My 50 Top Juror Questions for Jodi Arias: Analysis and Commentary

Today, the jury had the opportunity to ask Jodi Arias direct questions, and they had many. Over 100 questions. I found these 50 to be the most interesting. These are not verbatim but practically speaking they reflect what the jurors asked.list

  1. Why did you put the camera in the dryer?
  2. Please explain the events that led up to your dad slapping you twice?
  3. What is your relationship like with your mother today?
  4. What is your relationship like with your father today?
  5. You mentioned buying a 9 mm gun for a camping trip, who was going on the camping trip?
  6. Why did you planning on going [on the camping trip] if you are scared?
  7. Were you paid for the 48 Hours interview?
  8. Were you paid for the interview with Inside Edition?
  9. During your testimony, you told us that Travis hit your car once. Can you tell us about that incident?
  10. Why did you confront Travis after seeing him with another girl if it was not due to jealousy?
  11. Why would you continue to stay with someone who had sex with you while you were sleeping?
  12. Why did you place Travis’s body back in the shower?
  13. What happened to the clothes that you are wearing the day of the murder?
  14. You said that Travis attacked you earlier. Why was June 4, 2008 so different?
  15. Were you upset that Travis was taking another woman to Cancun?
  16. Why did you send his grandmother flowers [after your murdered him]?
  17. Why did you take the rope and gun with you?
  18. Did you try to clean up the scene before you left on June 4, 2008?
  19. If you shot Travis first, how did the casing land on blood?
  20. After you shot Travis, why not run out of the house to get away?
  21. Why didn’t you call 911?
  22. If Travis attacked you June 4th, why not tell the police the truth from the start?
  23. Why is it that you have no memory of stabbing Travis?
  24. Whether you had plans to commit suicide or not, why mention that “no jury would ever convict you, mark my words, I am innocent?”
  25. Do you have any pictures of you wearing a finger splint? Did anyone see you wearing a finger splint?
  26. When did you realize you had memory loss? What was the date?
  27. Why were you willing to get involved with two men at the same time?
  28. What is your understanding of the word “skank?”
  29. Why did you share housing with Matt, when you are in a relationship with Travis?
  30. How can you be a sister to Matt, someone you had sex with in the past?
  31. Why did you question Travis about everything he did?
  32. Why did you start a relationship with Ryan Burns when you said earlier that when you in a relationship you don’t date other guys?
  33. Why would you take the time to delete the photos on the camera after you killed Travis?
  34. How is it that you are so calm on the television interviews?
  35. If you really believed that Travis’s family deserved to know the truth, why didn’t you confess?
  36. If you didn’t want to be tied to a tree, why did you go and look for a place to do this?
  37. Why would you continue to carry your journals around with you if you thought that others, such as Travis, could read them?
  38. Why are the laws of attraction so important but the law of chastity was not?
  39. Do the laws of attraction also apply to recording phone sex conversations?
  40. You said that Travis torn out pages in your journal about him that were negative but you also said that you didn’t write negative things about Travis in your journal. Which is correct?
  41. If he [Travis] was so important why didn’t you call 911?
  42. You said that you were sick to your stomach when you saw Travis with child pictures, so why did you sleep with him again?
  43. What stopped you from committing suicide?
  44. Would you classify your relationship with Travis Alexander as a “love/ hate” relationship?
  45. Do you feel that the Mormon religion encourages burying the truth about issues that may be considered embarrassing?
  46. How do you determine when you will tell the truth and when you will not tell the truth? What are the determining factors?
  47. Did you ever see a doctor or take medication for your memory issues?
  48. Did you ever seek medical help for your mental condition? What about prior to the killing?
  49. Is there anyone who saw you shaking during a fight with Travis?
  50. Do any of your journal entries or anything else discuss your shaking or blackout issues?

Analysis and Commentary 

No one can predict the future but it seems from these jury questions that they are having a difficult time believing her story. Some have commented that these questions were better than the prosecutor’s questions. Perhaps it is true.

Based on jury’s questions, several observations can be drawn: they seem to believe that she has a problem with the truth; they think that she has a mental illness; they’re perplexed about the fact that she did not receive help for her admitted memory and potential mental health problems; and they seem to have difficulty understanding why she would continue the relationship with Travis if he was so violent and if he was interested in children.

It’s very interesting that they believe she has a mental health condition. Jodi made it a point to say in response that she disputes the fact that she has a mental condition. This is a topic I will be covering in-depth in the near future. In the meantime, you can read my thoughts about her mental condition here.

The jury also picked up on inconsistencies that were perhaps overlooked until this point. For example, Jodi testified that Travis allegedly tore pages out of her journal that contained negative information about him yet she also said that she never wrote anything negative about him in her journal. This is an important point that members of the jury have noted. As we know, there is no corroborating evidence that Travis ever abused Jodi. Jodi’s explanation for the lack of evidence, and specifically for the lack of anything written about abuse in her journal, was that she never wanted to produce negative documentation about Travis.

It’s not possible to have both written negative things about Travis in her journal, which is the reason why she says he tore out those pages, and to never have written anything negative about him.

It simply makes no sense.

What other inconsistencies did you hear?

I’m sure there are many. There’s a great deal of information to process. In the upcoming days, I imagine that the prosecutor will be pointing out all of the many inconsistencies in her story.

5 thoughts on “My 50 Top Juror Questions for Jodi Arias: Analysis and Commentary

  1. Having finally decided to look at your profile, I happened across your blog. It’s so nice to finally read a smart woman’s take on the Jodi Arias trial, the jurors, and Jodi herself.

    Seeing the juror questions laid out in that format, rather than in the rabid rush of twitter while hearing the hushed tones of the judge, it seems rather evident that Jodi is up the proverbial creek without a paddle. But, as we all saw in the Casey Anthony trial, even a sure thing isn’t guaranteed.


    • Hello Sherri,

      Thanks for taking the time to read the article and leave a comment. You’re right. Even given the jurors questions, there is no guarantee that there will be a guilty verdict. The Casey Anthony verdict was a complete shock but perhaps in that case the prosecutors overreached. They wanted 1st degree murder and it was difficult to prove. Had they gone for second degree, perhaps she would have never been acquitted.

      Kind Regards,
      Dr. K. R.

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