Jodi Arias Trial: The Real Jodi is Seen By Travis’s Friends

Many of you are familiar with Chris and Sky Hughes. They both testified in the Jodi Arias trial. An email of theirs was used by the defense team to suggest that Chris and Sky thought that Travis was abusive to women. They had the opportunity to share with the jury some of what they really felt and knew about Jodi Arias.

Chris Hughes Testimony

You may recall from a previous article, the one where I highlighted the more interesting parts of the Detective Flores report, the first thoughts of Chris and Sky upon learning of Travis’s death was that Jodi did it. They knew it was her.

In recent interviews Chris and Sky have shared stories about Jodi. Stories that they wish the jury could have and should have heard. They are both revealing and frightening stories about Jodi Arias.

One night, Chris, Sky and Travis were having a private conversation while Jodi was supposed to be sleeping in a bedroom on the floor below. Sky said that suddenly she had the eerie feeling that Jodi was outside the door. She said it was a cold, frightening feeling like she was being watched. She couldn’t continue their conversation until she found out if Jodi really was hiding behind the door, listening to their every word.

Travis quietly went to the door and quickly threw it open. Sky’s “sixth sense” was instantly validated. There was Jodi, on the other side of the door, secretly listening in.

Chris and Sky described the look on Jodi’s face as “the most frightening [and] evil” thing that had ever seen. Chris said that he’s “never seen anything like it before or since, and I`ve seen a lot of things in my 40 years, nothing like what we saw that night.”

Then it hit them. At that moment, they knew Jodi’s true nature. She was very dangerous. They began to worry if they were safe with Jodi in their home. Were their children safe? They even contemplated removing their children from the home. They wondered how they ever let someone like Jodi Arias in their home.

The very next morning they demanded that Jodi leave their home. Sky said “look [Jodi], you’re out. We don’t want you to ever come back. We don’t want to have anything to do with you.” From that day forward, Sky referred to Jodi as the cruel and sinister “Peyton,” from the film “Hand That Rocks The Cradle.”

This story illustrates the true nature of Jodi Arias. People who got to know her, knew something was wrong. Many avoided her completely. Chris and Sky were afraid for their children and themselves. Did they overact? Most certainly not. Jodi ultimately murdered their close friend in cold blood. Their feelings about her proved quite correct.

Jodi’s Visions

Jodi also told Chris and Sky that she had “visions” that she was supposed to marry Travis. Jodi knew for a “fact” that she and Travis would marry. Jodi told them that she even knew what she would wear to the wedding. She knew the location of the wedding and all of the details. She told them that the visions began after only a few dates with Travis. These visions were not hallucinations, a common symptom that haunts people with psychotic disorders. Jodi’s visions were very different. They were of the obsessed-stalker variety. She was clearly obsessed with Travis from the beginning of their relationship.

Chris and Sky have gone public with the things that they could not testify to but they felt the public needed to know. The more we study her the more we can protect ourselves from others like her.

21 thoughts on “Jodi Arias Trial: The Real Jodi is Seen By Travis’s Friends

  1. Wonder who Stabby was planning to visit on her attempted escape from justice on July 15,2008. Perhaps revenge on the Hall family? Helter Skelter. Thank G-d she was apprehended by the police before she attained her next vengeful goal.

  2. I listened to a 3 hour podcast Chris Hughes did with Web Sleuth’s, he said Jodi would threaten suicide to Travis quite often. Sky told a story where one day Travis came over, very distressed. He had an email Jodi had forwarded to him, she was claiming to have a stalker. The email said things along the lines of “you’re too good for Travis, I’m going to take you away from him” and complimented her on her amazing photography skills. Sky read the email Travis had printed out and immediately burst out laughing. Travis was shocked and asked her why she found something so serious to be funny. Sky said “Travis, Jodi wrote this”. She said it was typical Jodi but Travis just couldn’t see it.

    I also saw some footage that was cut from the 48 Hours special Jodi did where she claimed threatening letters from the “ninja attackers” were sent to her while she was in jail. She claims not to know how they made it in there but says she ripped them up! I’m sorry but this woman is NOT above average in intelligence. That would be such huge evidence, threatening letters from Travis’ killers and she rips them up? Her lies are equivalent to asking your kids if they got into the ice cream and they look you in the eye, swearing they didn’t but have it all over their face.

  3. I once met Dominic Dunne, and I told him what I’m about to tell you: You cannot write fast enough for me! I look for then eagerly devour every word you write! And I love the intelligent discussions you engender. My interests lie in both mental health and criminal justice as well. You have made the incomprehensible chillingly understandable, and I thank you. Do you know Dr. Drew? I would love to see you on his program, as I find it the most interesting of the bunch dedicated to JA. Anyway, consider this a huge fan letter. And please continue to put your thoughts down as frequently as possible! ~patty
    PS Did you ever write about Casey Anthony? I love to know your opinion of her vis a vie JA!

    • Thank you, Patty for the world’s nicest compliment. I have not written about CA but perhaps I should. This topic would make for an interesting article (i.e. CA compared to JA). Thanks again for your kind words.

    • “… the most interesting of the bunch dedicated to JA. Anyway, consider this a huge fan letter. ”

      I agree with Patty R. This blog and my forte at My Crime are the two main ( oh and eggtree news) blogs I read for in-depth analysis.

      Thanx Kristin.

    • Patty, you might also enjoy “Crime Time” with Allison Hope Weiner on The LipTV. It’s an internet talk-show. Really smart discussion about Arias. The episodes are on Youtube or The LipTV.

  4. Everything that Chris and Sky have shared shows that JA has ASPD, not Borderline PD (although I believe she shows some borderline traits). Would a Borderline eavesdrop on a conversation? Absolutely. Would a Borderline’s facial expressions terrify others so badly that they feel the need to flee their own home in order to protect their children? No.

    JA’s claims about experiencing visions are fascinating. It would be interesting to know when JA claimed to have such visions. Mormons strongly believe in personal revelations from Heavenly Father. Had JA converted to Mormonism yet? Without a doubt her conduct was bizarre and stalker-like. Was JA trying to show that she was a “good Mormon girl” worthy of marrying a good Morman man?

  5. Thanks to Ria for the Websluths Podcast tip! Highly recommended to anyone who hasn’t heard it. Chris Hughes spends a good 2 hours going into details of the case he hasn’t been able to elaborate on in other venues.

    • I think he’s going to be on there again soon, I was listening to her podcast yesterday (sorry, can’t think of her name!) and he had contacted her saying he left a few things unsaid that he wants to clarify. I felt horrible for the Hughes, having emails from 5 years ago taken so out of context. They were manipulated by Jodi, made to feel pity for her and side with her.

      I’m wondering what hijinx she’s going to get up to today, hard to believe it’s going to go smoothly. There’s been a gag order regarding her giving anymore interviews with the media, so until that’s lifted, she has to keep her pie hole shut!

  6. It was surprising that these two friends of Travis’ were not used during the trial by the prosecution, particularly as they would certainly have corrected the misinterpretations of their emails to Travis used by the defense to suggest that they viewed him as an abuser.

    • I may be wrong about this, but I believe it may have something to do with the fact that the defense had subpoenaed them already about the letters. Something like since they already testified about the letters to the defense, it was up to the defense to call them or not. There was a closed hearing (you can see it on youtube) where Chris Hughes was questioned. Nurmi asked him if he would be happy about testifying on behalf of the defense, Chris said “No, because she murdered my friend in cold blood”. So then the defense didn’t call them to testify and, like I’m saying, I may be wrong, but I think the prosecution wasn’t allowed to call them about the same thing unless the defense actually brought it up in court.

    • I wondered that myself. I have to think that the state was worried about the fact that they they admitted to communicating with the state in violation of the judge’s order and perhaps the defense had other information which on them they would have exploited on cross-examination.

  7. Actually, the prosecution had the right to put on witnesses first and they could put anyone on regardless of the defense’s future plans. My hunch is that since the Hughes went on tv to talk about Jodi and clearly wanted her convicted, their bias may have been risky for the prosecution.

    Jodi’s vision was manipulation of the Hughes’ religious beliefs. Within Mormonism is extremely common for young people who are dating to claim they received a revelation about who they will marry. People pray and seek revelation about that decision. But most people say they got a good feeling confirming the right person. Jodi took it to an extreme by telling the Hughes she had a vision or revelation hoping their religious faith would cause them to believe her and then they would advocate on her behalf to convince Travis. It was another example of her playing a role that she picked up observing what in this case Mormons typically do and believe.

    Many of her behaviors in her conversations with Det Flores had esoteric meaning too because she knew he was Mormon and she was playing on his religious faith. Wish I had time to analyze the whole interrogation and point out the specifics, because it was very interesting how she tried to manipulate his Mormonism. Just as one example, when she said she knew the suffering of Travis’ family was only temporary but she still felt bad for what they were going through. This is a typical Mormon comment–that suffering here is only temporary.

    Her vision was similarly a fraud and a manipulation hoping Sky and Chris would believe that Travis was not being spiritual enough to recognize this girl really was the one for him. I love Sky & Chris, by the way!

  8. Where did you read that Detective Flores is Mormon? I can’t find that anywhere. I thought in some of the interviews he commented on Mormons as “them” like “they are very particular” or something, like they were people with strange routines that he doesn’t understand.

    • It first appears in Jodi’s journal where she says the lead detective is LDS. (The fake journal she wrote pretending to be helping the investigation and pretending not to know how Travis was killed.) I used to have the link but can’t find it.

      Also if you listen carefully to the interrogation, notice how Flores talks to her about the marrying in the temple and understands every religious reference she makes.

  9. I have been following this case for nearly 5 mos. now, fascinated by the twists and turns of it. I had a strange experience while listening to the podcast quoted above (Chris Hughes). He told the story where Jodi was caught outside the bedroom door eavesdropping (only it happened twice; the first time, Travis told her to go down to bed and he’d come and say goodnight, but he didn’t go, and so she crept back up the stairs and 45 mins. later was discovered listening the second time). He said that the next morning, Sky told Jodi all of the reasons they didn’t think she was good for Travis, that she wasn’t welcome in their house anymore and that Sky wanted her to “get out”. He said that rather than doing as she was asked to do, Jodi then sat at their kitchen table for an hour. (Travis finally got up and they both left.) The people on the broadcast all talked about how odd it was that she didn’t just go. I was rather stunned, because I was remembering hearing this story told a different way—by a young woman (I believe named Holly) who appeared on the Dr. Drew show w/ her husband. SHE said that she was present at the Hughes home one day when Jodi showed up unexpectedly, demanding to be told why the Hughes hated her. Holly (?) said that Sky spent 15 minutes telling Jodi why she wasn’t liked, and that Jodi then spent the next hour sitting at the kitchen table, saying nothing, while Holly (?) was cooking lunch for the Hughes children. I believe the story ended with Jodi eventually getting up and leaving the house. Very strange, to hear almost the identical story being told as having happened on 2 different occasions, observed by 2 different people. Any thoughts?

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