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  1. Until the board is fixed, maybe we could comment here on the Jodi Arias retrial.

    Today the jury heard the coded messages that Jodi Arias tried to smuggle out of jail in two magazines to convince Matthew McCartney to lie for her and say he saw bruises on her neck. So that wasn’t the “contraband” the judge ruled Martinez couldn’t bring up in the retrial.

    Coded messages:

    Page 43 – You effed up. What you told my attorney next day

    Page 40 – Directly contradicts what I’ve been saying for over a year

    Page 56 – Get down here asap and see me before you talk to them again and before

    Page 20 – You testify so

    Page 37 – We can fix this

    Page 54 – Interview was excellent! Must talk asap!

    Martinez was able to get the messages in through Dr. Geffner’s testimony. In the first trial, he brought it up during the cross examination of Arias.

    Martinez showed him the messages and asked if he this would affect the PTSD test he gave Arias.
    But Geffner wouldn’t be swayed. He says he has no idea what this is, who this is to, who wrote it, so it would not affect his opinion.

    Martinez knew Geffner wouldn’t change his diagnosis but he got it in front of the jurors so now they know Arias will go to great lengths to manipulate people into believing and repeating her lies.
    The Arias camp tweeted from the courtroom that Martinez and the judge know these messages were written by a lawyer about another case. But if that were true, Wilmott and Nurmi would be objecting and the judge would not allow false information she supposedly knows is false.

    So Arias continues to try to deceive with these tweets:

    Jodi Arias Updates @JodiAnnArias

    JM knowingly presenting false evidence AGAIN, trying to imply #jodiarias wrote messages in magazines.

    Testimony already heard years ago by woman who wrote those things for her co-defendant, different case. #jodiarias

    Juan knows this, but lacks ethics and will go so far as to deceive the jury to win. #jodiarias

    Judge Stephens also heard testimony from woman who wrote in mags regarding her OWN case–nothing to do w/ Jodi’s.

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