Opening Statements in Sneiderman Case To Begin Monday

Jury selection began yesterday in the trial of Andrea Sneiderman. To the dismay of many viewers, HLN did not show the jury selection process. Thank goodness for Wild About Trial, who is live streaming the jury selection process on their website. 

In other Wild About Trial news, they added journalist and legal correspondent Beth Karas to their trial reporting family. It’s still hard to believe that CNN/HLN let her go yet to decided to keep some of the other analysts.

But I digress.

Jury selection is advancing faster than expected. Out of a poll of 283 people, attorneys were able to qualify 22 jurors, more than half of the number needed to proceed to the next phase of the trial.

Most of the potential jurors told attorneys that they have heard of Andrea Sneiderman. They were familiar with her name from new reports. Most did not offer an opinion on the case.

One potential juror this morning told attorneys that the fact that children had been involved, she “didn’t think it was right.”

When asked if she thought Andrea was involved in the murder, she answered: “Sort of, yeah, from what I do know, I do feel that she was involved in some way… I’m not saying she told him [Hemy] to do it but I do feel there is some involvement.”

Do you believe she is guilty of some crime? “Yes,” said the potential juror.

That’s one juror who didn’t make the cut.

Late Monday, Judge Adams agreed to remove Ms. Sneiderman’s ankle monitoring bracelet and release her from house arrest. He also reduced her bond from $250,000 to $50,000. He ordered Ms. Sneiderman to avoid all contact with potential witnesses.

Judge Adams ruled this morning that physical evidence from the Hemy Neuman trial will be released to the DA for use in Ms. Sneiderman’s trial.

Social media has been abuzz with the trial. #Sneiderman was trending throughout much of the afternoon.

Ryan Stansbury, a friend of Ms. Sneiderman, told Dr. Drew that there was no affair between Mr. Neuman and Ms. Sneiderman. “She has never lied about anything. [Attorneys] may not have liked her answers, but she has never lied about anything.”

Though the most serious counts against her have been dropped, Ms. Sneiderman still faces 13 felony charges including perjury, making false statements to law enforcement, hindering apprehension of a criminal and concealing a material fact in connection with the death of her husband.

4 thoughts on “Opening Statements in Sneiderman Case To Begin Monday

  1. Good Morning Dr Randle, thanks for this update. The local reporters in court said Defense Atty is saying Jury selection is running on time and expect to seat a jury Thursday Afternoon. Opening statements to start Monday Aug 5th, trial to last 3 weeks.

      • Very welcome Dr Randle, I didn’t hear it myself, just read the reporter’s statements, so wasn’t sure if it was accurate. I prefer to come to your site to ‘catch up’ on all these trials, rather than search through many sites to find info, so thank you for your updates.

  2. I am not surprised that CNN/HLN let Beth go. She is not a sensational enough reporter for them. She is the fairest of all the reporters and showed this repeatedly through the Arias Trial. She presented facts with no embellishments and very seldom voiced her own personal opinion. I liked her a lot and her new employer will be pleased with her performance.
    Live stream works well and I am glad that there is no televised account of Sneiderman’s trial to date. She will not be in the limelight with millions who rely on TV and so it should be.
    I am appalled that her leg bracelet was removed and her bail was reduced. She faces serious charges and this should have remained as it was until her trial is done.

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