Leaked Police Video of George Zimmerman’s Ex is Frightening

Samantha Scheibe, George Zimmerman’s then-girlfriend, details the November 2013 incident in which she called the police on him in this leaked video by ZimmermanVerdict.net. The video first appeared online by Mother Jones and it describes the abusive behavior of George Zimmerman towards his girlfriend.

Since the incident, Scheibe decided against pressing charges and said that the police “misinterpreted” her statements. You can listen for yourself and come to your own conclusions about the nature of George Zimmerman.

She tried to end their relationship and he pulled a shotgun on her and smashed her belongings. She also told investigators that he had tried to choke her on an earlier occasion. It’s not clear if the two are still involved.

14 thoughts on “Leaked Police Video of George Zimmerman’s Ex is Frightening

  1. George Zimmerman is a mixed bag of disorders. For one, aggression. Possibly psychotic. He is volatile, feeling invincible. He possibly feels he is a policeman…SWAT! Most likely he is on medication that can cause irritability.

    Never-the-less, the situation at Samantha’s home is a time bomb. Guns everywhere, like a fortress. Zimmerman is wearing his body holster. She has a gun in her handbag. Zimmerman has a bag filled with guns that he takes out to threaten, then puts away. His smashing the glass table was displacement…a rage against Samantha.

    He has strangled her. Pushed her. And she is supposedly pregnant. She lives in fear. She has all the signs of a domestic violence hostage. Maybe Stockholm Syndrome. Samantha NOT pressing chargers against Zimmerman is a major red flag of a domestic violence victim. Samantha is also deranged.
    It appears a given that a tragedy is going to happen. Possibly Samantha attacking Zimmerman. For maybe no way out for her but to get rid of him. Living in that home must be like a combat zone. A small home loaded with guns and two volatile people.

  2. During 2013, we had three highly publicised prosecutions – Arias, Zimmerman and McNeill – each extraordinary cases with the most extraordinary of outcomes.
    In one of these cases a she-devil slaughtered a decent young man and, at trial, readily admitted to doing so. In the second we had an armed man shoot another through the heart from point-blank range, and in the third we had a man charged with a murder than even the prosecution medicos were not prepared to say was, in fact, a homicide.
    One of these defendants was quickly convicted and awaits imminent conviction. Another was convicted, but after nigh on twelve months, the trial is on-going. The third was promptly acquitted.
    Guess which was which.
    Dr K., I’m starting to believe I have followed far too many crime cases and that they have finally got to me, and so it’s probably time to give it away.

  3. This is disturbing and I can almost guarantee this won’t be the last time we hear about Zimmerman’s anger issues. I’m not sure how Scheibe’s statements can be misinterpreted, they are quite clear on the video including demonstrations. I think they both have a screw loose but it appears she’s a classic victim of domestic violence.

  4. With Samantha refusing to press charges, does this mean George Zimmerman will not be prosecuted for domestic violence on her?

    Since domestic violence victims are afraid of their batterer, often recant and go back to them, I thought police now prosecute batterers whether the victim presses charges or not. George Zimmerman got away with killing Trayvon Martin and he got away with punching his father in law and threatening Shelley when she left him. He is escalating his violence against women with pulling a shotgun on Samantha and smashed her belongings when she tried to end the relationship. Batterers often kill their victims when they leave. If Florida police do not put George Zimmerman behind bars, he will kill again.

    It is obvious from the domestic violence incident with Shelley and Samantha, that Zimmerman is paranoid, filled with rage, obsessed with guns and a time bomb waiting to go off.

    • Prosecutors had the choice to pursue the charges but they said that it would not produce a successful prosecution due to lack of evidence, witnesses and all the conflicting statements Scheibe provided.

      Scheibe also fabricated information about not being allowed to call an attorney, when it was shown in the video she had possession of her phone. She also claimed they didn’t give her food or water and police pressured her into the interview. The sheriff’s office said she was given food.

      Zimmerman picked up his firearms from the sheriff’s office on 12/18/13 after he was released and the next day he accompanied Scheibe to pick up her firearm. Both parties had their firearms confiscated after the arrest. I think it’s safe to say they’re together, spending the $100+ grand he received from selling his “artwork” on ebay. He’s now got a twitter account and tweeted that his next painting is in the works.

      • Tracy, If all this was not so disturbing….& dangerous…it would read like a sicko comedy…not even serious fiction. All the guns…Bonnie & Clyde. Or “One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

        I think just maybe Samantha Scheibe wants her more than 10 minutes of fame. I wonder if she IS pregnant? Most likely not. Most certainly she is whacko. And not from being a so-called “domestic violence victim.” Both of them are playing around with guns like they are toys. And listening to & watching her in the police video, was like watching a jack rabbit who could not sit still without clear thoughts. I thought: Schizophrenia.

        And….MORE valid insanity from Zimmerman. Not relieved he got away with murder, laying low, he keeps getting in the news, on purpose!

        When he 1st began being noticed after the trial, there were doubts as to “why” he kept popping-up in the media. Well now for sure, he feels he is a “celebrity,” selling art, etc. And these patterns, this grandiosity, narcissism, have been life-long personality disorders. But now he feels he has finally hit the jackpot in fame. (In addition to getting away with murder.) Another true sociopath.

        But there are telling signs that it is only a matter of short time that the Zimmerman saga will come to an end. Behind bars. Or dead.

  5. I wasn’t able to watch the video last night when I first commented but I was able to watch it this morning. After watching the video, I understand why police dropped the charges against Zimmerman. There was no evidence that he put his hands on her and Zimmerman pulling the gun on her is her word against his. With Samantha recanting and refusing to press charges, they would never get a conviction with this video interrogation because of Samantha’s flat affect.

    Unless the jurors are familiar with how domestic violence victims act, they would not believe this woman. Her arms are crossed which indicates childish defiance and that she does not want to be there. She just went through a supposedly traumatic event and she shows no emotion at all. She is very robotic and minimizes the domestic violence and does not see that she is in danger.

    Samantha said matter of fact Zimmerman choked her a week and a half before pulling the gun on her but she didn’t call the police because she hit him when he was choking her and then lost consciousness and she feared the police would arrest her too. That sounded like a pathetic excuse to me. She acted like Zimmerman choking her and pulling a gun on her was no big deal. If she didn’t take it seriously, the jury wouldn’t believe it even happened.

    When the policeman asked if she feared for her life, she said yes and no. No because he is in jail and yes because he just lost the only person who had his back. I have a feeling she is back with Zimmerman and this was a game to her. Samantha is addicted to crisis and drama. She isn’t facing reality or she would never have gotten involved with a man who admits he shot and killed a teenager with a gun and was tried for second degree murder and then was accused by his estranged wife and her father of domestic violence. Anybody with any sense would run the other way from Zimmerman. The fact that he has gotten away with murder and domestic violence gives him the feeling that he can do anything he wants and then charm or intimidate his way out of it.

    Whether it is Samantha or some other bimbo or just a stranger Zimmerman meets on the street, someone is going to end up shot dead and Zimmerman will end up behind bars just like OJ. Only it isn’t going to take 20 years. It will be a matter of months.

  6. Tracy, I think it is absolutely ridiculous that anyone would pay $100,000 for a scribble of George Zimmerman’s. I saw a picture of his artwork and a kindergartner could have done better. Zimmerman’s claim to fame is he shot to death a teenager and that makes him Picasso? I don’t get these idiots giving their hard earned money to killers. He’ll have the money blown in a week and will be back to living off women who somehow find the gun toting killer charming.

    I just read some of the entries in the Zimmerman After the Verdict blog written by Christi O”Connor, investigative reporter and former TV anchor.

    I learned that:

    1- On New Year’s Day, George Zimmerman tweeted thanking God for “letting me live free.” She claims to have an exclusive story coming to show he won’t be free long. I think that is wishful thinking.

    2- On Dec. 19, 2013 the police department returned Zimmerman’s arsenal of guns that are the same guns owned by Adam Lanza who shot and killed 20 children and 6 teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School and James Holmes who killed 12 and injured 70 theatre goers in Colorado.

    3- Besides Samantha Scheibe, Zimmerman has another girlfriend, Kimberly Smith, whom he manipulated into not speaking to the police investigating Samantha Scheibe’s domestic violence charges. What’s disturbing is Smith has a child and she has been allowing her child around a gun carrying killer since April.

    4- Zimmerman’s new attorney is Jayne Weintraub, the loud mouth self serving defense attorney on Jane Velez Mitchell’s show who claims every murder defendant is innocent. She is from Miami. She most likely smells big bucks from book deals and TV shows or she wouldn’t go near him after he stiffed his other attorneys.


  7. It didn’t take long for Zimmerman to return to his macho-man appearance – unlike the meek and mild innocent he presented himself as in court.
    This weak excuse for a man who is big and tough with a gun should never be allowed anywhere near one as he is just an accident waiting to happen.

  8. I agree with you Dawn – he thinks he’s invincible. It is truly disturbing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s out there pitching a reality show. Not sure if any network in their right mind would do it.

    Observer, I haven’t had time to look at the blog you referenced but I have seen the tweets he put out. One of his tweets mentioned the score between Nancy Grace and Frank Taaffe, as the 2 of them were arguing on her show – the tweet said Frank 2, Nancy 0. Really! I also saw tweets about the paparazzi following him or him following them – whatever. Television news stations were showing the ‘artwork’ and showed an exact replica implying that he traced it. Murderabilia is a big fad nowadays ya know. People are cuckoo – just look at Arias supporters.

    I heard about Jayne Weintraub being his new attorney. I’m so disgusted! I thought I heard that Scheible had a child also. In any case, any child exposed to him is in grave danger, mentally, emotionally and physically.

    His arsenal which mimics Lanza’s and Holmes’ is very frightening. All the psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, etc. who address this issue talk about being aware of people who show signs of mental illness, not to mention their possession of firearms. They are firm about getting help for these people before another mass shooting or any kind of shooting occurs. It’s a crisis in this country yet people support this assault gun toting killer and everything he does. Big trouble waiting to happen and it will happen.

  9. Christi O’Connor reports on her “Zimmerman, After the Verdict” blog that a federal grand jury may indict George Zimmerman and charge him with a hate crime in the killing of Trayvon Martin. If indicted and made to stand trial in federal court, the US Attorney can accuse Zimmerman of being a racist and racially profiling Trayvon Martin when he shot and killed him. It will be interesting to see if he is indicted and stands trial once again and this time is convicted. Maybe that’s what they need to do to stop him before he kills someone else with his arsenal of weapons.


  10. The concept of charging Zimmerman again over the shooting of Trayvon Martin is an interesting one, but the double jeopardy rule would surely prevent that from happening.
    This rule was actually overcome in the Timothy Hennis case, but only because he had previously been acquitted in a civilian court, and because he was in the armed forces at the time when he committed the murder that was later proved against him through DNA evidence, he was re-tried in a military court.
    It would be difficult to imagine circumstances under which Zimmerman could be re-charged, though.

  11. Don, I see what you’re saying about double jeopardy but in this case they wouldn’t be charging him with murder per se – instead a hate crime involving racial profiling so I’m not sure double jeopardy would apply.

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