Teen With Schizophrenia Shot and Killed By Police In Front of Family

18-year-old Keith Vidal was shot and killed by a police officer Sunday when authorities responded to a call for help from family members. Keith was in the midst of a schizophrenic episode. According to early reports, Keith had picked up a small screwdriver and refused to put it down, an action which prompted the family […]

Leaked Police Video of George Zimmerman’s Ex is Frightening

Samantha Scheibe, George Zimmerman’s then-girlfriend, details the November 2013 incident in which she called the police on him in this leaked video by ZimmermanVerdict.net. The video first appeared online by Mother Jones and it describes the abusive behavior of George Zimmerman towards his girlfriend. Since the incident, Scheibe decided against pressing charges and said that the police […]

A Message Board Writer Wrote…

I recently posted a short article, to keep my readers informed about the claims of Cassandra Collins (a former cellmate of Jodi Arias), stating that she had had long conversations with Ms. Arias and that Ms. Arias would arrange to have the throat of Juan Martinez cut by her supporters, if she was given the […]

Update on the Forum Status and Leaving Comments on the Blog

Update: The forum should be fully active. To use the forum you will have to register a new username and password. You can’t automatically use your same username and password that you use for leaving comments on the blog. I want to also note that your first three comments on the forum will be “moderated” (i.e. approved […]


I have been informed that there is a problem leaving comments. I am aware of the problem and am working to correct it. I apologize for this inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.

Deception Expert Phil Houston on Jodi Arias

He used to work for the CIA and he knows his stuff: Settlement Conference News In other news, there was no agreement reached today in the settlement conference. The parties will return to court November 1, 2013 for oral arguments relating to aspects of the expected retrial. Tanisha and Steven outside court after the settlement conference […]

Jodi’s New Blog Post

Someone notified me about this post (thank you!). This message appears on the JAA is innocent website and is allegedly a post directly from Ms. Arias: “To My Friends (For this to be effective, you really must take a second or two to imagine each of the following.) “Imagine this for a moment: Someone publishes a […]

Aaron Alexis Was Quite Unstable

It’s clear that Aaron Alexis was quite sick. He was paranoid and heard voices. About six weeks ago, he told people that someone had threatened him at an airport in Virginia. Shortly afterwards, he thought that people were speaking to him through the walls, floor and ceiling of the naval base. He also heard voices […]