Justice For Travis Spam?

I am wondering if anyone else received a message like this: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


I am reaching out to as many people as possible to get out information I believe one day will lead to something called “The Travis Alexander Forensic Process.” Please provide an email to me to forward the pictures I’ve image-enhanced with very limited resources.

Mahalo in advance for reviewing this information.

Mr. Alexander is trying desperately to tell us what really happened to him during his ordeal of being slaughtered…Please–with your access to any top-rate image-enhancing capabilities–please blow-up and review the images that are reflected…

…within Mr. Alexander’s eyes (there’s an image of a person wearing a piece of clothing over a shirt–could be that sweater J.A. told the Defense’s Expert about during his evaluations of her); …within his blood (I tried to download “fxphoto” but couldn’t afford to purchase it for its image filtering/sharpening tool=I don’t know if this photo will even translate); …within the shower water falling over his dark hair; …and within his sink faucet, which shows what appears to be the same image that is reflected in his eyes in the last photo ever taken of him alive–eyes which show tears welling up inside up to halfway of each eye declaring he is not a willing participant…. Please help Mr. Alexander gain Justice…

Signed: A Concerned Human Being.”

Perhaps this is a new forensic technique. Perhaps not. What do you make of it?

6 thoughts on “Justice For Travis Spam?

  1. I think the kooks have really come out of the woodwork in regards to this case.

    From the celebrity-like reactions to Mr. Martinez, to things like this.

    I don’t even get it. We know Jodi took the pictures, so if she appears in a reflection what’s odd about that?

    I read on a Facebook page someone posting a picture and saying that if “you looked closely” you could see a “midget” or small person standing under the sink and that this was someone that helped Jodi move Travis.

    Again, the kooks are really coming out of the woodwork on this one. Lot of hatred towards Jodi.

    • Interesting that you have seen something like this before. I agree with you. I don’t get it. A midget or small person…how is that relevant? What does it even mean? Good lord! Dr. KR

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