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No Surprise Here: Jodi Arias Prepping to Defend Herself in Upcoming Trial

According to the website “The Trial Diaries,” Jen Wood, who attended the most recent Jodi Arias hearing, learned some interesting, though not entirely surprising news: Jodi Arias is prepping to represent herself at her upcoming sentencing trial. Big shocker, I think not. Jodi Arias’ ego demands that she do this. She is, after all, in… Read More »

Why Does Jodi Arias’s Defense Team Want to Hear Her Phone Calls?

Jodi Arias’s defense team has been quite busy lately. In the span of just the last few weeks, they have filed multiple motions regarding the next phase of the trial including: attempting to ban cameras in the courtroom, requesting that they be allowed to read the Twitter and related social media accounts of jurors, allowing for the personal involvement… Read More »

Arias’ Attorneys Argue Jurors Can’t Judge If Her Crime Was Especially Cruel

Mr. Nurmi begins his newest motion to spare Jodi Arias from the death penalty, by asking Judge Sherry Stevens to “vacate the jury’s finding the aggravating factor that the murder of Mr. Alexander was “especially cruel…” After Jodi Arias was convicted of premeditated murder, the jury found that the “cruelty aggravator” was proven. 

What People Said About Jodi After The Killing

Detective Flores wrote a report after he was called to the death scene of Travis Alexander on June 9, 2008. In the report, which is 20 pages long, Detective Flores narrates his interactions with friends and family on the scene, and his subsequent interviews with individuals who knew both Jodi and Travis. This article highlights the references… Read More »

Justice For Travis Spam?

I am wondering if anyone else received a message like this: “Aloha, I am reaching out to as many people as possible to get out information I believe one day will lead to something called “The Travis Alexander Forensic Process.” Please provide an email to me to forward the pictures I’ve image-enhanced with very limited… Read More »