Marissa DeVault Trial Begins, Charged With Murdering Husband With Hammer

The Jodi Arias sentencing trial is set to begin in mid-March 2014 but in the meantime, there is the Marissa DeVault trial. Marissa DeVault is accused of killing her husband Dale Harrell by beating him to death with a hammer while he slept. She said she snapped.

She told detectives that he abused and raped her. As she was beating him in the head with a hammer, she said “you don’t own me” and continued to hit him as hard as she could and didn’t stop. Her husband survived for three weeks after the attack.

There were also accusations that her husband had been sexually abusing their daughter.

Some people have speculated that the DeVault trial might be another Jodi Arias-like case. Presiding over the case, Judge Roland Steinle warned that he didn’t want any jurors who were “Arias-trial fanatics.”

A defense expert, who was supposed to testify in the Jodi Arias case, will be testifying in the DeVault trial. The defense’s psychological experts claim that she has both battered women’s syndrome and posttraumatic stress disorder. It’s not clear which expert associated with the Jodi Arias case will testify for DeVault.

It’s rumored that DeVault had associated with Jodi Arias in jail but those rumors have yet to be confirmed.

Marissa DeVault has been charged with first-degree murder. Jury selection began Wednesday. Her trial is expected to last until April. Thus far, there’s no indication that her trial is being live-streamed or televised but if you know otherwise, let me know in the comments section.

Will you be following this trial?

3 thoughts on “Marissa DeVault Trial Begins, Charged With Murdering Husband With Hammer

  1. I’m not sure if I’ll be following this case, but just from what I have read, this trial has some odd twists and turns from Marissa DeVault’s 2 year affair with a man named Flores who ‘may have’ loaned DeVault a substantial amount of money for a “hit man”, child sexual abuse accusations, fraud, physical abuse claims, murder and lie after lie by DeVault. Plus, a judge with a no-nonsense approach apparently, he’s shooting for a short run trial.

    I didn’t see anything in the court documents I looked at that would suggest there is a push for the trial to be televised, or not, though I think it should be, so, the public may have to wade through the media of opinions on DeVault’s PTSD and Battered Women’s Syndrome evaluations along with her storyline. I wonder how much of DeVault’s story will resemble Arias’ in that respect because, one reporter claims she and Arias “are friends” even though they were not cell mates. I’m kind of foggy on the facts.

    I’m certain the message regarding DeVault’s long term boyfriends penchant for child pornography, which was found on his computer, will be played out, given the fact that, in exchange for his testimony against DeVault, he won’t be charged with that crime. And that’s a crime in and of its self.

    What DeVault knew about the child pornography is anyone’s guess at this point. But it makes me think back about Arias’ telling LaViolette an outright lie about child pornography on Travis Alexander’s computer to which LaViolette testified to, then hedged that she must have misunderstood it when she was called out on it. Yep, I’m still not buying what she said, at any time. About anything. Ever.

    A little snippet from the Maricopa County Court Docket:
    1/15/2014 REL – Reply – Party (001) 1/16/2014

    Dr. Karp sure rings a bell! Now, we wait.

  2. Fortunately, I have always been mindful of keeping such implements away from the reach of my spouse, Dr K. However, a hammer by your bedside is always good insurance against the enemy you may happen to find yourself sleeping with.
    I always strive not to be prejudicial, but this girl seems like a heaven-sent mate for our dear sweet Jodi.

  3. What? Another Maricopa County petite little female butcher being held in the same jail as the infamous Jodi Arias and using the same tired self defense abuse excuse. I live in Mesa and there is so much crime in the Phoeniz area, I turn off the news as soon as they start talking about murder. This is the first I’ve heard of this case. I didn’t hear of the Arias case until the trial started.

    Any woman who murders her boyfriend or husband these days uses the abuse excuse to try to get away with cold blooded murder.

    The trouble with that is it makes it difficult for a jury to believe any woman who claims she is a victim of domestic violence unless there are previous police records on file and pictures of a black eye or broken nose.

    What these women don’t realize is when you ambush a man and bludgeon him to death with a hammer as he sleeps or drive 1,000 miles to have sex with him and stab him 29 times while he is taking a shower, it makes self defense seem far fetched.

    No, I won’t be following Melissa DeVault’s trial. I’ve had enough of sex kittens lying and trying to tone down their sex appeal to look like smart librarians and using the abuse excuse to try to fool jurors into believing they are innocent. Casey Anthony got away with murder but Jodi Arias did not.

    Let’s hope this jury is smart enough to see through DeVault’s lies to see that if she had a boyfriend with an addiction to porn, he was more likely sexually abusing her daughter than her husband. After two years of having an affair, DeVault just decided her husband had to go so she picked up a hammer and bludgeoned him to death as he slept. After the murder, she confessed and told the cops she was tired. Of course, she was tired. It takes a lot of physical energy to bash your husband’s head in while he sleeps.

    Hopefully DeVault and Arias will both go to death row to join Wendy Andrianno, another Maricopa County woman who beat and stabbed her cancer stricken husband 23 times and cried self defense.

    The only way Andrianno was able to over power her husband was he was weak from chemo treatments and the poison she’d given him.

    Andrianno claimed her husband tried to commit suicide by taking the poison and when it didn’t work, he flew into a rage and attacked her and stabbed himself in the neck with a knife. His family said he was too weak from the chemo to attack anybody. Juan Martinez prosecuted Andrianno and got the death penalty.

    I believe Arias will get the death penalty the second time around and that DeVault will get the death penalty also. It’s time women stopped using their looks, sexuality and Poor Little Me I am a Victim of Domestic Violence excuse for getting away with murder.

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