New Details Released in the Hannah Anderson Kidnapping Case

New information has been released in the case of the Hannah Anderson kidnapping. Court records show that firefighters found the body of Christina Marie Anderson,  in James Lee DiMaggio’s garage. Nearby was a crowbar and blood next to her head. 

Authorities also believe that he shot their family dog who was found under a sleeping bag, also in the garage with blood near his head.

The body of eight-year old Ethan Skip Jack Anderson was found by investigators, as they searched through the burned rubble.

Records also show that DiMaggio and Hannah Anderson exchanged 13 calls before she was picked up from cheerleading practice on August 4. Both of their cell phones were turned off for approximately 1600 hours. Shortly thereafter, the home was burned.

Authorities provided no details about the times, duration or the nature of the phone exchanges between DiMaggio and 16-year old Hannah Anderson.

Hannah Anderson recently broke her silence on social media on the site Hundreds of questions were submitted to Hannah from around the world.

Hannah was asked if she was happy that DiMaggio was shot or if she wanted to see him serve life in prison. She replied that he “deserved what he got.”

She said that she was frustrated with the intense media attention. When some of the questioners identified themselves as newspaper reporters, and asked if they could speak to her on the phone, she replied: “No please leave me alone. All you guys don’t know the story. And don’t need too. You already got a lot of things mixed up. So please just leave me and my family alone so we can heal. Thank you.”

Some people have expressed the opinion that Hannah’s story “does not add up.” They believe that her reaction to the events, particularly her decision to utilize social media to post “selfies” and to answer direct questions about the event, seems abnormal.

Law enforcement officials insist that Hannah Anderson was taken against her will.

Hannah’s friend told authorities that DiMaggio took Hannah on multiple day trips to Malibu and Hollywood. He was a close family friend though Hannah recently revealed that DiMaggio “creeped her out.”

When asked why she did not tell her parents that he “creeped her out,” she replied: “Because he was a close family friend and my dad’s Bestfriend and I didn’t want to ruin anything between them.”

DiMaggio was killed by authorities after being shot multiple times in the head and chest. His body has been cremated.

58 thoughts on “New Details Released in the Hannah Anderson Kidnapping Case

  1. I’d love nothing more than to believe Hannah is a victim in every respect. That said, a lot about this whole story just doesn’t feel right to me.

    I’d like to know more about her relationships with both her mother and with DiMaggio. I’d also like an explanation of the lapse in judgment of Hannah’s parents in allowing (or pushing?) the relationship with DiMaggio, long-time family friend or not.

    • Ditto Linda K something just doesn’t add up in the Hannah case. I can understand she could have been brainwashed but knowing her mom and brother were going to be set on fire just does not make since. Why all the phone calls?

    • This story about Hannah has not felt right to me from the beginning but don’t think we will ever know the truth. Number one reason is she is a minor. He is dead and bet she will never tell.

    • I just saw an interesting snippet from an interview given by DiMaggio’s sister. The clip was shown on FNC and attributed to CNN but it wasn’t clear who the reporter/interviewer was.

      The sister said that her brother told her Hannah was mad at her mother, blaming her for her father moving to Nashville.

      She also said that the Hannah she saw on a TV interview was not the same girl that sat in her living room three weeks before the incident. Her opinion of Hannah was that she was “trouble.”

        • The “case” is closed by the police, but keeps ongoing. This has been a most weird total happening, from the 1st notice of an Amber Alert to this day. So many things put put there to the public by the police w/o answers. I would imagine the police know more but most likely are protecting young Hannah. They might believe she was not involved in the murders of her brother, mother, family dog, but had other involvement that they do not want to make known as it would follow her through life. I was deeply affected by her behavior at the funeral. As if she were at a party. I read what forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Ablow said about Hannah’s behavior after such tragedy & trauma: that there is more to this story and/or this was the way Hannah behaved “normally,” on an everyday basis, even before this whole mess. You know, like no “normal” feelings. Affect bland or as if a stone or bubbly. I give DiMaggio’s sister credit for going on Piers Morgan show.

          • yes Hannah’s behavior at the memorial was strange–bubbly and hopping around like she was at a party and drinking out of the starbucks cup. not appropriate grief behavior.

          • Dawn, I wish I had answers. I haven’t seen nearly enough of Hannah to get a “read” on her that I’d feel comfortable commenting on. Law Enforcement knows more than they’re saying and, considering a minor is involved, they’re likely to be very tight-lipped on this one. I do think learning Hannah was upset with her mother is one more small piece of the puzzle.

  2. I have thought from the beginning that there was more to this story. I am more convinced than ever after hearing about the 13 phone calls between DiMaggio and Hannah the day of the killing. Then both of them turning their cell phones off adds more mystery to the story. The fact that the horseriders overheard her say to him “Now we are in trouble” to me speaks volumes. I will just bluntly come out and say that I DO NOT believe Hannah was an unwilling partner in the kidnapping. I will not go as far as to say that she was part of her mother and brother’s murders, but she was not a complete victim here. Her behavior is unusual to say the least. She seems to be quite defensive and comes across as dishonest and narcissistic… Just my two cents.

    • Julie I agree with your two cents. Why would she be in trouble if she is the victim. I do think she had something to do with her mother and brothers death. Why would they have been there?

      • She claimed they were there to support him because he was losing his home and he tricked them. She was looking forward to a fun weekend riding ATV’s or whatever. I don’t like when I think this way but I to thought/felt from the beginning this girl had some thing to do with the deaths and the FBI help get rid of her witness. I trully believe he could have been taken in alive by just wounding and debilitating him . I am NOT defending his actions in any way. I have a feeling because she is a minor many details will not be released. If she wants to be left alone to heal why in the hell is she online answering questions trying to be a star and promote herself with the selfies? Do we have another narsisstic Jodi Arias on hour hands? A total victim would not say some of the things she said. After the ordeal she had been though I would think getting her nails done and getting online would be the last thing anyone who respects themselves or the dead would do.

        • Hannah knows alot more then we will ever know. Why 13 cell calls then they both turn off phone at same time? I don’t like thinking this way either but this has bothered me from the beginning.

  3. Horrific crime. We do not know all the details and should reserve judgement of Hannah. Why do we have to make assumptions that she may have been complicate? Poor girl.

  4. One thing for sure. This family has poor “boundaries.” For many, it was difficult to comprehend how Hannah continued to take the overnight trips with “Uncle Jim.” He singled her out; her parents thought this was ok. Confirming “poor boundaries” is the fact that she was allowed to go on social media within 24-48 hours after being rescued. I would imagine that any parent would realize that this was not appropriate so soon after her ordeal, & especially while this was was still under intense investigation by the police & FBI. Hannah is age 16. She is still of the age to be under parental control, rules. Her father stated Hannah going on social media was ok.

  5. Unfortunately, I think some of could be right. I am trying to reserve judgment here, but it is becoming more difficult. For sure, if there is more to this story, the authorities will turn over that stone in due time. This is a very disturbing story, and I have a feeling it could become even more disturbing. In any event, if she is involved somehow, I still see her as a groomed victim. This guy had his talons into her from a very young age — while being regarded as a beloved part of the family. There was plenty of time to work ‘with’ an impressionable child. Furthermore, 16 year-olds can become smitten with older men in a heartbeat if he’s good at it, and I’m sure he knew that. Once again, DiMaggio is another apple who didn’t fall far from the tree.

    Someone mentioned a boundary problem in that family and I agree there too. As I think back, I know my parents would have swallowed a broom before they would allow me to take all-day trips alone with a grown man, best friend or not.

    • Uppity, you may well be right, that she was a groomed victim. But, I confess, I’ve had the thought she may have manipulated him to take her places and do things she otherwise might not have been allowed to go or do with peers or with the family.

      Honestly, I’d rather not ride that train of thought too far outside the station. I don’t think I’d like the destination.

  6. I too would like to know more about her relationships with both her mother and with DiMaggio. I’m over age 50 and when I was 14 my same age friend and I were home at my house and a cousin –age 26– came over to my house to help us pick oranges in my mom’s back yard one day. He had come over before and had been sort of flirting with us. On this one day, there was some silly horseplay and tickling – instigated by this guy. Then – what?!- he started trying to grab our breasts! We were both 2 flat chested naive kids but we knew this was wrong. He eventually left without incident and my friend and I discussed how weird it was. When my mom came home from work, I IMMEDIATELY told her what had happened and how I felt she told me never let him in again unless I am here. Keep the front door locked. Back in those days we did not even lock out front door! But I think back and feel ever so fortunate that I knew that I could always tell my mom anything. Parents – for God’s sake – establish good and open communication with your children. Let them feel they can tell you anything.

  7. With all respect for the family and the girl who is a minor. I do think that she manipulated the man to get away from her family (the trips, the phone calls, her remarks when discovered by the rider, her presentation on social media prior to her “abduction”). Whether she was involved in the killing will probably never be known. I find it very disturbing that she made an attempt at justifying herself on social media after her release, uses this tragic occasion to show off her body and nails and also is trying to make money off it.
    My very speculative take on it: she was pregnant and had to explain this fact to her mother which then prompted the ensuing tragedy. This is not an attempt at defending DiMaggio who I am convinced murdered her family, don’t get me wrong.
    There is one big question remaining for me: The outlets report that her mum and brother have been tortured yet no details are released. Why not? Maybe the police made an erroneous judgement and tries to cover it up by appealing to the vox populi with some gross exaggeration?

    • Caro I had never heard that she was pregnant. Do you think that is true? If so I bet it is the Maggets (short for Di Maggio) baby. Why all 13 cell calls then turned off at same time. As far as social media and her nails I would think she would be so upset and grieving that would be the last thing she would think about.

    • What turned up in the Maggots garage. Hannah was a victim at one point but I think she knew about the murders. You hear all the time how older men sway young girls and they run away to be with them but parents aren’t put on fire. Was dad in another state?

      • Penny, the dad was on a job out of state when this all happened. I wanted to comment on the amazing things that showed up on the recently-unsealed list of seized items from DiMaggio’s home/crime scene but I figured Dr. KR would want to make a separate blog post to discuss it… I haven’t seen or heard the complete list but certain items being reported are pretty jaw-dropping (for instance, used condoms).

  8. CNN had a special about it today explaining this guy’s childhood with a father who did the exact same thing to a young girl he had fallen in love with and later committed suicide. The couple who ran into Hannah in the mountains say she appeared afraid. They later saw her face on the news and called the authorities. A helicopter overhead saw her waving with a cloth for them to see her. The extent of her involvement was probably an inappropriate relationship. She was asked online if he raped her and she said she’s not supposed to talk on that issue.

    I think the authorities saying she’s a “true victim” is that as a minor, she really was a victim of this guy who was infatuated and lured her into a relationship. I don’t think she had anything to do with the murders/kidnappings–she couldn’t have made him copy his own father’s behavior. But she was probably romantically involved with him and had no idea what he would do.

    • Thank you Maria, a voice of reason. Sexual predators like J. DiMaggio are grateful for those of you whom blame the the victim Hannah Anderson for her kidnapping, possible rape/sexual molestation by him. Grooming a child for the sole purpose of sexual molestation is a sly, seductive, secret process. The younger the child the easier it is for the sex predator to manipulate the child + those closest to her. By assuming +second guessing Hannah’s “reported” statements, scenarios she found herself in w a potential sexual predator 40 yrs old whom confessed to having a crush on her that kidapped her for 1 one harrowing week after murdering her mom/brother, that ended in the wilderness w such little information in majes me so glad quick to blame the victim people like yourselves were NOT in my immediate vicinity when I was being sexually abused @age 16. Thank God I kept quite + kept my silence, because my abuser always told me non one woukd believe me or he’d hurt me more if I told. He was only partially right. My Mom didn’t believe me. She didn’t think her husband could do such a thing. Sexual predators rely + count on those closest to the victim to believe the best about them . That sick, loyal twisted bond a sex predator has spent years grooming is key + extends to the victim’s family + friends. It took my Mom leaving 30 year marriage, divorcing her drunk husband + codependency inpatient treatment for her to realize she had been married to a man that sexually abused his daughter from age 6 to 16 years of age. Not until I was 10 yrs of age did I realize the relationship w my Dad was so different, wrong from other girls my age, walking in in me in the tub. At age 16 I took my brothers 9mm gun intending to kill my father the next time he came into my room @nite. After a week, I turned the gun on myself, certain it was my fault as he groomed me to believe. Don’t misunderstand, there are “rewards” from a sexual predator: gifts, toys, “special places”, all inexchange for the sexual acts a victim has agreed to engage in. I’m sure for Hannah it was fun + exciting to have a “family friend” buy her gifts +”-take her to fun places. At what cost? We don’t know. We have too little information to make any sounding concrete accusations toward the victim, Hannah Anderson. Even if she did cartwheels naked down the street: she’s the legal child, Dimaggio was always the adult, period. Those who are quick to think she participated in murdering her mom/brother. Wow. Label me silly. Guess I’ll wait for some concrete evidence there as well.

      • Sorry for your pain. I am not blaming Hannah for getting mixed up with that creep. She is a child. But her behavior NOW after all that has gone down is inappropriate. She shouldn’t be parading herself around in skimpy clothing acting like she is a celebrity. She acts disconnected and out of touch with reality. I blame the adults in her family for not making sure she lays low and dresses appropriately when she goes out in public. That’s all.

        • Being disconnected is a coping mechanism w victims of sexual abuse, as well as engaging in promiscuous behavior, ie provocative attire. My life is great + is due to seeing a good Ph.D early on in my early 20’s. My hope for
          Hannah is she can do the same + begin healing asap. I’ve not been in pain for years + healing is awesome. I wish the same for Hannah. Regards:)

      • Kris I am so sorry you had to go through such pain. It’s inexcusable for anyone to have to go through sexual abuse. Yes I do know you are groomed and at first don’t understand what is happening. But as you said you took a rifle to shoot him then you thought about shooting yourself but you did neither. I went through an abusive marriage so I do know how abuse can make you feel. Had Hannah turned the gun on him that would be understandable but that was not the case. I do think Hannah was involved as a 16yr old you know killing is wrong. We will probably never know the whole story.

  9. The more I think about this story, the more questions I have. Here are just a few of them…

    (1) We’ve heard DiMaggio “lured” the Anderson family to his home. The word is loaded with the concept of criminal intent and does seem to apply in this case (certainly in the eyes of law enforcement). My question is why would he need to “lure” the family when they were friends. Did they not routinely visit his home? Should they have been at all suspicious of a request to visit? No, I’m not in any way blaming the victims; I’m just trying to understand the relationship dynamics and how DiMaggio’s instability went either undetected or ignored.

    (2) Hannah had been at cheerleader practice/camp that day and it was DiMaggio who picked her up afterward. Hannah had her cell phone with her because the two exchanged thirteen phone calls. At what point in time did she suspect or realize what DiMaggio was planning?

    (3) Why did Hannah say, during that session, that she wished she had done more to try to save her mom and brother? Was she physically present before and during the murders? The statement indicates she tried to do something — what was the something?

    (4) Law enforcement says the victims were physically tortured before they were killed. If the sole intent was to kill them and kidnap Hannah, why the need for torture? Given what little we already know about the close relationship DiMaggio had with the entire Anderson family, torture makes no sense. Granted, there could be any number of reasons to torture someone (from an aberrant psychological perspective) but DiMaggio doesn’t seem to have had one. And I don’t believe the “like father, like son” equation explains it.

    (5) Fully recognizing the fact that different people react differently to trauma and tragedy, I am troubled by what appears (to me) to be an “oh well, we’ll get through this” attitude from Hannah and her father. Naturally, there should be joy at Hannah’s “rescue” but where is the genuine grief for the losses?

    • Yes Linda K a lot of questions:
      1 – I heard Hannah was at his house with mom and brother to say goodbye. He had no money and had to let his home go. Was moving to TX.
      2- After 13 cell calls she knew what was going on.
      3- Yes I think she was at the home at time of killing or very shortly after. Hannah would not have used the words “done more” if she was not part of this plan.
      4- Think a huge fight broke out between DiMaggio and the mother over Hannah and that’s when the torture started.
      5- I have seen no grieve and that to me is very strange.

  10. Where is the grandmother of this girl? Someone needs to tell Hannah how she should be conducting herself. The way she has been behaving since being rescued is inappropriate and shocking..imagine if you are a 16 year old, who was kept against your will..and just recently found out that your mom and brother were killed in the most gruesome manner. Would you be out and about in just a couple of days??? Getting your nails done and wearing booty shorts & low cut tops?

    • Shelley,

      I think we could look at some of Hannah’s behavior two ways.

      Getting her nails done might seem shallow and frivolous but, if she normally wears acrylic nails (is that the right term these days?), then she’d probably need to go to a salon to have them professionally restored. Under the best of circumstances, it’s a two-week cycle to have them filled and/or redone.

      I, too, have been and am troubled by her overtly sexual clothing. However, she’s a 16-year-old California girl. She probably fits in nicely with all her peers and, if that’s what her wardrobe consists of, I’m not sure we should expect her father to rush out and replace it all for the sake of appearances. Too, can you imagine what we’d all say about a big shopping spree? That’s a no win.

      • Linda–good point about the nails but she does not appear to be grieving. In civilized society, people go through a mourning period. Especially after this fiasco!
        Hannah Anderson herself went on social media earlier this week & requested that the family be allowed to grieve and heal in private. Yet she is gadding about like she’s a celebrity. The bootie shorts & hoochie momma top are not appropriate grief attire. I’m a so cal girl too – in fact i live in san diego.

        • Shelley,

          I don’t see the grief, either, from Hannah or even from her father. But what I also don’t see is appropriate parental supervision. I think the blame for Hannah’s unusual behavior is yet to be determined. You can’t always blame the parents. But sometimes you can.

  11. It is terribly sad…& shocking…that minimal attention has been given to the little boy, brother & son, 8 year-old Ethan, & mother & wife, Christina, age 44. Their deaths were horrific & such a great loss. That said, just today I saw ONE article giving notice of their funerals. To be Aug. 24…& the grandmother gave a very nice tribute honoring Ethan & Christina. Requests are for NO flowers. Donations to the “Anderson family fund” are requested in lieu of flowers with an online site where to send money. Ok, everyone experiences grief differently, but no tears, no teddy bear & flowers sites as happens with such deaths? Just fundraisers, restaurant & car wash, where Hannah & Dad show up & Dad says, “Hannah sends her love!?” Forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Keith Ablow gives his take on all this, “bizarre”:

    • Dawn – thanks for posting that link to the ablow clip. i agree with dr ablow – this is simply not normal grieving & where is the father in all of this?

      what sort of family pre-existed the horror?

      to be able to walk out of the woods & become some
      sort of internet darling is very strange indeed.

      donations for the family in lieu of flowers-?? huh?
      just fundraisers, restaurant gatherings & car washes..?

    • I know at 16 I didn’t get along with my mother but to dance at her funeral NO and my dad would have smacked my ass. Hannahs behavior is more then odd. I see no saddness what so ever in her.

  12. While driving in the car this afternoon, listnening to HLN on the radio (oh my, imagine that?!) I heard that Hannah’s father, Brett Anderson, is moving from Tennessee to the San Diego area, & he said his daughter will live with him. I wonder how Hannah feels about this? He refused to come on HLN, his publicist said. Yes. He is writing a book & there is a possible movie deal ~ ~ Again, this saga gets more twists & turns & add-ons… Chirstina Anderson’s sister called DiMaggio a monster, but said there were too many holes in this story. She was hoping for some answers. Like, why DiMaggio did not kill Hannah along with her mother & brother at his home if he snapped? Why take her? Was there anything going on between Hannah & DiMaggio? She doesn’t think so, but has questions. Another family member, a male, I think from Christina’s side of the family , commented on Hannah returning to school. How people are saying she is showing no emotion. He agreed her behavior is “bizarre,” but ok for what she has been through, & given she is only a teenager. He feels she has been through so much, that this will take time, she needs to process it all. It seems to me, there are members of Hannah’s family who are tip-toeing carefully. That just maybe, some are not buying it all. Maybe.

    • This whole saga just gets more and more bizarre. At least now we’ve heard the accusation from the family that DiMaggio was a rapist. I believe that came from Christina’s father in a press conference but, if not, it was another older male family member. I’m sorry I wasn’t paying closer attention to who was speaking but the word “rapist” snapped me around.

    • Agreed Penny. “More than meets the eye.” Well, new information as Hannah Anderson DID reappear, last week. Just when I thought she was fading & going about a teen’s normal life. Appeared to add more controversy & questions.

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