Man Arrested After Threatening Anchors Over Jodi Arias Coverage

There are many unstable people in the world and the following story is an example of just one of them. 

JodiStripes2The Associated Press has reported that a 48-year old man named David Lee Simpson, of New York, has been indicted by a grand jury for threatening to kill two female Turner Broadcasting anchors. They apparently angered him with comments they made about the Jodi Arias trial.

The two anchors were not named but one works out of Atlanta and the other out of New York.

He also threatened a Phoenix woman who came to the defense of the anchors online.

The investigation has been on-going since June. According to his tweets, he threatened to “strap the commentators to a tree naked and leave them to suffer all night and then slit their throats.”

He allegedly told another anchor that he planned to hang her by her feet and “gut her like a deer.”

Investigators can’t say with certainty whether Simpson would have carried out his threats but they found a number of items in his car that were disturbing including:

  • Multiple guns
  • Ammunition
  • Knives
  • Handcuffs
  •  Zip-ties
  • Several news articles: one about the Newtown mass shooting; another about the shootings of four firemen in New York who had been responding to a fire call, and a printout about a local Arizona woman arrested for bestiality.

Investigators caught him with these items in his car as he was leaving town. The week prior, Mr. Simpson had quit his desk job at a car repair shop.

Officials say that Mr. Simpson will be brought to Arizona this week. He doesn’t yet have a lawyer. He has been charged with computer tampering, class 5 felonies, stalking, and class 3 felonies.

Simpson admitted that he is infatuated and obsessed with Jodi Arias.

This story is further proof that her supporters are mentally unstable.

74 thoughts on “Man Arrested After Threatening Anchors Over Jodi Arias Coverage

  1. Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta is CNN. Wonder which anchorwoman. Why would they arrest him, though, instead of letting him have a conjugal visit with Jodi at the jail?

    • If I had to make an educated guess…
      Nancy Grace would be at the top of his list.
      The nuts come out of the woodwork whenever their are high profile cases.
      Oh Jodi….Hell have no fury like a woman scorned !

      • I do not wish any malice towards anyone at any time but having said this, my perception of Nancy Grace is that she is as arrogant and narcissistic as the stories/people she covers on her show. To say in her ads for her program that what she likes the best about her job is that she “makes a difference”, I would beg to differ. Her show is entertainment and also sensationalizes the stories she is covering. Her show serves no other purpose unless you want to listen to her opinion, rudeness to those who disagree with her and any other “dirt” she can report on. She does not make a difference except to occas. give a voice to some – but only when it supports her own opinion.

          • Her show has to be tongue-in-cheek. I always laugh when she screams at lawyers on her show that I know are personal friends of hers. Daniel Horowitz, for example, a defense attorney she loves to yell at is really close friend (his own wife was murdered and she too was a friend of Nancy’s).

            They’re all on the payroll and in on the joke. None of them even cringes when she accuses them of intellectual dishonesty and not answering the question. You can tell they’re biting down hard trying not to giggle. When I watch her, I always yell out in unison with her, “Unleash the lawyers!”

          • I believe that a few of you have me confused with someone else. I am a retired person from Canada – that is all.

          • BOMB SHELL TONIGHT – LMAO Wonder how good her ratings are now that she can’t talk about Arias. I don’t watch her now but will turn on again when Arias trial starts again or should I say if it starts again????

  2. Jodi Arias seems to be a catalytic agent for tipping people who were already teetering on the edge of instability over said edge, whether directly (Donovan Bering) or indirectly (this guy). I can understand Donovan – she spent quite a bit of face to face time with JA in prison prior to her own release, thereby getting full force exposure to JA. JA strikes me as possessing a Manson-like magnetic charisma and personality, such to the point that this man, who only knew her through televised court feeds and various network interviews, was inveigled to the point of planning and attempting to execute murder.

    *I hope this made any kind of sense. It’s too late at night for my brain to coherently function.

  3. Poor Jodi. I wonder if one of these ‘fans’ she has would step up and take her place to receive that intravenous cocktail Uppity has been talking about.

          • States have jurisdiction over any crime committed within their boundaries, regardless of where the suspect is when they commit the crime. Crimes are often committed in two states at the same time when they involve one person reaching across state lines via mail, phone or internet. Both states may have jurisdiction, and usually the one where the victim is takes jurisdiction and files the charges.

            Crimes have many elements. If any element of the crime happens inside the state, that state has jurisdiction. All that needs to happen inside the state is that the victim receive the communication while she is in the state even if it comes from outside the state. The same is true of crimes of solicitation or conspiracy. The person who solicits a murder for hire by communicating from outside to solicit someone within the state has committed the crime within the state even if they have never been physically present there. The same with conspiracies, sexually soliciting a child, threats against a person, etc.

            The article misses the point that Arpaio has jurisdiction to arrest him by sending a warrant to New York because he threatened a woman in Phoenix. (States honor the arrest warrants of other states.) He can’t arrest him for the CNN threats but he can for the threat received by the woman on her twitter account in Arizona.

          • Thanks, Maria.

            I keep thinking that, since The Crime is making the threat (not receiving the threat), then the prosecution should originate where The Crime occurred. But I guess if a criminal complaint is the controlling jurisdictional factor, the Maricopa indictment makes sense. What’s confusing is that the news stories I read seemed to indicate the indictment covered threats to the Turner employees as well as the Phoenix anchor… so maybe all three complaints were made there?

            Wouldn’t it be a hoot if we find out Jodi was personally behind this?!

          • I know, I thought the reporter on the story created a lot of confusion. They raised the question on jurisdiction as though there was something amiss and didn’t distinguish which crime involved the Arizona sheriff. Reporting these days is a hoot. You don’t need to know anything about anything and just report that something might have happened and it might mean something and don’t expect this story to unravel any of it.

            One element of these crimes is that an actual person must have been threatened or solicited or conspired. So that’s why the completion of the crime occurs when all the elements are in place and the act of receiving the communication has to occur before its a crime. Unlike crimes of attempt. Attempted solicitation of a minor for instance doesn’t require a minor receive the solicitation. (It could be an undercover cop or no person on the other end.) But a completed solicitation does.

  4. Why take so long to arrest him? Even if he was just running his mouth, a threat is a threat. No need to wait till he’s on his way to murder people. Since the Zimmerman verdict, the number of Tweets threatening whites and Hispanics have continued. Communicating threats…what happened to that law? Where’s the arrests in those cases?

  5. This is a first-rate example of why Arias should be ignored and her immediate status of not being sentenced should be resolved. It is a travesty that this has gone on as long as it has and as long as she is in the news, these things will happen. She is a convicted murderer and should have been sentenced long before now. Until then, her manipulation will continue and incite her followers to do more harm.

  6. I saw this story yesterday and was very disturbed by it. He lives not far from me, very rural area. Creepy! The reports say the anchors are affiliated with CNN/HLN. I wonder if Nancy Grace was on his list.

    The investigation has been ongoing for a month so that’s the delay in the arrest. I’m sure law enforcement were keeping tabs on him considering they arrested him on his way out of town. He was prepared to carry out some serious crimes. It’s just a shame he can’t be charged with more considering the arsenal he was carrying.

    I was also confused why he was charged in AZ. In any case, he’ll get a free ride to Maricopa County jail and I’m sure he’s happy about that.

    We can only hope Juan is involved with this one!

  7. Unfortunately, murderers often attract unbalanced groupies like they were rock stars.

    But they usually want to marry the murderer, not kill newscasters who report on their trial.

    Casey Anthony received marriage proposals by mail, signs outside the courtroom and online when she was on trial.

    Charles Manson, a petty criminal since his teens, convinced young mostly female mentally unbalanced groupies to murder for him. Although Manson has been incarcerated since convicted in the 1969 Tate and Bianca murders, at 78, he still has followers.

    Young slender women with long dark hair and glazed eyes who resembled the women Ted Bundy murdered filled a couple of rows at his trial. They swooned over him and blew him kisses. Bundy confessed to killing more than 30 women in seven states between 1974 and 1978 before he was executed in 1989.

    Ted Bundy, Ken Bianchi, and Richard Ramirez are just a few of the serial killers who received fan mail and multiple marriage proposals.

    Virtually all of these women fall in love with murderers after they have committed their crimes. Some of them meet through the legal system; Chloe Kelcher was on the jury of Corland Bryce Ryland , dubbed the Angel Maker who killed six women, when she fell in love with him.

    Rosalie Martinez, a mitigation specialist, left her successful attorney-husband and three children to marry Oscar Ray Bolin, who was convicted of raping and murdering three young women. And Christine Kizuka married serial killer Angelo Buono (one-half of the Hillside Strangler duo) after meeting him while visiting her then-husband in Folsom State Prison. Some women, though, go the pen-pal route to romance. Doreen Lioy started writing to Ramirez after falling for his picture in the paper. They were married in 1996 in the prison waiting room. Some women write a number of prisoners before they finally make a sustainable connection. They may even take on voluntary jobs in prison, or go on blind-date visits with men they know only by reputation.

    Female groupies flocked to the trial of the Mendez brothers, Erik, 23, and Lyle, 26, who admitted to shooting to death their parents claiming they had been sexually abused for years by their father. Some of the women said they had been sexually abused and identified with the brothers. Erik and Lyle were found guilty and sentenced to life without parole and yet both brothers married in prison.

    On July 2, 1996, Lyle married longtime pen pal Anna Eriksson, a former model, in a ceremony attended by Abramson and his aunt Marta Menendez, and presided over by Judge Nancy Brown. The two were divorced on April 1, 2001, after Eriksson reportedly discovered that Lyle was “cheating” on her by writing to another woman. During November 2003, Lyle, then 35, married Rebecca Sneed, a 33-year-old magazine editor from Sacramento, at a ceremony in a maximum security visiting area of Mule Creek State Prison. Lyle and Rebecca had reportedly known each other for approximately 10 years prior to their engagement.

    In June 1999, Erik, then 28 years old, married Tammi Ruth Saccoman, 37, at Folsom State Prison in a prison waiting room.

  8. Knives – Check
    Guns- Check
    Handcuffs, zip ties – Check
    Fixation on tying people to a tree – Check
    Desire to “gut” people “like a deer” – Check
    Psychopathy – Check

    Why, he’s a perfect match for Jodi.

  9. You want to see a collection of people fixated on loving, dedicating themselves to and marrying psychos, violent killers and freaks on death row? Go to prisontalk dot com. For a real treat, try the Forum section.Plan on never reading a word about what these poor, unfairly treated freaks did, unless it’s completely cold and lacking in any details at all.

    • Uppity, thanks for posting this. I think I’ve shared before that I have a close relative in prison. He has a pen pal girlfriend that’s been flying in to visit him from Europe for years. I’ve always wondered how in the world these relationships develop. Will be reading this site carefully.

      The woman who visits him is very dedicated to human/prisoner rights and seems like a very compassionate person. A younger person in my family (a teenager) always says she’s afraid of her and thinks she might be “a serial killer.” No doubt something has to be wrong with a person that sets themselves up for these kinds of relationships. Even a teenager picks up on the fact this cannot be a normal person.

      • Maria, brace yourself before going to that site. These people are seriously unstable and totally disinterested in acknowledging the horrific acts the people they purport to love done. I spent quite a few hours there with my jaw dropped. I saw a few comments from families of victims and they blew those bereaved people away just like those they ‘love’ blew their victims away. These people hold death watch vigils for the absolutely worst animals and demons ever to make the walk to the needle room. The dysfunction at that place is palpable.

        I guess it’s actually a good thing that sites like this exist. At least the rest of the world knows where these people are.

      • Penny,
        I just check it out and had no problem getting into and reading their nauseating forums. Just click on the Forum tab at the top of the main page. You have to scroll down past the “registration” talk and the forum is right there. I would post a direct link for you, but chances are good they get pingbacks from sites that post their link. This would mean some nutcase could click on the link and come here. I wouldn’t do that to Dr. R. Once you read some of that scary tripe, you’ll understand what I mean.

        • Thanks you for posting that prison talk site, Uppity – it is very interesting.
          When I was teaching in a prison, one of my main occupations was helping the illiterates to write to their pen-pals. Ever thought of taking on a prison pen-pal, Uppity? I reckon it would be a terrific gesture for you to take on a lonely heart in prison – and you never know your luck, you might even crack it for Jodi!!!

          • Don,

            As you may have guessed, those scumbags have a better chance of seeing God than they have of ever seeing a letter from me.

  10. Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell were threatened via Twitter.
    Arpaio said the man will be in Phoenix tomorrow. This guy is nuts!
    Quit his job and was caught with a cache of weapons and ready to
    drive south. Oh… Jodi will be thrilled that someone wanted to kill Nancy!

    What a world we live in…

    • That’s going to be really erotic for him that he gets to wear the same pink underwear Jodi wears at the jail. Aw, the rewards of his love are already coming to fruition.

    • As long as this trial is unresolved all the spawning nutcases are going to be out in full force, such as this Simmons guy. It is a well known fact that JA has a “substitute” twitterer out there for her, so who can say with certainty that there that has not been some twittering between Simmons and you know who.

      And, those so-called fraudulent Ebay letters which JA is claiming as frauds sees a need to distance herself from them due to content, whatever that content may be. Definitely JAs self perceived enemies are known by her followers.

        • Penny~ It appears that her “friend” Donavon Bering still tweets on JAs behalf. They’ve had a lot of time to take swipes at those they consider their enemies. And, they are still feeding the fire and creating big problems. This entire debacle of prolonging the sentencing phase is giving psychotics who are supportive and/or mirrored by JA to create dangerous situations.

          • I’m not so sure that Donavan is the one tweeting for the murderer anymore. She’s not allowed contact with her due to both being convicted felons. Once JA was convicted Donavan had to cease interaction with her, i.e. phone calls, etc. She does have the new love interest that was in court recently (forgot his name) so it could be him. But I’m sure Donavan is in the mix somewhere, perhaps a 3rd party relays the messages from JA and Donavan tweets them.

          • I bet it is Arias new love interest tweeting and Donavon is in the mix. Wonder if that crazy guy that was going to shoot Nancy G. ever saw the new love in court?

  11. With all of the paraphernalia Simpson had in his vehicle, including crime articles and having recently quit his employment, add the threatening messages… and there’s a recipe for disaster. It seems Jodi Arias isn’t his only obsession.

    I find it ironic though, when supporters of Arias doubled their efforts in rhetoric against those who know she’s guilty and that Travis Alexander deserves justice…I had re-posted Dr. Randle’s article on “supporters being unstable” to the Huffington Post. Shortly after, it was removed as a violation of ‘Terms.” Apparently the “terminology” affected them. I wonder how many “Flags” my post received to have it removed…

    As unsettling as it is to read their unstable thoughts, ignoring them incites them, yet their rhetoric is rarely removed unless it is a direct insult to the intended. And if we ignore what they’ve written, who, like Simpson, may be behind that screen? Will Simpson’s computer, if he had one, be examined? There has to be more out there than just “Twitter” threats. Time will tell.

    • If the justice system would get of their butts and finish this case – Arias would eventually fade into the background of the prison system. There will always be “followers” of horrible people but if high profile criminals are given their just due, they may not go away but they will be out of the limelight, as they should be.

  12. Maria, wouldn’t Maricopa County have jurisdiction over all three threats including those against the two CNN anchorwomen since they were reporting live from Phoenix when he threatened them? Jane Velez Mitchell and Nancy Grace were in Phoenix attending the trial when they said what upset the nutcase about Jodi Arias.

    • Oh, I didn’t see that detail of the story. Definitely if the anchors were in Arizona when they received the threat. Sheriff Joe doesn’t miss a beat!

      • Jane Velez Mitchell was camped on the steps of the Maricopa County courthouse interviewing people who came to see the trial. She even had a room in the same hotel as Darrell Brewer when he was there to testify during the mitigation phase but never called. JVM also was booked into the Estrella Jail over night to experience what it was like to be in a cell like Jodi Arias’s. She even ate the bread and peanut butter the inmates complained about and said it was good. She said the jail bakes the bread and makes the peanut butter fresh.

        JVM has written a book about Jodi Arias obsession with Travis Alexander. It will be released in August.

        Nancy Grace was in Maricopa County off and on for the trial. She even filmed a special series in Estrella Jail where she interviewed hardened criminals incarcerated with Jodi Arias. Grace said, “They fell in love with her like Samuels and LaViolette did.” Some inmates said Arias told them a different story than what she testified to but they didn’t elaborate. The series ended up being more about the inmates hard luck stories rather than Arias.

  13. It looks like Simpson isn’t the only nutcase obsessed with Jodi Arias.

    According to her latest tweets, people are taking advantage of her celebrity and selling letters on Ebay that she didn’t write.

    She is either delusional or the crazies are multiplying.

    Her latest tweets:

    Jodi Arias ‏@Jodiannarias 19h
    Here’s why u shouldn’t buy my mail on Ebay: I will write u…. FOR FREE. Don’t get suckered.
    Jodi Arias ‏@Jodiannarias 19h
    Another reason: opportunists are passing off fraudulent mail as mine and people are falling for it.

  14. The latest story on this guy is after they landed in Phoenix, Simpson told the deputy escort accompanying him that he planted 3 pipe bombs in the PA river. I saw the arsenal of goodies they found in his car on KPHO, just wow!

    If convicted, he faces up to 7 years in prison. Not long enough, IMO.

        • That’s a huge problem in our justice system, repeatedly letting dangerous individuals out to finish off the crime and/or continue criminal behavior. Let’s just hope he gets some prison time. We know he’s sick but admitting more wrongdoing and saying he killed Travis, in front of deputies, shows how delusional he is.

          This world is getting scarier by the minute.

          • If the DP was used like it should be we would not have the overcrowding problem. Now some behind bars are let go because of this problem. They are free to commit more crimes. Get rearrested then the same circle happens again.

  15. David Lee Simpson is as dangerous as the object of his affection: Jodi Ann Arias.

    Simpson admitted he was on the way to kill Nancy Grace when he was arrested. Both Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell were frightened of him because they got tweets and emails threatening to kill them when the sentencing retrial began. He also claimed he killed Travis Alexander because he wanted a life with Jodi Arias.

    A Maricopa County attorney said Arizona has jurisdiction in the case because the threats were against “individuals for conduct that was occurring” in the state, meaning it stemmed from coverage of the Arias case by Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell, who both were at times in the county

  16. Latest on Nancy Grace’s and JVM’s stalker:

    PHOENIX, A.Z. (WETM-TV) – A Bath man accused of threatening Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell via Twitter over their coverage of the Jodi Arias trial remains in jail today.

    Court documents from the Superior Court of Arizona for Maricopa County show that David Lee Simpson, of Bath, is being held on $100,000 bond. If Simpson posts bond, he must adhere to a number of conditions during his release, according to court documents, that include not contacting Grace of Velez-Mitchell in any way and not being allowed to possess weapons.

    Simpson is currently being held in the Lower Buckeye Jail. The court has ordered that he be assigned a public defender. The Maricopa County Public Defender’s Office says he has not been assigned on yet, and will have one assigned to him during his arraignment. That is scheduled to take place on August 1st at 8:30 a.m.

    Simpson is charged with two counts of stalking and three counts of computer tampering.

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