Joshua Young Acquitted

The verdict is in. A Kentucky jury found 17-year-old Joshua Young not guilty of the beating death of his stepbrother, Trey Zwicker. He was also found not guilty of tampering with evidence. 

The jurors could have found him guilty of murder whether they believed he acted alone or with someone else.

The tampering charge involved the accusation that he threw away clothes and a bloody baseball bat after the murder.

The jury deliberated for approximately 8 hours before returning their verdicts.

11 thoughts on “Joshua Young Acquitted

  1. I am not surprised at the verdict of not guilty. From the onset of my watching this trial, I have felt that Josh Young was manipulated by his father. In the 2 months that he lived with him, he mimicked a lot of behaviour of his father’s in a bid to have the only parent left in his life to care for him. Screwed up 15 year old for sure but in the end, just a kid who wanted to feel loved. His father did not give a crap about him and only had him cause he knew he could get him back under the law and saw an opportunity to mess with another’s life. He called him apparently, a demon child and admitted he did not know him well enough to say he loved him. He also stated he would not give his life for his son’s. He sees this all as a big game and he planned on being the winner. Josh Young was thriving in his foster family’s care and it speaks volumes that they wanted him back in their home and permanently take measures to adopt him. Josh Y. has a long road ahead of him, a tough road but given his age, a family who believes in him and intense therapy, he can have a very productive life away from the demonic influence of his biological father.
    For Trey’s family, I am truly sorry they did not get the results that they wished for but justice has been served and now all must move on the best way they can.
    Needless to say, everyone should take lesson from all of this and take a serious look at how to improve obvious dysfunction in their lives. there are other children still around that need a more positive influence in their lives to avoid any further trouble in their lives.

  2. I don’t know the facts of what he did or didn’t do. But I noticed in the video after the verdict was announced that he twice mouthed “thank you” in the direction of the jury while his lawyer was hugging him. Not sure if he was trying to say it to the jury or his lawyer or both. But I’m impressed when people actually stop to say thank you in these situations; many don’t bother, thinking only of themselves. Something about this gesture makes me think he’s not a cruel person or a murderer. Might be an out of control kid for all I know, but I just think he shows signs of empathy in that gesture.

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