New Addition: Crime & Trial Discussion Forums

I am happy to announce a new addition to the site: The Crime & Trial Discussion Forums! Please click here to find the discussion forms.

These were created in response to a great many people having highly intellectual discussions in the comment sections of the website. These discussions are unlike any I have seen on other websites.

Readers of this website have an unparalleled, extensive knowledge base of crimes and trials. Your knowledge and commentary has become an important part of the website and the hope is that it will continue in the forums.

The blog will continue as it always has but I hope that these forms will expand and facilitate your ongoing discussions.

Update: Working on organizing the forum. I appreciate your patience.

4 thoughts on “New Addition: Crime & Trial Discussion Forums

  1. Dr. Randle, I finally got registered on your new crime and trial discussion forums I want to post on the Martin MacNeill trial forum but there is no place to post or comment. Do you have to post something first before we can comment on it?

  2. Yes Observer, I too finally got to register. Now there is no way to post on any of the NEW “Crime and Trial Discussion Forums.” I imagine Dr. Randle is getting the kinks out. But it all sounds confusing. But it is new & I will learn ~ So maybe we need to keep posting on the old threads where Dr. MacNeil had a following, but under Jodi Arias.

  3. I also registered for the discussion forum. It says there is:
    Total topics: 5 and total posts: 8 – but I don’t see any topics or posts there. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time to sort it out. Good luck Dr R and thank you!

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