Jodi’s New Blog Post

Someone notified me about this post (thank you!). This message appears on the JAA is innocent website and is allegedly a post directly from Ms. Arias:

“To My Friends

(For this to be effective, you really must take a second or two to imagine each of the following.)

“Imagine this for a moment: Someone publishes a book about you titled, “Exposed: The Secret Life of [Your Name Here].” Go ahead, imagine it. Say the title out loud with your first and last name. Feels gross, doesn’t it? This book is filled with nasty lies about you and half-truths distorted to make you look as inhuman and unsalvageably evil as possible. Imagine that in writing this book, the author (or her ghostwriter) consulted with a woman you once briefly knew years ago, who stopped being your friend for reasons so esoteric she sounds like she was reared in the Dark Ages – oh, but at the time those weren’t the reasons she gave you, so she either was dishonest then with you or is now with everyone else, but either way, her mission is to trash you. Then imagine, if you will, that this book, filled with degrading, embarrassing, spurious details about you, however untrue, is dedicated to someone who used to bully, beat, and abuse you so copiously that your body, mind – especially your mind – and soul still bear the scars of these horrific experiences. Imagine also that a portion of the book’s sales are donated to a so-called “Legacy” fund bearing your abuser’s name and founded by people whose burning, twisted desire is to watch you die.

Now, there isn’t much you can do about this book except to mourn it as a tragic and unnecessary waste of trees and keep stepping.

But wait.

Now imagine this: I am your self-professed friend and supporter. But I buy this very book, “Exposed: The Secret Life of [Your Name Here],” thereby instead supporting all of the above and throwing money into the fund named in honor of your abuser and enriching the very people who want you dead.

How would my purchase make you feel? Hurt? Betrayed? Disgusted? Would you still consider me a friend? JAA”

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    • I think someone else wrote this piece of shit commentatry for JA. I thought she wasn’t allowed any violent reading material in jail, and her heinous crime, certainly is that.

      • Terri – I think she did write this but you bring up an awesome point – does anyone screen her reading material? Am I wrong in thinking that this must be done with the exception of anything that directly pertains to her pending case? This book does not fit that bill.

        • The Estrella jail where Jodi Arias is housed has a library. Inmates are allowed to check out books from there. Any books mailed to her or brought in from the outside are screened for content and to make sure they don’t contain contraband or hidden messages.

          I doubt if the jail would refuse to allow an inmate to read a book written about herself and her crime. She has a right to know what is written about her. She is not limited to reading materials that are helpful to her case.

          On Aug. 15, Dr. Randle wrote a column about Jodi’s online book club in which she is writing reviews on fiction, nonfiction, magazines and books to inmates.

          Among the books she mentioned reading in jail were Edgar Cayce on the Ashakik Records, Seabiscuit, To Kill a Mockingbird, Under the Banner of Heaven and The Twilight Series.

          On Aug. 23, she tweeted “send me no more books, por favor. I am all maxed out. The mailroom will return them. :(

          • thanks agai?n Observer. But yet again – another question. I she states the mailroom will send books back – how did she get the JVM book which came out after the 15th? Did the library at the jail get it in? If so, they are more efficient than the public Libraries!!

          • If the rules are prisoners cannot read violent books, then she should NOT be allowed to read violent books, even if its about HER. This, in my opinion, would be preferential treatment. I’ve never seen, heard of, nor met anyone as self-centered and egotistical as Jodi Arias. Where does that self-love come from?

          • Jodi never said she read the book. She was upset because her friend/supporter bought and read the book. Her friend/supporter may have given it to her. Or the friend may have just told her about the book in a letter or over the phone.

          • Observer – my mistake. I thought she had read the book.
            But to know so much about it, how long are her phone calls and/or visiting rights? Must be some time to get all the info she got and then to be able to get out her response, which was lengthy too.
            Doesn’t really matter I guess. It is all garbage that comes from her.
            Just cannot help feeling that there is something wrong in how the rights of convicted murderers are so honoured throughout the process while the victim’s families continue to suffer.

  1. Oh, boo freaking hoo, Inmate #P458434. Stop, you’re breaking my heart! That book is SO MUCH WORSE than those 29 stab wounds, slashed throat, and gunshot wound to the face you inflicted on Mr. Alexander. We all know that you are the real victim in all of this…(insert incredibly disgusted eye roll here.)

  2. Hi Dr. KR,

    What I want to know, from your Psych perspective, is do you think Jodi is so deeply entrenched in her “abuse story” now that she actually believes she was terribly abused by Travis, justified in her butchering him and carrying the “scars”? Or is it more just pure manipulation? I’m curious on your take on the sociopathic mind and she seems so convinced of her own story at this point (along with her little dog Alyce La Violette) that do you think she actually believes this rewrite of history at this point?

    • If she truly believed her abuse story, then she’d be delusional. She is not delusional, not insane. People who are delusional are often so obviously delusional. They make claims that are so unbelievable that everyone knows they have had a break with reality (e.g. the government is sending me secret messages, aliens have invaded my body, people are stealing my thoughts, and so forth).

      Jodi Arias is perfectly sane. She is an unbelievable, pathological liar. She first said she was not there, then said the ninja’s did it and now wants people to believe that she “had” to kill Travis because he abused her in the absence of any evidence. She went to great lengths to preplan his murder. She knows the truth and is deliberately trying to manipulate others into believing her story. She will spend the rest of her life attempting to manipulate people into believing an unbelievable story.

      • Ditto. JA’s narcissism knows no ends. Appearances + what she thinks others think of her is paramount to her psychological existence. While JA
        would never admit it, she’s loving everything published about her, good or bad in her eyes.

      • Hi KR,

        Like Katiecoolady, I’ve also wondered if Jodi “method-acted” for so long that she now at least partly believes what she is saying about being abused. I don’t think she was ever abused by Travis (“degrading” sex practices that certainly appeared consensual do not equal abuse.) If I am right she wasn’t abused and if Jodi now really believes she was, then I understand her belief could be a delusion. But isn’t part of being delusional holding onto to a clearly erroneous belief in spite of disconfirming evidence? Has Jodi been faced with disconfirming evidence of the type that would be credible under those circumstances? Certainly none of her lame mental health experts would have challenged her on that belief. Her “supporters” (like Donovan) would not challenge her and from what we know about her previously rocky relationship with her mother, it’s unlikely her mother would. And it would seem her attorneys would not have challenged her. (Even if they think her story is BS, it’s all they had for a defense. And, at worst, they are colluding with her and none of them—the attorneys or Jodi– believe it so that’s not relevant on this point.)

        While there were some efforts made by the state to disconfirm her claims of abuse, isn’t it pretty difficult to prove a negative? And imagine a situation (not Jodi’s!) in which abuse claims were true. Would we expect an abused person to find court testimony of the sort we saw convincing disconfirming evidence? Not really. So should we expect someone who had become delusional about abuse to find the same testimony convincing? We shouldn’t forget the jury foreman said HE believed she was abused so HE didn’t find the state’s case convincing enough on that point (although I’m open to the possibility he used abuse as an excuse when he found he could not vote for the DP for personal reasons.)

        Also, what about people who have “non-bizarre” delusions? (Person X is following me. Person X is in love with me from afar.) It seems the delusions you mentioned (aliens, thought stealing) are of the type considered “bizarre.” It seems it would be pretty easy to tell bizarre delusions ARE delusions as those contain ideas that are not plausible to most people even as mere possibility much less actual fact. Is it always so easy to tell that non-bizarre delusions are delusions? And wouldn’t a false belief about abuse—if it is now a delusion and not simply a lie for personal gain–be a non-bizarre delusion? As I’ve said before, I think Jodi has borderline traits in addition to antisocial ones. And don’t some of the ideas people with/borderline personality have come close to being delusions because they represent such distortions of objective reality? (Ex: Glenn Close character in the movie Fatal Attraction claiming the married Michael Douglas character was “abandoning her” when he didn’t want an ongoing relationship after a weekend spent in the sack that both had agreed up front would be sex with no strings.) And where do narcissistic beliefs about the grand importance of the self cross the line from being maladaptive distorted beliefs into being delusions? Thanks for any input on this.

        None of what I’ve said here is to excuse Jodi’s actions. I don’t think she acted out of self-defense. And if she now believes she was abused, I don’t think that she thought that at the time she killed Travis. I think it was a matter of a self-absorbed woman scorned. Period.

        • Jodi has to stick with the self defense story now. She cannot change it because if she did she would also lose her supporters. She has her whole story memoriized in her sick brain. But Juan finds out something else that has not been brought up in court she will do more delays in order to come up with a story for that and plant it in her brain.

        • I think what’s confusing you Katie, as it would most people, is how she can maintain her lies so consistently and for such a long period of time. Most of us might lie to cover up what we consider a major wrong we have done, but after a while it would bother us of we were required to keep repeating it over and over and over. This is because most of us have a conscience. If JA is truly sociopathic, and I believe she is, this limitation would not exist. She simply tells the story that puts her in the best possible light and she is never bothered by any pangs of conscience about it. Also keep in mind that all of her potential future appeals depend on her keeping to this current lie, she would not jeopardize her future appeals by changing it.

          • The only abuse in Jodi’s case is 29 stab wounds, slit throat and a gun shot which all came from her to him. Yes she will keep up her lies. She depends on that for her appeals. She did get what she wanted – he will never be with anyone else.

          • Penny – she also will not be with anyone else – both lost….. but the compassion and empathy is obviously for Travis.

            In response to your comment that most people you have talked to agree that the judge is out of control and favouring the defense…..that is why I like this blog as it allows us all to have our opinions. Comments are great even if we disagree.

  3. To me, Jodi Arias seems dead set and determined to make her haters (ie, the general public and anyone with two brain cells to rub together) despise her even more than they (we) already do. It’s a passive aggressive message purportedly intended for her friends/supporters (but she knew without a doubt it would be leaked to rest of the world) to reassure them that she is still solid in her victimhood and unwilling to backtrack a single step in her fantasy-based story of abuse and betrayal by a violent pedophile who intended to kill her. To her fans, it serves as further evidence of the veracity of her tale of woe. To skeptics, it serves to pour salt into the wounds of the real victim’s family members (characterized as twisted), and as extension, the Alexander Family’s many supporters. It tells reasonable people that despite all evidence to the contrary, including an unbiased jury’s final verdict of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, she is correct and we are wrong. What’s up is down and left is right. Travis was the bully, not her. JVM is ganging up, along with the rest of the free world, and trying to persecute an innocent woman.
    I don’t think she believes she was abused. But she is so invested in her lies at this point that she can’t, and wouldn’t want to, back down. Instead, she promotes her false narrative even further. Rationally, she knows only her small number of minions believe her. She is willing and wanting to alienate even further those who think she is guilty, and even those who might not be convinced. I think she has a self-destructive streak a mile wide, she’s a risk taker and she likes to thumb her nose at the world. She smiles at the idea that she is making us angry. She knows what she is doing. She will manipulate the public, as she has manipulated her inner circle for her entire life, all the way to prison.

    • IMO, Arias is getting the very result that she lives for – notoriety! This writing of hers serves this goal – look at all of us responding to it. People are talking about her – she is not forgotten. I agree she is invested in all her lies and must perpetuate them but again, she wants to be talked about – feeds her ego.
      The sooner this second trial is done and she is sentenced, the sooner we will put her out of our minds and forget her.

      I do have a question for anyone who can answer. Please name others who have been on trial, convicted and awaiting sentencing and have had the same countless interviews, tweets, FB, blogs etc. etc. I do not remember any that have had this same access to the general public.
      Yes, she can relate what she wants to be said to others who can “publish” on her behalf. After all, this is the age of the social media but who else has had this exposure like Arias? And…..where are the controls and restraints as she is a convicted murderess, locked up and still being able to do what she does? Are no rights forfeited when one becomes just a number in the penal system?

      • No, Nern convicted felons do not forfeit their rights to free speech. They are allowed to write letters, phone and speak to the media or social media. Convicted stalkers are permitted to write to their victims and the victims cannot stop it. Many convicted felons write to their victims, friends, other prisoners, the media or even write books and claim their innocence.

        Some prisoners have access to the Internet and can even meet suitors online. Many felons give TV interviews in prison. If prisons don’t allow cameras, they give interviews on the phone.

        Most felons take their lawyer’s advice and keep their mouth shut until after their appeals are exhausted. Jodi Arias has been ignoring her attorneys advice and giving media interviews since she was arrested. Even after she is sentenced and sent to Perryville, Arias when allowed will continue to write or phone media and friends and they will post it on social media or it will appear in newspapers or TV.

        • thanks Observer – certainly clarifies how she is able to get her messages out there.
          You made one comment – when she is in Perryville and “when allowed”….what did you mean by that? Will there be restrictions?

          • There are always restrictions in a maximum security prison. Because she was convicted of first degree murder, it is my understanding that Jodi Arias will be a maximum security prisoner if given life and a death row prisoner if given death.

            Both are housed in the same area and are in 23 hour lockdown per day, which means she will only be out of her cell one hour a day. She can earn more privileges if given life and be in general population within three years or sooner. Knowing Jodi’s skill in manipulation, she will manipulate the guards into early privileges.

            Since her conviction, Arias has been on 23 hour lockdown at Estrella Jail in Phoenix. During the one hour period, she is allowed to make phone calls. That’s when she is giving instructions to tweet or post on the Jodi Arias is Innocent Site. I assume it will be the same at Perryville.

            I don’t know when visiting hours are in Perryville.

          • I heard she is in her cell for only 16 hours a day. I know it was supposed to be 23. Wonder which is right? Maybe she has already made friends or more with the guards. Put nothing past her.

          • Nern, I was incorrect on the 23 hour lockdown. This is what I found from an Arizona prison online site:

            All male and female inmates on Death Row are classified as maximum custody. All inmates are single cells which are equipped with a toilet, sink, bed and mattress. Each Death Row inmate has no contact with any other inmate. Out-of-cell time is limited to outdoor exercise in a secured area, two hours a day, three times a week, and a shower, three times a week. All meals are delivered by correction officers at the cell front. Limited non-contact visitation is available. Death Row inmates may place two ten minute telephone calls per week. Personal property is limited to hygiene items, two appliances, two books and writing materials, which can be purchased from the inmate commissary. Health care is provided at the Health Unit; medication is passed out at the cell front. Clergy contacts are provided at the cell.

          • Thank you once again Observer- good info. Too bad if she gets LWOP she can’t have DR status!!
            Again, I ask the question – what other convicted felons such as Arias have had such public commentaries as she, before/during trial and while awaiting sentencing? I understand that most follower their lawyers’ advice and keep their mouths shut and therefore, could the actions of Arias not set a precedent for future criminals and their public access? I get that they are entitled to free speech and all but their should be limitations set. Just wondering.

          • Defense attorneys tell defendants to keep their mouth shut for a reason. The prosecutors can use anything they say against them in a court of law.

            Frankly, I think arrogant big mouths like Arias actually hand their cases to the prosecutors. I’ve seen crime documentaries in which defendants give the prosecutors what they need to convict them by confessing to the crime in jail to inmates, their friends or relatives in visits or on the phone or trying to hire a hit man in jail or on the phone to kill witnesses.

            Jodi Arias has hurt herself by the statements she made to the media after she was arrested. The jury realized she was a pathological liar and an arrogant sociopath who thought she could get away with murder when Martinez played a clip from a TV interview in which she said: “No jury will convict me” and another interview in which she told the story about Ninjas killing Travis and letting her go.

            The more she shoots off her mouth on TV, on twitter and on the Jodi Arias is Innocent Site the more perspective jurors in her re-sentencing trial can see she is an arrogant murderer who is still trashing her victim and shows no remorse for the horrific crime she committed.

            So let other stupid felons follow in her footsteps and help themselves get convicted. I don’t care.

        • Well hopefully one day her execution will be well-covered by social media and the press as well, and then she will be able to perform one last major heroic recycling task using her own biodegradable body. It would be nice if, for spite, she is buried in styrofoam.

          • Uppity, although I will follow this to the bitter end, I am at the point that I just want her sentenced and forgotten about. Her supporters can follow her til the cows come home but the rest of the public will forget her.

          • Penny – personally, life in prison – for the rest of her life, among other felons within the general population is of no consequence to me. She is not free and must live within the confines of cement walls. Initially, if given LWOP, she will be in lockdown for a couple of years before she earns the right to mingle with the general population. When she sees this is a permanent place for her as she will be finally sentenced, she will not fair well I believe. Right now, she feels she is going to win and get out as long as she stalls proceedings. She has no concept of what will be ahead for her once sentenced and she does not realize that she is either going to be eventually put to death or live the rest of her natural life as a convict. The general population has many who will not put up with her antics.
            Anyway, for me, she will be gone!

    • Karen, I think you hit the nail of the head. Everything Jodi does is a calculated move to benefit Jodi…even getting the “haters” to hate more so as to motivate her minions to love her just a little bit more.

  4. I found your site a while ago and really enjoy all your blogs. Every time I find that this person shocks me beyond belief, she’ll do something new that just makes me shake my head and wonder, seriously?? I am so disgusted by the fact that she even has a voice, whether it is hers or not.

  5. First of all Jodi Arias tweeted that she has no friends, just relatives, so the friends she is addressing her rant to on the site must be relatives. The Jodi is Innocent Site is run by her sister and aunt and the same idiot who put up the Casey Anthony is Innocent site and is designed to scam people out of their money.

    I read one of the articles listing all the reasons why Jodi is innocent and they were all bogus and ridiculous, especially the last reason that said, “the evidence showed Jodi committed no crime.” Any idiot who believes that driving 1,000 miles with a knife, gun, gas cans and an alibi and stabbing your lover 29 times, slitting his throat and shooting him in the head after having sex with him is not a crime should be sharing a jail cell with Jodi Arias.

    Apparently, Jodi is throwing a tantrum over Jane Velez Mitchell’s book about her. I didn’t read it. From Jodi’s hysterical rant, I suspect JVM quoted Pothead Patty who is now saying she is Jodi’s former friend and is telling the truth about the sex crazed murdering psychopath. Patty was Jodi’s only friend so now she has no friends at all. And she wonders why.

    Nobody believes Arias was abused by Travis Alexander or cares about what people are saying about her so her rant is falling on deaf ears.

    It was Jodi Arias who chose to drive 1,000 miles to slaughter Travis Alexander, lie about it to the cops, go on national TV and make up a ridiculous story blaming it on Ninjas and then sit on the witness stand for 18 days murdering Travis Alexander all over again and talking about every sex act she performed with every lover. She is shameless.

    Now she is whining because her former best friend is telling the truth about her. Jodi Arias has proven with her own actions that she is inhuman and evil.

    Jodi Arias will always play victim and tell lies about being abused and misunderstood up until the day the needle is put in her arm.

    I hope they get the sentencing re-trial over and give her the death penalty and she is executed in the 12 years estimated to get the appeals over. Then we won’t have to hear from her ever again.

  6. This is absolutely outrageous!
    Not only did she buy the book to see what was being said about her, she has the audacity and MEANS to write this garbage.
    Where is the monitoring of what she does while locked up? Where is Sheriff Joe and the state? Any excuse can be given but it still remains that this should NOT be happening!
    Again, outrageous!!!!

    • Oh, Jodi Arias wrote it all right. This is exactly her backbiting ranting style.

      She is always feeling betrayed by someone: former boyfriend Mathew, who refused to perjure himself for her, the jury who found her guilty of first degree premeditated and felony murder, a reporter who asked her when she was going to stop lying about what happened to Travis Alexander, Patty Womack who is now calling herself Jodi’s former friend and telling the truth about her, and this professed friend and supporter who bought JVM’s book and contributed to the Travis Alexander foundation.

      She is always vague in her writing and doesn’t name names or say what she is really talking about. Her tweets and this article are always targeting somebody. In this rant, Arias seems more upset about the friend/supporter buying the book and her money going to the Alexander foundation than her best friend forever Patty Womack badmouthing her. The book has been out for over a month and since the trial Patty has been on the Internet and TV saying she wasn’t Jodi’s friend, just an acquaintance from grade school, that Jodi was never abused by her family and she felt sympathy for the Alexander family.

  7. Great answer, Dr. KR! What she did was so horrible, she can’t stand the thoughts of anyone knowing she’s capable of such atrocious actions. She has to trash everyone in her path in an attempt to be the victim, over and over! She should have just said, “who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?” It has the same impact.

  8. What can I say that you all have not already said very well. If indeed she did write that it shows her wild imagination is still intact. I don’t know how or why she is allowed to do things like this or tweets,( first amendment rights as Arpaio stated) should all be stopped since she is convicted. She fancies herself a celebrity yet wants the jury sequestered in this next phase and camera’s off in court. Does she think her fans will miss her so much and she will become more of a celebrity if that comes to pass? I’m going to call Ringling Bros because I think they lost one of their clowns.

  9. I went on Amazon and looked inside Jane Velez Mitchell’s book, “Exposed: The Secret Life of Jodi Arias” and much of the book’s content is shown. I didn’t read anything new that I hadn’t learned from watching the trial. Most of the books out there about Jodi Arias just rehash the same info from the trial. I’m looking forward to a psychologist’s view of Jodi Arias and why she did what she did so I am eager to read your book Dr. KR.

  10. Spot on re Arias’ actions and motives, Dr K. – the master manipulator and pathological liar is at it again. It was all Travis’ fault – she was the real victim. After all, he beat her, bullied her and abused her ‘ so copiously that her body, mind and soul still bear the scars’.
    But where are they? Where are the witnesses to support any of this? Isn’t the mitigation phase of the trial about establishing such claims?
    She hasn’t got a feather to fly with, so what’s left? Manipulation and outright lies – and the more often she can repeat them, the more likely others will believe them, and the more harm she can inflict on her victim’s family which she revels in.

  11. This letter from Jodi Arias is her mantra and why she deserves the death penalty.

    She feels betrayed, hurt and like the victim whenever anyone has a life that doesn’t include her. And we saw what happened to Travis Alexander when she felt hurt and betrayed after he dumped her and dated other women and had a life that didn’t include her.

    She moved to Mesa as soon as he dumped her in 2007. She hacked into his social media accounts and sent threatening messages to his female friends.

    She crawled through his doggy door, hid in his closet and appeared in his bedroom in the middle of the night. She crashed his parties and slept under his Christmas tree.

    She called him late at night and manipulated him to talk about sex and then tried to blackmail him into marrying her.

    When he refused to give in to her blackmail, in 2008 she drove 1,000 miles and slaughtered him in his own home while he was taking a shower. His body was found the day he was supposed to go to Cancun with Mimi Hall.

    When his family and the state refused her plea to second degree murder and a light sentence, she slaughtered his name in the courtroom.

    When a so called friend gives interviews or buys a book where the proceeds go to the Travis Alexander Foundation, she writes a poor me I’ve been betrayed and hurt letter to all of her “friends.”

    Jodi doesn’t have any friends so the only people who are reading it are disgusted and repelled by her playing victim and trashing Travis Alexander all over again.

    • Standing ovation Observer! And how ironic she reports herself as a victim of a “bully” yet her entire post is bullying people to not purchase that book. **Oh, you might lose Jodi Arias, a convicted first degree murderer as a cyber friend you’ll never meet? Oh poor you.** Is there a therapist in the House? ;)

    • Observer oh yes she does have a friend. Did you forget about ALV. Don’t think she will stop believing Jodi’s anytime soon. For all any of us know she could be communicating with Jodi in some way. ALV is a true follower.

  12. Well, certainly nobody knows about how to carry out a “mission” to “trash” somebody with lies better than Jodi Arias. She did it for 18 days in a court room, complete with testimony “filled with degrading, embarrassing, spurious details” . And certainly nobody knows more about how to create a “fund” that is “dedicated to an abuser,” unless you don’t consider failed blackmail and then stabbing someone 29 times, shooting him in the head, and slitting his throat as abuse.

    I guess now she knows how it feels now. Boo Hoo, scumbag. The desire to see your psycho self dead – among the majority who have followed your perverse fairy tale – is not “Twisted”. It’s Burning. And it’s called Justice.


  13. Dr. Karen, could some of this outreach be part of her behavior going out of control, much like her parents described when they were interviewed by Det. Flores?

    I will not be surprised if Nurmi or Willmott enter a motion for a gag order on their client. She obviously will not abide by their counsel and her voice through the social media could get her the death penalty, especially if any of this can be used in the penalty phase.

    It is truly hard to understand the motivations and behavior of this twisted woman. She knows full well what she did. Interesting to note how she has escalated the abuse which is now “bully, beat, and abuse you so copiously”. That is not what we heard in court.

    If she ever were to tell the truth, no rational person would believe her. Her credibility is shot.

    Can the friend she singles out be anyone other than Patti Womack? I have not read the book, but Patti is the only person acknowledged by the author that had ties only to the convicted murderer. If it is indeed Patti, she is minimizing their friendship, which was kept up after she moved to Yreka and included her being a bridesmaid for Patti. Patti even showed her support to the family by sitting next to the mother in court on more than one occasion.

    • Jodi Arias is speaking about Patti Womack who has distanced herself from Arias after the trial.

      In her allocution, Arias showed a picture of Patti and her and described her to the jury as her best friend and said Patti was scheduled to testify to her childhood abuse and Travis’s abuse until she and her nine year old daughter were threatened.

      Patti however went on national TV and the social media to say she wanted to be known as a former friend of Jodi’s, claimed she received no death threats, said Jodi was not abused as a child, she didn’t know Jodi when she was with Travis and that she didn’t testify because she was sympathetic to the Alexander family.

      Martinez said that Womack refused to testify after he asked her questions about Patti and Jodi doing drugs together and the pictures she sold to a TV show. He said she plead the fifth on the advice of Wilmot and Nurmi and then got her own attorney who advised her not to testify on the grounds it would incriminate her. Apparently, she has a drug history with rehab and the courts and is on welfare and did not disclose that she sold pictures to the IRS and welfare department.

      • So Observer…..the defense team, led by Arias, lied about death threats made to Patti? Are there any repercussions to this?
        Goes to my point – if there were no mitigating witnesses in the trial – where in hell do they think they will find them now? If there are none – there are none!!!!

          • There is no way her parents could testify without Juan forcing them to say some of the smack they said about her in the interrogation room, and Jodi knows it. She was a plague upon their lives,the quintessential Bad Seed. She has no one who actually knows her who can testify for her — because she hasn’t left anyone she came across in life with that Kodak Moment feeling. What else can the defense team do but pretend simply everyone is afraid of threats if they testify. Now that I think about it, everybody probably IS afraid of threats – from Jodi after they tell the truth about her.

            Jodi as a child on a good day.

          • Uppity – she has burned every bridge behind her. She has no one except the strange people that follow murderers. There is no one that can give her a glowing review and she is not stupid – she knows this.

        • Patti may have lied to the defense team to get out of testifying by saying she had death threats. She is a drug addict/alcoholic and has told many different lies to the press. She claimed she had never been in trouble with the law or used drugs or alcohol and yet there are records on the Internet of her arrest and rehab stint. Some reporters thought she looked like she was drunk or on drugs when she was in court.

          Womack told the press her child and her picture, name and address were put on the internet and she got nasty phone calls. Neither Womack or LaViolette had any evidence that could be construed as death threats and yet Nurmi in his motion said they both received death threats.

          There are no repercussions for defense attorneys exaggerating or lying in court on behalf of their client. They do it all the time. It is called vigorously defending their client.

  14. Jodi may act like she is so smart and superior with her online book reviews and her tweets but this is what she does not have that the narcissistic nymphomaniac sociopath craves:

    1- No sex. Freaky or otherwise.
    2- No Strawberry Frappuccino’s at Starbucks or Big Mac at MacDonald’s.
    3- No cell phone or computer where she can yack, text, email and troll for sex partners.
    4- No makeup.
    5- No one to talk to for 22 to 24 hours a day.
    6- No air conditioning in temperatures of 100 to 125 degrees in the hot Arizona desert.
    7- No showers except three times a week.
    8- No car to drive around the country.
    9- No camera to pose for or take pictures.
    10- No freedom to go where she wants even in the prison.

    • Heard she was only in cell 16 hrs a day. She sure is able to communicate some how. The tents have no AC but maybe the jail does. Sex? UMMM you never know about those guards. Maybe she gets visits from ALV

    • So true Uppity. I believe JA is in for a rude awakening when she’s transferred to Perryville + she leaves behind her fan club @Estrella Jail. Gotta love the arrogance of these narcissistic, sociopathic killers like JA. Watching them dig a deeper hole to hell is fascinating + a bonus for the prosecution. Juan will have much to work w/in the re sentencing phase via JA’s own words. I did read JVM’s book Exposed which was just a detailed recap of the trial + interviews w/people closest to Travis + Jodi, information we’ve already heard.
      Thankyou for the “Jodi as a child on a good day video”. Juan should use that in his closing @the re sentencing trial; so true + frightening hilarious!

  15. She starts off her alleged narrative by saying “To My Friends.” May I ask, where are all these “friends,” well, there aren’t any. Zero!

    I interpret this nonsensical garbage as her feeling betrayed by one of her so called supporters buying and reading the book, then conveying the contents to her, the truth! I don’t believe she bought or read the book.

    Besides the obvious conniving and manipulation this was also a chance for her to get a message out to her former bff Patti.

    There’s a lot to be gleaned from the writing, from a psychoanalyst’s point of view that is.

    She says:
    “Imagine this for a moment: Someone publishes a book about you titled, “Exposed: The Secret Life of [Your Name Here].” Go ahead, imagine it. Say the title out loud with your first and last name. Feels gross, doesn’t it?”

    Now, I say to her: Imagine this for a moment: A girl is obsessed with a guy and goes to extreme lengths to taunt him, refusing to accept he doesn’t want her in his life because of the torment she caused him. So she meticulously preplans his execution, detail by detail then viciously carries it out leaving a behind a bloodbath. She then goes on her merry way.

    “Feels gross” just thinking about it, doesn’t it Jodi! Oh no, it doesn’t because you are that girl.

    She says:
    “Now, there isn’t much you can do about this book except to mourn it as a tragic and unnecessary waste of trees and keep stepping.”

    Mourn, tragic? I would say that Travis’ brutal murder and the suffering he endured is tragic, very tragic and yes, his family and friends will mourn for the rest of their lives. But a book, no, I don’t consider that tragic or mournful.

    I’m sure the book sales will soar now. This attempt at manipulation backfired, IMO.

    • I don’t believe she bought or read the book either because she doesn’t want to support the Travis Alexander Legacy Fund. She was told about the book by the friend/supporter who probably bought the book and read it so he/she could inform Jodi what the author wrote.

      But of course, Arias turned on him/her and felt disgusted and betrayed. It may have been Donovan or that male who was going around professing her innocence or one of her relatives.

      What is so ridiculous about any of Jodi Arias’s rants whether it be on TV or on twitter or the Internet is that she is always being betrayed by someone and yet she is the one who betrayed everyone.

      Stabbing Travis Alexander 29 times in the heart, chest, back, legs, hands, neck, shoulders, slitting his throat and shooting him in the head in his own home while he was taking a shower after having sex with him is disgusting and a betrayal.

      Accusing an innocent man who other girlfriends described as sensitive, caring, funny, loving and kind of being an abuser, a sexual deviant and a pedophile is disgusting and a betrayal.

      Talking to a reporter about someone who murdered a man who dumped her is not disgusting or a betrayal.

      Buying a book is not disgusting or a betrayal.

      Wanting Jodi Arias to get the death penalty is not twisted. It is justice.

    • Whether Arias read the book or not – whether she wrote her comments or someone else did it for her, it means nothing. It is just more of the same from this despicable woman.
      She still believes she has a chance to get out of this and so she carries on as always.
      Rude awakening for her is coming – just not fast enough!

  16. The death penalty – whether a deterrent or not – should always be available for ‘the worst of the worst’, a category Arias fits comfortably into. There are some killers who are so devoid of any regard for the suffering of their victim, or of human life, that they warrant no greater consideration of their own than they have shown for their victim. Such a cold blooded, ruthless and remorseless murderer is Arias.
    Within the content of this post from this evil creature is a true reflection of the regard Arias had for the life of her victim, and more than one quote from it would surely be enough for anybody to decide how worthy of any sort of mercy Arias warrants.
    Almost without exception, the ‘worst of the worst’ killers are psychopathic males whose aggression and levels of cruelty defy belief, but even many of them would struggle to match the horrendous nature of this murder. That a young woman could harbor such depravity – not only in the nature of her crime, but in the total immorality that is her nature as she so openly exhibited on the witness stand – is mind boggling. Yet there is a ‘mitigation’ phase for someone like this?
    Many attack those that retain the death penalty – as is their right – but for some, such as Arias, the penalty is not only appropriate, but all they merit – anything less is a travesty of justice.

  17. I agree, Don. The advantage of the death penalty is that it keeps dangerous murderers in a cage until they are executed. Once they are executed, they are no danger to society and we don’t have to hear from them again.

    Like Jodi Arias, Ted Bundy, who confessed to murdering more than 30 women in seven states in the 1970s before he was executed in 1989, also smugly and arrogantly told the press he would never be convicted or executed because he was innocent.

    I don’t understand these people who say, “Death is too good for Jodi. She needs to suffer and sit and think about what she’s done.”

    Death is the only answer to stop murderers like Jodi who don’t have any conscience or remorse. They don’t suffer from what they’ve done. All they do is blame the victim and society and everybody who wants them punished. As long as she lives, Jodi will spend the rest of her life trying to prove to the world that she is the good guy and Travis, his family, the cops, the prosecutor and anyone who believes she is guilty and needs to be punished are the bad guys.

    That’s why she wastes her time tweeting and writing letters to people claiming she is the victim and Travis and anyone who believes she is guilty and deserves to die are the perpetrators of a crime against her.

    The only way to shut her up and stop her taunts and torturing of the Travis Alexander family and anyone who wants justice for Travis is to put her in a cage and then put a needle in her arm and rid the world of her.

      • My feelings on the DP remain undecided through all of this. I understand everyone’s point and they sound real to me but have yet to sway,one way or the other, how I feel.
        Charles Manson, although condemned to die but ended up in prison for life, has repeatedly come up for parole and been denied. He continues to have followers after all these years. Despite all this….he remains in prison, not free and is now an old man. No one takes what he says seriously and have not for all these years. He is evil and also a monster and is where he should be. the only time we hear anything is in a short byline saying he was again denied parole.
        Supporters or not, mixed in general population or not, Arias will end up just like Manson. We will all have forgotten about her – not her crime – but HER.

  18. Honestly.. I need a shower after reading that ridiculous letter.
    She has one of her minions spreading the propaganda to keep
    her and her followers in the public eye.

  19. To Travis Alexander’s murderer,

    Imagine the betrayal Travis felt when you were stabbing him . Imagine how he begged you to stop while he was coughing up blood in the sink and seeing you continue to stab him in the back. Imagine how he felt as he felt the very life he cherished left his body. That’s right, you don’t have to imagine it. You were right there taunting him and relishing every wound you inflicted.

    Now imagine the torture you’ve inflicted on his loved ones. They have the right to feel betrayal. You lied and you torture them every single time you spout your nonsense.

      • Penny,
        Dr Randle posted a new article on Friday’s hearing. The judge had ruled that the hearings and pretrial oral arguments would be sealed and closed to the public to prevent tainting the jury pool. So we won’t know what’s going on until those records are unsealed sometime after the retrial.

        Although we know some of the hearing involved media lawyers who had filed responses to the defense motion to preclude media coverage. CNN filed a response and KPHO filed a request for media coverage.

        CNN also filed motions, one to object to the closed hearings and one to unseal the transcript of Friday’s hearing. They are relentless for ratings.

        • CNN may be relentless in looking for ratings but I have to say I agree with the argument that Jodi has put her self out there prior to trial and continues to do so post conviction with twitter and other sites even if having others post for her and now having the defense to complain about too much publicity, motioning for the jury to be sequestured, moved out of Phoenix etc. is insane. The state of Az is holding up assistance checks and cutting foodstamps, wic and a food program for elders and this POS continues to cost the state more than she is worth. Put her down she is rabid.

  20. In this interview with JVM Patti Womack said she is Jodi’s best friend and one of the reasons she did not testify was that she was in fear of her life and the other reason was she knew nothing that would help Jodi Arias and she didn’t support Jodi:

    On Dr. Drew, Patti Womack said Jodi is her former best friend, that they were friends from 12 to their 20s and she never received a death threat but fears for her safety because there are pictures of her on the Internet.–6YSPMKvIc

    I’m sure both of these interviews with Patti Womack are in the book Jane Velez Mitchell wrote that Jodi is in a snit over.

  21. A quick update to today’s hearing – it was vacated and rescheduled to 11/1.
    What a surprise!

    I read an article yesterday about her “jailhouse artwork” being sold online for thousands of dollars. The Maricopa Co official said, “She’s not physically running a business from our jail. I can’t stop her from talking on the phone or releasing property.”

    He also noted, “She’s able to have access to paper and purchase color pencils, and if she wants to release her property to someone outside, she can.”

    Just incredible!

    • I am so sick of the delays in this trial. I have never seen anything like this in all the yrs I’ve followed trials. Maybe delaying starting but never delaying sentencing. When all is said and done she will sue her lawyers and Maricopa for cruel and unusual treatment for all the delays in her sentencing leaving her stressed and unable to sleep or make a living not knowing her fate in a timely manner. This I would not put past her.

      • GiGi – what a very interesting perspective! Not one that I had thought of but makes absolute sense to me. I believe that you could be right in this as Arias has proven that she plans ahead before making any move. In her mind, she gets all her “ducks in a row” then attacks and suing the state would delay this for even a longer period of time – something that she is working on continually.

          • I doubt any lawyer would take it but I don’t doubt she would try it even if doing it herself or getting some jail house lawyer to file it. It most likely would be thrown out unless there were some kind of gross misconduct she can prove but she is so full of herself she’d give it a try. Even if she tried to prove misconduct I’m sure somone would say they will investigate it…She is good at tangling up webs as we all know.

          • Penny-
            I believe that GiGi touched on a very important area of all this. Although Arias may not be able to actually sue the State of Arizona, its justice system or the Prosecutor’s office (but again, I do not know the law), I think that she will use some ruse to state that she has been treated inhumanely and left to stress and suffer over her fate. Never mind that she is the instigator for all the delays and that she is able to surreptitiously flog her wares and comments on the internet and thus satisfying her ego, she will find a way (maybe somewhere in the “human rights” field) to further plead her case and get what she wants.
            My question would be “does a convicted murderer facing the DP have the right to do all that she does and then claim she is again a victim, this time by the delays in her sentencing and thus putting her under undue stress?”

            It is all a crock but she is devious and a manipulator and will try anything. I don’t believe that she is not continually plotting her next move no matter how offensive it may be.

      • Just got off jury duty and it was a 1st degree murder and 3 attempted murder and he will be sentenced 12/06/13. Took us 6 days from beginning to end of trial and only 2 mos before he sentenced. The judge we had did not put up with the antics judge Sherry does.

        • I am very disappointed in Judge Sherry to say the least. I keep waiting to see if there is a method to her madness but there is yet another delay. If she can’t handle it then she just needs to say so and get someone in that can for this phase or her boss needs to tell her get this thing moving. If she were going to drag it our she should just have granted the defenses request to do it after the new yr.

          • GiGi – yes, these delays are painfully frustrating to say the least but I think you might have touched on something in your comment. Obviously, the judge has a boss and apparently he/she is OK with the way things are going and I would suspect that he has conversed with Judge Sherry.

      • Nern, I am in Australia and have worked as a teacher in a major prison here. It was a common practice for inmates to try and con you into bringing something in for them or to take something, such as a letter, out. This practice was known as ‘trafficking’, and if I had been foolish enough to be involved, it meant instant dismissal and the prisoner would be charged. In all probability additional time on his sentence would result. This also applied to a visitor taking something out for a prisoner – charges would ensue. Such prohibition also applied to prisoners on remand i.e.those yet to face trial.
        I find it incredible that Arias seems to be able to have property transferred from her prison with apparent impunity.

        • Don, as we move from fall to eventual winter here in Canada, you move into summer. I am so sorry to hear about the wildfires that are destroying so much there right now. Hope you are safe.
          I suppose there will always be “crooked” prison employees but I like to think that the vast majority are like you and do their job with integrity.
          I agree that Arias should not be able to pass her property on to others. I would think that it is scrutinized before it leaves the prison. Prison officials know full well what is being done with it once it leaves and obviously, in the name of “human rights” feel it is OK even though she is a convicted felon.
          I don’t get it. I understand that rights are involved but this is all ludicrous to me. It just isn’t “right”.

          • Nern I agree with you a 100%. Don’t forget Jodi is in jail not prison and I think and hope when she does get into prison it will very different and she will not be getting away with what she is now.

          • Penny – I think that this has been much of my point for a long, long time. Prison is NOT jail. What she will experience in prison will be a far cry from what she has known since 2008. Those sentenced to prison are really hard core in my opinion. She will not know what hit her when she finally gets there. She may have those who will seem to support her but I venture to guess it will be only as long as she is “useful” to them. She will have to walk a tightrope to survive there. Her arrogance and manipulation will not be tolerated.
            Telephone access, mail and visitation, in my understanding, is quite different once one is in prison. Far more rigorous. Internet access must be earned but quickly taken away if access is abused, which she would surely do if and when she gets the opportunity.
            For me, the jail she is in is a joke with the biggest joker of all – Sheriff Joe. What he says and what he does are two entirely different things. this has been proven by his guilty conviction of racial profiling. Latest I had heard is that the jail was going “vegetarian”. As a vegetarian myself for almost 20 years, it is not necessarily cheaper as I bet is his real reason and it is a challenge to feed prisoners healthy, proper and nutritious meals. It can be done of course but this is a joke once again.

          • Everything you put down is correct. But what worries me is how she malipulates people. She just may have several followers especially if they believe the DV crap. I think at the jail sheriff Joe has them grow vegi’s so it may be cheaper.

          • Penny – I guess it doesn’t worry me about her manipulation once she is in prison. She will get her just desserts and won’t even see it coming. And if not – think about those that she may be manipulating or trying to – they are there, locked up because they too are convicted felons and…..probably trying to do the same thing as her – great life they will lead as they are locked away from the rest of us – hope they enjoy one another.

          • Nern – thank you for your concern and good wishes. We live in the state of Victoria and the bushfires are to the north of us in New South Wales. The latest news on them is that there are three infernos which are expected to join together tomorrow to form a wall of fire that will be over 300 kilometres wide – frightening indeed.It is all part of living in rural Australia (which we do) and facing the threat of bushfires each summer.
            I have always noted, and appreciated your concern for others. Thank you.

          • Don – just watched a video on our Weather Network Channel of someone driving through the fires in the Blue Mountains. Having never been faced with anything like it, I cannot imagine. Apparently it is to continue to deteriorate until Wednesday when they feel it may level off. Here in Ontario, Sioux Lookout, which is much farther north from where I live had snow and is expecting a lot more. Guess winter is getting closer for us.
            Do you have cases, such as the Anthony and Arias ones, in Australia that generate so much controversy and so many comments? The only one that I have read about (“Sins of the Brother”) and seen a TV documentary about is the backpack murderer, Ivan Milat in the ’90’s in New South Wales. Now I see his great-nephew, Matthew Milat is jailed for murder as well. Horrible story all the way around.
            Anyway, I enjoy your comments and thank you for your kind words.

        • Don it is the same here in the USA. Don’t forget Jodi is in jail not prison so that might be the difference. Think once she gets to prison all the rules you have will also apply to Jodi.But then again I have never seen anything like this dragged out trial and the antics she is allowed to get away with.

          • Yes, thank you ,Penny. I believe what you refer to as jail there is called ‘remand’ here – but all inmates of either institution are still totally restricted as to what they can send out or have sent in to them, and there is no way any of them would be permitted to do what Arias is able to get away with.

        • Penny, in response to your post on Oct. 24
          Thank you, Penny, and much appreciated. We are a considerable distance from the fires, fortunately, but yesterday, tragically, a water-bombing plane crashed killing its pilot. It is a grim situation indeed as there are 57 different blazes there – and we are not yet into summer!

          • Don sorry to hear about the plane and the many fires. Scares you to think what summer may bring. I live by hills but luckly any fires we have have been put out in time. Our fire dept. is right down the street which makes me feel safer.

  22. Dr Randle I would really love for you to comment on this Alyce youtube video on a workshop she did on Oct 10, 2013 (or write a blog post about it and relay your analysis). She is talking about the Arias case to this group of people.

    I swear, I am not looking for this Arias related stuff, it comes out of the woodwork across my social media. I am focused on the MacNeill trial and trying to forget Arias, although I do enjoy your blog and look forward to your book. I didn’t watch the entire video but I do have some thoughts of my own.
    A few things that come to mind:
    1) She failed to mention that Arias was the one who initiated the media blitz. Nothing is Jodi’s fault.
    2) She turned down cases — because she already made the big bucks off Arias. She brags about paying for her own lunch to save AZ money!
    3) She says Lenore Walker claimed she wouldn’t take a case on if Martinez was the prosecutor. Alyce doesn’t mention that Lenore Walker was on HLN and completely discredited Alyce’s testimony and corrected the misinformation that Alyce testified to during trial.
    4) Her two judge friends called her and claimed they wouldn’t have allowed what went on in the Arias courtroom – it was “out of control”. What is she talking about! As far as I could see, Arias was making hand gestures, her family was whispering and laughing, and worst of all Alyce was very disrespectful not only as a witness but she was very out of control when she approached Travis’ family and was ultimately reprimanded for it! Not to mention bringing a cheering section to court!
    5) She claimed the judge didn’t screen the jury questions! Not only did the judge screen the questions, she read the questions to the witnesses!
    6) She went on about the death threats again but when she read them, I didn’t hear any threats, what I heard was name calling.
    7) She portrays Juan as bullying and abusive but doesn’t realize she wouldn’t answer any of his questions and went into this with every intention of being belligerent making his job very difficult.

    According to her, her twitter account was not created by her and is a fake account, same with facebook. I have a lot more to say about this but the bottom line is this presentation was very unprofessional in my opinion. She loves to mock the trial and pat herself on the back throughout the workshop. It’s disgraceful!

    • Tracy
      I went to utube and although I couldn’t stand watching the whole thing, I did go through it and yes, very unprofessional on her part. She slams the prosecutor, the court itself and the media. She states Dr. Drew is dangerous and Nancy and Jane are not far behind. Now, although I dislike all three of these shows on HLN for their sensationalism and battles for ratings, to publically speak in such direct, negative terms in a “seminar” is disgraceful in my books.
      Juan was doing his job and the court obviously felt that his tactics AND those of the defense were appropriate, in the name of the law.
      For someone so hurt and seemingly treated so badly, she has now gone on the defensive and doing almost exactly the same thing that she feels was done to her.
      I would venture to guess that a good number of those at this seminar on the 10th of October were there for the simple reason to see this person in action and what she would say about her experience in the Arias trial and not because they like or support her.
      She proved her worth while testifying and unfortunately for her it proved to be not worth much.

      • Nern isn’t it ironic that she does appear to be doing exactly what she’s accusing everybody else of!

        I found it funny that she slams HLN many times but she sat down and did a lengthy interview back in late August when she claimed death threats, etc. It’s on HLN’s website and was aired on HLN – Ted Rowlands did the interview for CNN (HLN’s sister station).

        • Tracy
          If ALV believes so strongly in her methods and knowledge of DV, I find it strange that she needs to continually justify her “diagnosis” and on top of that slam her critics.
          From what I watched of her Oct. seminar, she constantly rebuked her critics and even her dismissal from a Board of an organization that she said she co-founded. She made jokes throughout rather than speaking to what she believes her expertise is. She spoke of all those who continue to like her and support her rather than speaking to the issues she believes so much in. It was all about her and I find her to be even less credible having watched it.

          • Nern, I agree…. she’s continually justifying her self importance. She’s not a professional, she’s a disgrace. We’ve all talked about the damage she’s done during trial and now she’s using the trial to profit. She’s doing more damage conducting these workshops. She’s very much in a “poor me” frame of mind and acting more like a stand up comic, as if this is funny!

          • tracy – it may be a disgrace that she is doing these seminars but apparently she is asked to speak even still. And…..people come to hear her, although I think a vast majority come to see the idiot expert witness who defended Arias. The problem with going to these workshops/seminars is that gives appearances that she is respected and it gives her a voice. But if the Oct. 10th workshop is any indication, there is nothing to respect her for because she only speaks about herself and offers no expert knowledge on anything except her own importance while trashing so many others who disagree with her. that workshop – the little I watched – was very reminiscent of Arias on the stand.

          • Nern that is what I don’t understand. Who would want ALV to speak and who would want to hear her unless they wanted to have a good laugh.

          • Tracy I couldn’t watch the video of ALV. Less then 60 sec. into it and could already feel myself boiling over. She is a disgrace and I am sure she has hurt many custody hearings. I don’t understand how anyone could go to hear her speak.

        • Penny, I did watch the whole thing with Vilette. And I am saying that the women who listened to her can’t be any better than Vilette. They cackled with glee everytime Vilette told her lies. I feel very bad for anybody who goes to the Long Beach DV place for help. I am afraid most of the women at that workshop are seriously messed up. Don’t watch it, but I am telling you I suspect most if not all of those cows are just like Vilette. It is gross.

          • Penny, when I get a minute, I will google and see if Lenore Walker REALLY did say that she would not appear in court before Juan Martinez. I think someone said or posted that Lenore Walker didn’t approve of Vilette’s testimony on one of the networks, but I didn’t actually see this myself. If Lenore Walker thinks Vilette did a proper job, then it says to me that Walker isn’t very good either – IF she knows the facts of this case. And the cows who giggled with glee at Vilette’s attempts at morbid humor are not at all therapists or counselors who have any business trying to help abused women. Their loud laughter was outrageous, almost as outrageous as Vilette’s continuing lies. Thank you, Penny, for having similar feelings for the lying one as I do.

          • nance –
            I still believe that a good majority of people who attend her seminars are there out of pure curiosity – to see the woman who soooo screwed up in her testimony and thus sabotaged her career and tried to excuse the defendant for her heinous crime.
            Some who attend….in their torment and ignorance, may still believe that she can help and that is a sad commentary.

      • Thank you so much Dr R!

        When I see something relevant I try to post it here in hopes it might help in your research for the book you’re writing. I’m sure most of what I post you’re already aware of but I felt compelled to comment on this.

    • Thank you Tracy for listing all you did on ALV’s work shop.I agree with everything you said. Don’t know how she can even have a work shop? She needs to be out of sight and mind. She has done enough damage.

    • Good work, Tracy. You have kicked a goal here, and thanks for providing the link..
      ALV’s worth to the Arias trial can only be measured in terms of her contribution to the victim’s further slaughter and total character assassination in a court of law – and to that end her contribution was indeed considerable.
      I am sure that a full viewing of this video would be most revealing as to what makes this contemptible woman tick. However, I could only view a short amount of it as I’m afraid my tolerance levels do not run high enough to listen to any more of the verbal diarrhoea that emanates from her mouth.
      This woman is absolutely irrepressible. It was always obvious that she was a man-hater and an attention seeker. It is also now quite obvious that she is more than willing to extend her five minutes of fame gained from the trial, and that she regards herself as a celebrity as she basks in her own notoriety. What in the world was that tearful interview she gave about not wishing to have further involvement in the trial due to death threats all about?
      She has the nerve to try to score points at the expense of Juan Martinez. What she, and so-called experts like her, can’t handle is that he brings them to account and exposes them for what they are – frauds.
      She had the audacity to say that the media “pilloried” a woman who ambushed, slaughtered, tortured, shot, stabbed and cut the throat of a fellow human being.
      Her sanity must surely be in grave doubt To have listened further would have threatened what little is left of my own.

      • Don, thank you for your comment, that was very well summed up. By the way I really enjoy your contributions to this blog. Your experience in the prison system and point of view on these cases are very interesting.

        When I found this video and got about 3 minutes into it, I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish it, I could feel my blood pressure rising. I skipped around a bit to get the gist of it but I had to stop. I’m finding a lot of people feel the same. Verbal diarrhea = excellent way to describe it! I can’t find any words to add to your excellent summation.

        I agree with your view about her contribution to the trial being nothing more than further and considerable slaughter of the victim. She presents a danger to men and women who ARE abused. Imagine just the damage she’s done to innocent people in the family court system!

        Excellent comment about Juan Martinez exposing the frauds. He’s a master at this and I wish more prosecutors were like him. He recently won an award and he certainly deserved it, if he was such a bully he surely wouldn’t be recognized in his field the way he’s been. He’s passionate for justice!

        And yes, it’s the media’s fault to have “pilloried” Jodi. Poor me, poor Jodi – her sanity is surely in question.

  23. She will still be able to send property out. She will still have monitored phone calls and she will still be able to have money put on her books. The difference will be her mail list and visitor list, phone list is limited to like I believe 10 people if I am not mistaken. Generally if they aren’t on those lists and it is usually the same people on all three they won’t have access to her. On death row it could be more limited.

  24. In reply to Nern @ 7.45 pm on October 21.
    Good on you, Nern, and I enjoy your comments, too. Yes, we have had many a controversial case here over the years, but no, they don’t get the coverage you have over there which is one of the reasons why I enjoy this blog so much, and feel privileged to make some sort of contribution to. The case you referred to is known as the ‘Backpacker Murders’, which were perpetrated by a monster named Ivan Milat. The bodies of seven young people were discovered in the remote Belanglo State Forest in New South Wales whilst hiking around Australia from overseas. Milat would pick them up, disable them, take them to the forest, and stab and shoot them before leaving them to die. Nice chap – one of our finest. Actually, I have always believed his brother assisted him in the murders, but he was never charged over them.
    I have also had personal dealings with some of our biggest ‘name’ criminals during my teaching time in prison – including a couple who mysteriously disappeared without trace during the 1980s. This further fuelled a passionate interest in crime and criminals – a passion that has increased as time goes by. It is such a fascinating study, and it never ceases to amaze what inhumanity man can wreak on his fellow beings.

    • Don, I too agree that Milat’s brother assisted him in at least a few of the horrific murders but apparently there was never enough evidence to charge him (Billy I think was his name). The book, “Sins of the Brother” gives an excellent account of this case for those who are not familiar.
      Here in Canada, we have had our share of monsters as well but like Australia, the exhausting notoriety is not as evident as that of the States and especially the Anthony (which I did not follow) and Arias cases. One horrendous case is the Robert Picton (Pig Farmer) of British Columbia.

      Have been away and unaware of the current “fire” situation down under. Any better???

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