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Murder/Suicide Mystery In Georgia

Tom Sublett was the Commissioner of Glynn County, Georgia. He body was discovered this past December in a lake. His hands were tied and he had a gunshot to the head. The Coroner ruled it a suicide. Facts of the case include: There was a gun found in Mr. Sublett’s car but not near the […]

The 4 Best Questions To Ask a Teen Who Might Be Suicidal

Researchers at the National Institute of Mental Health describe the development of a new and improved questionnaire to better assist ER doctors in identifying teens who are strongly at risk for suicide. In their study, four questions in particular where found to be the most accurate for identifying youth at risk for attempting suicide: The study authors estimated […]

Documentaries About Suicide

A reader asked if I knew of any documentaries about suicide. I knew of several but I wanted to research what else was available. The result: relative to other subjects, there are hardly any documentaries about suicide. It may be because it is a controversial topic. Some people believe that focusing on suicide might increase […]

Suicide Survival Story

Some individuals attempt [amazon_link id="0375701478" target="_blank" container="" container_class="" ]suicide [/amazon_link]and live. Studies have shown that those who have lived are often thankful they survived. Many were able to receive help and never considered suicide again. A blog reader was kind enough to share a [amazon_link id="0375701478" target="_blank" container="" container_class="" ]suicide [/amazon_link]survival story. This story has […]