Jodi Arias Trial: Public Backlash To Alyce LaViolette’s Testimony

Jodi Arias has had two expert witnesses testify on her behalf, Dr. Samuels and Alyce LaViolette. Though many people were less than satisfied with the testimony of Dr. Samuels, it did not cause the negative reaction that is occurring in response to the testimony of Ms. LaViolette. Alyce 1

Ms. LaViolette has spent her entire life working in the domestic violence field. She has written a book on domestic violence and has given many public presentations. I am sure that if you were to ask her if she were an advocate for victims of domestic violence, she would undoubtedly say yes. If you were to ask her if she had helped domestic violence victims, she would likewise say yes.

In addition, if you were to ask her if she thought that she would be seen positively in the eyes of domestic violence victims, she would again say yes. This is where she may be wrong.

There is a backlash. There is a group of domestic violence victims who are having a very negative reaction to Ms. LaViolette. The very people that one would think should be championing her efforts, actions and work (the victims of domestic violence) are instead denigrating her and her efforts.

This is not to say that all domestic violence victims are attacking Ms. LaViolette. This is not to say that Ms. LaViolette does not have her supporters. The intensely negative reaction to her testimony makes me more interested in her detractors. It would seem obvious to me that she should have supporters, after all she has been an advocate of the abused spouse. Shouldn’t all victims of domestic violence support her?

What is most interesting, is the fact that many victims of domestic violence are having a very intense, negative reaction to her. In essence they are saying that her describing and finding Jodi Arias to be a victim of domestic abuse, is incorrect and does a grave disservice to real victims of domestic violence. Their reaction is intense and visceral. It is not simply a negative critique.

Tanya Young Williams is an advocate and representative for the DV Hotline. She is the estranged wife of former NBA star Jayson Williams. She is a well-known spokeswoman for the National Domestic Violence Hotline. She is an advocate for victims of domestic violence. She has appeared on many national television programs and even more national radio programs.

Remember that Ms. LaViolette, has concluded her examination and has determined that without a doubt Jodi Arias is a victim of domestic violence. Tanya Young Williams does not agree with that conclusion.

Here’s what she had to say about the possibility that Jodi Arias was a victim of domestic violence.

“…Therefore, with great contemplation and some apprehension, I voice my anger in Jodi Arias’ attempt to use the Battered Woman Syndrome as the nucleus of her strategic subterfuge…

…Still, after listening to seemingly endless hours of her testimony, I do not believe that Jodi Arias was a battered woman…

…The need for the Battered Woman Syndrome is paramount. Therefore, anytime a defendant like Jodi Arias lies about being a battered woman, the hard work of domestic violence advocates everywhere is undermined.”

It is interesting to note that Ms. Williams is espousing a commonly held theme. Jodi Arias is not a victim of domestic violence and her claim of victimization, and its use as a defense in the murder of Travis Alexander, does harm to the real issue of domestic violence. It is also interesting to point out that someone with the national presence of Tanya Young Williams and the national credibility of Ms. Williams, finds it impossible to conclude that Jodi Arias is a victim of domestic violence.

It appears that Ms. Williams is very sure that Jodi Arias is not a victim, whereas Ms. LaViolette is very sure that she is a victim.

Both cannot be right. We are not talking about shades of gray. One is right and one is wrong. Logically, Jodi Arias cannot both be and not be a victim of domestic violence. Someone is very wrong. There are many victims of domestic violence who disagree with Ms. LaViolette. In fact, they are screaming their disapproval.

Ms. LaViolette’s book is reviewed on Since her appearance on the witness stand, Ms. LaViolette’s book has received over 500 reviews. Though I have not read all of the reviews, I have read the majority. The reviews are scathing. They are overwhelmingly negative and disparaging. Her books’ rating has fallen to one star, from a possible five stars. I should also note that it is impossible to rate a book lower than one star on

Most interesting to me, were the reviews from female victims of domestic violence. I was impressed with how well thought out and heartfelt they were. Many were long and included the history of their personal abuse. These should be read, if for no other reason, to help the reader understand the insidious, decimating nature of domestic violence. If one were interested in the heights reached in moon exploration, it would be good to read about the experience of astronauts. If one were interested in the depths of negative human experience, it would be good to read about the lives of domestic violence victims.

I found one review by a female victim of domestic violence very compelling (an review) and I will quote it here. She is speaking of Ms. LaViolette.

“…in this woman’s paradigm, all men are abusive monsters, and all women, even murderers, are victims…

…This philosophy is not only unfortunate, but, it does a great disservice to the millions of real abuse victims…

…I was in a terrifying abusive situation, classically modeled by Alyce’s model, but, I did not feel justified in murdering my husband, mutilating him, and then slandering his memory by telling the world he was a pedophile and monster…

…This woman has a smug superiority that is offensive to the senses of anyone with a fair view of the world…

…The relationships between people are complicated, and cannot be generalized by any one view, or made into pop iconic generalizations, like this philosophy portends. In fact, it is outdated…

..she has called Travis Alexander the monster, and even supported the liar killer’s claim he was a pedophile, with NO proof…

…And finally “I am so offended by her stance as an “expert witness” in the trial of Jodi Arias, that I have no objectivity towards her work.”

Obviously, Ms. Laviolette’s testimony has been quite offensive to many domestic violence victims. There is much additional evidence to support that conclusion. For instance, there is a new Facebook page entitled Alyce LaViolette Is No Longer A Voice For The Voiceless.”

The page exists for two reasons: one to support Travis Alexander, his memory and his surviving family. The other is to “not allow real domestic violence victims to be insulted.” Though only recently constructed, the page already has hundreds of likes.

There also exists a petition to ban Ms. LaViolette from speaking at abuse seminars. As of the writing of this article, the petition have been signed by over 5,000 people. It is interesting to note that the petition cannot be signed anonymously but instead requires a unique email address and the signers first and last names. Here is the opening statement, from the website, describing the intent of the petition.

“Alyce LaViolette should no longer be given the opportunity to speak at abuse seminars based on her testimony in The State vs. Jodi Arias Murder trial.”

USA Today reported that Ms. LaViolette is receiving countless emails and phone calls at her Long Beach counseling office. The communications have become so intense, that Ms. LaViolette had to be seen at an emergency room for anxiety attacks and heart palpitations. Some legal experts question whether or not the public’s backlash towards Ms. LaViolette constitutes witness tampering. A retired Maricopa County Superior Court Judge, Kenneth Fields, believes that nothing can done. “If it’s just the general public and there’s no intention (by the prosecution), then there’s nothing to be done about it.”

Ms. LaViolette once flew under the radar. Her credibility and expertise went unchallenged. Her expertise was simply assumed, after all she has worked in the field for 30+ years and did a lot of public speaking. She has also testified in some low profile or no profile trials. That’s all changed now. Her theories are being challenged, no longer are they  passively assumed to be true. Her every word, every conclusion, is now being judged for its’ wisdom and underlying biases.

Is it fair? But of course it is. Ms. LaViolette voluntarily accepted the job of expert witness, in a high profile trial, and she didn’t do so as an act of charity. She is being paid $250.00 an hour for her out-of-court time and $300 an hour for her in-court testimony. When it’s all said and done she could walk away with $30,000.

Actors and actresses are scrutinized. They are scrutinized both professionally and in their private lives. Baseball players, that underperform, our ripped by the fans and the media. Individuals running for political office, know that their private lives and their personal histories, are now open for public scrutiny and know full well that the scrutiny will be intense.

Ms. LaViolette is now a national public figure. There is no reason, for her or her supporters, to assume that she should be above the intense scrutiny that occurs with national public figures. Perhaps she did not realize that this would be the price that she would pay. However, it is quite fair for her to pay this price and any outcries to the contrary, are naïve and uninformed. Perhaps, even biased.

She is being paid but she is also paying. She is trading dollars for her reputation. In the mind of this writer, it is a poor trade. 

41 thoughts on “Jodi Arias Trial: Public Backlash To Alyce LaViolette’s Testimony

  1. I agree that jodi is a perpetrator a and in no way a victim of domestic violence. Victims are angry at her, rightly so. But you must see that people who work in this field are also ashamed of her doing this and angry! I am ceo of a batterers program and can tell u she may know about victims but knows nothing about perpetrators behaviors. The national model is the Duluth model and the power and control wheel. No one has asked if she holds a certification from Duluth to run groups for me. And woman that batter!!!! The court needs to here from a bip certified expert!!!

  2. It is both necessary and reasonable to challenge Ms. LaViolette’s credibility, testimony, and theoretical approach to the issue of Domestic Violence, given her role in the case and the manner in which her narrow and antiquated views of DV are being represented by her as factual. But where the public critique shifts toward a public lynching is when the criticisms are aimed not at her testimony or qualifications, but at her personally. I have read vicious calls for her to be hurt or die; attacks on her looks and weight and age; as well as demonizing and dehumanizing statements that are wholly uncalled for.

    One of the hallmarks of mob mentality is that the green light to attack has been sounded by someone in a position of influence. Those of us who have been writing of our concerns about this witness are responsible for illuminating that green light. We thus have an equal responsibility to remind our audience that just because it’s reasonable to critique a person, does not mean that any and all criticism is merited. Yes, she should be called to task for her testimony and the potential harm she is doing, but let’s curb the mob mentality that is intent on destroying her. And as for the petition, aside from it being silly and ineffectual, I want no part of any call to professionally shun someone and prevent them from presenting their views just because I think those views are goofy and unfounded. Far better to present professional papers that critique her views and testimony, than to demand she be excluded, shunned and silenced for having them.

    • I completely agree that attacking Ms. LaViolette on a personal level is inappropriate and qualifies as “bullying”. I want no part of that. It is important, I think, to be a voice of reason, calmly and with kindness, pointing out where this witness is off the mark in her assessment of that to which she testifies.

  3. Excellent read and not surprising, ALV’s testimony is both offensive and disturbing considering cross examination pointed to her obvious lack of knowledge to actual facts and evidence in this case and her relentless attempt to protect a murder whom she professionally labels as a victim of abuse as if that is reason to stab someone 27 times, slash their throat, shoot them in the head, leave the man to rot for 5 days without a word to anyone.

    On top of all that, she believes the murderer and agrees that this is love.

    Run away from this expert fast and start screaming analytical abuse.

  4. As a domestic violence victim myself, I can say that I feel utter contempt for Ms LaViolette’s representation and misrepresentation in this case. She has done so much damage to the real victims of domestic violence, and to the homicide victim in this case, whose murder shows itself for what it is despite her attempts to conceal it behind a rainbow of delusional thinking.

  5. Absolutely spot-on article! Her credibility has been demolished, her ability to be objective is non-existent. She took this “job” because she thought it would make her famous. To me, she is as famous as Jodi Arias, and for the same reasons. She is killing Travis Alexander all over again!

  6. She OJ’ed him… and those who criticize La Violette for doing a disservice to “real” victims and exhibiting an uncharacteristic “bias” are totally off the mark. Everything she says and does is mainstream domestic violence orthodoxy. It was born in the “research” of Lenore Walker and her study of a small group of women’s shelter populations and was repeated in numerous quasi-scientific studies of similar populations in the early 90’s. It insists that whatever the woman alleges must be taken as truth and they are all “real” victims. This doctrine/ideology is included within the original Violence Against Women Act and every reauthorization since and is easily found in the actual texts of these legislations. It is included in the conditions of every federal grant application for domestic violence funding. It is included in every mandatory batterer reeducation program. It is included in every mandated judge and police training seminar. It essentially insists that the woman is always the victim of “the patriarchy” and their male abusers.

  7. ALV she did this for attention and money and no she has hurt everyone involved in DV. I would not be surprised if all the court cases she has testified in is over turned and as well they should be. As someone who was battered for several years one person like this sets everything back years. She needs to get out of DV all together.

  8. I couldn’t have said it better. This “expert” has just, pardon the pun, slit her own throat. She is so biased towards Jodi that she has done a great injustice to truly abused women out there. So very sad.

  9. Wow Zorbitor. I have so many questions. Are there more domestic violence paradigms out there or is the Lenore Walker paradigm pretty much it? I am under the impression that the defense team looked high and low before they were able to even find a domestic violence expert willing to take on the case after having been given a synopsis of the evidence.

    That led me to believe that they were cherry picking their DV expert, one who would say exactly what Ms. Laviolette said.

    So you are saying that all she has known is the paradigm that she espoused, and that her paradigm is THE paradigm in DV?

  10. I actually sort of feel sorry for Alyce. Reading her CV it is clear she is in way over her head. She is more like a counselor in a group therapy session that doesn’t necessarily have a legitimate pedigree to back up her assertions. I think she created a niche for herself in small publications and doing the speaking tour circuit with a little group counseling on the side. To give her the benefit of the doubt, I believe she is passionate about domestic violence and mistakenly also thinks that her passion merits her the status of expert. She is in no way an expert in the field. Her history is very heavy biased towards “teaching” about the subject rather than actually “doing” a lot.

    How Jodi Arias’ defense team found her I have no clue. But clearly she was hired not to do an evaluation but to craft a defense that would explain Jodi’s behavior as a domestic violence victim at the hands of Travis Alexander. I think she probably thinks Juan Martinez is a bully and aggressor and her mistake during the trial is she spend all her time trying to figure out where he wants to go rather than answer the questions asked of her. Clearly she is biased and nothing will shake her from her beliefs because evidence is not part of her mindset, it is just that Jodi is a victim, The End!

    I think she probably was excited to get this gig after all the money is good and I am sure in her mind she thought she would be providing a public service and furthering her cause. I don’t think she had a clue about what would happen. It was even clearer this afternoon with the jury questions that she frames every answer in a way to demonstrate Jodi as the victim.

    Sadly for her, I suspect she hasn’t even begun to see how deep the anger and retaliation against her is going to go. Both Samuels and LaViolette saw their opportunity for Fame and Recognition but had no idea how high the cost they would pay. If they are both smart they have carefully banked their blood money from this trial because I think they have destroyed their careers.

    Don’t really feel too bad for them, they had the hubris to actually think that they were experts with nothing in their backgrounds or credentials that would back that up. Greed, a fast buck and attention serve as their fall from grace. May not seem fair but hey life rarely is fair. Hopefully they will get some insights and learn from the experience and judging from the jury questions don’t think they actually had their intended impact so I guess they got paid a big check for nothing.

  11. My first consideration to the issues surrounding the public outcry by both men and women survivors of abuse, they’re valid and warrant the dismay for the betrayal to their voices that facilitated many changes in the laws regarding domestic abuse victims.

    The Violence Against Women Act, just this year, included Native American Women. Why were their voices ignored before? And how will future victims be viewed by local police authorities and courts in view of Alyce LaViolette’s betrayal? And of great concern, the opportunistic abuser who will seek shelter under the laws through the guise of being the victim in a domestic setting.

    It reeks, just as the Stand Your Ground Law in that a duty to retreat is systematically destroyed by the one who remains standing while the potentially true victims voice can no longer be heard.

    I disagree with those who have chosen to express their opinions with threats of violence and vile insults. What purpose is served other than to assume that justification when a logical effort could enjoin more voices for positive changes.

    I have no doubts that Ms LaViolette essentially dealt her own hand just as Jodi Arias has done. Her reaction to the outcries may be a testimonial to that fact. But the real question remains, what will Alyce LaViolette learn about true victims of abuse and their perpetrators?

  12. Fortunately I’ve never been a victim of abuse. However, Travis has been due to the testimoney of ALV. She is a joke and apparently many jurors know it. She should donate any money she gets for her “expert” testimony to real battered women and get back under her rock.

  13. Another wonderful and well written article.

    Something that bothers me is how much gravity ALV has given text and instant messages. Many men will say things to women in IM’s that they would never say in person. Text messages can be the same, it’s easier to type your opinion than to say it. ALV has determined Travis was abusive enough to push Jodi to the point of brutally stabbing, shooting and slashing the throat of a man she didn’t live with, didn’t have children with, didn’t rely on financially and wasn’t married to…all via text, IM and emails?

    It seems the defense scraped the bottom of the barrel finding their “expert” witnesses. The only strong points I’ve seen, in both ALV and Samuel’s, is stubbornness. Neither act with professionalism and both are biased. They both also appear to be in the Autumn of their careers, with less to lose than younger or more educated experts.

    Now that ALV is being harassed so brutally in cyber world, I guess she’d be completely justified in stabbing, shooting and slashing the throats of thousands…she’s going to be a busy woman. Or maybe she should review some of the tweets Jodi’s been sending out via her friend Donovan and then let us know how “unassertive” sweet little Jodi is.

  14. The prosecutor had to grill her hard. Had she answered questions as instructed, he would not have done so. As for her “opinion,” it doesn’t add up to expertise. She was paid by the defense and knew what she was doing. She’s a grown woman.

    This quote seems to sum up this woman: “Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” I think she’s made a fool of herself and will now pay for her actions.

  15. i am the suvivor of horrible physical, mental, and verbal abuse. it lasted for 12 yrs. i stayed! can’t explain it. don’t remember alot of things. memory doesn’t record anymore. i remember things that happened, but not specifics. was pushed until i fought back. didn’t kill anyone. should have! seen dr for many years now. anyway….
    we are turning into the romans. using trials and punishment for our own entertainment and sport.
    this is a well respected educated expert witness. she did her research, and is quiet honestly doing her job. if you don’t agree with her change the channel. as the public we do not know all the details, we do not know the parties involved, we are just improving ratings for the talking heads. watch with common sense! and remember what if jodi were your friend or family, would she not deserve a fair trial. that is what makes our country great.

  16. I don’t know what Alyce LaViolette was thinking, but she certainly was way out of line when she made comments to JM and should have been severely fined for what she did. And definitely showed she hates men and was definitely bias. And if the Defence have done anything to coach the witness, the defence should be taken severely to task. And they have done everything in their power to have a mistrial. Why? Because they know they are drowning, and their client, which is a murderous bitch and really hope gets the death penalty or life in prison to rot away.

    As far as the domestic expert, what she did was unforgiveable, but don’t want her to lose her job, and hope she realizes what she has done is wrong. She is 100% bias for defence and that is absolutely wrong and only looked at what she wanted to look at. This bitch, Jodi Arios was definitely the perpetrator and brutally, viciously murdered this young man. And I really think the jury sees it from all the questions they asked.

  17. The killer,(Jodi) in this instance is orchestrating the defense strategy. Given that fact, yes I do believe she would continue and ‘up’ her lies and theories
    as much as the defense team/expert witnesses would
    believe. HOWEVER, I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that a professional lawyer/psychologist and psychotherapist were taken by the ideas of this high school drop out. whatever happened to professional objectivity?!!

  18. Watching this trial from the other side of the Atlantic I have been amazed at the goings on in a US court of law, the lack of professionalism shown by almost ALL parties in this case would never be tolerated in a British or Irish court.

    It would be a RARE exception for anyone in the mental health field apart from a CONSULTANT PSYCHIATRIST to be heard as an expert witness in a court of law here.

    I have attended hundreds of court cases with victims of rape and sexual abuse, I have a Masters and qualifications with 30 years experience in counselling and advocating for survivors of sexual violence. Quite properly I would never be called as an “Expert” witness my partisan position is clear. You cannot on one hand be a campaigner for victim’s rights and on the other hand be objective and fair to all parties in a case.

    Mr Martinez is great to watch, wonderful entertainment! However HE has been more unprofessional than anyone else in the case and he is lionised for it while Alyce is vilified. She should not have taken this case. HOWEVER If I were a victim of domestic violence in the USA I think I’d rather depend on Alyce LaViolette or Dr Samuels for counselling than the cold, hard and supremely arrogant young De Marte, who though putting on a veneer of professionalism and objectivity is doing just the same as the other two SAYING WHAT SHE WAS PAID TO SAY.

  19. My wife and I have been watching the the trial for the past few months. While ALV testified, both of us were nearly yelling at the TV, in disgust. At one point, we began joking around saying that we were both abusing each other, and by ALV’s explanations, every single person on the planet is a victim of abuse.

    That is when it no longer became funny as we both realized what her testimony will do to future battered woman cases.

    • I’m a therapist and while I heartily disagree with Ms. LaViolette’s assessment of Jodi Arias it disturbs me to see the vitriol being spewed against her. Therapists, like everyone, are only human and Ms. LaViolette has been manipulated by a psychopath, just like anyone else. If you don’t have experience working with psychopaths it is very easy to be taken in by them. Also, Ms. LaViolette was only presented with some of the evidence of the case, the parts that the defense wanted her to see. Perhaps she is guilty of being naive and somewhat unprofessional, but I don’t think she deserves the hatred she is receiving.

      • Well, that is just your opinion, and it’s worth what we paid for it…….nothing. I can’t address everything she got wrong in court, but here’s one example. She claims Travis demanded that Jodi empty her voice mailbox because he couldn’t leave her a voicemail. When asked to explain, she said, well he didn’t say, please. In everybody’s reality, but yours and Alyce’s, he pointed out that her mailbox was full, and then “asked” her to delete some messages so he could contact her. That damn Travis… could he!!!!! I can’t believe you and Alyce are treating others. You need more help than your clients.

      • I agree with you. Naive, yes. Wrong about Jodi and Travis, yes. But all the hate seems unjustified. Important to balance this testimony with all the good I am sure she has done for victims in a career dedicated to domestic violence.

  20. what actually happened to the human heart the majority are ready to condemn Jodi but when she is still alive how many times have she been crucified look at all those trashy comments even her nude pictures have been seen all over the world against her wish offcourse had she to choose, she may have committed a crime but does it warrant all that inhumane and violation of human rights since even a convicted person is not without basic human rights has she not been crushed into a lesser being than an animal already by the prosecution and public ? that is the reason why she feel like an empty shell she feels like a piece of dirt and for these reasons sentencing her to life is the only justice that can be served either way since her soul is already in shambles !

    • She kinda already IS an animal. And a piece of trash. In my opinion, when one human being slaughters another human being in the way she did–for some strange reason I don’t worry about her pictures being sent out against her will or her feeling bad.

  21. Sorry I must have misunderstood! Alyce has no right calling herself an expert. And she was driving me nuts when she kept saying she “looks at the whole picture” and did that thing with her hands like drawing a circle in the air!

  22. Alyce LaViolette stated early in the Jodi Arias trial that she sometimes helped out at a local law school as an expert witness. Her job was to participate in mock trials, to give students practice in questioning expert witnesses.

    At several points during her bombastic and disrespectful exchanges with prosecutor Juan Martinez, we wondered if she’d forgotten this was a real courtroom. Could she not see she wasn’t playing to a classroom of young law students anymore? Had she forgotten the oath was real, that acting “spunky” and going for laughs was inappropriate, and as an expert witness, her expertise was available for both defense and prosecution? Did she think the jury wasn’t smart enough to see through her refusal to answer simple yes or no questions?

    The law students had probably found her antics amusing. In a real courtroom however, she came across as a biased and nasty.

    Sadly for the defense, ALV actually could have helped humanize Jodi Arias for the jury. With ALV’s “cool grandmother” vibe and her open, friendly appearance, she was probably the only witness who could credibly tackle that tricky point the defense had to make: Travis Alexander could sometimes be a jerk.

    The LDS witnesses easily established TA’s reputation for being a “flirt”, a “player” and a “serial dater”. Girls mostly liked him as a friend, but steered clear of anything more serious. At 30, he was dating a 19-year-old who ended the relationship with him twice complaining he was too self-centered and childish. Videos of TA on YouTube show a highly energetic and funny personality, but also “cocky” (as his friend Daniel Freeman called him) and socially immature, especially for a man in his late 20’s.

    An email from a good friend of TA’s said she’d warned her sisters not to date him because his emotional games could be so “abusive”. TA strung one girlfriend along for 7 years, breaking things off when some thought she was too old in the Mormon community to find a marriage partner easily. She stayed friends with him, though, watched him date and break up with other girls, including Jodi. TA was a good friend it seemed, but a complicated boyfriend.

    At some point in their relationship, Jodi Arias decided to gather some very disturbing evidence about what Travis was like behind closed doors. No one will ever know what made Travis use the language he did with Jodi, or how often, or for how long he held fantasies of rape, sodomy, and sex with 12-year-old girls, etc. but Jodi preserved that for the world, undeniable proof of a really ugly side of Travis that few people saw.

    ALV could have been the person to help us understand, to see from a defense perspective how these elements could drive an (unstable) young woman like Jodi to unspeakable violence. ALV might have helped us see the relationship through Jodi’s eyes: the hurt, the rejection, being kept as a whore and a housekeeper, used and laughed at behind her back.

    While we surely wouldn’t have been sorry enough to want to see her free, but maybe enough to spare her life. Travis had been playing games with a cobra and no one knew it. ALV should have helped us see what made her strike.

    But instead, all ALV had to offer was a copped, irritating attitude. She rambled on about herself, showing no respect for the prosecutor, judge or jury’s time. She was self-satisfied and smug with the defense questioning; petulant and uncooperative with Juan Martinez. Threatening a prosecutor with a “time-out” , she established herself in the hearts and minds of most of America as a complete idiot. The woman who was supposed to help soften our hearts toward Jodi came across as a self-centered brat, an image that reinforced our feelings about Jodi.

    By the time ALV started talking about Travis Alexander, it was abundantly clear that she was too stupid or too corrupt to differentiate between real evidence and Jodi’s unsubstantiated diary entries. She spoke of what “Travis did” and “Travis said,” based entirely on Jodi’s opinions. None of it rang true. We all knew that Jodi lied, even to her diary.

    But. Undoubtedly and uncategorically, the worst moments came with ALV when this woman, this “expert” on violence refused to admit that any human being, male or female, who is stalked, harassed, computer-hacked, stabbed, shot and almost decapitated was abused.

    Travis Alexander was not abused, she said.
    Jodi Arias was not an abuser, she said.
    Jodi Arias was not a stalker, she said.
    What is being said about Travis Alexander in this court is not character assassination, she said.

    What lies, we said.

    For years, ALV made a exciting career for herself advocating for domestic abuse victims. She travelled the world, gave speeches, no doubt heard a lot of applause for her kindness and sensitivity. How strange that she has been unveiled as a fraud, a shill who is quite happy to label an obvious victim as an “abuser” for a wad of cash . . .

    She claims to have been silenced by hate mail and death threats? Once again . . . what kind of domestic “expert” is she? This should be business as usual for a person who works in a women’s shelter! And common for life as a domestic abuse victim! Once again, she looks like a huge fraud, full of theories but useless in real life situations.

    And she wonders why her reputation is gone? Why domestic violence victims and experts don’t want to listen to what she has to say?


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