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No Surprise Here: Jodi Arias Prepping to Defend Herself in Upcoming Trial

According to the website “The Trial Diaries,” Jen Wood, who attended the most recent Jodi Arias hearing, learned some interesting, though not entirely surprising news: Jodi Arias is prepping to represent herself at her upcoming sentencing trial. Big shocker, I think not. Jodi Arias’ ego demands that she do this. She is, after all, in […]

The Jodi Arias Defamation Lawsuit?

According to sources, apparently Jodi Arias is seeking representation in a possible defamation suit. For what exactly is anyone’s guess. #JodiArias is seeking a new attorney to help her in a defamation lawsuit – confirmed pic.twitter.com/Q72EkZZD9Y — Doxing-Rx (@DoxingRx) May 5, 2014 Maybe wants more pub? “@JodiAnnArias: #JodiArias is seeking an attorney for a possible […]

Death Penalty for Jodi Arias is Not Cruel and Unusual or Double Jeopardy, Rules Judge

Jodi Arias’ attorney’s filed a motion to dismiss the death penalty. They tried to argue that it is cruel and unusual punishment and thus unconstitutional “because permitting a retrial after hung jury in the penalty phase… violates double jeopardy and is cruel and unusual punishment.” Cruel and unusual punishment is terminology that can be found […]

The Jodi Arias Case Update

It is believed that sentencing trial of Jodi Arias will begin on March 17, 2014. The sentencing trial will not be televised and it’s unclear if electronic devices will be permitted in the court room. It’s also been reported that Jodi Arias is currently selling wristbands to raise money for her appellate case. She continues to […]

A Message Board Writer Wrote…

I recently posted a short article, to keep my readers informed about the claims of Cassandra Collins (a former cellmate of Jodi Arias), stating that she had had long conversations with Ms. Arias and that Ms. Arias would arrange to have the throat of Juan Martinez cut by her supporters, if she was given the […]

Deception Expert Phil Houston on Jodi Arias

He used to work for the CIA and he knows his stuff: Settlement Conference News In other news, there was no agreement reached today in the settlement conference. The parties will return to court November 1, 2013 for oral arguments relating to aspects of the expected retrial. Tanisha and Steven outside court after the settlement conference […]

Jodi’s New Blog Post

Someone notified me about this post (thank you!). This message appears on the JAA is innocent website and is allegedly a post directly from Ms. Arias: “To My Friends (For this to be effective, you really must take a second or two to imagine each of the following.) “Imagine this for a moment: Someone publishes a […]