News Roundup

There are several interesting stories in the news and I wanted to do a “roundup.”

Texas Father Who Killed His Daughter’s Molester Won’t Be Charged 

A Texas father walked in on his five-year-old daughter being molested by Jesus Flores. The father took action quickly and killed the man. The father was never arrested and a grand jury declined to indict him. 911 recordings indicate that the father called for help after the incident. 

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Why Does Jodi Arias’s Defense Team Want to Hear Her Phone Calls?

Jodi Arias’s defense team has been quite busy lately. In the span of just the last few weeks, they have filed multiple motions regarding the next phase of the trial including: attempting to ban cameras in the courtroom, requesting that they be allowed to read the Twitter and related social media accounts of jurors, allowing for the personal involvement of Jodi Arias in the questioning of potential jurors, and asking the judge for a change of venue. 

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Alyce LaViolette Is Back In The News & We Are Still Not Buying What She is Selling

Alyce Laviolette is back in the news. Recently she was interviewed by CNN’s Ted Rowlands. She once again took to the public airwaves to have her words presented to the millions of people. She was not forced to give this interview, just as she was not forced to testify on behalf of Jodi Arias.

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The Newest Social Media-Related Request From Jodi Arias’s Defense Team

Social media, now more than ever, is impacting our criminal justice system in unique and unexpected ways. The most recent example of this can be found in the motion filed by Jodi Arias’ attorney’s, who are asking that jurors in her retrial be mandated to reveal whether or not they have a Twitter account.   

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