Alyce LaViolette Is Back In The News & We Are Still Not Buying What She is Selling

Alyce Laviolette is back in the news. Recently she was interviewed by CNN’s Ted Rowlands. She once again took to the public airwaves to have her words presented to the millions of people. She was not forced to give this interview, just as she was not forced to testify on behalf of Jodi Arias.

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Most Condemning LaViolette Juror Questions

The jurors in the Jodi Arias case are amazingly sharp. They were harder on Ms. LaViolette than they were on Dr. Samuels which suggests they do not see her as credible. Their questions were scathing and sarcastic. They seemed to be taunting Ms. LaViolette. They also don’t seem to be buying Jodi’s version of events. I have a compiled a list of some of the most condemning jury questions posed to Ms. LaViolette. snapshot_002

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Jodi Arias Trial: Public Backlash To Alyce LaViolette’s Testimony

Jodi Arias has had two expert witnesses testify on her behalf, Dr. Samuels and Alyce LaViolette. Though many people were less than satisfied with the testimony of Dr. Samuels, it did not cause the negative reaction that is occurring in response to the testimony of Ms. LaViolette. Alyce 1

Ms. LaViolette has spent her entire life working in the domestic violence field. She has written a book on domestic violence and has given many public presentations. I am sure that if you were to ask her if she were an advocate for victims of domestic violence, she would undoubtedly say yes. If you were to ask her if she had helped domestic violence victims, she would likewise say yes.

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Jodi Arias Trial: Prosecutor Martinez Challenges LaViolette’s Credentials

Here’s the CV, let’s take a look. Alyce2

Ms. LaViolette lists 18 publications on her Curriculum Vitae (CV). Her book is listed twice since there was a second edition. A third edition of her book is scheduled for release April 23, 2013. If she counts the third edition of the book, she would then have 19 publications.

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