Jury Q&A for Prosecution Rebuttal Witnesses

Seeing the jurors questions and answers gives them a new perspective. K Nurmi

Dr. Janeen DeMarte: Prosecution Expert Witness: Clinical Psychologist

 19 Questions 

Jacob Mefford: Very Close Friend of Travis Alexander

0 Questions

Amanda Webb: Walmart Employee

1 Question

Q1. In the return system is there a way to refund cash with a dummy SKU or no SKU at all?

Webb Answer: You have to have a SKU number to do the returns. There is a way you could return it but it would have to have some sort of SKU number to get into the system. They can’t just give you money for an item. It has to go through the system and has to have a SKU number. It has to have something attaching it to something in Walmart. So you can’t just return something and just get money for it and just say that’s what the item is.

(This is a juror who either worked at Walmart or who has worked in retail. Excellent question.)

Chelsey Young: IT Manager, Tesoro

O Questions

Deanna Reid: Travis Alexander’s Ex-Girlfriend

2 Questions

Q1. Is the law of chastity widely known in your church or is it something that is kept the secret? 

Reid Answer: It is widely known.

Q2. Is the law of chastity a topic of discussion in your three-hour church days or any other event? If so to what degree?

Reid Answer: Yes, sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. We’ll usually teach lessons on it in the different classes that we have during church so every once in a while they’ll be a lesson specifically on the law of chastity.

Michael Melendez: Mesa Police Department: Computer Forensics Unit

2 Questions (there were two total questions but I split up the last question into multiple questions for clarification)

Q1. Regarding all of the electronics seized did you find any indication of pornography, naked women, or child photos on any of the items you examined?

Melendez Answer: I did not find any of that on any of the items I examined related to Mr. Alexander.

Q2. Regarding Travis’s camera, just for clarification, all pictures were not deleted is that correct?

Melendez Answer: That is correct.

Q. The pictures depicting Jodi and Travis in sexual poses and the pictures before and after the killing were deleted but there were pictures left on the camera is that correct?

Melendez Answer: That is correct.

Q. If so, do you know how many pictures were left?

Melendez Answer: From recollection, I believe there were more than 90.

Robert Brown: Mesa Police Department: Detective, Computer Forensics Unit 

O Questions

Detective E. Flores:

14 Questions

Q1. Was there any record of a gun registration under Travis’s name? 

Flores Answer: No there was none.

Q2. Would there have been any significance to measure all of the shelves since Jodi stated she only used the bottom shelf to get to the very top of the shelf? 

Flores Answer: No and that’s why I focused my measurements just on that back row.

Q3. Were any of the shoes out of place when detectives arrived on the scene? 

Flores Answer: Nothing appeared out of place.

Q4. To your knowledge did either of Travis’s roommates at the time on a gun? 

Flores Answer: No they did not.

Q5. What would you say is the approximate width of the end shelf unit where Ms. Arias claims the gun was located?

Flores Answer: The shelves themselves are approximately 36 to 38 inches long. They’re about 16 inches in depth and the shelf itself is about three quarters of an inch thick.

Q6. Jodi testified that she helped Travis put some things in the attic. Did you find anything at all stored in the attic? 

Flores Answer: No we found nothing.

Q7. Is the floor of the attic capable of supporting boxes? 

Flores Answer: There are beams in the attic and you can put stuff on the beams but the rest of it is drywall so if it was a light object I suppose you could put something there.

Q8. Could you tell if anything had ever been in the attic?

Flores Answer: No I can’t.

Q9. Where’s the opening to the attic located? 

Flores Answer: There’s one in the closet area, in that area.

Q10. Do you know the weight, height and shoe size of Ms. Arias at the time of her booking? 

Flores Answer: I don’t recall exactly. I don’t know her shoe size but I believe she was about 5’5″, 5’6″, 115-125 pounds.

Q11. It appears from the March 5, 2013 photo that the metal pins holding the closet shelves are round for the entire length of the pin, is that correct? 

Flores Answer: Yes they’re round.

Q12. Were there any signs of evidence at Travis’s house that he owned a gun? 

Flores Answer: None whatsoever.

Q13: When Travis’s master closet was originally examined whether there any empty boxes or containers found on the top shelf that could have contained a gun? 

Flores Answer: No.

Q14. If Jodi were to stand with her arms pointing straight up into the air do you know approximately what the distance would be from the ground to the tips of her fingers? 

Flores Answer: No I do not.

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  1. I hadn’t known there were other pictures on the camera before this. When Jodi talked about it in the past, she kept saying it was a new camera so they took the naked to pics to try it out. Apparently not, since it had so many other pictures on it.

    Jacob definitely didn’t seem too fond of Nurmi…or maybe it was the close proximity he had to the murdered of his close friend. Jodi was sporting some serious crazy eyes while watching the video, at one point during her fake crying gig, they look ready to bug out of her head.

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