Movement in the Jodi Arias Case?

A reporter for an Arizona newspaper tweeted some interesting news about the Jodi Arias case.

Jodi StandHe noticed that “the Maricopa County Superior docket shows a settlement conference set for Jodi Arias at 10:30 am on October 24, 2013.”

The reporter noted that “settlement conferences are used to reach a plea agreement.” Since there has already been a conviction they may be discussing sentencing options. If so, it’s expected that her lawyers will try to spare her from the death penalty.

Even though the conference is “on the docket,” there is no guarantee that it will take place. Delays are characteristic of this court. If the conference does take place, it’s unlikely that it will be open to the media.

The wait continues.

If you were Travis Alexander’s family, would you forego your desire for the death penalty and settle for life in prison?

Michael Kiefer digs deeper into what the settlement conference means and the potential outcomes for Arias.  For those concerned about her potential release in the event of a life with parole deal, he notes that it is no longer an option. “Even the chance of “release” after 25 years has been eliminated for murders committed after 2012.”

Kiefer also makes a good point about the appeal process in the event of the death penalty compared to a life without parole sentence. If Jodi Arias is sentenced to death, an appeal is automatic whereas if she receives life, “her appeals would go instead to the Arizona Court of Appeals [as opposed to federal court], then to the Arizona Supreme Court and then back to Superior Court for what is referred to as “post-conviction relief.”

Debra Milke and Johnathan Doody both had their death-sentence verdicts tossed out of court on federal appeals cases.

In that case, life without parole all but guarantees that Jodi Arias never leaves prison.

124 thoughts on “Movement in the Jodi Arias Case?

    • The only way I would settle for life in prison without parole is if she would be in a cell by herself 23 hrs. a day and not be out in the prison population and that she not be allowed to talk on the phone but once a month one time and not be allowed to tweet any info to the public and her phone calls should be monitored so she can’t relay messages. I think she would poison the other inmates and try to control them. She does not deserve to be treated as a normal prisnor because of the horrific crime she committed. No media allowed so she can’t spew out her lies.

      • I agree. The only way that will happen is if she gets death and is on death row. If she just gets life she WILL be with the normal population so I am torn. I doubt her death conviction would ever get overturned especially not with how thorough Juan Martinez was in the case. I also don’t think they will settle as the worst that can happen at the retrial is another hung jury and in that case she would just get life anyway. I wouldn’t negotiate, especially not since that is what that scum wants. I would go ahead with the retrial of the penalty phase and I think Martinez will make that call as well.

        • McKinneyMini I am not torn at all. Nothing to lose if Juan and Alexander family want to go for the DP. Worst that can happen is another hung jury then she will be sentenced to LOP but she will get to go into general population at some point and I do have a problem with that.

    • I think that life in solitary confinement would be better, because if she is allowed to talk to others, that’s what she wants, as she showed in court at the sentencing, making shirts, and giving her hair to others, what was this girl think, she should have begged for her life.

      • But, it worked to an extent didn’t it? And, I think that she did beg for the most part. The whole hair and t-shirt thing along with the teaching english, recycling, bookclub thing and “my family will miss me if you kill me” thing was supposed to make her sound as if she has something to offer. Obviously some of the jury bought it and I think those jurors were probably wishing they had never convicted her. JMO. And she’s still in MCJ tweeting and blogging and ticking us all off.

  1. If you were Travis Alexander’s family, would you fore go your desire for the death penalty and settle for life in prison?

    Only if there is reassurance that she can never appeal her sentence, that she can never profit in any way from what she did (friends or family) and that she will never be allowed to give another interview. She has to go away and never show her evil face again. No tweeting, no facebook, no “public service endorsements,” no selling of her “rip off” art work, no nothing!

  2. Only if it’s LWOP and no automatic appeals. She’s been convicted of first degree murder with cruelty. Throw her in prison already while all these delays are going on. Let her get a taste of what life is gonna be like. I can tell ya, there will be no book club, or recycling program!

  3. I checked with that reporter and some Arizona lawyers and was informed that it is routine to hold a settlement conference before trial and thus it should not be inferred that some kind of plea deal is in the works. There is no minute entry yet recording the scheduling of this meeting, so it is not known if this was initiated by the court or attorneys.

    Also, the FB page which is supposed to be the official source of information from her family gives no indication of any pending plea. It was updated this morning with some news, ending with “S*** will hit the fan soon!”

  4. The state could decide not to try Jodi Arias again on the death penalty and take a chance that the judge would sentence her to Life without parole.

    That is likely because the prosecutor proved premeditation and the cruelty factor and Arias shows no remorse by bashing Alexander, his family, the prosecutor, her own attorneys and the jury in TV Interviews given right after her conviction and is still thumbing her nose at the justice system with her arrogant tweets.

    I doubt if the state and Arias can ever reach a settlement on a sentence that will be agreeable to both parties.

    Arias’ goal is to keep her name in the news, overturn her conviction and walk or get out of prison in a few years.

    She would never agree to life without parole and the state and Alexander family will never agree to Arias ever getting out of prison.

    Arias wants to delay her sentence in Perryville as long as she can, keep her name in the news and tweet to her heart’s content.

    A new trial in the sentencing phase will give her one last chance to play victim in front of the TV cameras, make headlines, seduce a new jury, and tweet all her words of wisdom to her adoring fans. Once she disappears behind the walls of Perryville, all that goes away.

    There is no advantage to Arias to agree to life without parole because she doesn’t believe she will get the death penalty, especially after winning over the sympathy of the last foreman and three other jurors. She will just push for an all male jury and focus on the sex and abuse again since it worked on four jurors the first time.

    Arias is arrogant enough that she believes she has nothing to lose. Even if the sentence is death, she gets an automatic appeal paid for by the taxpayers. Her attorneys have already paved the way for an appeal with their upteen motions that she didn’t receive a fair trial, Meany Martinez harassed all of her witnesses, the judge was biased and allowed him to do it, yada, yada, yada.

    • Observer
      Unfortunately, I believe that your points make sense.
      Arias, although a proven murderess, thinks too highly of herself and her intelligence to take a plea.
      She wants another stab in the limelight and a new trial with new jury would provide this. She is making the decisions in her defense and no amount of advice from her lawyers has been or will be taken.
      So, we can all hope that if a plea is offered it will effectively lock her away for good with no rights whatsoever but……she won’t take it as you say for the most of the reasons you point out.
      It is unfortunate for the Alexander family that they will have to deal with her for a long time to come. I still believe that Travis would want them to move forward with their lives. I don’t think Arias is worth it and he probably wouldn’t either.
      But…..for now…..she is still in control against a world that wants her gone.

    • Exactly. The sooner JA goes to Perryville the better. While Sheriff Joe Arpaio may run a tight, tough jail, it’s no secret that he loves the cameras. While the 1rst Amendment guarantees the right to free speech, it doesn’t state that cameras, tweeting/FB posts + unlimited tv interviews are required to express free speech. At Perryville, JA may have to lower her standards + utilize one of her favorite art mediums + put pencil to paper. Surely some of her fans may make the drive out to Perryville for no contact visits + succumb to the lengthy + invasive search process; but for how long?

      • Sheriff Joe is an arrogant ass. I personally would not trust him as far as I could throw him. And now…..after losing his case regarding his racial profiling of Latinos in May, he now is being monitored as ordered by the judge in his case.
        He loves the notoriety, the cameras and it is no wonder Arias has the freedoms she has in the jail. He identifies with her large ego and her own disturbing arrogance.

  5. I agree with Sandy….
    1. LWOP
    2. NO appeals
    3. NO monetary profits
    4. NO social media of any kind
    5. NO using a third party to sell her work and promote any programs to the public on her behalf.

    Although the Alexander family have been steadfast in their determination for the DP for Arias to get full justice for Travis and have done it with dignity, they have not been able to move forward with their own lives. Whatever the sentence, their healing will not really start until this is finished.
    With the DP, there will be appeal after appeal for many years and they will have to face this person again and again.
    LWOP with the above conditions will allow them to never have to face her again and try to move forward as a family.
    Travis, IMO would want them to live their lives to the best of their ability.

    One question……… a civil suit still in the works by the Alexander family against Arias?

      • I agree with Sandy also. Only thing I want to add is no general population for her either. Don’t want to see her ever being in contact with another person. Even if she won’t have much else in prison someone to be able to talk with is too much for her. No joy in her world at all.

  6. I would want her to get the DP, and not to see her die, but to be assured she is locked up 23 hours a day and treated like the caged animal she is. Our judicial system is a broken / failed system and too many felons / criminals walk. Look at the Petit case in CT, how many times were those animals arrested and released. If our judicial system worked the Petit women/children would still be alive. But our government is more concerned with the criminals rights and not the victims anymore. Look at Skank Anthony the system failed the murdered child Caylee.

      • Ditto. We need to care enough about our children to demand + legislate lengthy mandatory minimums for convicted pedophiles. Infact, I’d love to see all states enact life sentences for them. That’s dreaming I know but seems fair + the only sure way to keep our children safe. Especially given the high recidivism rate amongst pedophiles + no treatment seems to work. Sexual abuse victims have a lifetime to heal from the damage, so why not a LWOP for child molesters? I’m ok w/my tax payer dollars building more jails + providing employment opportunities for those whom work in corrections.

  7. If you were Travis Alexander’s family, would you forego your desire for the death penalty and settle for life in prison?

    If I were the only family member, no, I would not. But this decision rests with many family members. I hope and pray they can come to an agreement they can all live with, one way or the other.

  8. Yes, as long as LWOP meant EXACTLY that. And she was NOT able to profit from ANYTHING….her plagiarized blog (dated 4-08), her copied ‘art work’, her tweeted ‘quotes’, her ‘Survivor’ t-shirts, ‘licensing fees’ from endless interviews, her mom trying to sell forged crap to the media. Profit from NOTHING…EVER AGAIN.!

  9. Only if:
    No chance of ever getting out – serves natural life
    No appeals
    No book by her or any friend or family
    No “tweets” from her, her friends or family about her or the case
    No more making money off of ANYTHING including art
    Any monies she has received while in jail from any art sales, fan donations, etc. have to go to the state to help pay the costs of her attorneys.
    And, a public apology from her to Travis’ family for her actions and those of her family.

  10. Why would they even consider forgoing the death penalty…….she did not consider sparing Travis, calling 911, nothing…..she did what she set out to do,,,,,,MURDER him…leave him alone to rot…..LIE, deceive, think only of herself……..the Alexander family visit a grave to be close……they do not have the opportunity of visiting, touching, laughing with him, they were robbed of his life…..she does not deserve such pleasures with her family…….she deserves the Death Penalty……she deserves to be alone, lonely, rotting in a cell until the ultimate sentence can be carried out……jmo

  11. “If you were Travis Alexander’s family, would you forego your desire for the death penalty and settle for life in prison?”

    That is a tough question! Since we’ve not heard anything contrary to the DP being sought by the prosecution, the option to proceed on the DP appears to be accepted by each member of the family. Keifer notes: “release” after 25 years has been eliminated for murders committed after 2012.” The emphasis being “committed after” that year. That doesn’t address the fact that the murder was committed in 2008. As to “life with parole,” “he notes that it is no longer an option.” Again, had Arias murdered Travis after 2012, that would be true.

    But I’ve got my knickers in a knot about Keifer’s point. Is it in the language of the law, meaning, ‘after 2012’, all ‘prior’ convictions for murder in the first no longer have an option for release after 25 years? I don’t believe so. I’m not a fan of Keifer and while that’s neither here nor there except for the fact that media has a tendency (sometimes quite personal) to sway public opinion even while making a moot point, my point is, what is Keifer’s point if “after” 2012, 1st degree murder convictions are * “automatic life?” What point is there then for “post-conviction relief?” And, how does that differ from * “natural life?” Wherein no options exist for relief. Sign here, Arias.

    And just as an aside, as I chuckle to myself, it seems the defense is playing out all of Arias’ post-conviction relief options before the final sentencing on her ‘life.’ Maria, throw me a lifeline if I’m drowning.

    It also appears to me that all of the options remain in place. A form of “stalemate” so to speak. In the event the “settlement conference” fails and the DP moves forward, there’s still the motion for change of venue that has to be heard. Which in that case, if the venue is granted, judge Stephens will not be the sitting judge. And that judge will have the option for “natural life” should the DP fail for the second time. Additionally, isn’t there a motion to be heard on the ‘especially cruel manner’ of death? That coincides with the sealing of Arias’ mitigation witnesses. I like to think of the defense as a “crap shoot” with Arias’ life, the “whole picture” that LaViolette missed. A life that Arias created with her own hands while others are tasked to play the fiddle for her. It’s their job.

    So do I have this right, if the DP fails for the second time, if it moves forward, it then becomes the judges determination on LWOP, an option at 25 years for parole or “natural life,” no options for parole. That’s how I understood it to begin with, though I could be wrong. And that’s what makes me wonder why the prosecution is digging in on the DP. That they may be attempting to force her into “natural life.”

    As to the Alexander family, if I were a part, I’d know more than the general public about the inner reasoning and if it meant holding steadfast to the DP as a means to hold ones cards to their chest, then I would do it even if it was meant to force the defense into “natural life” as Arias’ only option at risk of the DP with a new jury. In that respect, I could say too that they’re holding her life in their hands, like a “crap shoot.”

    That I’m not a proponent of the DP makes no difference. The law is there for victims, which I see the Alexander family as victims of Arias’ acts and no doubt, the greatest victim of Arias is Travis. They have that option, I don’t condemn them in any way for it and it’s really difficult to assume what really is in ones heart and at the same time, I don’t believe Juan Martinez would move forward if he didn’t believe there was better than half a chance at this option. Even if it’s only meant as a means to force the defense to a single option. Natural life.

    On a personal note…I can’t think of a more fitting conviction for Arias, that of being entombed behind walls with her own mind and in the company of those who are there for their natural life. After Arias slaughtered Travis, she entombed him in his shower, to rot. And locked the door when she left.

  12. ‘Would you forego your desire for the death penalty and settle for life in prison?’
    This is a good question, but it could also well be asked ‘just how much more is the Alexander family going to be subjected to and how much more can they take?’
    This marvelous group of people must surely be coming to the end of their endurance. Incomprehensible as the shock of this killing must have originally been,they have had to endure the nightmare of five long, agonising years waiting for justice, and then having to spend months in the proximity of the monster that slaughtered him – and still there’s no resolution in sight!!!
    Despite Maria’s assurances to the contrary, I cannot help but feel that Judge Stephens has permitted this trial to drift into the realm of farce through allowing the DT to continually stall further proceedings. It is high time this trial was brought to resolution if for no other purpose than to spare this family from further unnecessary suffering and uncertainty. Enough is enough. This evil creature needs her penalty ( hopefully the supreme one ) brought down on her without further delay.

    • Agreed Don. This was the 1rst DP case for Judge Stephens. Apparently, she has been a floating judge; 3 different courts during her tenure w/an impeccable record + well admired. After the Arias case is finalized, maybe she’ll want to transfer back to another court. It does seem she has been quite accommodating to
      the DT. I was very disappointed + surprised that she didn’t sternly admonish ALV’s hostility on the stand or her “laughing” supporters in the gallery. Stephens could have cleared them from the gallery. Her meek mild whispering comment: “please refrain from laughing in the courtroom” was bogus. Especially considering the Alexander family sat through a tumultuous trial w/dignity + grace + adhering to Judge Stephens directive of no emotional outbursts in the courtroom.

      • Kris, you have made several pertinent points in regard to Judge Stephens’ handling of this case.
        This was a trial crying out for a no-nonsense judge, as from the outset it was patently obvious that the DT were going to prolong proceedings for as long as they possibly could – and were able to achieve this with impunity. The sidebars alone must surely have set some sort of a record in number and never to my observation did she deny a request. By contrast, the judges in the Zimmerman and Chrisman trials (particularly the latter) disallowed many a request ‘to approach’, and consequently their trials proceeded at a pace. ALV, in particular, would never have got away with her ‘antics’ with either of these judges.
        Surely Judge Stephens would be aware that she needs to be in control in her own court and that she has a responsibility, not only to the system, but to the jury and the victim’s family to move the pace of the trial – but rarely has she shown a desire to do so. Let’s hope she takes a firmer stance when proceedings resume.
        Yes, as you have said, the Alexander family has conducted themselves with dignity and grace. Their resolve and fortitude in what must be an horrific, and unnecessarily protracted, ordeal is something to behold – and reflects enormous credit on them.

        • Well said, Don. From the beginning of the trial, I wondered about Judge Steven’s managing the proceedings. It appears so many were tip-toeing around her. Not wanting to say she was not in control. Trying to avoid an appeal?! It was very obvious from the start, that the defense was going to do so, no-matter-what. It was difficult to comprehend how she could let so much slide. Arias’ antics on the stand & in her seat, arrogant, making faces, gesturing with her finger & slicing her neck… Staring at Travis’ family & certain member of the jury. Surely the judge knew to watch for this, as it was ongoing by Arias. Arias & Wilmott actually giggling & eye rolling together! Arias’ mother, Aunt & friends carrying on, laughing, disrupting the court. ALV was major! And her cheering squad friends. Only at the end of the trial did Judge Stevens confront ALV, telling her she had to come back, that her doctor’s appt. did-not-matter. How many times did Juan Martinez ask tell the judge that Arias, ALV & others, were NOT answering his questions? Judge Stevens too gently admonished those on the stand. And having Arias sit so closely to Travis’ family, in the darkened court, watching Travis’ eye on the screen! There is so much regarding Judge Stevens. And I too, observing other judges, felt they would have come down harder. There was no need to have this trial go for 5+ months…& still not over. No need for Arias to have control of the court, on the stand for 18 days, a talking porn book. Detailed, graphic, fully knowing she would be titillating to some…obviously certain jury members…& certain witnesses…& adding for flavor, such graphic, genital photos? Judge Stevens lost the court from the beginning, & all those on Arias’ side knew it & took advantage. A disgrace. And $$$. And the beat goes on…

          • So glad I am not the only one that feels this way about judge Stevens. Arias should have had a judge that has proceeded over DP case before. If so case would not be looking and feeling like a circus. This has been a joke from the beginning.

          • I said she didn’t know what she was doing from the beginning but nobody answered me so I thought I was about the only one that felt that way.

          • I will reserve judgement on this judge for a couple of reasons…..

            She presided and got the absolutely correct conviction!! Bias as everyone is indicating???? Maybe so but the end result was perfect!

            Everyone has their “first” and this is it for her. She has in the past, been well respected in her role. If her role during the conviction phase is an indication that she knows what she is doing, I would hope that that is the same during this phase.

  13. Jodi Arias is guilty. A sociopath. But I have only one word for her: EVIL. It is as though there is another “entity,” & not a human. Arrogance. Manipulation. A killer, but will continue to torture, friends, family…Alexander Travis’ beloved friends & family. As she has done for years…& even while in jail, she will find a way to hurt others, lie, cheat, work the system. She conned Laviolette, Dr. Samuels, members of the jury… If not so unbelievable, it was truly eerie. Her lawyers cannot get out from under her “rule.” Their lives now ruined in many respects, along with ALL the above mentioned persons. She managed major media interviews, selling merchandise, connecting with the outside world… Delaying court days. She was “ill”… & needed more food~ And there is so much more… It is my internal feeling that Jodi Arias will never stop. No matter if she is in notorious Perryville prison. Life in prison w/o parole seems like a just & tortuous sentence for Arias. The needle is quick, painless, spared solitary life in a cell. But it just could happen that Arias gets out of jail! Not only freedom, but *out to ruin lives, *torture & *kill again. She has tasted the blood. She will not stop. Her ways are surreal, frightening. Hence, with disgust at myself, I say Jodi Arias needs, deserves the death penalty.

  14. I don’t know what I would do. I just look at her face and I want to hit her in the face with a pipe. She is a despicable creature and the world (including any prison population) is not a better place with her in it. Besides, ‘settling’ will result in yet another one of those smug “I win” looks on her disgusting face.

    I honestly don’t ever remember another criminal scumbag invoking my ire and hatred this way.

    • The upside for me is that even with a smug look on her face saying “I win” is the result…..she has no idea that she did not win. she lost big time.
      Prison is not the glowing place that she thinks it is – a place where she can be a contributing person to life there. She would be locked up (if she does not get the DP) for the rest of her life with all the other horrible people that are there. In her arrogant mind she won but in fact, she will have lost all of her freedom that the rest of us cherish. Horrible people should be with horrible people and not grace the earth that the rest of us walk on with all the rights and as I said, freedom. She can have the biggest grin on her face if she gets LWOP or “natural life” as has been mentioned in other posts, but for me she lost and will be a number, only a number, for the rest of her life.

      I am old enough to remember Charles Manson and he upset me, along with the people he manipulated, to no end. the only time we ever hear about him is when he is once again denied parole. Arias wouldn’t even have that option.

  15. If I were the Alexander family, I would go for the death penalty. Jodi did not give Travis Alexander a chance to live. She should be given the same penalty as she gave him.

    Jodi is not going to agree to any settlement unless it was that she walks out of prison now or in the near future.

    The Alexander family has stated they are ready for a new trial on the sentencing. This delay has given them time to get rested from the last trial and a chance to raise money to come to Arizona for the trial.

    Travis believed in the death penalty and so does his family. The law gives the prosecutor a second chance to try for the death penalty in case of a hung jury and the Alexanders want that second chance.

    • Now I want to have a wiener roast. That perv that raped the 13 yr old that killed herself just got out of jail after only 31 days. Lets invite him and the judge that sentensed him to this roast. Bet he spent his 31 days in protective custody or he would be dead by now.

  16. As a long time DP supporter I would give her LWOPPOP. Chances are not good she will be executed going by the way things are going these days. I was to see her in a real prison and not here from her again.

    • Speaking of Nurmi and scummy lawyers, check out maybe his older non-visually impaired hirsute brother’s shenanigans in the Jennifer ( poor me ) Mee murder trial. She is a piece of work as well.

  17. As a family member of a murder victim who’s killers were sentenced to death in the State of AZ, I can speak with some clarity on what the system does to family members. One of my sister’s killers DID get off death row with a “mental retardation” claim. In fact, appeals attorneys argued that for both of her sophisticated premeditated murderers. The worst treatment my family ever received was from death penalty appellate lawyers.
    This family however, has been tortured by Arias’ defense team from Day One. They’ve also been maligned and demeaned by the local reporter you mention here: Michael Kiefer who has shown sympathy to Arias time and time again in articles and to my ears personally. He is firmly planted in the Arias defense team camp so take anything he reports as “objective” with that knowledge.

    In our cases, there was no LWOP in the state of AZ. It was either Life WITH parole in 25 or death. So the DP was a no brainer as they were both in their 20’s and had a chance of release. The odds of a death row inmate actually being executed are in the single digits in terms of percent. The odds of families being tortured are about 100% throughout the lengthy, decades long appeals process.
    Those very people championing for “life” will be the very ones putting completely innocent grieving family members through the ringer. Then blaming them for their suffering (I had Michael Kiefer to that exact thing to my face during the Arias trial in the courtroom). So it’s not an easy road for families.
    I’m a proponent of something called “Life Row”. Let the “worst of the worst” of our society not get the “best of the best” legal assistance but get what they deserve: to be forgotten in isolation. Remove the access, the web pages that read like singles ads, the high paid attorneys fighting to put danger back on the street, get rid of it all. Let them rot behind some closed door not profitting even in attention for their crimes.
    And let the family members move forward without the constant harassment. WE DID NOTHING WRONG.

    With all of that being said, I support the Alexander family 100% in whatever they want for whatever reasons they want it, which by the way, they don’t have to justify to anybody.

    If they stand steadfast to the DP for Jodi Arias, I stand in solidarity with them holding their hand every step of the way. It’s their life and they are standing in it and they get to decide.

    • Katiecoolady so sorry about your sister. Yes it is the victims family that suffer. I also stand behind the Alexander’s family in what their wishes are. I do not to ever see Jodi in general population that would be way to good for her. I am hoping for the DP even thohg I feel she will die of old age first but at least she will be in a small cell by herself.

      • Katie, I can’t possibly comprehend the ringers you were put through and I apologize for a horrific system that coddles the worst among us while perpetually disregarding and re-victimizing their victims. I totally agree that the DP is attractive not so much because it results in death (which it usually doesn’t), but because it results in total isolation of the scum of the earth. I embrace the idea of a sentence that says Life In Isolation Without Parole, not now, not ever. This is what I truly believe the monster that is Jodi Arias deserves. 23 hours a day in her own cell, counting the pits in the four concrete walls. No interviews, no attention, no possibility of ever being free, no Jodi’s face seen ever again no Jodi’s voice being heard again. It is not only what this narcissistic monster deserves, but it’s what her living victims deserve to see happen.

    • Katie, I’m so sorry about your sister. I’m appalled to hear what victims have to endure on the road to justice.

      I know this reporter is in the Arias camp and I’m disgusted with him quite frankly. You are a lovely person to be there with the Alexanders and be an advocate for them. I also just want to see them get what they want, for whatever reasons they want.

      “Life Row” is a perfect solution! Let them rot!

  18. Following up my previous post with this addendum:

    While we’re at it, let’s limit, legally the number of appeals they get on this Life Row. In years or actual numbers. You get ____ shot at an appeal then you are done, case closed. Now that would be a breath of fresh air and maybe we’d finally start to see deterrence enter in to the picture.

    • I hear you, Katie. I prefer if we had life without parole period. And that would include being in the dark and away from the citizens of the world. But the reality is that it isn’t that way. I am sorry for what happened to you and your family. The reason I prefer if we didn’t have the death penalty is because of innocent people who are sentenced to death. If we had life without parole period there would be the possibility if an innocent person was sentenced to life, there would be enough time to hopefully save the innocent person. If I understand it correctly, with death penalty, it costs much more money and there are certainly many many appeals which delay the sentence. I have to say that the Jodi Arias case deserves life without parole period AS WELL AS her having to be in the dark for the rest of her life. The more I am seeing of this trial, the more I am seeing that if the judge gets to choose the penalty, I am thinking it will be life with possibility of parole. I have never seen such bias. I saw where the death penalty advocate who sits behind Jodi was more than likely sexting at one point. The judge did NOTHING. I actually watched to see if the woman was sexting Juan or Esteban who didn’t have a phone. It was blatant. And disgusting. I saw times where Jodi’s mother and aunt were repulsive, almost making fun of the Travis’ murder, like it is a joke or a comedy. Nothing from the judge. Nothing. I saw where one of Travis’ family rolled her eyes. Oh. That is different. She was called out by the judge. I hope to god the next jury, if it ever gets to that point, (which I don’t think the judge is any hurry to get to) reaches a decision together so that the judge doesn’t have the chance to make the choice. Because that judge will grant life with possibility of parole as I see it. She is terrified of having this trial thrown out and therefore is giving the butcher and the butcher’s witnesses every hideous right and not giving the same rights to the victim therefore giving the butcher even more power over possible ignorant jurors. I am seeing this trial as another punishment for the victim and his family. I am disgusted. I wish I hadn’t been watching the trial on youtube. I cannot get the picture of the family of the slaughtered victim having to sit right below the butcher so that the butcher’s rights are upheld so she can see the witness tell that looking at the eyeballs of Travis, it shows that the butcher didn’t have a knife or gun. That was so cruel I cannot get over it. For shame on that judge. I cannot imagine the horror those people felt having to agree to that repulsive order. We need a new judge. This one needs to retire. I am saying we need to get new lawmakers and judges. Why do the defendants and their cohorts get to do what the victim’s family cannot? How does that make it fair? Why does the victim and the victim’s family have to continue to be abused? What is wrong with this system?

  19. A wonderful, thoughtful and heartfelt post, Katiecoolady.
    I cannot begin to imagine what it would be like to be so closely related to a murder victim – it must be horrendous and something you could never live down.It would take a special kind of courage for someone to relive their own nightmare through another family’s agony. Congratulations to you – you are a special kind of person whose willing support of this family would be absolutely precious to them.
    May they find justice, soon.

  20. Dr Randle, I couldn’t say what I would want to see happen, thankfully I haven’t walked in the Alexanders’ shoes. I support whatever they want. I know they have been pursuing the DP for Arias and I’m sure they haven’t wavered from that stance. Whether they feel strong enough to endure the appeals that would accompany a DP verdict, I don’t know, but I suspect they will follow through for their beloved brother, whatever it takes.

    I suppose if Arias would agree to Natural Life and to forgo any appeals, that could present a possible compromise, however we all know she would never agree to that. So I have a feeling the Alexanders will continue their fight for the DP to the end and they have my support.

    I’m not a fan of the reporter mentioned in your article so I won’t comment on his statements.

  21. On Sept. 26, Stephen Alexander tweeted:

    “I sure hope the excuse of saving taxpayers money doesn’t provide a roadmap for future murderers escaping true justice. Travis Alexander was a taxpayer.

    It sounds to me like he has not changed his mind in pursuing another trial to try to get the death penalty for his brother’s cold blooded murderer.

  22. JA will never agree to any settlement. This Killer is having way too much fun.
    Jodi Arias stated I prefer the death penalty because death is ultimate freedom.
    Killer Jodi Arias, a proven sociopath, pathological liar and budding serial killer,
    has already been convicted of Premeditated 1st Degree Murder and Extreme Cruelty
    for killing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. Give JA exactly what JA prefers.
    The Jury failed to sentence JA. We must now retry ONLY the PENALTY PHASE again.
    The publically expressed preferred penalty options are as follows:
    JUSTICE, not revenge: 1) Death. 2) Life in Prison with No Chance of Parole.
    If you can’t see the monster that lives within JA, it’s because you choose not to!
    This JA monster must never get out of prison. If she does, JA WILL KILL AGAIN!
    A settlement process, if successful, will end any need to retry the penalty phase.
    Defence could have proposed “Life in Prison with No Chance of Parole “. They did not.
    Defence will only consider a settlement that provides Jodi Arias with eventual parole.
    If there is a settlement we must all accept it and move on with our lives.
    Two lives and two families destroyed. Killer JA, YOU OWN THIS. Sad but true!

      • Penny, I wonder if you think it possible that if the next jury can’t agree on a sentence that the judge would sentence the butcher to life with parole? I am worried about that possibility especially after having watched some of the trial on the youtube and seeing her handling the defense and their witnesses so softly and giving in to people like Vilette and Jodi. I hope I am mistaken about that possibility. I think Jodi Arias is a danger to society now and in the future.

        • Nance from what I have read they changed the law in 2012 for murder convictions. They now won’t you out on parole it is LWOP. Hope that is right as am worried too. Think judge Stevens favors her which is not good.

    • Very well said!

      The defense is controlled by Arias – her lawyers are only the tools she needs to get her “defense” recognized by the law and accepted in a court.

      The trend that I am seeing lately is that blame must be put somewhere for all of this and it is focused on blaming the Judge, Nurmi and Wilma. the need to blame someone is taking over.
      The blame falls squarely on Arias. She is the perpetrator of the crime – the executioner.
      She is being tried in a court of law under due process of the law. to now focus blame on someone else for delay after delay when in fact Arias is responsible is exactly what she wants. The focus comes off her and the horrendous deed she did with full malice and she feels she can generate enough through the stalls and subsequent delays that she feels she will get what she is after – LWP. NO ONE should get sidelined and not remember the crime and what she did. I believe that if this remains the focus – justice will NOT be denied.

  23. Penny, Like I mentioned, I felt people were “tip-toeing” around the judge, including the media & legal professionals. I remember watching the trial early on, Jan. 2013, & being upset by some things that went by the judge’s gavel. But what did I know. Passing time & more info would tell. So, time & more time has passed & passed… I do remember your speaking out, early on. And if I remember correctly, there were some who agreed with you, some not sure. I for one was not sure, even though I was surprised/shocked by some of what the judge was doing…or not. My apologies. And thank you. Voices of reason are so needed. I enjoy your posts!

    • Dawn and Penny, I am certainly now of the opinion that the judge is soft on Jodi and her team including witnesses but I remember Linda K, I think it was, or maybe it was Maria, explaining how she is doing these things to prevent overturning a possible verdict. And I remember hearing that one juror say that the judge was so good. And I have to admit I do not know the ins and outs of what a judge should or should not do. I am moved by emotion period. During the trial, I thought the judge was soft on the defense but admit I know so little. Now, rewatching the trial on youtube, I am convinced the judge was going out of her way to be soft on Arias and Vilette and the DT. That is not my emotion. I think anybody would see that. I wonder if that is part of a judge’s duty? I do not know. Do you guys agree with me that it was horrifying and cruel that the judge ordered Arias to sit right behind the Alexanders to watch the eyeball video? That was my turning point. And am I being immature by worrying that there is the possibility that the judge if it is up to her that she would grant life with parole? I think this Arias butcher makes me worry about everything concerning her getting out of prison. And thanks for your posts. I am enjoying this blog and trying to learn.

      • Nance – please accept this is a purely subjective comment back to you.

        Although her first DP case, I believe that this judge knows exactly what she is doing. Yes, some mistakes were made (like sitting the family directly behind the defendant) but I tend to think that emotion (and this has been and continues to be an emotional case) plays a huge part in the escalating criticism of the judge, especially when everyone is going back over and over the videos of the trial.
        We are not sitting in the judge’s chair and find it easier to be critical of her actions as they go against what we feel we would do.
        Judges are human beings with the same frailties as the rest of us. Yes, there are crooked judges, biased judges but because one does not handle things the way we think they should does not not make them a fair judge presiding over a very difficult case. It does not necessarily make them “soft” or biased to one side.
        This judge ended with the correct conviction despite the mistakes people say she made. Because of this, I still trust she knows what she is doing.

        And…..I too like this blog very much. It allows people’s personal opinions to be heard and it is also an extremely good one for learning things not known before. Excellent sharing of thoughts are done here.

        • Nern, I know your response is purely subjective and I appreciate it even if you do disagree with my thoughts. I did say, if you recall, my thoughts are based on emotion and that was my point – that I don’t know the ins and outs of all this legal stuff and I admit I am lost in the horror of what Arias did and how respectfully she is being treated in court, not that she shouldn’t be treated respectfully, I’m not saying that, but the appearance of it makes me think she is being treated like she is all that and a bag of chips by the judge. Hopefully you are right and you probably are and the judge knows what she is doing and there is a method to this madness. I still say though that having Arias sit right behind the Alexander family was unbearable to me so I can’t imagine how the family felt and I believe the judge should have called out Arias’ mother and aunt for their improper behavior making fun of different things during the trial. I do think that is her job, but then again, I do not know that for certain. Maybe in reality it isn’t important for the perpetrator and her fans to have decorum in court. To be quite honest, now that I am thinking about it, I don’t really know what a judge’s job is. In movies sometimes, judges tell people in the galley to stop whatever they are doing if it’s against the judge’s rules. But that is the movies. This is the real deal. And I am continuing to keep my interest in the outcome of this. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

          • Nance – there was no intent in my comment to refute what you said. As A matter of fact, I agree that emotion has a lot to do with reactions. I agree with what you said in part but respectfully disagree in some areas.
            I do not know the ins and outs of being a judge, just like you. I believe we must let this play out and let the professionals do their jobs. Emotion cannot and I do not believe does play a part in what they are doing.
            I too am keeping an interest in this until it is over.

      • Of course not all will agree on everything. I am not really for the death penalty as a matter of belief but wish that life without parole meant exactly that, especially like this Arias case, but all of the jurors knew that was a death penalty case and agreed that they could vote the DP. I heard the foreman talking afterwards and I have to believe that he bought into the Vilette and Arias BS theory (lies). I also think he was seduced by Arias, I really do. This is just as you say – not everybody will agree on everything. Something else that is on my mind here lately is that I want to know more about what it would be called that Arias is. I do believe she is the face of evil, but what are some of the terms besides sociopath that could be used to describe her personality? I hope Dr. R has lots of information in her upcoming book about the psychological aspects of this murderer. Please give me your thoughts on this aspect.

          • Just a comment to generate thoughts…….

            Is it possible that the jury in this case, when they were chosen, believed that they could render a DP verdict if warranted? But….after 5 months of trial and hearing the evidence put before them, they were able to come to the verdict of Guilty of Premeditated, Felony, First Degree Murder with Extreme Cruelty but not able to sentence her death?
            Is it possible that the evidence they heard (not all that the public knew) suggested that the DP was not warranted in this case for some of them?
            Is it possible that they still agree they could sentence someone to death if the circumstances completely showed this was the only sentence that was justified?
            Is it possible that some of what they heard in court, did not completely sit well with them and therefore some could not, in good consciousness, vote for the DP?

            Somehow, I feel that this jury is being chastised for not coming to the verdict everyone in the public felt was the right one. They did their civic duty, made their individual decisions based on what they heard and although the conclusion is not what most expected, it does not mean that they did not do the job that they signed on for in the beginning.
            Something during the trial may have given a few of them doubt about coming to a Death verdict – in this case.

          • Nern, I am not chasting any of the jurors. I am simply stating my opinion. I heard the jury foreman give his reasoning. He obviously felt like Arias has been a victim of domestic abuse. I have no idea what the other three jurors thought. He has the right to vote however his heart (or whatever) tells him. I am guessing he believed some if not all of her lies about how Travis brutalized her. I am just so grateful he actually realized that she murdered Travis. I was worried during the whole trial that some in the jury would buy into her lies and Vilette’s crap. I personally don’t care if she does or doesn’t get the death penalty. I do care that she never gets to see the light of freedom ever again. One thing that I have thought of is that I am a similar age as the foreman or close to it. I remember thinking during the trial that it was so odd to me that she was always at his house, always drove many miles to see him. He rarely went out of his way to go see her. I felt like that alone showed me that she was chasing him and brought her booty to him. I wondered if any in the jury would notice this. I know times are different now. But even in today’s world, this was very obvious who was chasing who. So as far as domestic abuse, I think if I was a juror, I would consider this as a very strange thing. Anyway, Nern, you keep up the good work. You would make a perfect juror, I think. I am not a juror and like to think about what is going through the jury’s thoughts. I can’t imagine anybody hearing the testimony and thinking that she was a victim of domestic abuse. I do wish more things had been allowed into the testimony. But that isn’t the way these trials happen. Obviously 4 of the jurors thought there was mitigators. And that’s their business. Probably will happen again if the penalty phase ever occurs. I think the sex thing will work on potential jurors like it did in this one.

          • nance – BTW, the “N” in NERN stands for Nancy.

            I agree, DP or LWOP, either way she doesn’t deserve to see freedom for the rest of her natural life.
            I have been called for possible jury duty once in my life and then it never materialized. I am thankful for that. I cannot begin to imagine what they were faced with and what went through their minds (jurors) as they had to render decisions in this case.
            Where I tend to disagree with you is in the area of what we, as members of the public, knew about this case and Arias thanks to the media, and what the jury knew. I agree that they saw photos – graphic, blown-up photos that we did not necessarily see, but they did not know so much because it was not allowed – for whatever reasons – as evidence. What was so obvious to all of us sitting in our homes and following all the TV and Internet coverage was not maybe so obvious to them.

            Penny – I would not sit on a DP case for two reasons – one, we do not have it here in Canada and second, my conflict over agreeing with the DP would preclude me from being on any jury.
            I do not know if any one of the jurors were not honest with themselves when they agreed they could sit for this case. Call it being naïve, but I don’t look for the “bad” but rather believe that most people would do their civic duty to the best of their ability.

            In any case, my original comment was to generate thoughts and discussion and everyone’s personal opinion is valid.

          • Nern, nice to know the N stands for Nancy! And please excuse me not typing out chastising correctly. I hate when I make typos or incorrectly spell something. I must not have checked what I wrote. And please believe me when I say I enjoy your postings so much as well as everybody else’s. I have no one to talk about this to except my sister on the phone and I seem to relish talking about this case. I want to hear another’s comments and respect each and every one. It has been a while since the trial now and I am forgetting exactly what we as TV viewers know that the jury didn’t. I suppose for one thing you mean like friends of Travis’s who told what a creep she was? That comes to my mind. What else do you recall if you don’t mind refreshing my mind. And I know that what the people on HLN who told things about the relationship between Travis and Arias weren’t necessarily tested by trial if you know what I mean. Also let me say that I have sat on trials when I was in my middle 20s (a long time ago) and I had the feeling that I had to obey the court’s orders and did so. I was able to put my own personal feelings away and go by the evidence presented. It was hard to do but when you are in that situation, it is imperative to not let emotion rule the day and I did that even though just discussing this case for instance, I do let my emotions rule my feelings, as you know, but remember, I am not sitting on the jury. Also I have to say that I wish we didn’t have the death penalty here in this country in some states, but I do think if I were called to be on a DP case, I would have to agree with myself that if I sat on the jury, I could vote for the DP if I thought the proof was there and considering that the DP was the law of the state. And let me say that it is interesting that you watch this trial even though you live in Canada. I assume your TV is similar to ours. And I have to comment on your remark where you say you don’t look for the “bad” and assume everyone will do their civic duty – I don’t look for the bad but I do assume that not everyone will be …. how shall I say it? Maybe intelligent enough to listen to the evidence? I am speaking now of the Anthony jury. I will never believe that 12 people could come to the conclusion that they did, but it happened. And I know right now that you will disagree with me and say that the evidence wasn’t there. And I will disagree with you and say that there was more than enough evidence. I don’t know who those people were, but it didn’t take them long to convince themselves and I believe the foreman in that case was powerful enough to convince minds that weren’t strong to vote not guilty. But that is another case, not what we are talking about. 12 people, I am blown away. Regardless, Nern, I love your postings and your comments. And also – I hope this creepy butcher is put away for life and is alone all of the days of her life. I see nothing, absolutely nothing. that makes me think that the murdered young man deserved this. What young man doesn’t give in to hot kinky sex, I ask you. Very few. Actually what middle aged man wouldn’t give in! hahahaa. She is a very evil person. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

          • Nance two cases come to mind when I think the jury didn’t have a brain between their ears. Anthony and OJ and of course Jodi’s. Sure I could come up with more if I put my thinking cap on.
            Now Jodi – Jury never saw the parents of her when they were at the police dept. Neither parent seemed surprised. They also told police about her growing pot on the roof. That spoke volumes for me. Has been so long don’t think many of can remember all of trial anymore. Just get this trial over. I wish they would use the DP more often like maybe Manson and several others just like him that should be put to death and not waste tax payers money. We house them, feed them and they have better medical treatment then a lot of people have and for what? They all have commited murder.

          • Thanks, Penny. I had forgotten those things. Also, please tell me this if you know. Was Jodi’s laptop’s hard drive damaged? I just heard the DT computer specialist say that her hard drive was damaged. I don’t remember that. And I don’t remember any testimony other than his testimony saying that. If so, why was her hard drive damaged? Was there any testimony like that? I do not recall that. I am thinking she probably knew how to get into other people’s email accounts, facebook accounts, etc. and probably created emails from Travis’s email to her. I think she is so devious and manipulative. I can’t believe that someone could be as bad as her. Yet it’s true.

          • Nern I respect your thoughts on DP. At least you would be honest if the case called for that. I do believe in it but only if there is postive proof not just circumstantial. If I had any doubts at all I could not give DP verdict. Even though us as trial watchers on our TV and we knew more but just the lies she told and her finally saying she did kill him was proof to me. No evidence at all for DV only out of ALV mouth. If being a potty mouth or saying something rude to someone is DV think most of us would be locked up. As for him being a perv where was the evidence? Something would have been on his computer, nothing was found. I would say 29 slices, cut throat and a gun shot would be murder for DP.

          • Penny, I think almost all of us can agree that Vilette is simply a liar. Period. Good post, Penny. There is no evidence anywhere that this slaughtered young man did anything bad to this horrible butcher. It is all her and Vilette’s lies. I think they colluded to create this crap. Thank god the jury (or most of them) didn’t buy into it. Those two, Arias and Vilette, are one and the same. For shame. Vilette needs to be studied for her past recommendations and testimonies to courts in cases of divorces and child custody cases. I think it would be disgusting if the truth (something she and Arias are not familiar with) were told. The Alexander boy did nothing but be too good to Arias. That wasn’t good enough for Arias. I think she had to possess him totally. When he finally tried to get shut of her, she had to kill him. The only thing I can think is that he was weak when she brought her kinky sex to him. He didn’t even have to go looking for it! He probably didn’t even want it, but was weak when it was presented to him on a platter. I hope that she is sentenced to where the light never shines. She is totally the face of evil in my mind.

          • NANCE my thoughts are she went to Travis’s home because she wanted to go to Mexico with him. After having sex all day he still told her NO and that is when she pulled the gun that she stole from her grandparents home and that’s when the rampage started. She might have pulled the gun on him made him turn his back to her in the shower then started stabbing him. What makes me think she had the gun on him first is the picture of him facing shower wall with his head looking back and a terrified look on his face. I can’t get that image out of my mind. Don’t think she wanted to shot him first as she wanted him to suffer so the shot would come at the end just to make sure she finished him off.
            Very scary to think how many lifes ALV ruined when she testified on a child custody case.

          • That has been my thoughts since trial..Does anyone know if ALV is being investigated for perjury on any previous trials when she testified?


          • Haven’t heard much about ALV other then she will not testify in Jodi’s next trial. Wonder if she would even be needed. If so why can’t she be subpoenaed? She only gave her opinion that there was DV. Wonder how many child custody cases she has hurt for the father’s. Makes me sick to even think about that.

          • Penny – I agree that a lot of us would be in trouble if DV includes swearing and as you put it having a “potty mouth”. I also agree that her confession and all of her lies are what contributed to the verdict that she received. Warrant the DP, for many, yes. I have trouble with it for another reason as well – appeal after appeal after appeal, bringing this whole sordid affair back into the limelight again, something Arias would love. It would be years of this and although I respect the Alexander family and their determination to see this through no matter how long it takes, I worry about the toll that will result for this family and their future. Yes, she would be locked up for 23 hrs. a day with severe restrictions but she will be able to assist in all her appeals and her stunts will continue you can bet on that.
            LWOP would yes, eventually put her in with the general population of the prison, but she will be done. That will be her life until the day she dies. She will not see freedom again and be forgotten. Yes, she will interact with others and try to create a “life” for herself behind bars but she will not win over everyone at all. They are crafty and often smart people who end up behind bars and she will run into them and they will not tolerate her actions. I believe this strongly. She is not smart or crafty -she is a lying murderer who believes she is smarter than others when in fact she is not.
            In any case, it is not our decision as it is not really the Alexander’s either. The difference is that they will be listened to by the state by virtue of the fact that they are the victim’s family – and this is as it should be.

          • Loved your post. I do agree about the appeals. Such a waste of time and money. I think there should be some kind of a limit put on the number of times you can appeal.

          • Penny, I tend to agree with you about the number of appeals as defense attorneys and specifically this case where Arias does the controlling will look for anything that comes under the law for an excuse for appeal.
            But I also feel it is the justice system as it stands that needs to take some accountability for how long the appeal process takes. If this sentencing phase is any indication, there is something dreadfully flawed in the system.

          • Justice system not only flawed but broken.
            Jodi’s case is a big reminder.
            Just got off jury duty. No DP but a 1st degree murder with 3 charges of attemted murder. All gangbangers. We found him guilty of every charge even though he was not the one that shot the other gang member. He was with him which made him an accomplice. Hard part is to hear the family crying but I just kept think “he did this to himself and them”. Our jury only went on for 6 days. Much shorter then judge Sherry. Our judge kept it going.

          • Penny – FYI

            Highlights from the Throne Speech by our Governor General, David Johnston, opening Canadian Parliament made yesterday…..

            Prison Reform – “For too long, the voices of victims have been silenced, while the system coddled criminals…. our government will change the law so that a life sentence means a sentence for life”.

            Cyber-bullying -“…a new law to deal with the kinds of situations that lead the tragic deaths of Amanada Todd, Rehtach Parsons and Todd Loik…This legislation would create a new criminal offence prohibiting the non-commercial distribution of intimate images.”

            Victimization of Children – “…changes include making sure criminals who victimize children get a separate sentence for every life they devastate, while repeat violent criminals won’t get automatic early parole.”

            Aboriginal Women – “…address the issue of missing and murdered aboriginal women…”

            Whether a lot of this is “lip service” to appease the public outcries over these situations, it at least is being addressed in our country. One step at a time.

          • Also meant to add if we had LWOP, in cell 23 hrs a day and no appeals I would be fine with that. If she gets the DP all the above is what she will get except she can appeal. She will die of old age before they ever put a needle in her arm.

          • I am on jury duty right now. No Dp involved but had there been I know in my heart if it was premeditated and as grusome as was Travis’s was I could vote for death and I don’t take DP lightly. I would never take a DP case if I did not believe 100% in it. Being lived stream I think we saw about as much as the jury did. They saw the pictures which should have made that case even worse for them as we never had the chance to see thenm. If you have 1/10th % of doubt that you may not be able to give the DP you should be honest enough to yourself not to be put on that type of a case. I would never criticize anyone that could not or does not believe in the DP as that is an indivisual decision that only you can make for yourself. I do think that 4 of the jurors were not honest with themselves. That’s just my thought on Arias case.

  24. nance and Penny
    The computer being destroyed – yes.
    The forged letters about Travis – never entered into evidence.
    The interviews with Arias’ parents – not shown.
    The true relationship with “Bobby” not brought out.
    The torture of the dog by Arias – never brought in.
    Full disclosure of diary entries and texting – not done – only those that defense (Arias) felt would serve their purposes.

    I cannot remember – were the entire interview tapes by police of Arias shown?

    The above come to mind right away.

    Here in Canada, we get the same coverage on TV as you do in the States. Actually, we seem to get more stations from south of us than ones from here. Cable and satellite seem to favour the American market. That is not to say that we do not get info on terrible crime here in Canada. For example, a couple of teenagers have committed suicide over bullying even here, the most publicized being in Nova Scotia and it receives national coverage. We knew so much about the pig farmer in B.C., Robert Picton, long before I believe it hit the U.S. airwaves. Horrible case that has been dramatized in the movie “The Pig Farm”.

    As an aside, I wish more people would take time to learn about all of us in Canada and see that we are a progressive country just like the States.

    I personally did not follow either the O.J. Simpson or Anthony cases at all. In hindsight I am glad I didn’t as this Arias case has been almost all consuming and there is life out there away from this misery – every day.
    The absolute best thing that happened for me during this case is that I have reconnected and rekindled a great relationship with my former sister-in-law. We chatted about this case for a long time and now have become friends once again after many years. I thank Travis alexander for this.

    I will watch this until it is finally finished and then I will do what Arias hates the most – forget her. She does not deserve any more time of mine or others for that matter. She will be analyzed over and over and again by professionals as that is their interest and/or job but it will never change the fact that she is evil, a liar, a manipulator, narcissistic and a horrendous murderess. She needs to have her avenues for getting “her messages” out to the public stopped, locked away with other horrendous people and forgotten.

    I agree that a lot of men in this world, no matter their age, would not shy away from sexual advances by someone they are interested in. For some, the kinkier the better I guess. But using it as a tool to get what you want is despicable and no man or for that manner, nobody, wishes to be slaughtered when they want a relationship to end. It happens – obviously – but I will never understand the mindset.

    I like this blog a great deal and continue to read all the interesting comments made, on the Arias case and others even if I am not following them. I have learned a great deal from the participants and their comments. I look forward to it continuing.

    • Thanks for all the reminders. It has been so long since last trial my brain is having a hard time remembering everything that went on. Sounds like you have more trials then we do here in Cali. They start one then all of a sudden you hear nothing more. Now that is stupid!

    • Nern, I really like your posting. I have forgotten quite a few things, dang it, so what you posted helps. Okay. Here are some of the things I wish you and Penny would comment on or anybody else for that matter and remember, I am not well educated by any stretch of the imagination but probably would be considered well read and I have a burning desire to hear others’ thoughts if you don’t mind. First, I feel in my bones that this Arias creep is evil. I seriously believe she is evil. I do think there are people who are simply evil and she is evil. I also want to know and am hoping Dr. Randle will address not only the evil subject, but also a psychological arena. I do not think Arias is crazy or mentally ill, but no doubt there are things about her personality that psychology can explain but probably not on the evil side. Also, I wonder why Juan didn’t bring that Matt McCartney as a witness. I am betting he knows a lot more about this planned slaughter than we have heard. Arias seems to think Matt is her loyal follower but I can see Juan ripping him a new one. I am thinking Matt helped with the forged letters, do you? I also think Arias wrote things in her journal AFTER the murder to make it sound so innocent and portray her as a victim with Vilette’s suggestions and I think Samuels and Vilette were brought in to help come up with scenarios to make her look like a victim. Did you notice how all three use certain words like “typically”, “verbage”, and there is another one that I don’t remember right now that all three used during their testimony. Maybe everybody but me uses the words typically and verbage every third paragraph (typically!). And another thing that I keep wondering about is what would a psychologist or psychiatrist expert use as a reason for why Travis kept letting this evil creep back into his life. My thought is the hot sex and I agree with you, Nern, that that is a sorry thing to do. But I can’t imagine any other reason. Help me! Is there a different reason? And do we know any actual facts about Bobby Juarez? Was he frightened of her? I suspect so. I wish we knew more. And lastly, Nern, do you think that the penalty phase will happen in the next 6 or 8 months? I am doubting that it will happen that quickly, but that is the way I think. I so hope I am wrong. Maybe we will know in a week or so.
      And you are so lucky you didn’t watch the Anthony trial. I wish to hell I hadn’t. Those stupid jurors. Those stupid lies told by the defense which the jurors apparently bought with absolutely no evidence. When the verdict came down, my husband who didn’t watch it like I did but knew about it, got out of his chair without saying a word and walked outside, he was so disgusted. I really wish now I had not seen that trial. It was disgusting. Even the judge a while back said it was astonishing. And also – I do not know why I get so involved in some of these cases, but I can’t help myself. Everybody in my family laughs at me. But I can’t help it. What is wrong with me?! What would I be diagnosed as? A freak?
      Thanks, everybody!

      • nance –
        First of all, I do not worry about what others think about what interests me. Since my grandfather introduced me to Perry Mason books so many, many years ago, I have been interested in mysteries – detective and murder mysteries. I too feel I am well-read in many areas (but not necessarily knowledgeable specifically) and cases like these often get my attention (obviously). In this case, I find that I am engaged in good conversation along with learning so much. We all have our own interests.

        I believe that Arias is evil, just like I believe Charles Manson is evil. Many people grow up in what they believe or in fact are actually dysfunctional families. So many carry on in their lives with honesty, dignity and without malice towards others. If one can believe that there are good people in this world, how can one not agree that there are evil people too. I will clarify that I am not a religious person, but I am a spiritual one and my feelings are not in the least related to any religious affiliation. Some people do great, good deeds in their life while others do the opposite. When we are horrified by the actions of some, and do not understand, we look for reasons why. I believe that circumstances can play a part in people’s bad actions but for me, it is not always the norm. Because we do not understand, we look for some kind of answer as it gives us some peace of mind. For those in the profession of looking at the personalities of these despicable people, I get it and support it as it is their interest and often their livelihood. But sometimes, the person is who they are, plain and simple and in this case, Arias is just plain evil – for me.

        Matt McCartney was hoodwinked by Arias for sure. But I feel had he been called to the witness stand, he would have been obliterated by Juan and the forged letters would have come up. For the defense, they would probably see this as adverse to Arias’ defense.

        Travis was a kind man. He was a man that is pure proof that one can rise above their background and be a really good person, well liked snd loved by so many. I believe this is evident by all the testimonies from family and friends. But Travis was human too. He had a beautiful woman seemingly wanting to please him – in every way possible which included what was maybe his fantasy surrounding sex. I also think he most likely never imagined the true nature of Arias and her motives. He had an inkling for sure, finally, but I still think he never gave it a second thought that he was in terrible danger. That was not his world.

        My understanding about Bobby Juarez is that this was a relationship of convenience in order to leave home by a young, selfish girl. Comments following the trial suggest that yes indeed, this was another of Arias’ dysfunctional relationships and that Bobby was afraid of her at some point.

        Will this trial carry on for some time yet? Absolutely. As long as motions put forward to the court by the defense (Arias) meet the requirements of the law, They will be scrutinized completely by both the state and the judge and then ruled upon. As long as this keeps working for the Arias, she will continue with the hope that over time the DP will not be an issue as people want this thing done. It also keeps her in the public eye which feeds her ego. Again, what I believe is that the focus must come back to the crime itself, with all its horror and not be focused of what ALV or Samuels or any other defense witness said. She is convicted of a crime that any other criminal would have long before been sentenced for. It was a horrendous, evil crime.

        Anyway, nance, those are my feelings – subjective ones at that. I reiterate, I really enjoy the interactive discussions.

          • I am not knowledgeable in the field of mental disorders and was unaware that one can be born with a narcissistic personality. All of your points fit Arias for sure.
            But in the end, in my world of good and evil, I think Arias is just plain evil. We can label her anything we want but she is just a very bad person.

          • Nern narcissis just came to my mind. I’m sure there are other lables we could put on her but yes in the end she is just pure EVIL.
            Off subject but want your input. Think it is you that live in Canada. Looks like our health ins. is going to be be a lot like what Canada has. Are you happy with your ins. and how well do you think it works? Please get back to me as soon as you can. I really want to know!

          • Penny
            First of all, the entire Arias fiasco is becoming a really sick and very sad joke.

            Recent posts state that today’s hearing was vacated and rescheduled for Nov. 1st. Secondly, Arias has access to paper and coloured pencils and if she chooses to sign over her property to someone else, she has that right. So….I guess that is why her work is selling on the internet currently. I cannot help but get angry at all parties involved, the defense (that is to say Arias), the judge, the state and Arizona laws that allow this case to drag on and on. It is beginning to feel that a convicted murderer does not have to be sentenced in a timely manner at all and therefore can continue to live life as they see fit, even if behind bars. Disgraceful and infuriating!!!

            With regard to our health care system here in Canada, each province has there own program. Here in Ontario, each citizen has a photo (to deter theft of identity) health card, issued every 5 years in conjunction with driver’s license renewals (for those that have one). All Canadian citizens that live in Ontario get one. Our health card covers all medical doctor’s appointments and all routine tests such as blood work and even colonoscopies. Our health card allows for eye tests every 2 years also. With our health card, we all get “ward” coverage when admitted to hospital. but there are very few wards now so we get “semi”. Emergency care at the emergency department is covered although there are charges for extras (like the brace I needed for my hand when I fell a couple of years ago). Ontario is underserviced with medical doctors and therefore many end up in emerg. or clinics for simple things.
            Our health cards do NOT cover dental, prescriptions or other devices that may be needed.
            More and more services are now applying costs that were not there in the past but generally, our health cards work well – IMO.

          • Thanks Nern for the info. One more ? if you make a Dr appointment how long does it take? And for just say gallblatter surgery what would be a wait time for non emergency surgery? Sorry that was 2 ?.

          • Penny
            First of all – did you hear the latest – Arias is wanting to declare bankruptcy? OMG!

            Getting a doctor’s appointment totally depends on where you live and how busy your doctor is. I live in a small town and unless an emergency – can take a week or so. Also depends on what actually is the problem. Wait time in the office can be anywhere from getting in right away or waiting a number of hours.
            Again, surgery is dependant upon the circumstances.

          • Penny – it was commented on that C. Anthony’s attorneys filed bankruptcy on her behalf but…………………she was never convicted and lives in freedom.
            Arias is a confessed convicted murderer and if she can file – something terribly is wrong.

          • Nern and Penny, here’s a question and another question. If Arias could file bankruptcy, what would it mean? I don’t understand. What does she even have? Would bankruptcy protect her potential earnings with her drawings? Or a bookdeal? And secondly, I have many times wondered how Arias was able to afford the trips she took with Travis. She said on the stand that they split the costs down the middle. Of course, I question any and everything she testified to, and I tend to not believe anything she said. My point is how could she, as a waitress, take so much time off work and not get fired, and on top of that, if she isn’t working all those days on the travels, I would think her money would be very low. I suspect Travis paid the big part of the bills, but that’s just me. What are your thoughts on that? And she and VILEtte had the gall to insinuate that Travis was broke and had to borrow money from her. I can feel my blood start to boil everytime I remember the lies those two testified to (their testimonies that he was a pedophile, for instance, for shame on both of them!). Anyway, I am not a money expert by any stretch of the imagination, but some places of businesses require a person to actually attend work but she apparently was able to take lots of time off and I doubt that she would be paid during those times. She would drive to Mesa from Palm Desert and back sometimes before she moved to Mesa. Another case of taking the booty to him. I can’t imagine doing that, but I am from a different generation where the guy did the pursuing and the traveling. And do you two girls have any thoughts on Arias stating several times that she was monogamous? Because she is emphatic about that, I don’t believe it. And Nern, I think it was you who said you didn’t watch the Anthony trial. Let me tell you that she has barely ever worked and other people have always supported her and her child while the child was alive. She actually had a friend babysit for free while she was allegedly at work which she wasn’t because she didn’t even have a job. When the friend discovered that she was babysitting for free and the Anthony freeloader was out doing who knows what, she stopped. People will always pay the bills for that horrible worthless person. It is amazing how these types, Arias and Anthony, are taken care of by hoodwinked people. Amazing. Also, thanks for all your postings. And Nern, be so glad you didn’t watch the Anthony trial.

          • nance –
            I too am very glad that I did not follow the Anthony case. The Arias case has taken up far too much of my time and I find it gets my blood boiling also which serves no purpose because what will be, will be and it becomes a waste of energy. Having said this though, I will follow until she is finally put away.
            I do not get how she could ever file for bankruptcy given that she is a convicted felon. I do not know the laws around this issue however so who knows what will happen. It could be that she is just trying to stir up more controversy by saying she will file knowing full well that it is not possible. Again, I do not know about this issue in her case but she will say and try to do anything to keep herself in the news as she feels she is that important.
            With regard to her “work experience” and having money, I have felt all along that she works only when absolutely necessary and when not, she uses others to support her. She has contradicted herself by saying she is broke and then going into the fact that Travis had to borrow money from her. One cannot believe anything that she says – about anything. I do believe she is a pathological liar.
            Travis was a successful man in his endeavours as evident by his BMW and his house. Yes, he supplemented by having room-mates, but many people do that. Apparently he had enough money to plan a trip to Cancun!
            Arias jumped from job to job as it suited her needs. I agree that any employer would expect their employees to be diligent in attending work and therefore for me, it only solidifies my thoughts that she worked only when necessary and was able to jump from job to job as it fit in with her circumstances.
            She would need money for gas for all the trips she took to Mesa and elsewhere and working would provide that for her. She lived with people so paying rent wasn’t an issue. How she bought a house with anyone is beyond me but in the end, the house was lost if I remember correctly.
            No employer would put up with her coming and going as she saw fit. Again, it is her sense of importance that she would like people to believe that she could do just that and still have a job.
            There are a great many people who can use their “wiles” to have someone support them. That is the manipulator in them. I have seen some in action.

            To sum it up for me, Arias used each and every person she came into contact with in her life to advance her agenda – whatever it was. When she was done with them (or they her), she moved on to the next “mark”. This is blatantly obvious by the lack of mitigation witnesses for the defense. Unfortunately, she really thought she had found the perfect “mark” in Travis and when rejected, she just eliminated him, savagely, right out of her life.
            But she is not as important or as smart as she thinks she is and despite all of her efforts, she was caught, seen for what she is, tried and convicted. All that is left for her is whether she lives behind bars for the rest of her life or dies. I guess given all that she has done in her life, we should not be surprised at all that she continues to do to delay the inevitable.

          • I have thought the same thing. How in the world did she keep a job? Which I don’t think she did. No way did she ever, ever loan Travis money. She will do what ever it takes to postpone her trial. As we can all see judge Stevens is letting it happen.

          • nance I too find it hard to understand the filing for BK. What does she have? State of AZ. is paying for attorney’s not costing her a cent.Travis’s family are going to file so she can make no profit of any kind. I just don’t see a BK happening but this whole trial has been nuts. I hope someday (in near future) Casey A gets her do reward for killing her baby. Our court system just doesn’t work right.

        • I too believe there are truly EVIL persons. This has been commented on forever…philosophers, physicians, comman man… M. Scott Peck, psychiatrist, author of “The Road Less Traveled,” “People of the Lie, felt “Evil” should be included in the Diagnostic and Statistics Manuel (DSM). Dr. Robert Hare, most eminent & honored studying sociopaths/psychopaths, “Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us,” does label them “Evil.” Similarly, Dr. Martha Stout, “The Sociopath Next Door.” There are many mental health professionals who have difficulty diagnosing with anti-social personality disorder/sociopath/psychopath, & can only come up with “Evil,” as the patient is so horrifically disturbing. As for Jodi Arias, she has been given many diagnoses, many truly applicable to her. However, just one label comes up over & over: Evil.

      • Nance don’t feel alone. I get laughed at all the time for trial watching. I just come back with “what are you learning from your fantasy shows”
        Now to Jodi – I feel she is narcissistic which you can be born with that disorder. This fits her to a T:
        1-love of self/great self-interest
        2-preoccupation with success and power
        3-attention seeking
        4-boasting or braggingabout one’s own achievements
        5-exaggeration of abilities and achievements
        6-having unrealistic goals
        7-fantasies of success beyond what is likely or possible
        8-hypersensitivity to possible slights and insults from others (coupled with what could be aggressive or angry response)
        Now if that isn’t Jodi don’t know what is. Don’t you think her experts should have picked up on this. I only worked for a psychiatrist but was able to see this from begining

  25. I did not see all of LaV’s testimony. I want to start out clear about that.
    My internet connection went out and I quite simply did not feel either enough interest or trust in the witless to “catch up” on YT.
    My point is that I am certain that she testified to spending 44 hours with CMja. I have no idea how many billable hours she spent reading all of the IM’s, etc.
    As someone who has been treated as a victim of DV, my thoughts were “pandering” (?), and/or “bilking the system” (?).
    44 hours to determine if someone has been abused? As I said, I was in treatment…..THAT is roughly a year’s worth. If the therapist, as she says she is, cannot determine in far LESS than 44 hours whether they are speaking with someone who has indeed been through DV, that person is without a doubt not qualified to do this nature of work.

    • ” If the therapist, as she says she is, cannot determine in far LESS than 44 hours whether they are speaking with someone who has indeed been through DV, that person is without a doubt not qualified to do this nature of work.”

      myhra – truer words have never been spoken. Quick and to the point!

  26. Nern, this is the first I heard that yet another hearing has been rescheduled. I thought the next one was supposed to be held on October 24. Isn’t this something! As before, I actually laugh. It is a laughing matter. And pathetic. Where did you hear about this latest rescheduling?
    This is off point, but did any of you happen to see the news report yesterday about the Boy Scout Leaders in the Utah state park called Goblin Valley who pushed one of the rocks off its stand? I am saying here and now that the guy in the foreground and who was talking is the same guy who gave interviews to some of the HLN reporters like Jane Velez, etc. And he was at the trial occasionally. His name is Chris and he had a video where he and Travis and other men would be out in the desert shooting those huge rifles and it was shown on tv all the time on HLN. My point is that it is very odd that this guy Chris has been on national tv in two different situations this year. I find it so strange that this guy Chris who loved Travis is now making news like this. The way those guys were laughing with glee at their destruction makes me wonder how much damage they have done to the beautiful outdoors before this. If any of you get a chance, please watch it. Apparently they posted this video on youtube. Idiots. This Chris is not Chris Hughes. I just don’t remember this guy’s last name, but he was on HLN quite often. He is the guy who said that if Travis had a gun, he, Chris, would have been the first one to know because Travis would have told him.
    And also, Nern, I am trying to find where Agatha Christie wrote how she believed that evil people should not be allowed to walk among the rest of us. I have almost everything she ever wrote, but so far, I haven’t found that paragraph. When I find it, I will post her thought in case you would like to read it. What she wrote has stuck with me all these years, but I can’t quote it like she said it.

  27. I got the guy’s name wrong. Sorry. It was Dave Hall. I am sure he is the same guy who talked on HLN to the reporters and who had the video of all of them shooting those guns. Sorry. Never listen to me again! And if I am wrong about it being the same guy, I apologize.

  28. Except listen to me just this one other time. I read the Maricopa Court site just now and there will be a hearing October 24 but it is closed to the public and the media. Period. So it is starting to look like at least the judge at least yesterday, the 18th, is not going to cancel the 24th hearing but won’t allow anybody or anything to be present except the main parties.
    I now wonder if she will allow the penalty trial to be open to the public. I think Nurmi and Willmot are requesting something like that, aren’t they?
    We can just wait and wonder. I bet Arias won’t really appreciate the 24th hearing because she won’t be in the limelight of the news.

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