10 thoughts on “Shellie Zimmerman Doubts George Zimmerman Was Innocent

  1. He treated me like I was disposable?????? He went on a victory tour without me?????? She has doubts that he’s innocent, but she believes the evidence. She doesn’t think he profiled Travon Martin. She’s just talking out of both sides of her mouth. Wasn’t the woman at the house with him that last day his ex-wife? She claims she is the one that wanted the divorce, but it sounds like George had already moved on. I can certainly see why he would do that. Honestly, if I ever crossed Shellie, I’d be more afraid of meeting her in a dark alley than I would George. But, hey…..that’s just me.

  2. I think Shelly thought she would have money after this trial and now that she doesn’t bye bye George. Also she was separated on the night all of this happened. Could be she stood by George to make his case look better.

  3. I think the most telling thing was that Shellie said she didn’t press charges against the man she claims she fears because the cops told her they’d both go to jail because he would also press charges on her and she would stay in jail because she is on probation.

    If Shellie is so afraid that George Zimmerman is going to kill her why is she on national television saying she doubts his innocence because she doesn’t know him anymore. Does she think he is going to go back to her to shut her up?

    Shellie is only looking out for herself. She stood by her man, lied for him, even perjured herself and went to jail for him because George Zimmerman and his loyal wife Shellie were infamous and she could see dollar signs from books, movies and paid TV appearances. But what does he do as soon as he is acquitted? He dumps her for his ex girlfriend, the one who got a domestic violence restraining order against him before he married Shellie.

    So what does Shellie do? She goes on national TV to play the victim of domestic violence and badmouth her soon to be ex husband. Does she think more people will buy her book than his if she claims she now has doubts about the man she thought she knew?

    As far as I am concerned, George and Shellie are both con artists and egomaniacs who planned to con supporters out of their money and leave the country and when that backfired and they were basically living like fugitives they turned on each other.

    • I just saw the clip on the full interview and Shellie said George hasn’t even been served because she doesn’t know where he is. She can’t get a divorce until he is served so she isn’t going on with her life she is trying to get him back.

      Apparently, they have a history of separating and getting back together if they were separated when he shot Trayvon Martin and he has a history of going back to old flames.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Shellie filing for divorce was all just a PR stunt to get George’s attention away from his ex girlfriend whom he called a liar and a slut on his Internet page..

  4. You wouldn’t have to possess a high degree of perception to doubt the innocence of this shallow, weak individual. His account of events on that fatal night was laughable.
    A lame duck prosecution was the difference between guilt and acquittal in this case.

  5. Shellie appears on the very network that George is suing. All this is, is her badmouthing the one who she’s divorcing. Happens with every divorce. This is just playing out for the world to see while Shellie tries to gain the public’s support. They’re both very self-absorbed. I don’t care what they do – although I do fear for people’s safety with George on the loose.

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