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The Vault & Threats to Members of Congress

The FBI has made thousands of files available in an online resource called The Vault. There is a great deal of interesting information in The Vault. A file called “Threats To Members Of Congress -2003″ revealed 58 threats. Here are examples of some of those incidents. Victims: John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Edward Kennedy, and Joseph Lieberman  […]

So You Want To Work For The FBI

When I young (probably too young), I read John Douglas’s book [amazon_link id="0671528904" target="_blank" container="" container_class="" ]Mind Hunter.[/amazon_link] It was both intriguing and disturbing.  It contains stories that I will never forget, for better or for worse. It remains probably one of the most popular books in the “FBI Profiler” genre. Special Agent John Douglas has hunted, […]