FedEx Mass Shooter Leaves Suicide Note, Insights Into Why He Did It

One of the most recent mass shootings occurred at a FedEx workplace in Kennesaw, Georgia on April 29, 2014. The shooter: 19-year-old Geddy Lee Kramer. He shot six FedEx coworkers and then killed himself. When authorities located his car, they found 55 12-gauge shotgun shells, maps and a suicide note. Clearly the massacre was premeditated.… Read More »

Elderly Women Charged with Murdering Husband 40 Years Ago, Jack Blacks’ Bernie May Soon Be Free, Bizarre Religious Plot & More

If you follow the daily news, you’ll see that there are a lot of people involved in homicides. Check out this latest list of stories: Elderly Woman Charged With Murdering Husband 40 Years Ago 75-year old Alice Uden of Missouri has been charged with the first-degree murder of her husband who was killed nearly 40… Read More »

Murder, Mental Health, The Death Penalty & New Video Might Have Blown Amanda Knox’s Alibi

William Bruce was a young man with schizophrenia. He was committed to a psychiatric hospital until mental health advocates helped get him released despite him being actively symptomatic and dangerous. He then killed his mother. Years later, he is in a hospital, medicated and has gained insight into his illness. He told the Wall Street… Read More »

The Jodi Arias Defamation Lawsuit?

According to sources, apparently Jodi Arias is seeking representation in a possible defamation suit. For what exactly is anyone’s guess. #JodiArias is seeking a new attorney to help her in a defamation lawsuit – confirmed — Doxing-Rx (@DoxingRx) May 5, 2014 Maybe wants more pub? “@JodiAnnArias: #JodiArias is seeking an attorney for a possible… Read More »

Ronald Reagan Shooter Out of Psych Hospital on Conditional Release Despite Deceptive Behavior

John Hinckley Jr., 58, is currently being granted conditional release from St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington. D.C. He was found not reason by guilty of insanity (NGRI) for shooting President Ronald Reagan, Press Secretary James Brady, Secret Service agent Timothy McCarthy and a police officer, Thomas Delhanty. Hinckley had a long history of schizophrenia and… Read More »

First Study To Show That Innocent People Have Been Executed in the United States

Authors of a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences attempted to determine the rate of false convictions among people sentenced to death. They examined exonerations among death-sentenced defendants between 1973 and 2004. Their data came from two primary sources: (1) the Bureau of Justice Statistics which is maintained by… Read More »

Update: Mother Who Heard Voices Drowned Both Sons

A Pennsylvania woman, Laurel Michelle Schlemmer, 40, drowned her three-year-old son in a bathtub. She also attempted to drown her six-year-old son because “crazy voices” told her she would be a better mother to her third child if the other two “weren’t around.” According to court documents, the mother put her oldest son, age 7, onto… Read More »

Weekend Reads: Stalking Mom & Guilty Verdict For Man With Schizophrenia

Google Studying Employees Did you know that Google is running a century-long study about how people work? Their employees are serving as study participants. So far they have found there are two major approaches to work-life balance: segmentors and integrators. Segmentors are psychologically able to “turn it off” at home. They represent 31% of Google employees.… Read More »

Congressional Hearing Addresses Psychiatric Bed Shortage

Wednesday, the Energy and Commerce Committee will hold a hearing about the significant decrease in the psychiatric bed shortage. One of the witnesses includes the outspoken Sheriff of Cook County Thomas Dart. Mr. Dart has been trying to do everything within his power to deal with the thousands of mentally ill people passing through the… Read More »

Monday Crime, Justice & Mental Health Headlines

Some kids are posting video tutorials on YouTube with detailed instructions for their peers about how to get their teachers fired. Has America’s police become to militarized? It is estimated that “89% of police departments serving American cities with more than 50,000 people had SWAT teams in the late 1990s—almost double the level in the… Read More »

Weekend Reads

Having a good weekend? These stories have piqued my interest: A Mississippi woman is scheduled to be executed on Thursday for a crime her son has repeatedly confessed to, evidence the jury has never heard. If executed, she will be the first woman to be executed in Mississippi since 1944. Missouri death row inmate Jeff Ferguson… Read More »

Evidence That Columbia Mall Shooter Was Suicidal, Idolized Columbine Shooters

The Howard County Police Department recently held a news conference sharing information about the investigation into the January shooting at the Columbia Mall. The shooting occurred on the morning of January 25, 2014 when Darion Marcus Aguilar, 19, entered the upper level of the mall and killed two people and then turned the gun on… Read More »