6 thoughts on “Prosecutor Juan Martinez is Loved By Many

  1. I find this kind of disturbing.

    I’ve commented before that most of the websites I’ve visited seem to be filled with conspiracy theorists and people without even a minute grasp of the law.

    I think that in today’s American Idol/Survivor/”Text your vote for today’s winner to 55555″ society there exists an ever so blending of the line between reality and the Kardashian variety of reality. Due in part to “reality tv”.

    This is a county prosecutor, not the winner of Celebrity Chef. I have heard women claim their are in absolute love with him, want him to father children with them and on and on.

    I know part of that is tongue in cheek. But let ask this: Go to your county or local courthouse and count how many people are lining up to take pictures of themselves with the prosecutor – if they even know who he or she might be.

    To me this is further proof that as a society we are failing to understand the difference between what we see on the television and the real world around us.

    I also think part of the infatuation with Mr. Martinez is there’s so much hate for Jodi, those emotions need to go somewhere (I guess).

    So, if the manifestation of those stated emotions is a feeling of “love” for Mr. Martinez and lining up to be with him – it’s better than the opposite of some nutcase trying to blowup the building or kill Jodi because of their hatred for her.

  2. Mckealty,

    Yes, it does seem like reality tv, mostly because it is; this case and all the ‘actors’ ARE reality.

    But I think the admiration for Mr. Martinez is more closely linked to his obvious and real passion, intellect and ability.

    I believe he is a much more appropriate role model than any actor or sports hero of any kind.

    Not at all embarrassed to say oh yes, I am a huge fan!

  3. Agreed with both Beth I. and McKealty.

    Probably, Juan Martinez finds his popularity disturbing as well :)

    Probably a big part of his popularity comes from

    1.being on TV daily ;

    2. immense aversion towards Jodi Arias that “has to go somewhere, so he is th “hero” who will swing his sword to save us/our society from this “monster” ;

    3. immense thirst for such heroes .

    Nonetheless, I too admit to being his fan.

    And this admiration is actually respect .

    We are able to see someone do his work with dedication, knowledge, focus and integrity .
    Seeing him work, I learn something ,and immediately have the feeling:
    this is how everyone on this planet should do their job, no matter what they do.

    And for the same reason, I am a fan of Detective Flores, seeing the interrogation tapes.
    Also seeing the work that was done by the forensic team: Dr Horn, Heather Conner, Jodi Legg and Lisa Perry .

    In their testimonies , they were professional, focused , prepared .
    There was nothing to discuss about, nothing to add, to doubt , the defense did not even have additional question.
    As opposed to the testimony of Dr. Samuel.

    For the same reason I love Dr. Randle’s blog: she
    is giving us a professional, analytic look at the case with her knowledge of human nature and criminal justice.

    • I agree with all of you. I re-read my comment and want to make sure that it doesn’t come across that he is unworthy of such praise.

      I find him a man dedicated to morals and ethics I find very important. Those being hard-work, accountability, truth and (the real) justice.

      The only disturbing thing is people lining up to be near him or acting like teenage boys and girls when they talk about their encounter. That one blondish women in particular.

      He is, indeed, a great role model Komiska. One I would be proud for my children to see and emulate. The fact that defense attorney’s “despise” him speaks volumes! :)

      I find him an unwavering advocate the Alexander family and an honorable voice for Travis himself who is unable to defend against such disgusting comments about him.

      Any talkinghead that claims he was “too hard” on Jodi is simply, consciously or not, perpetuating the sexist myth that women can’t take “being yelled at”.

      I promise this is the last time I will bring this up (unless necessary) but I was living with an abuser who I believed suffered NPD. I strongly believe Jodi has NPD as well as HPD…the day she called a halt to testimony because she had a migraine. That’s classic histrionic behavior that I have witnessed first hand. When it wasn’t going her way and control (NPD) was slipping away from her, she had to do something to garner sympathy.

      But back to the point at hand.

      Not only is Dr. Randle one of the most well grounded and intelligent voices I have found out here in the vast abyss of the internet she is a perfect compliment to the noble and genteel job Mr. Martinez is doing.

      I thank you very much for this website and I thank you other members for making it an even better place to visit.

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