Newly Married Woman Pushes Husband To His Death

Montana newlywed, 22-year-old Jordan Linn Graham (also known as Jo-Jo) is accused of pushing her husband, 25-year-old Cody Lee Johnson, to his death over a cliff in Glacier National Park. Investigators believe that she pushed her husband because she was having “second thoughts” about her marriage.

According to the affidavit, the following is Graham’s first version of events about the day of her husband’s disappearance:

“After attending dinner with friends, they drove home. During the drive home, Johnson received a cell phone call that caused him to be upset. When she and Johnson arrived at their home at approximately 2145 hours, she realized her phone was going dead and needed to be charged. Graham then drove by herself from her home to another location to collect her phone charger. Graham said that while she was retrieving her cell phone charger… she received a cellular text message from Johnson’s phone saying he was going for a drive with a friend from out of town. When Graham arrived back at the house she advised she saw a dark colored car pulling out of the driveway. Graham stated she is sure Johnson was in the dark car. In a subsequent interview, Graham advised she and Johnson routinely delete their text messages, and she was unable to produce the above-referenced text for viewing.”

A friend interviewed by law enforcement said that Graham was having second thoughts about her new marriage. Graham had informed the friend that she wanted to discuss her second thoughts with her husband. On the day that he met his untimely death, Graham sent the friend a text message stating “oh well, I’m about to talk to him.” The friend responded “I’ll pray for you guys.” Graham responded “But dead serious if you don’t hear from me at all again tonight, something happened.”

The body of Graham’s husband was found on July 11, 2013, four days after he was pushed from the cliff. Graham was the “reporting party” who informed the Ranger that she located a dead body.

The Ranger commented to Graham that he thought it was unusual that she had found the body to which she replied “it was a place he wanted to see before he died… He would come up here with friends to drive fast when his friends were visiting from out of state.”

A close friend of the couple, A.H., was also interviewed by law enforcement. A.H. was at church with Graham on July 10, 2013. Graham told A.H. that she had received an email stating that her husband had left with three friends, went hiking, had fallen, was dead, and that the search should be called off. The email allegedly was sent from a man named “Tony.”

At this point, it is not clear who Tony is and what his involvement is with the case.

Graham, after a series of lies, eventually admitted to pushing her husband from the cliff.

According to the affidavit, on July 16, investigators reported that:

“Graham stated on the evening of July 7, 2013, she and Johnson had an argument, were upset and both had decided to travel to Glacier National Park… Once there, they walked on The Loop hiking trail for a while and were arguing. They then walked to the other side of the trail to an area that was very steep and proceeded down the rocks near a stump. Graham stated their argument intensified. At one point in time during their arguing, Graham turned and began to walk away. She stated Johnson grabbed her by the arm. Graham turned and removed Johnson’s hand from her arm. After removing Johnson’s hand from her arm, Graham stated she could have just walked away, but due to her anger, she pushed Johnson with both hands in the back and as a result he fell face first off the cliff.”

Graham is charged with second-degree murder. She was recently released from custody as she awaits her trial. If convicted, she could be sentenced to life in prison.

Songwriter Elisabeth Shea was hired to write a custom song for the couple’s wedding. After meeting with them several times, she came up with these lyrics:

“you helped me to climb higher for a better view, you’re my safe place to fall, you never let me go.”

Thinking back on those works, Ms. Shea thinks “it’s a little creepy” and perhaps prophetic.

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  1. WOW. You know, JoJo, there is a thing called AN ANNULMENT. Sheesh. My husband & I spent our honeymoon at Glacier and we celebrated our 29th anniversary last July. People can be such idiots–evil idiots.

  2. Graham’s lawyer called it both an accident and self defense. They can’t have it both ways. It wasn’t an accident if she admits to pushing him. To prove self defense the defense has to prove she believed her life was in danger and his grabbing her arm is not putting her life in danger. Pushing someone in the back when they are standing on the edge of a cliff sounds like murder to me.

    Graham’s going hiking at Glacier National Park when she was upset with her husband, lying to police after killing him and then conveniently “finding” the body four days later and making a callous remark that “it was a place he wanted to see before he died…” makes her look guilty.

    • Why in the world if you are arguing would any couple in their right mind go hiking? Shoving him in the back and not calling 911 that second is showing that this was a murder. Her getting out on bond makes me sick.

        • Gigi it sure wasn’t a walk in the park. Still makes me sick that Jordan was allowed to bond out. If this case takes as long as Arias she will have a lot of years of freedom and her husband like Travis have no years left.

          • Murder cases tend to go pretty fast here in Big Sky Country. The last 2 murder cases tried in Flathead County (where Jordan Graham resides on GPS Compliance Monitoring @her parents) were tried w/in 12-18 mo respectively. I don’t like the ide as of Graham being in such close proximity to others, even family. What if she doesn’t like what her Mom cooks for dinner one night? Guess we’re doing pretty good as people by not succumbing to an impulse to push a loved on off the edge of a cliff.

  3. Like Penny, I don’t understand going for a hike. I’d agree it might have been a stress reliever as Gigi suggests but from the accounts I’ve read, it seems they were purportedly hiking at night in an area with high cliffs. Who does that even when not fighting?

    • If I pushed my husband over a cliff I would get help ASAP if it was truly an accident and it would be much more believable. She waited to long and made stories up. Sound like someone else we know? Maybe she took lessons.

  4. I have never heard of a case of a wife pushing her husband off a cliff to his death but I have seen true crime documentaries of husbands who pushed their wives to their death and then made up a story that it was an accident.

    In one case, a young man pushed his wife and young son off a cliff and it was declared an accident until years later he was arrested for murder when a friend of his told the police that the husband had attempted to hire him to kill his wife for insurance money and was now asking him to kill his parents for insurance money. The friend wore a wire and got the husband on tape hiring the guy to murder his parents but denying he murdered his wife and child. He was found guilty of both crimes.

    In another case, an older man had pushed his wife over a cliff at a national park and then reported it as a fall. He later confessed that he did it because he felt nothing when he killed someone and confessed to shooting to death his first wife and children years before and forging a suicide note from his wife saying she did it. Law enforcement got him to confess to both murders by appealing to his ego. They said they were doing a study on brilliant serial killers who got away with murder and they wanted to pick his brain to see how they felt and thought. As soon as law enforcement read him his rights and told him he was under arrest for the murders, he recanted. He was found guilty of all four murders.

    There were others but I can’t remember the details.

  5. Given the lies and that this case is still being investigated AND that she has been charged with 2nd Degree Murder, I do not understand why she is not in jail until trial time. Do not get it at all.

    • Nern so agree and why 2nd degree? I would think if you pushed someone from the back over a cliff it would be 1st degree. With the time it took her to finally stop stories (which think she still is) She would be a no bond.

    • Although I don’t know Jordan or Cody’s families personally, it is stunning to many of us here in the Flathead that there was no bond imposed + the Judge released Jordan on her own recognizance. The Judge considered factors like: no prior criminal history, not a flight risk + family support. That probably describes most of us; doesn’t mean she’s a safe person to be around after in anger shoving her hubby of 8 days off a a 7000 ft cliff. Some of these MT Judges.

      A couple years ago, a 16 yr old charged w/ 2 counts of Deliberate Homicide (1rst Degree Murder in MT) was given a GPS bracelet + allowed to roam thru the halls of Glacier High school where my 14 yr old niece attended. That Judge’s decision didn’t sit well w/many in the Flathead community. I knew the victims well + was quite uncomfortable knowing the alleged killer was walking the same halls as my niece + other youths. I attended the trial w/the victim’s families in which the now 18 yr old was convicted on both counts of deliberate homicide. She r/c a fairly light sentence for 2 deliberate murders + just finished her 1rst yr in state prison. To this day she has never expressed any remorse, sorrow or regret. Infact she told the victims families in court they should forgive her + just move on w/their lives.

      Since Jordan Grahams crime occurred in a national park, it will be tried in a federal court. She was arraigned in Missoula. Don’t get me started on that wingnut Judge Baugh b in Billings who sentenced teacher/rapist to only 30 days in jail. That ridiculous sentence appears to be illegal (by Baughs) own admission that a sentence can’t be less than the mandatory minimum of 2 yrs.

      Jordan Graham no claiming self defense is bologna + I will steer clear of her.

      • I keep asking where is the justice. Judge Baugh that senteced teachr/rapist to 30 days is up for reelec. If anyone votes for him they have to be crazy. Jordan knew exactly what she was doing and that judge should be disbarred as well as Baugh. Can’t understand any of this. Jodi’s case should have been done and over. I thought we had swift justice?????

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