Was Jodi Really Engaging in Avoidance Behavior?

Prosecutor Juan Martinez discussed a particular diagnostic criteria of post-traumatic stress disorder at great length: Criterion C: Avoidant/numbing (1): Efforts to avoid thoughts, feelings, or conversations associated with the trauma.Jodi 2

As part of this discussion, he asked Dr. Samuels about all of the various times Jodi seemed to be engaging in “thoughts, feelings, or conversations regarding the trauma” (i.e. killing). Dr. Samuels explained away these behaviors as being her attempt to psychologically distance herself from what she had done. This avoidance, he explained, was a psychological defense mechanism. In a future blog post, I will explain why his defense mechanism explanation isn’t credible or logical.

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Jurors Don’t Seem To Trust Dr. Samuels

Many of the jury questions were very negative about both Jodi and Dr. Samuels. Their questions showed that they were skeptical trust meabout Jodi’s story and the doctor’s conclusions. They don’t trust Jodi and they don’t seem to trust Dr. Samuels.  They thought that he was “fond” of her. They see him as being biased.

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