No Evidence of Abuse In The Jodi Arias Trial

My very analytical and wise colleague highlighted an important and nuanced point in the Jodi Arias trial regarding her abuse claims. journal

Jodi Arias claims that Travis was abusive yet there is a complete absence of evidence about this in her diary, text messages or in their phone calls. She claims that “of course” she never documented anything bad about Travis.  She says she went out of her way to protect Travis, even when he was allegedly abusive.

But what exactly do people write about in their diaries? It is not a chronicle of life events. Nor is a transcription of their lives. It is a place to write about one’s own feelings, thoughts and observations. Sometimes people write about the days events but mostly it’s a recording of one’s feelings.

If we believe Jodi’s story, then it makes sense that there is no written evidence of his abuse but she would have likely recorded her feelings about the alleged event(s) in her diary. Those feelings might have included being distressed, upset, depressed, losing sleep, or something of this nature. None of the diary entries presented in court, on the days that she alleged that the abuse occurred, mention any of these types of emotions. Every diary entry presented in court was positive in nature. She waxed poetic about their near perfect relationship. She described her immense love for him, his soft kisses, how wonderful he was to her, his kindness, and so forth.

Her story does not add up. There is not one shred of evidence to support the claim that Travis was abusive. Her rationale for why she never recorded the abuse, or recorded her feelings about the abuse, does not make sense.

If you can’t tell the truth about your feelings in your own journal, then why even keep a journal? What would its purpose be?

Jodi is asking the jury to essentially take her word for it. Unfortunately for her, proven liars lack credibility and thus believability.

Do you believe her story?

6 thoughts on “No Evidence of Abuse In The Jodi Arias Trial

  1. I would have to agree that Jodi Arias wasn’t in an abusive relationship but I would allege that she was the abuser because her behavior mirrors what I have experienced with my ex.

  2. I didn’t know if my last comment would post but I wanted to elaborate on it.

    The fact that Jodi never takes accountability for her actions, is quick to make suicide threats but never follows through (serious manipulation of others), is overly persistent in pursuing a relationship in which it makes no sense to do so because the other person has declared they do not wish to be permanently committed to her, all of the lies, etc. That’s almost exactly what I experienced as a domestic violence victim, now survivor.

    Honestly, I went through and got hurt through a bunch of those suicide threats. In the end I learned that 1) my ex was not only a bigamist, even though he wrote a letter to my Mom indicating I was crazy to allege that; 2) he lied about having sustained a traumatic head injury and even went to a support group for it, until a doctor pulled me aside and told me there was no evidence of him ever having sustained a brain injury; 3) he was a criminal when it came to IRS transactions, and unemployment claims, etc. and much, much more.

    Although, unlike Travis, I did end up calling 911 when knifes and guns got involved, when he jumped on and held onto my car as I was trying to get away, etc. I documented most of it in a journal and yes, it took a while to do so due to the shame but I gave it to someone for safe-keeping until I got out.

    In the end, I was the one trying suicide because it seemed like there was no other way out. Weirdly, and not that I would advocate this behavior to anyone – ever, it was the best thing that could have happened to me. It finally got me into a safe environment, counseling, a DV shelter and subsequently out of the relationship.

    It was a battle because I insisted on an annulment after everything he had put me through, but trust me, it mirrors everything Jodi did to Travis.

    Travis was no angel, either. I realize that but that doesn’t justify the murder. She killed him because he rejected her. That’s the reason for the rage, anger, and overkill.

    For his sake, I wish he had reported the slashed tires. It might have saved him. Maybe it will serve as a good warning to others watching this. I surely hope so. Please reach out for help!

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Thankfully you were able to end that relationship successfully. You are right about the possibility of Travis being saved by reporting the slashed tires. Anything is possible. It’s too bad that was not brought up in court either. Maybe that will come out? Those are the kinds of stories people are telling on HLN, in interviews with Travis’s friends and by people who knew Jodi.

      Dr K.R.

  3. After all her lies and her alleged stalkings, how do we know if her accounts of romance with Travis were real? There was certainly lust on both parts but how do we know he actually was sweet enough to her? There could be an imagined part of the good, as this woman is making up the bad too

    • Good point. I think it is possible. If you listen to her 48 Hours interviews, she makes it sounds as though their relationship is straight out of a romance novel. It does not sound realistic. Thanks for your comment.
      Dr. K.R.

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