Death Penalty for Jodi Arias is Not Cruel and Unusual or Double Jeopardy, Rules Judge

Jodi Arias’ attorney’s filed a motion to dismiss the death penalty. They tried to argue that it is cruel and unusual punishment and thus unconstitutional “because permitting a retrial after hung jury in the penalty phase… violates double jeopardy and Continue reading

Why Does Jodi Arias’s Defense Team Want to Hear Her Phone Calls?

Jodi Arias’s defense team has been quite busy lately. In the span of just the last few weeks, they have filed multiple motions regarding the next phase of the trial including: attempting to ban cameras in the courtroom, requesting that they be allowed Continue reading

Alyce LaViolette Is Back In The News & We Are Still Not Buying What She is Selling

Alyce Laviolette is back in the news. Recently she was interviewed by CNN’s Ted Rowlands. She once again took to the public airwaves to have her words presented to the millions of people. She was not forced to give this interview, just as Continue reading