t saying she counsels the husband and wife separately or together. What she said was that when she has a male batterer in her court ordered group, she never just takes his version of the story. She has the battered partner come in separately to tell her version of what happened. But the woman is not her patient just a resource for information because she says the batterer will never disclose everything that really happened.

        A personal friend of mine whose a psychologist (PhD) told me that competent psychologists never do joint therapy with a couple where there’s domestic abuse because it creates an unsafe situation for the victim. The victim cannot be free to speak in the presence of an intimidating batterer and knows they could be punished at home for what they say in therapy. Also because domestic abuse is not a joint marital problem but an issue of one victimizing another and therapy is for joint marital problems.

        As an attorney I have seen so many situations where a provider of mental health services or evaluator of some sort actually does more harm. Despite all the accolades, I wonder how much harm Alyce’s interviews with the battered spouse might actually do even if she claims she keeps what she’s told confidential. Imagine being an abuser in a court ordered program knowing that your “therapist” is calling your victim in for an interview where she might contradict what you’ve told the therapist. Or worse, since Alyce does not believe “mutual combatant” fact patterns, imagine a guy who knows they both batter each other, and he knows Alyce is going to interview the woman and believe her side that he’s the only abuser in the relationship.

        A lot of what I heard Alyce say made me wonder how much anger she actually inspires in those men after they suffer through her program. How many of them even lose control of themselves and fail the program under her man-hating, condescending “I’m gonna give you a time out, Mr.” attitude. She is SO CONTROLLING that she even told Juan Martinez all the men in her group would think Travis’ words to Jodi were abuse. Imagine these men feeling controlled like that by this person who has power to tell the court they failed the program for non-compliance or an attitude problem. She inspired people to feel violent toward her and/or want to scream just watching on TV!

        • I only listened to her testimony once so it’s entirely possible I misremembered the details in regard to “counseling” both the abuser and the abused. Thanks for clarifying.

          What I seem to be hearing from all of you is that ALV is of little or no professional value to victims of domestic violence. With all due respect, I’m not yet willing to boot her 30+ years of work and experience in the field to the curb just because of one botched case — and that’s the only case I, personally, have any information about. That said, I’m happy to let the subject drop. =)

  45. Not all supporters think alike; it is unfare to ass-u-me so. I myself won’t relax ’till the dp is removed from the table; one way or another; whether it be the mercy of mr montgomery or the alexander family. I would have great respect for the party that removes this. We are all guilty of something and often innocent of things accused; there should no death be warrented.

    • Well, I do not know how the person with his neck slashed and his body stabbed 29 times and shot in the head could possibly voice a decision regarding Jodi’s fate.

      If you do not believe in DP that is your choice and your right and I myself is not sure on how I feel about it but i do believe that we should have some sort of rule in place that say if you purposely take some life with fore thought and planning then perhaps the ultimate punishment should be your life.

      • Hi Randy, I’m afraid William subscribes to Jodi’s idea that one mistake shouldn’t color all the rest of her life. Its ludicrous; she has NO remorse. And as long as she lives she will continue to kill Travis by tearing down his reputation and she’ll torture his family with her lies. I’ve never been a supporter of the DP….but I just can’t help but see it as appropriate in this case.

        • Marylou, I never understood and probably will never understand someone saying ” oh, its a mistake”. My opinion is that when someone planned to kill someone for about 10 days bofore the plan was executed, they took step to carry out the plan like Jodi did, she had times to reflect about what she doing while driving 10 hours or so before she executed the plan and she executed the plan then in my opinion this is not a mistake. Jodi knew the consequences of what she did and that is why she planned the killing and try to destroy evidence linking her to the murder. This murder was not a mistake, she wanted Travis dead.

    • My apologies on my last post, I felt that you were saying Mr. Alexander to take the death penalty off but you were talking about the County Attorney Mr. montgomery.

  46. Dr. Randle, this is a great article and a topic very worthy of investigation. In the task of selecting jurors who are expected to be fair in the consideration of evidence, these tainted individuals need to be weeded out.

    I have become engrossed with this phenomena since the Casey Anthony trial and her supporters, and have found myself looking up topics and developing my own theories about some of the supporters.

    I came across a Huffington poster/ Jodi supporter that I can only sum up as ‘disingenuous’, or at best, lying to himself. He portended he wanted to ‘debate’ while his bias was glaring. He finally admitted that he believed JA stole her grandparents’ gun, but since there was no direct evidence of the gun, entirely discounted it. He feigned to not disrespect the victim, but disrespected the victim.. as well as Travis’ friends and family.. and tellingly, his supporters. He stated he will only consider what he considers ‘direct evidence’ and that he sees none that this was premeditated, while ‘entertaining’ every impossible excuse/theory against Travis. His comments history on other crimes/perpetrators showed no such latitude for murderers. He didn’t flinch at my pointing out his standard is “beyond the shadow of a doubt” and lastly added that he must reject circumstantial evidence entirely, according to ‘the letter of the law’ (when there is no such ‘letter’, and legally speaking, circumstantial evidence is not deemed ‘inferior’, and in fact is often more reliable. This poster, I summarize as a ‘Pharisee’. I cannot guess his motivations, but suspect that his devil’s advocate position smugly keeps him ‘morally superior’ to the ‘bloodthirsty mob’.. and he is just an attacked lone supporter of Jodi… “the underdog” Yes, he actually stated that Jodi is the “underdog”.

    I believe jurors should be required to use logic and consider circumstantial evidence. I think prosecutors might need to work on explaining the SCIENCE of Logic, likelihood of compounding corroborative evidence. Jurors that focus on the “letter” of the law, vs the “intent” of the law, need to be let go.

    I have so many thoughts about the Casey and Jodi supporters, but am struck with not only their anti-prosecution/authority bend, but with their anti-society bend. Their professed desire that even if Jodi premeditated the crime it would be worth it that she is acquitted, just to ‘stick it’ to “HLN” and the “lynch mob”… average Americans that find butchery reprehensible.. aka “old, fat women with cats that watch Nancy Grace”… either that or short statured prosecutors with “little man syndrome.” ..How dare they judge Jodi. They are anti-societal mores/morality.

    Regarding Sex and gender, Jodi/Casey supporters accuse their accusers of misogyny against their fair/sexualized woman victim… all the while, their true misogyny is reserved for ‘old crones’. As misogyny goes, they are the worst of the worst… objectifying Jodi’s sexuality and age, reserving their disdain for “jealous old women, past their prime”. They are obsessed with the sexuality of Jodi/Casey and liken them to Mary Magdalene, whom they are saving while falsely claiming “witch hunts”… while an actual witch hunt is accusing an innocent, based on unsubstantiated slander… that would be Travis. Again they are Pharisees, and even if non religious you will find them selectively quoting Jesus to their audience that they often assume to be ‘judgmental Christians’.. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.. They forgot beware of those calling evil good, and a multitude of other lessons.

    Not only is misogyny a factor, but misandry is as well. I think this has been pointed out by many. I agree wholeheartedly that Jodi and many of her supporters are jealous of Travis, even posthumously.

  47. I’m glad someone retweeted this article. I did some thinking about this subject.The person who is the worst however, is the one Jodi in her own words refers to on her art site as a friend SJ who created This is the same person who created an identical site and rallied behind Casey Anthony, The vulgarity&viciousness,from this SJ has certainly esculated from the Casey days however. Is he attracted to a “type”? Jodi and Casey do sort of resemble each other,both are liars.Let another 20something year old female face murder charges in a high profile case that resembles Jodi or Casey,and I am willing to be there will be an identical site made for her by SJ also.

  48. This article only gives me pause in so far as it appears to insinuate that many domestic violence victims/survivors are gleeful when another victim is able to cause harm to or kill their abuser. So, I hope I am reading this correctly in that these must be people, whom already have mental health issues before they were exposed to a domestic violence abuser or haven’t dealt with the aftermath in a constructive manner.

    As a domestic violence survivor myself, I don’t have the need for revenge toward other abusers or for that matter my ex. It would only hurt my healing process more if I would let myself be consumed by anger and hatred toward other perpetrators and that’s the last thing I want. Yes, I am passionate about stopping domestic violence but I am not driven by the need for redemption or revenge.

    Instead, I want our society to make changes that would put us all on a path to healthier interpersonal relationships vs. the dysfunctional family dynamics we have now. This requires education to ensure that our young women and men know what healthy relationships look like and that they are fostered in creating healthy self-esteem and boundaries.

    That being said, I also don’t consider Jodi a domestic violence victim. She was the perpetrator in this case and I am deeply offended by her posing as a domestic violence survivor. Her actions, in an effort to save her hide, will make it much more difficult for real domestic violence victims, whom had to use deadly force when all other options were exhausted, to get justice going forward. It’s like the boy who cried wolf.

    I can also say that as much as I had a lot of resentment and anger toward my ex, it never translated into me wanting to cause him bodily harm or death. I chose to flee or when cornered fight and then flee.

    Regardless of the circumstances, I don’t think anybody ever truly “deserves” to die and what happened to Travis was overkill and heinous murder. If it had been self-defense, then Jodi would have tried to do minimal harm only in order to make an escape. To me there’s no proof whatsoever that her life was at stake in order to justify killing Travis in the manner in which she did.

    I don’t buy that there was ever domestic violence on Travis’ part because most likely there would have been a pattern of it in his previous relationships and there wasn’t. Certainly, there probably was dysfunction and there were verbally abusive exchanges. Yet, as far as those are concerned, I tend to believe Dr. DeMarte’s assertion on that point in that Jodi escalated the relationship to a point, where this is an airing of frustration and anger on Travis’ part – as misplaced as it may have been.

    In summary, I understand the key arguments in this articles and I do agree overall because I, for one, can’t imagine driving 1,000 miles toward my abuser, after I had escaped. That in and of itself gave me pause.

  49. Really looking forward to the book.

    Will it be only about the Travis Alexander murder and Arias’s trial, or ‘mental health and criminal justice’, in general.

    One more thing: Even if we believed every negative word Jodi said (and later swore to in court) about Travis, even if he were a pedophile, an abusive man, a womanizer, etc., she had no legal or moral right to kill him. Even if in her delusional mind she felt she did have that right or obligation, the manner in which he was murdered is so gruesome, so grizzly and abhorrent, it speaks volumes about her nature and inability to feel what a ‘normal’ person would feel slaughtering a person as she did.

    How does she go on living, sleeping, eating? Because she is not ‘okay’. She’s a sociopath, above all and in addition to whatever else she is, (borderline personality, narcissist, plus who knows what).

    The only thing that surprises me about Jodi is that she had no prior record of arrest. Her deviousness probably has a lot to do with that.

    She is one scary, monstrous person, in my opinion.

    • I think the reason why she had no prior arrest or troubles is that she was able to manipulate people. I do think she has a record as a juvenile but it was probably expunge because the word is that she was growing pot on the roof of her parents house and the police was involved but I have not heard if she got any consequence from that. I think she was so used to lying her way out of minor things is that is why she thought she was going to get away with killing Travis and that is why she said no jury would ever convict her

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