Judge Nelson Doesn’t Allow Text Messages or Animation Video Into Evidence

Attorneys in the Zimmerman trial argued into the late night hours about the computer animation version video that the defense wants to introduce into evidence. The defense also wants to introduce Trayvon’s text messages and a Facebook post related to Continue reading

Arias’ Attorneys Argue Jurors Can’t Judge If Her Crime Was Especially Cruel

Mr. Nurmi begins his newest motion to spare Jodi Arias from the death penalty, by asking Judge Sherry Stevens to “vacate the jury’s finding the aggravating factor that the murder of Mr. Alexander was “especially cruel…” After Jodi Arias was Continue reading

Former Death Row Inmate Walks Free: Comparing the Paula Cooper and Jodi Arias Cases

Paula Cooper, 43, convicted and sentenced to death for brutally stabbing a 78-year-old Bible studies teacher in 1985, was recently released from prison. Some people are concerned that a similar thing will happen in the case of Jodi Arias. Like Continue reading

Prosecutors Request Judge Deny Defense Request to Delay Retrial

Jodi Arias’ defense attorneys recently filed a motion to push back the penalty phase of her trial until January 2014 due to scheduling conflicts. Mr. Nurmi will be out of the office quite a bit in July. Jennifer Willmott has five different trials Continue reading

Can Borderline Personality Disorder Spare Jodi Arias From The Death Penalty?

Jodi Arias’ defense attorneys issued a statement to The Arizona Republic, regarding their belief that Jodi Arias is mentally ill. Their point was that Dr. DeMarte, the expert psychological witness for the prosecution, had diagnosed Jodi with borderline personality disorder. Continue reading

The Jodi Arias Trial: The Behind-the-Scenes Phone Sex Tape Legal Discussions

Judge Sherry Stevens of the Jodi Arias case has been releasing previously unsealed court documents to the public. The most recent release includes the in-chamber discussions about the infamous phone sex tape. The lawyers are arguing about whether or not the Continue reading