Previously Unaired 48 Hours Clips of Jodi Arias

During Alyce LaViolette’s direct testimony last week, we learned that there is nearly seven hours of 48 Hours video available, most of which has not been shown. This video features some of those previously unaired clips. In the video, Jodi addresses her and Travis’s relationship, the ninja story, why she did not call 911, and her interactions with the police. When asked if Travis was abusive, she said “I never felt my life was in danger.”

There is also a short clip of Travis’s sister speaking about Jodi.

4 thoughts on “Previously Unaired 48 Hours Clips of Jodi Arias

    • Yes, Patty, I agree, and imagine what Travis’ family members feel like.
      I just hope she will never ever be allowed to earn a cent on a book or some “manifesto” …

  1. During the interrogation, Det. Flores asks her what she did with the gun. Arias says she doesn’t have a gun. But a little bit later, Det. Flores leaves the room, and when he comes back, she asks what kind of gun he has, and tells him that she just bought a 9mm. She thinks she’s so smart but she can’t keep her own stories straight.
    “I don’t have a gun!”
    “I just bought a 9mm.”
    Nothing but lie after lie after lie, the biggest being that God will be her judge and she’s sure she’s fine with Him. That’s probably because she knows she’ll never meet God, but upon her death will be returned to her her father, Satan.

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