New Jodi Arias Retrial Date Set?

Recent reports have indicated that Jodi Arias’ sentencing retrial is scheduled “tentatively” to begin in early January 2014.JodiStripes2

If that date stands, jury selection will begin in December of this year.

Considering the many delays throughout the entire course of her case, I don’t expect those dates to stand but anything is possible.

What remains unclear is if the trial will be televised.

Representatives from CNN are trying to make sure that it would be televised but I don’t think the judge has decided whether to allow cameras in the courtroom.

If the judge has ruled on the matter, it has not been made public.

The defense has fought hard to block her retrial from being televised.

I think we all hope that it will be televised.

Will Alyce be back? I wonder who else has joined the defense team. Will members of Jodi’s family testify? Surely they have a new strategy for this next go-around. Hopefully, we’ll soon find out.

3 thoughts on “New Jodi Arias Retrial Date Set?

  1. Dr K. – it’s strange that Jodi has suddenly become a shrinking violet where cameras are concerned. Perhaps it has something to do with her image as she shuffles into court in chains and dressed in prison garb.
    Would have been interesting to see how relations are between her and her attorneys – particularly Kurt Nurmi.

  2. Don, I bet this is a major factor for Ms. Vanity. No much needed makeup to give her the semblance of attractive, & confined to her cell. The latter, I presume, wreaks havoc. Then there is the possibility that not seen, she will more fade away. I have almost not thought about her these past couple of months not seeing Ms. Arias. Although one would think this would not affect a jury, never know. All-in-all, I think she finally might be at the point of fighting for her life. Maybe no more fantasy of she will walk free. The Game Show is over for Jodi Arias.

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